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September 13, 2008

Vendors asked to leave Values Voter Summit

Two men who were trying to lighten the mood by selling "Obama Waffles" were asked to leave this afternoon after protesters found the boxes racist.


Men from Tennessee traveled to the Values Voter Summit to sell yellow boxes of waffle mix that portray a caricature of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with a Muslim-like headdress and says "Point box toward Mecca for tastier waffles." The cover of the box portrays a caricature of Obama's face next to waffles, which three protesters from American Atheists found offensive.

Eric Herrman from American Atheists said the box was racist because it conjures up images of Aunt Jemima, the woman portrayed on a syrup bottle.

"Let's say we sold a pig lipstick product, we probably have to leave for the same reason," Herrman said as he handed out literature outside the Hilton Hotel. "A caribou barbie doll would be considered so sexist."

Herrman and two others from the organization said they sent reporters down to look at the waffle mix. When they found out that the vendors were asked to leave, they high fived each other.

Spokesman for Family Research Council J.P. Duffy said that those in the organization did not look closely at the box until someone brought it up. Duffy said the executive director thinks the box is racist and if Joe Biden were portrayed, it would have been fine.

"He thought it was just about Obama waffling on the issues. We had no idea until looking at it closely what was on the box," Duffy said. "It's just that this could be taken offensively."


The booth was set up yesterday and displayed large posters of what was on the front and back of the waffle box. Several organizations like Summit Ministries and the Witherspoon Fellowship set up booths, but the booth selling waffles was the only satire product.

"We have dozens of booths and we don't know what kind of material they have. Obviously we don't necessarily approve of the material," Duffy said. "We may have given them permission to purchase a booth, but if there's anything like that that crosses the line, we ask them to cease and they did."

Bob DeMoss, who created the product and said the boxes have been called racist before, packed up his boxes this afternoon.

"What’s wrong with Aunt Jemima? I always looked at that as a symbol of quality. Betty Crocker or Emeril’s are made up characters. They don't get it." he said. "It's unfortunate; they have their freedom of speech and it'd be nice if we had ours."


DeMoss said that some have been offended by the top of the box.

"Does he have Muslim roots or not? That's a legitimate question. That might offend somebody, but you know what, that's part of the political satire and we're raising the question," DeMoss of of Franklin, Tennessee said. "I'm not questioning where his soul is today, he denies he has any Muslim roots at all. There seems to be contrary evidence to that."

A caricature of Rev. Jeremiah Wright is portrayed on the side as a missing person above "Popular sayings: 'God d*** America' and "Made in the US of KKA." Obama broke ties with his former pastor after portions of Wright's sermons were aired in the media.

"He waffled on the friendship and it's like, well wait a minute," DeMoss said. "You were comfortable for 20 years sitting in the pew, but now you're saying 'I don't want anything to do with you.'"

DeMoss didn't know how many had sold at $10 a piece but said, "They're selling like hotcakes." One man from Ohio bought 10 boxes before his booth was shut down. He began making the boxes six weeks ago and said Books-A-Million already plans to sell them on their shelves.


"We're just trying to have a satirical look at it. We're trying to add some humor to the entire exchange," he said. "Letterman and Leno, the New York Times and Newsweek did a piece on how you can't make a joke about him. We're like 'Why? It's the public square.'"

Above the nutrition facts, it says "Limitations of use: Not for use in military settings; product has not been field-tested. Results may be undesirable."

To make "Barack Belgium Beauties," the box says to pre-heat waffle iron and "Environmentally conscious consumers should pay two ozone-offset carbon credits to Al Gore's GreenWorld fund."

Underneath, it includes a "Barry's Bling Bling Waffle Ring recipe rap":

"Yo, B-rock here droppin' waffle knowledge
Spellin' it out, 'cause I graduated college
Some say I waffle so fast, Barry's causin' whiplash
Just doin' my part, made wafflin' a fine art
For a waffle wit style, like Chicago's Magnificent Mile
Spray whipped cream around the edge
Shake it first like Sister Sledge
Then say wit me, I can be as waffly as I wanna be!
(That goes out to my Ludacris posse)"


The back of the box includes a drawing of John Kerry saying "I know a thing or two about wafflin' and I approve this mix" and Michelle Obama saying "For the first time in my adult life I'm proud of an American waffle."

Obama is depicted with a Mexican sombrero above "Open Border Fiesta Waffles." The description says, "The greatest danger of all is to allow walls to divide us. It's time we opened our borders and our wallets to all who desire a taste of reedom. So put out the welcom mat and enjoy this multicultural celebration."

The fiesta waffle description includes a tip: "While waiting for these zesty treats to invade your home, why not learn a foreign language? Recommended serving: 4 or more illegal aliens"

Photos by Sarah Pulliam for Christianity Today.

Update: Family Research Council Action executive director David Nammo released the following statement:

"We strongly condemn the tone and content of materials that were exhibited by one of the vendors at this weekend's Values Voter Summit. The materials represent an attempt at parody that crosses the line into coarseness and bias."

"The exhibitor contacted our reviewer just days before the Summit by email and described material that sounded like it was devoted to political flip-flops on policy issues. When the content of the materials was brought to the attention of FRC Action senior officials today, they were removed and the exhibit was dismantled by the vendor at our insistence. It is our responsibility to fully vet materials that are offered at any event we cosponsor, but we are deeply dismayed that this vendor violated the spirit, message and tone of our event in such an offensive manner."

"The Values Voter Summit represents a coming together of many long-established organizations that work across denominational and ethnic lines to celebrate and promote the family and a culture of life. We reject any communications that divide and distract us and frustrate these principles. Bishop Harry Jackson's High Impact Leadership Coalition, Gary Bauer's American Values, and Alliance Defense Fund join us in rejecting this material."


I notice you don't show a picture of the box. I've seen it, I'm a Christian Conservative and I think it's racist. There's no way the writers thought this wasn't racist. I want "my side" to have discussions that reflect the true discourse, not so called "satire". Not only is the box of waffles an embarrassment, this artice, citing only atheists as the ones who objected to the boxes, is biased and sad. Are Christians not opposed to racism? Do we not want to win our elections based on policy and ideals? Is this really what represents "Christianity Today", defending racists?

Can anyone quote any Bible verse denouncing racism? Where in the Bible does it say all races are equal and deserving of equal treatment? In fact, the Bible says nothing of the kind, and it clearly states that the races are unequal.

The United States was founded by Christian White people, for Christian White people. Anyone who doesn't understand that does not know the history of this country and hasn't read the Bible.

No true Christian would tolerate a black person becoming president of the United States. The moral cowards of the Values Voters Forum are a disgrace to this country and traitors to their race.

I'm disgusted by individuals who feel free speech equate to racial stereotypes. This election has brought out the worse in many people, Barack running as the first AA who have a real chance of winning an election is attacked each and everyday by so called christians. The world is watching how foolish and dispictable some Americans can be and leaves very little to be desired. These vendors can pretend not to know how their product could offend but I'm more shocked how many folks grabbed them off the shelf. It is very sad, but race is going to decide this election.......The more things change the more it stays the same.

Family Research Council should be ashamed of this. So should Gingrich and Romney who attended. Did the people who bought this stuff have their white robes and hats?

GOP racism was on sale for all to see. You are a shame to Christianity.

I don't really understand the huge charges of racism here. Is it because he's black and promoting a breakfast product? If they were McCain waffles, would it be OK? The drawings aren't any more racist than the typical editorial cartoon, such as this one http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/barackobama/ig/Barack-Obama-Cartoons/Obamaflak.htm

In fact, the most "racist" thing would probably be the rap, I suppose, which I would agree is questionable at best. Plus it's not even good. I don't think this is the best political item or method of political commentary, but when the populace becomes so afraid of "being racist" that they are reluctant to question or attack a politician, there's something wrong.

Now I want waffles.

Jeff, if you want to go really far back in history, I think you will find Jesus’ skin color was much darker than yours is today. You may be correct in your assumption that the Bible does not state all race are equal. The original authors of the Bible probably just did not want to say that blacks were better than whites were.

One thing I think we can all agree with is that Christianity, Judaism, and Muslimism are three of the most violent, evil, and immoral religions that have ever lived on the earth.

The caricature certainly exaggerates Obama's features a bit, but is the drawing on the cover really all that different from this photo of Obama? The lips are slightly fuller and redder, but not outlandishly so. The ears are the most exaggerated thing in the drawing.

The Muslim reference may be out of line, but considering all of the other Democrat figures made fun of on the box, it's really, IMO, a small thing.

If atheists are the only people who objected to that item being sold then Christians everywhere have a lot of sould searchingto do.

Oooohh biiiigggg surprise! Backwards white folk won't vote for Obama because he is black.

After you die, Satan would like a few words with you.

I guess because John Kerry is white, this T-shirt would not be considered racist.

Hi Greg,
Not only do I agree with you, I put forward the idea that Jesus' skin color is irrelevant to his message. I don't know what kind of "Values" these people are talking about but whatever they are they are not Christian values.
And Whitenonracist, if I attended a political rally and something was being sold that was skewering John McCain by promoting complete lies, I would be absolutely offended.
My whole point is that we are tearing this country apart for reasons that have nothing to do with the real issues. These two "gentlemen" that were selling these waffle boxes are trying to win folks to their viewpoints, not with real issues, but with lies and distortions and by highlighting Mr. Obama's race. And before somebody trys to lay the claim that I don't get the "Waffling" joke- I do. I just think it's a lame pun. They are supposedly writers, can't they do a better job than a pun?

Hi Greg,
Not only do I agree with you, I put forward the idea that Jesus' skin color is irrelevant to his message. I don't know what kind of "Values" these people are talking about but whatever they are they are not Christian values.
And Whitenonracist, if I attended a political rally and something was being sold that was skewering John McCain by promoting complete lies, I would be absolutely offended.
My whole point is that we are tearing this country apart for reasons that have nothing to do with the real issues. These two "gentlemen" that were selling these waffle boxes are trying to win folks to their viewpoints, not with real issues, but with lies and distortions and by highlighting Mr. Obama's race. And before somebody tries to lay the claim that I don't get the "Waffling" joke- I do. I just think it's a lame pun. They are supposedly writers, can't they do a better job than a pun?

Also, if you've just tuned in, the article originally didn't have a photo attached, hence my first comment.

Did someone just compare judaism and christianity to islam? whoever did is a loser

Re Soonerthanlater:

Yes Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are identical. All three religions state you should not kill, but throughout history each religion has killed thousands upon thousands. All three have spread war, intolerance, and persecution to others.

All three religions are the root of all evil.

This is absolutely shameless, but not uncharacteristic of the repub party. Gingrich and Romney are pathetic. I'm just wondering where was Rudy, the boob!

Fabulous!! Hilarious!! Dead-on right!! Where can we buy these online??

I'm pretty outraged by this, but what is gratifying is that the people who did this look really foolish and hateful. They are certainly free to exercise their freedom of speech, and it appears that the Republicans are more than willing to give these racist buffoons the platform to do so. Its an embarrassment and they should be ashamed. What kind of values are these people espousing?

Greg, the attack was against Obama, not McCain. That is how Republicans do things.

The Family Racist Council (formerly known as the KKK?) sponsored this event.
They knew what was going on for three days.

By the way, the US military has confirmed that Palin never set foot in Iraq, despite what she says. Will she be condemned as a liar by her adoring GOP sheep?

What, exactly, are these people who call themselves Christians advocating? I think they need to spend more time reading the New Testament and less on the Old.

Thou shalt not bear false witness seems to be one of the 10 Commandments that has gone missing lately.

And people wonder why so many of us are turning away from religion?

The so-called Christian in America reminds me of what Jesus said: Not every one who says to me, "Lord, Lord," shall enter the kingdom of heaven.
I am from originally from Africa and I am proud of the born-again evangelical Christianity we have over there. It is a shame that the real Christianity is almost dead in America and the rest of western world, and to say that the Church in America needs a revival is an understatement. Real Christian testimonies are dying in America. Let your light shine amongst men..... What “light” is shining from the so-called American conservative Christians? Bigotry, hatred, hypocrisy, sins!
The ministry God gave true believers is a life that reflects God. A life that draws unbelievers to God, but since I arrived in this country, I have seen the faith of our fathers (Abraham, Peter, Paul etc) replaced by the love of money and hypocrisy. Where is your love? Where is sincere evangelism? Where is the spirit discernment? Where is holiness? Where is truthfulness? Where is TRUE WORSHIP? The present political climate has really shown that all is not well with Christianity in America. Where are the prophets that should be sounding the alarm bell?
American Christians have allowed conservative republican hypocrites that are no better than the Pharisees and Sadducees to hide behind pro-life and anti-homosexuality issues to deceive them. While I believe that abortion and homosexuality are not Godly, I also believe that racism, hatred, hypocrisy, drunkenness, adultery, fornication, lying, war mongering are also NOT of God. My Bible did not tell me that except a man is a conservative, he shall not enter the kingdom of God. The Bible says a man must be BORN-AGAIN. The last time I checked the fruits of the Spirit, I found out that the most vocal trumpeters of conservative values in America are not different from the worst democrat liberals in the eyes of God!

Tomorrow is Sunday and people will go to Church in drones. The question is: How many Church-goers are going to Heaven? WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLUMBER AMERICAN CHRISTIANS!!

We could all sit here and go at it, but why should we? It doesn't help. God knows our hearts; we don't need to talk down on each other. We don't need so called religion. We just need Jesus, examine yourself using God's Word (1 John is a good place to start). I know I am a bad person (a sinner), I don't need anyone tell me that. God has already told me. We know how evil our hearts are. Each and every one of us will have to answer for the things that we say and do. I dread that day because I don't have a good excuse to give God for the way that I am. Check out this link: http://pilgriminforeignland.podomatic.com/entry/2008-04-07T08_48_26-07_00

1- Gyma- The Ten Commandments are in the Old Testament.
2- Regarding the Obama Waffles, it's political satire, and the vendors should not be forced to leave. How many President Bush greeting cards have I seen, and video clips, and SNL skits and the like, poking fun based on how he talks? And this is not even satire: How many times have we heard the blatant disrespect for the leader of our country when he was referred to as "Mr. Bush?"

I did not even think of Aunt Jemima until I read the articles. The box is all about the candidate's positions and beliefs, not skin color, although I don't care for the rap. Even if I had thought of Aunt Jemima, I liked that product; there would be no negative connotation. If the caricature had been of a white person, his/her features would have been exaggerated as well. Is the Fat Albert cartoon racist?

We ALL have freedom of speech. Gimme a break and send me some waffles.

We ALL have freedom of speech. Sure!
But let not any conservative republican hide behind Christianity cloak to promote their bigotry and stupidity!
Some of these folks speak against abortion and homosexuality to win election even though they themselves are closet homosexuals and prostitute patrons! WOLF in SHEEP clothing! GOD WILL JUDGE THEM

Christianity, the religion of acceptance and kindness. Wow. Way to show your true colors. Hope your stay in hell is long and painful.

If America is going to sink this low and buy into this, then they deserve what they get. If racism wins over intelligence, and smearing wins over the facts, then America deserves to be screwed over by another GOP president. For the idiots who voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004 and helped bring this country in the gutter, go ahead and vote for McCain...just don't complain when this country gets even worse than it is now.

America is made up of Christians and non-Christians. They all pay their taxes and pledge allegiance to the stars and stripes. Why must we Christians out of ignorance believe that we can force non-Christians to share our view. The last time I checked, it is the Holy Spirit that convicts men of sin. The best way to convert people is to live the Jesus life of Love and Righteousness.

How can a politician that lied and continue to lie carry the banner of a Holy God. You can't fool me, even if you sleep in a Church, pay your tithes, and speak in a thousand tongues. You may just be another sounding brass or a clanging cymbal!

the so called independent writers are both youth pastors

i wouldnt want either of them within 10 feet of one of my children

and if you dont find the charicature of obama racist...you really do need to look into your own soul

Racists (black or white) are not true Christians. They emulate somebody, and the person is the DEVIL. They bear the fruits of darkness!

I don't understand how it took so long for the organizers to ask this vendor to leave. The signs on the boothe were quite large. Doesn't Values Voters Summit have security people who at least walk up and down the aisles? How could they have missed this??????

This is a serious and honest question. I would like to see a reply.

Here's the deal - unless those of you in the GOP start reaching out to - and actually engaging - nonwhite people with so called 'Conservative' values, the entire party will turn into a permanent minority.

As it stands, the GOP is way way behind. Stuff like this, along with Barack the Magic Negro, and whatever other inhospitable dreck is tolerated on right-wing radio is what keeps the GOP pure lily white, and on the wrong side of irreversible shifts in demographics.

Never forget, this is a nation of immigrants, or religious plurality, and of unparalleled diversity. Whichever party does a better job speaking to all Americans is going to carry the day.

Until you start acting like people who truly believe that "All Men Are Created Equal"(including the ones with funny names, or homosexual tendencies, or places of birth that aren't the USA), and that you hold that truth to be self-evident, the brown people on whom you future depends aren't going to come within a million miles of your fearful, xenophobic, jingoistic 'party'.

Sorry to be so direct about it, but your ignorance and hate are killing you. Which is too bad, because American can't afford to trust its future to just one political party. Power corrupts everybody, which is why we need a strong and decent opposition party.

Yeah, there are idiots such as Rep. Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia that claimed ignorance of a racist word he used recently.

There is absolutely nothing Christian about this outrage. Lying is not Christian either. All Liars shall find their place in the Lake of Fire..I didn't say that....Right out of Revelation.
Do no harm to anyman by word or deed? Another direction from the Bible. Thou shall not bear false witness....Another goodie from God. Pharasees and hypocrites...Another one.
What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul? I think you get the drift. I would think about this site as well. You are only a heartbeat away from eternity. Is an election worth it? Your ignorance is showing.

This is sad...and very disgusting. The fact that some people don't see the racism in this is indicative of just how out of touch some so called Christians are. These two men were pastors? And they thought this was ok?

I believe in God, and the most important message I learn from Him is to LOVE EACH OTHER AND TREAT EACH OTHER WITH RESPECT.

I hope God forgives you because America won't.

Congratulations on furthering your slide into obscurity. You do NOT represent me or anyone I know.

You all need to pray.

Shame on the Family Research Council. Shame on all those who think making a caricature of anyones race or religion is funny. Why would a group trying to spread their Christian values shame themselves by taking a few pieces of silver for a booth rental that exposes the organization to ridicule and scandal around the world. I don't believe the conference organizers didn't know what was being sold. The story is running in newspapers from Israel to China.

Given the snide tone of the article, I assume this representative of Christianity Today approves of racist garbage. How sad.

Unbelievable this could happen in this day and age. Shame on you! I guess it isn't particularly surprising given the source because so many Christians in this country are good at preaching one thing and doing the opposite. If I believed in hell I would say anyone who helped perpetrate this should be a few steps closer to it. Mr. Obama, being the man he is, will probably gracefully turn the other check as he always does.

You know something? Everybody who condemned the parody is racist. Simple as that. Have you seen any of the cartoons of Condoleezza Rice? THOSE were not considered to be racist--but no one can touch the "holy" one Barack Obama. Racism is where you see it. You can take the brush of your "sensitivity" and paint everything with it. You are saying that ANY caricature of a non-white is racist. Tell me how that makes sense? Have the cartoons of Palin started yet? Sure they have. Are they racist toward "Chill-billies". Hmmm? How about drawing President Bush as a monkey? Is that racist?
Grow up.

BTW, my quote was "Caribou Barbie Doll", not "caribou doll".

Could you imagine someone trying to push that at a convention? They'd be thrown out in a heartbeat, but the "Family Values" group didn't notice this in one of their own displays until near the end of their two day conference and then only after we pointed out the racism to any member of the press we saw.

Talk about voting for President Bush in 2000 and 2004 all you like, but he had enough sense to take the fight to Iraq, NOT here. It was the war on terrorism. I guess you would like to be fighting terrorism right here in the streets of America. An enemy you can't see. Think of sitting in a McDonald’s eating lunch and a suicide bomber walks in. Do you want to live in that kind of fear? If you don't like the way this county is run, leave it. President Bush has done the best he can with what he has had to work with. Some of you have forgotten 9/11/01. Oh by the way if you though gas was going to stay at $1.00 a gallon for the rest of your life, that is sad. I guess new cars should stay at $3000.00 and hamburgers should have stayed at $0.10 each. No one ragged the current President at the time about that. The truth is everything goes up.

I'm an evangelical expat living outside of the US and I'm quite appalled by these condescending remarks about seeing nothing wrong with these boxes. Those who close their remarks with 'give me those waffles' probably do not see how callous they show themselves. Live in another country or among other people of a different culture and maybe such people might wake up to their indifference. If we are to show Christ to the world we ought to consider what does it mean to be others like the apostle Paul so that we might save some, at least impress others with our respect for them.

Fundamentalism is a social disease. You can help yourself--pray away your hate!

To those who see this as a free speech issue, not a racism issue, If our brothers and sisters in Christ see this as a racism issue, then it is a racism issue for them. Don't try to tell them that their feelings are wrong, because they are feeling them. In my mind, this is a "Don't...because it may cause your brother or sister to stumble" issue. If a significant portion of the body thinks this is a racism issue and a significant other portion of the body does not, then it is the responsibility for the portion that does not to react. How many brothers and sisters have walked away from the faith because of racism, sexism, etc. People that were not allowed to worship with other brothers and sisters because of the color of their skin. This is real hurt. I went to University of Chicago divinity school, and virtually all women in the program were there because they had been turned away from serving in the denominations where they grew up. MLK went to Union Seminary because he was rejected at more evangelical schools, but then evangelicals complain that he was not evangelical enough.

So let me get this right...

If someone is white or conservative, I can poke fun at them as much as I want.

But if he or she is non-white and liberal, I'm a racist and need to pray for my poor, hateful soul.

The fact is most of you conservatives that claim Christianity are just hypocrite. You guys don't know the Bible, and are on your way to HELL.
McCain, Palin, Guliani, Larry Craig, David Vitter etc are born-again Christians, right? Give me a BREAK!

The way conservatives in America pushes their FAKE Christianity makes them no different from Islamic fundamentalist. Can you imagine, Ann Coulter (She-Devil) calling herself a Christian?

So this is Christian "values"?

Jbman, no you should not be poking fun at Whites and conservatives either. I think that is the part of "let nothing that is not edifying" come out of your mouth. That is scripture.

Lou Dobbs caught red handed buying RACIST Obama Waffles
I emailed Dobbs,

"We have the photo of your buying the RACIST Obama Waffles. you didn't get it scrubbed fast enough.
I hope CNN tells you to publicly apologise or they'll DROP YOU.
Every Mexican immigrant you've spit on for YEARS, will rejoice at your being caught red handed as RACIST"

I'd like Jack Cafferty to take on Dobb's embarrassing CNN

Maybe Keith Olbermann will get a LAUGH putting Dobbs as WORST PERSON

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins who bought David Duke's KKK mailing list, this just adds to the story line everyone already believes. Good luck bringing African American evangelicals into your big RACIST GOP tent this year. Jews, Asians,Latinos, women, LGBTs, and Native Americans witness this, and know it could just as easily be YOU on this filthy product.

Will McCain Palin denounce Family Research Council and send back their PAC money?

The out of touch old school hateful 2 issue voting Christian "Right" groups will TURN OFF even more of their young congregants with this blatant racism. They were already leaving in dribs and drabs, you just opened a flood gate for them to WALK!

and they won't be coming back

btw, DeMoss and Whitaker the "Christian" writers who created this filth we have your images and videos so EVERYONE will know you two at sight as putrid racists.
You also just gave Obama a get-out-of-jail card for lipstick, pigs, Rev Wright, and every other October suprise you planned...he just points at the WAFFLE BOX, and says nothing.

There are two boxes, I don't know if the one with "POINT THIS BOX AT MECCA for tastier waffles" was known...so they've also disgusted EVERY Muslim American and insited more hatred from Muslim Nations....our children thank you total TARDS!

Books A Million consider this a declaration of BOYCOTT for your filthy demeaning image of Michelle Obama on this box

if you think the concept of this wasn't born from the idea of Aunt Jemimah then you are a fool or an apologist. Why wouldn't they make up some arugula mix or something like that, that has no history of racial code. No, they had to make it into something that already had a tie in to a previous example of racial garbage.

if you think the concept of this wasn't born from the idea of Aunt Jemimah then you are a fool or an apologist. Why wouldn't they make up some arugula mix or something like that, that has no history of racial code. No, they had to make it into something that already had a tie in to a previous example of racial garbage.

So much for Christianity. When will the Repuglicans quit twisting everything Jesus stood for into lies and propaganda. Such blatant racist, hateful tactics only show Repugs for what they truly are: desperate.

Romney, Gingrich, Rep. Bachman MN, and Gary Bauer spoke at this HATE FEST, yeah tell me about you VALUES, you contemptable maggots.

Biden grab this red meat and shove the GOP's nose it, bring up Black children STILL having to see this demeaning garbage, even Barack's girls have to see their father AND mother ridiculed by these moronic racists.

These TN racists who were peddling this racist garbage in Minnesota, may find themselves on the wrong side of a racially motivated HATE CRIME, which MN takes deadly serious, Rep Bachman MN should be sweating as well. Using Obama's name and a drawing depicting him on a product for sale may also raise a lawsuit possibility, against Books A Million , Whitlock and DeMoss.

Linda since we're having a Black History moment, McCain voted against honoring Dr. King with a holiday, and even after it passed wanted AZ to not recognise the holiday.
Shirley Chisolm and Jesse Jackson BOTH Democrats ran for president.
African Americans make up their own mind who they vote for, and over 90% say NO THANKS to Republicans.
Name ALL the Republican members of the Congressional Black Caucus...NONE

btw. Linda

You REALLY want to tout Bush's deregulation of the mortgage industry and his bragging about minority OWNERSHIP SOCIETY as hundreds of thousands of those minority homeowners were steered to PREDATORY loans and are now losing their houses to foreclosures?...really want to go there?,,,REALLY?

Not to mention the federal government NOW had to buy Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which is 200 BILLION, your children and grandchildren owe the CHINESE.

Linda, it also matters less what happened in the past than what is happening right now. Right now, many African Americans association Republicans with activities like those that we are discussing. Sure Lincoln was a republican, but republicans also cozied up to state's rights democrats that wanted to stop Brown v Board of ed and many other government activities. Neither side is pure in these areas, both have much to apologize for, but right now, it is a Democratic party that has elected officials that are African American and a republican party that makes fun of an African American presidential candidate.


A Breakfast Guaranteed to make you lose your appetite

So the likeness of Obama can not be shown in cartoon form since it is offensive? Sounds like some Christians have decided to take on the attributes of Islam. Count this Danish-American as someone who loves the Lord, and knows a good cartoon joke when he sees one.

I would like to buy some of those pancake boxes, and salute the clever gents that came up with the idea. I have seen enough truly insulting material regarding Republicans, their wives and children to know the difference between a spoof, and just plain being mean.

The rest of you need to lighten up.

Adam S
The Republican Party has run African Americans for office. Because they are conservative, the Democrats call them "Uncle Tom's" and throw Oreo cookies at them. Those actions seem to be pretty dirty to me. That is what the Democrats do, at the present.
I just presented you with the facts. If you choose to make excuses, then facts don't matter.

This has nothing to do with the fact that a cartoon was used and you know that. This is intentionally offensive. Look at that video link that Mark has a couple posts above. These guys can't keep a straight face about the fact that they "didn't know if would be offensive". They compare Aunt Jemima with Paul Newman's Own trying to say that Paul Newman isn't offended so they don't know why something that is reminiscent of Aunt Jemima would be offensive. Clearly they just don't get it and think they are being funny. What I don't get is how anyone could conceive of this not being offensive. When asked specifically about the fact Obama being a Muslim they said that he visited Kenya (a predominately Christian country) in 1985 and wore native dress so that raised questions in their mind. When they were told that he regularly attends a Christian church they said, "Well that is what we have heard." This is beyond the pale and I don't understand how anyone can defend it.

Linda, have you ever seen someone throw oreos at a Black candidate or office holder? Yes, there are reports that it happened to GOP head Michael Steele, but the reports are widely discredited. (That means it was made up!) Here are two links talking about that http://tinyurl.com/5j6d4z and http://tinyurl.com/5vjqhv and

There is not now a single African American republican in national elected office. (Yes there are African Americans in appointed national office). That is a fact, not an excuse.

Anyone who claims they can't see the racism on this "product" is either a liar or a fool. Everything about it is racist. Everything. Not to mention, lying is one of the sins specifically called out in the 10 commandments. This packaging is full of lies about Obama, from insinuating he has "Muslim roots" to even showing him with a headdress on as though he is a Muslim. Its is disgusting, and it is shameful. I am ashamed that these men are from my county and I hope they have their answer ready when the good Lord calls upon them to explain on at that final day.

Sorry, this whole playing ignorant game or "we can't draw a black man as a cartoon" is disingenuous at best. Those saying this know full well this whole thing is a disgusting racist attack on this Christian man. Who would Jesus slander? Who would Jesus ridicule like this? Would Jesus have spread malicious lies about somebody's religion in order to win an election? Why would these men? Think about where their hearts must be in order for them to go so far as to write the checks and make this product, willing to slander and lie for a quick dollar. Where is the Christian moral outrage at what is happening in the Republican Party, the party that has claimed for so long to represent us Christians? Where is it? When will we rise up and let these leaders know that when they lie about an opposition party's candidate that they are NOT speaking for us? Why do we continue to daily turn a blind eye to this sinful process and write checks to support it?

God help us all.

Posted by: mark at September 14, 2008

So the likeness of Obama can not be shown in cartoon form since it is offensive? Sounds like some Christians have decided to take on the attributes of Islam. Count this Danish-American as someone who loves the Lord, and knows a good cartoon joke when he sees one.

I would like to buy some of those pancake boxes, and salute the clever gents that came up with the idea. I have seen enough truly insulting material regarding Republicans, their wives and children to know the difference between a spoof, and just plain being mean.

The rest of you need to lighten up.

I bet this post is just what Jesus would have written. Don't let these fools talking Christian love and kindness bring you down brother. I don't think Jesus would have used the word "gents".
That would have made him sound fruity.

If you Republicans think this isn't an issue that will win Obama MASSIVE turnout, and that some folks on the Left are just too sensitive...GO SELL BOXES of this demeaning garbage on every street corner in America until the election....do that honey.

Especially sell them in front of Conservative African American Churches in Ohio and North Carolina, and Florida, and Missouri.
See you LOSERS Nov 5th, when you are so THUMPED you can't walk straight.

The Republicans and especially the Christian "RIGHT" folks are very slow on the uptake, that there is a VIDEO camera everywhere. Macacca killed George Allen's career in 5 minutes. Rush Limbaugh shaking and gyrating to Mock Michael J.Fox's Parkinson's Disease cost Republicans Missouri and hence the US Senate. Ann Coulter spitting on 911 widows saying they were enjoying their husband's DEATHS, and they would have been divoirced any ways,Putrid GOP delegates spitting on EVERY wounded veteran wearing purple heart bandaids, and finally Michelle Malkin arguing FOR Japanese Internment CAMPS.

DeMoss and Whitlock I hope you both accept ALL the congratulations you receive from your GOP colleagues for giving Obama the White House.

My take as an openly homosexual atheist who will probably vote McCain/Palin in November -- the Muslim headgear on the box top and the sombrero on the back strike me as a bit "racist," although I think xenophobic would be a much better term, since religion and fashion choices aren't genetically transmitted the way that skin color and hair texture are.

But I'm really annoyed by the references to "Aunt Jemima," which are meant to suggest that Obama has been drawn in a blatantly racist way. What I see, looking at the box, is the normal big-head, small-body style used by just about every single caricature artist on boardwalks and other tourist-trap venues across America.

Furthermore, when I see waffles on a yellow background, the brand that immediately comes to mind is Eggo, not Aunt Jemima, whose packaging typically has a red background. (Incidentally, Aunt Jemima is a Quaker Oats brand, while Eggo is owned by Kellogg's.

That a large portion of Republicans enthusiastically and deliberately benefit from lies, deception, and anti-Muslim, anti-Hispanic, and anti-Black prejudice tells you all you need to knw about the Republican Party from Sarah Palin to Newt Gingrich to Strom Thurmon to Trent Lott to Ronald Reagan to the laughingstock of the world, George W. Bush.

Wow- how embarrassing to have this kind of garbage at a Values Summit! Could it look worse for the GOP with people like this doing such foolish things? Insensitivity and racism are both screaming from each one of those waffle boxes. People who bought these - feel proud of promoting racism, people who created this product - know that the world is watching and your walk in no way matches your talk. A sad day for all Christian values voters. Such sullying will be picked up by the MSM who already are terribly biased against Christians...mark my words. This little flicker of injustice and racism may well fan itself into a full-force forest fire out of control and blame can only be placed at the feet of these two men. Feel proud. Thankfully I am an Independent voter and can look at this objectively.

Sarah Pulliam " these two vendors were trying to LIGHTEN the mood"

are you truely this STUPID?

or just a Christian Reich freudian slip?

>>>"The thirty-year odyssey of the South switching to the Republican Party began in the 1970's with President Richard Nixon's "Southern Strategy" which was an effort on the Part of Nixon to get Christians in the South to stop voting for Democrats who did not share their values and were still discriminating against their fellow Christians who happened to be black."

Linda, what a disgusting misrepresentation of the race-baiting Southern Strategy you just gave. It was out and out racist manipulation of segregationist fears, and the fact that you'd twist it to the above statement sheds a lot of light on the rest of your ridiculously selective sliver of Republican history. For the love of God, even the people who came up with the Southern strategy later apologized for exploiting racial tensions to win an election: http://www.redcounty.com/sandiego/2008/05/harry-dent-an-architect-of-nix/

As a Christian I am extremely offended by this, but I am not surprised. Ever since Ronald Reagan began romancing the Religious Right in the 1980's the Evangelical movement in this country has gotten less about spreading the Gospel and more about fear and hate-mongering. The bottom line is if someone thinks it is offensive, it probably is. Just accept it.If someone was selling a box of crackers labeled "Nazarenes" with a cartoon Jesus, we would find it offensive, and rightly so.

The sad thing is that the men behind this sick joke are both pastors. And I think it is high time that the Religious Right get out of politics and focus on spreading the Gospel. As Christians, we are the only Bible some people might read. Would anyone care to tell me what chapter this whole idea came out of and how Non-Christian voters who are on the fence might take this?

Stop hiding behind your faith.

As a Christian I am ashamed.
As a Latino, I am outraged.
As an American, I am voting Obama.

"Jbman, no you should not be poking fun at Whites and conservatives either. I think that is the part of "let nothing that is not edifying" come out of your mouth. That is scripture."

I agree we need to be careful not to speak maliciously, with the intent of merely putting someone down.

But if you look closely, you'll see mockery is used by several in the Bible to put down the proud man. Once humbled, and not before, the proud person can be uplifted -- edified. God mocks proud mockers, an attempt to sting the conscience to repentance. A good thing.

You've got to love the lying hypocrisy of the Republicans -- Linda's distored rant about "history" was plagarized word for word, of course without attribution, from the website of a group called "National Black Republican Association." http://www.nationalblackrepublicans.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=pages.DYK-Why%20MLK%20was%20a%20Republican

Apparently, she can't actually formulate an original opinion of her own.

Not only that, the Associated Press (in an article posted on the MSNBC site) debunks significant portions of the "history." Dr. King was not a Republican and the Democratic Party did not found the KKK. And, Lt. Gov. Steele, the supposed recipient of the Oreo attack, has disowned the so-called "history" of the NBRA, the entity that actually wrote Linda's rant.

Here's the AP article debunking Linda's "facts."


Thanks Mark for the link to "A Breakfast Guaranteed to make you lose your appetite." The video shows that the two men who created this "product" are certainly not convincing in their efforts to defend it as something not racist. I think it's outrageous, and it further shows that racism is not dead in America.

Is there a moderator ANYWHERE on this thread? Not even going to bother to point out the nasty, vicious things being spoken by both sides here, but you folks who call yourselves Christians need to take a deep breath and remember that we are held accountable to God for every word that comes out of our mouths. And our keyboards, by the way.

I've seen better manners, brothers and sisters. Calm down, please.

Tennessee college students are using this waffle issue to register NEW DEMOCRATS......HA!

register here TN Democrats

Obama Waffles: Race Baiting and Powdered Breakfast United at Last (

POSTED BY: Dylan Ris
Who says you can't enjoy Jim Crow-style caricatures, Arab bashing and delicious powdered waffles at the same time? Attendees of the "Values Voter Summit" know you can, since they got the chance to pony up 10 bucks for a box of Obama Waffles, which achieve the rare culinary feat of being both scrumptious and tasteless at the same time...

selling... like hot cakes (0.00 / 0)
Racist Anti-Obama Merchandise at 2008 Values Voter Summit
"The "Confirmed Speakers" Web page features a veritable Who's Who of extremist conservatives and assorted Right-wing luminaries, including Newt Gingrich, Gary Bauer, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Bill Bennett, Ken Blackwell, Chuck Colson, Tom DeLay, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, Gov. Mitt Romney, Phyllis Schlafly, and many others. At the bottom of that page, John McCain, Barack Obama, and Sarah Palin are shown as "Invited Speakers."

Media inquiries about the racist implications of the imagery on the boxes of Obama Waffles seem to have been behind Summit organizers' decision to finally halt sales of the product at the convention, but Whitlock and DeMoss are still selling the item via the Website of their company, West Wing Waffles, LLC. At the site, they claim that the Obama Waffles mix is "selling... like hot cakes!"

Here is post at Obama Waffles about the whole incident:


What bugs me about this article is what ISN'T mentioned.

There is no mention how Obama Waffles owners were branded "racist" by atheist who could explain WHY the product is offensive.

The article also doesn't mention that Black people like my wife and me thought the product was HILARIOUS. From skewering Obama's ultraliberal views like unchecked illegal immigration to his well-publicized gaffes like "bitter" small townspeople. (By the way, my mother, aunts and uncles were born in small towns so Obama's gaffes was a slam at Blacks as well as Whites.) At no point does Obama Waffles mock the candidate's race. Thus, the waffle mix is no more "offensive" than a typical USA Today political cartoon.

So, people need to lighten up. and laugh a little.

One more thing. Where is the moral outrage from the Left when LIBERALS act truly racist? Some examples:

*Senator-and now VP candidate-Joe Biden was surprised that a Black man like Obama could be “articulate.” (I guess Biden's been exposed to too many racist "ghetto thug" flicks from liberal Hollywood.)

*White gay activists and their allies hurled racist slurs at Obama and Black America in general after the Senator attended a gospel concert:


So, much for tolerance.

*On Dailykos, a White poster thought it would be “funny” to display a picture of Michelle Obama being lynched.


*Indy candidate Ralph Nader grumbled that Obama is only popular among White voters because he “talks white”:


I can only conclude this post with two words: liberal hypocrisy.

I cannot believe that it took an atheist at a values voter conference to point out that something was bigoted and inappropriate.

The continual lies and xenophobia surrounding Obama's supposed Muslim heritage is something Christians should shun; yet, it took a non-believer to point it out. What does that say about us?

To Mark if Republicans are so much for Blacks why did John Mccain vote against Martin Luther King holiday?

PLEASE learn the definitions of 'racism' and 'prejudice' before you perpetuate more ignorance into the world. The two are NOT interchangeable. It would not be racist to do anything with John McCain or any other white person because there's not such thing as "racism" against white people in the US. Prejudice, maybe; racism, no. There has to be a SYSTEM and POWER for racism to exist, which is only allowed to WHITES in this country.

Read Tim Wise's recent blog to understand this principle a little better.

These past few years, I have had my own issues with struggling with my Christian identity. Everywhere I turn, there are deceivers and liars who are calling themselves Christians. Not to mention racists, who think that this type of non sense is acceptable. It is sad that in this day and age, people are still so racist--and as Christian people--shouldn't we set the standard of love and acceptance. God is probably so disgusted by all these fake Christians who claim they love God, but hate their neighbors. And for this magazine to only mention "atheists" as the only objectors is ridiculous--this website proves my point--- to have such a narrow minded view. It is websites like this that is turning people away from Christianity.

I'm not really sure if i agree with it or not. The thing is you do have freedom of speech,but where does that cross the line. Are these two gentlemen racist in any wayor have we even invesigated that. No because were too busy ridiculing them for putting Obama's picture on a box of waffle mix. Now like one other person on here said "If it was John MCain
on the box would there be a problem"? I don't think there would be.I think what we need to be worried about here is our future,and not so much worried about what everyone else is saying or doing.If you think it is wrong,"Pray For Them",
If you think their right still "Pray For Them".


The Parks Family

Heaven forbid the be a characture of Obama use in a satire. I guess he is above that. You would think Islam was being insulted by the reaction of the left. The left are always posting "knee slapping" charactures of Bush or anyone else on the right. I guess the pot is calling the kettle black. No Pun Intended.

I pray no little kid had to witness these two racist PIGS selling this garbage, in an area completely open to the PUBLIC.
The folks who want to excuse these obnoxious pigs, FINE
Sell this crud right up to the election, and they are offering a TWO FOR ONE SALE in honor of Sarah Palin. Yeah stick the racist box right up against her face...do that honey.

Hening: So the likeness of Obama can not be shown in cartoon form since it is offensive? Sounds like some Christians have decided to take on the attributes of Islam. Count this Danish-American as someone who loves the Lord, and knows a good cartoon joke when he sees one.

Carla: Well, Mr. "Danish-American" who claims to, "love the Lord," need I remind you of the following Scriptures? :
Act 24:16,This being so, I myself always strive to have a conscience WITHOUT OFFENSE TOWARD GOD AND MEN. (Emphasis, my own).

Matthew 18:7,Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, BUT WOE TO THAT MAN BY WHOM THE OFFENSE COMES! (Emphasis, my own)

2 Co. 6:3 WE GIVE NO OFFENSE IN ANYTHING, that our ministry may not be blamed. (Emphasis, my own)

Php. 1:10.. . . that you may approve the things that are excellent, that you may be sincere and WITHOUT OFFENSE TILL THE DAY OF CHRIST.

Hening: I would like to buy some of those pancake boxes, and salute the clever gents that came up with the idea.

Carla: Again, I remind you of 'witty inventions,' as God had pointed out in Ec 7:29.Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; BUR RHEY HAVE SOUGHT OUT MANY INVENTIONS.

Pr. 8:12 I wisdom dwell with prudence, and FIND OUT KNOWLEDGE OF WITTY INVENTIONS.

Hening: I have seen enough truly insulting material regarding Republicans, their wives and children to know the difference between a spoof, and just plain being mean.

The rest of you need to lighten up.

Carla: To condone "insulting material" regarding anyone is an offense. You can attempt to justify your meanness and applaud racism all you want, but God doesn't like it. And those that delight in seeing wickedness are just as guilty as those that participate in it:

Romans 1:29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, 30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, INVENTORS OF EVIL THINGS, disobedient to parents, 31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: 32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, BUT HAVE PLEASUE IN THEM THAT DO THEM. (Emphasis, my own)

Spelling correction: Ec 7:29.Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; BUT THEY HAVE SOUGHT OUT MANY INVENTIONS.

i think this is awsome, you liberals speak of free speech but when we use our freedom you think we should shut up... liberals only deserve freedom of speech not their enemies... liberals are traitors and should be all sent to court to face charges of treason!

I am from nashville Tn recently moved to Hawaii. I am not suprised of the redneck people there. The are some of the most backwards people there is. They still have the black jocky on their front lawns and still believe in jim crow. They call themselves God fearing christians who love the lord. Makes you wonder how can a christian act in that manner.
Hewy I know how about a pig that look like Sarah palin with lipstick. And a short stumpy looking doll that look like John mccain. You guys are so desperate to win you will stoop to do anything or say and allow anything shame on you christian folks

When I first heard of this, I could not believe anyone could be so totally insensitive. Since when is political satire, offensive, uncaring and totally disgusting.
Do any of these people involved including Family Research Council have just half the kindness that Senator Obama has exhibited throughout this whole campaign? He has been hit from every side and can't seem to do anything right. I am ashamed to be a Christian at this point.
Watching the Republican Convention and hearing Palin and Guliani speaking in condescending tones the attributes of Senator Obama as a community organizer and hearing the delegates laugh and clap was sickening to me as a Christian.

With Palin indicating she is a Christian, is this the best example of a Christian in the USA? What a very sad commentary and then to add this on top is very demoralizing.


Where exactly is the racism in this?

Racism is not funny. Yes, Christians should engage political candidates of all persuasions, beliefs, and ethnicities ON THE ISSUES. Using racial, gender or other stereotypes should not be an acceptable medium for engaging on the issues, especialy for Christians who are supposed to be the voice of MORAL authority.

Let the Christian voice in the public square be one of justice and right living.

Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.

Earlier it was said: "It is very sad, but race is going to decide this election.......The more things change the more it stays the same."

This race was already decided before it was ran. There were candidates that were nearly prophetic concerning our current economic woes, but they were accused of being out of touch.

Obama and McCain are both out of touch with the real issues, and the amount of time spent on this article demonstrates just how easily american voters are distracted from the real issues.

This race is not about racism, it is about who can give me the most for free. However there is nothing free, it may be free for you, but I had to pay for it through taxes. The greatest tragedy is that the working class tax payer will loose no matter which is elected.

The rich have all the money and pay no taxes, the middle class does all the work and pays all the taxes, and the poor exist to scare the middle class.

We are so blind!

Wake up before it is too late, stop allowing the media to tell you what to look at, while the real work disaster is happening off camera.

A black man who gets to the top of the ticket gets top-shelf, top-of-the-ticket racism. If anything could bring to the surface Americas's racism at its highest it is now. The Aunt Jemima image began as a racist one, when a black woman could not be addressed by the same title as white women, no Miss or Mrs. and no Mr for black men. White Democrats will use the Palin excuse not to vote for a black man who supports, expounds, and campaigns on the issues Democrats say they support. Instead they will vote for a man who is dumb on economics, who could say on the very day that the market fell that our economy is fundamentally strong. When Obama told him he was wrong and stupid, he changed up the next day. McCain is flying by the seat of his dumb pants. He ranked 894 in his Naval Academy class of 898 and who chose a running mate who could have come from "Ho Row" for all that it matters.She is no Condaleeza Rice. A black woman that shallow could never get near the White House. A smart black man fron Harvard, a brilliant black man is not sufficient for white people not to see a darkie. America is racist from the top down and bottom up.

THis is blatantly racist. For those asking, let me show you:

Barry's Bling Bling Waffle Ring recipe
This is OBVIOUSLY a cultural reference. No need to go here, why make a rap alluding to Ludacris and such? It is clearly a tasteless racist allusion. These men are proving that the apple still doesn't fall far from the white supremacy tree.

"Why not learn a foreign language? Recommended serving: 4 or more illegal aliens"
For some reason these guys think their ancestors arrvd on the continent, were perfectly acculturated to American norms, language and values and there was no culture adjustment. As the son of immigrants there are things I wish I could say directly to these guys but would be inappropriate in this forum - and they wouldn't be worth my time.

Does this make their statements racist? Am I personally offended?

This product creation was created with a complete disconnection from anything Christianity stands for. Christ is inclusive and merciful not demeaning and partisan. The creators of this product need to spend some time in prayer reconnecting with the Holy Spirit and then write a heart felt apology to Obama'a campaign. I am hopeful not to see this type of product created again. I am very dissappointed.

i think this is awsome, you liberals speak of free speech but when we use our freedom you think we should shut up... liberals only deserve freedom of speech not their enemies... liberals are traitors and should be all sent to court to face charges of treason!

Posted by: jorg
"Free speech" doesn't doesn't give people the right to say whatever they want. For example, you can't yell "fire" in a theatre. You can't say you're going to cause harm to the President.

Jas 3:5 Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!

Jas 3:8
But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

I am pleased to see that the summit took a stand against this garbage. If it was Obama just on the box with a shirt and tie it would not be that big of a deal but these rasists took it way too far. I was going to write the summit and express my disgust but apparently I don't have to. You make not like someone for their issues and stands but the lies and the racism need to stay out.

Just shaking my head. Can we just stick to the issues and not bring Aunt Jemina or Uncle Tom into this? This is sick and pathetic. I guess if Obama starting selling white sheets with McCain's picture on it, no one would be offended? Hey do you know who's behind that sheet? Or a picture with Blonde Sarah Palin with a pig body and red lipstick for sell --It's now call "Russian Red" but is still the same color as "I aint got a clue Red!!! Really, no one black wants to be viewed as only having the ability to clean toilets and take care of the Massa. If you understood the pyschology of black history, no one in their right winged mind would have used the waffle caricature...

This was our topic at church tonight. It is shameful and obviously racist. We were appalled that your magazine would print such hate and so poorly try to disguise it as humor. We have vowed to cancel subscriptions to this magazine as it has become a tool for hate. It breaks my heart that Christianity Today has stooped so low.

What entertainment! So many of the previous comments, for AND against, have caused me to laugh out loud. People are so uptight anymore that no one can do anything without someone having their panties in a twist about it. If you find this particular item offensive, don't support it. If you don't find it offensive, have a good belly laugh. As to Mr. Obama's eternal destination, that is something only he and God know. Anyone can call himself a "Christian", but that doesn't make them a true follower of Jesus Christ the Messiah. Being a member of any church, regardless of the faith, does not make you a "Christian" anymore than being in the garage makes you a car. Agreeing with God that we are sinners apart from Him and can do nothing within our own power to be reconciled with Him, receiving His gift (meaning free) of salvation through Jesus Christ and making Him Lord of our life is what it takes to be a true Christian, the rest of it is just religion. Does that mean every follower of Christ will make the right decision every time, or that mistakes will never happen, or that perfection can be achieved....NO. Jesus is 100% God, 100% man AND He has a sense of humor...something many people never take into account. I'm not saying I believe Jesus would or would not find this item funny, but I will ask Him when I get Home. I'll see some of y'all there.

I find it very sad that it was only the atheists that took notice on how offensive this product is. As Christians we must be diligent with regards to how we portray Christ and the values that we put out to those who don't know Him. With that diligence one who is a true Christian must be aware of the details that are set out to people so as not to smear his/her testimony. The fact that the details of this booth were not known before-hand shows irresponsibility. Christ spoke to all and it was His and His father's will that all would know God's will. If this organization feels that Obama is not in right step with God's will then pray for him but don't attack him as the Pharisees did to the people so long ago.

I am deeply hurt as a Christian about this happening. I am deeply hurt by the fact that this could go unnoticed for so long. I am most hurt because the name of Jesus is blasphemed by this SIN.

What is funny here . or maybe even sad is the fact that this Country has allowed people's RIGHTS to be VIOLATED because of RELIGION/ Sex or Special interest! We are so worried if we offend someone, or their special interest, weither or not if they are Gay,Straight, Christian or any other religion. People screem RACEIST, all because some one is black, brown, or because of a religion. This Country was based on it founding principles, Now we have Groups hacking away at our foundation because it offends them. Like Prayer in school, who founded this country, who set up the school standards, who wrote the Organic u.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, OUR Founding Fathers did. You all here today, who are tearing our country down were NOT present when the foundations of this Great Nation were set up. You BITCH at our country, but you sure ebjoy the bennifits. We have people who are coming into our country that are not legal, Yelling we have RIGHTS, If we Americans did that to their countries we would be shot.We have religions here who are imposing their religious views on you or you die. I have been told this to my face. If you are going to come to AMERICA for a better life, FINE, But ACCEPT the AMERICAN WAY or GO HOME! If you want to maintain your herritage in your own home, or Church, or Clubs, GREAT, BUT LEARN to Read ^ Right ENGLISH, that is the OFFICIAL Language of AMERICA. YES we need a change in this country, and we ARE NOT GOING TO GET IT WITH THE 2 CURRENT PARTIES CURRENTLY HERE. GOD in Heaven, dont people remember the PAST, it seems no matter who gets into office, ya it changes alright, it only gets worse......People want change, they want money in their pockets & the Government to take care of them, What ever happened to the AMER-I-CAN who used to take care of themselfs, to the community who would stand togeather and help their neibhors in a crises. Everyday we loose our rights because of Terriorists, WHY IS THAT? Why are Good AMERICANS LOOSING their rights to maintain their freedom. If we continue to loose our rights because of the demands of our enemies, then the Terrorists have already won. There is a cost for freedom, it isn't free, but NOw American want to sit on their butt and feel warm & Fuzzy, while our country continues to spiral downwards to Destruction, We had 1 hope, and that was Ron Paul, now he is gone, so know it is up to the American People to stand up and take back our country, and re-enstill the tennets of FREEDOM The u.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights, WE the AMERICAN PEOPLE are the ONLY ones to save out greta Nation from Ruin, If Not then the united States Of American will not be around I fear in the near Future. STOP being offended, LEARN the FIRST AMMENDENT, EVERYONE has the RIGHT to FREE SPEECH, EVERYONE! STOP the GREED, Special interest groups,Religious fanatics,anyone who would destroy this country, you want change, QUIT waiting for someone else to do it for you, get off your BUTT and DO SOMETHING, make the change, sacrafice, do what ever it takes to get it done, MAKE America GREAT Again,where the people are God Fearing,PROUD & FREE to be AMERICANS~
We used to be , but NOT anymore, what happened to WE THE PEOPLE? YES WE THE PEOPLE We have to take that back again, if we dont then there wont be any freedom, if you dont know what to do, go to Ron Pauls web site, you can find help there, or find the Independent Ametican Party, they can help you.For Evil to win, all it takes is for Good men to do NOTHING! So stand up and FIGHT for you God/Family & Country, You Cry for change, well there it is, and all I see is people crying over a stupid Box of Waffel Mix~ GROW UP!

I used to think I was a conservative evangelical Christian....maybe even right wing???!!!! Now, I am certain that I am not! I am a follower of Jesus, a Red-Letter Christian who no longer has any interest in Dobson and his boys. I am a new generation of believers....I am not willing to let Jesus be co-opted by a bunch of religious pharisee's who always think they are "right" and don't care who is "left" out. I am committed to loving Jesus and loving People. I am turned off by folks like Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, the late Jerry Falwell and now Dr. James Dobson (people who mask hate in the name of Jesus). I would rather hang out with other ordinary radicals who understand that Jesus came to reconcile ("He Gave us the Ministry of Reconciliation"). As a leader of this new movement....please hold me accountable to following a Jesus who is about the business of bringing the Kingdom of God to earth!

So many of these posts are way off topic. One question the waffle box raises is whether or not these men are racists.

responding to comments like:
"America is racist from the top down and bottom up."

These entrepreneurs/authors certainly are not. One of them adopted a child from another country, and the other is married to a one-half Latino. His is a fluently Spanish-speaking family. You are way off base accusing them of trying to incite hatred. The box is a farce, folks.

(And I for another am certainly not a racist either, so I don't appreciate your over-generalization.)

this is sick i cant belive people find humer in this they really need to get a life i saw someone post that they think there is nothing wrong with this you are sick in the head to come on people you really need to wake up and smell the coffee this is a fare race may the best man win .........Barack the VOTE.....OBAMA 08

It is very disappointing that some "Christians" will defend something as disrespectful and remedial as what the non-creative producers of the "Obama Waffles" have done. If it is not racist, please explain the rap constructed (...and when have we know Obama to even speak like a rapper or portray himself in this spoofed version of a rapper?). If it is not racist, please explain the disrespectful satire towards Hispanic Americans in regard to immigration. I'll wait...

Exactly, when you choose to not see the obvious then you continue the perpertuation of the same racism. Perhaps this is really just reflective of the reign of wickness in one's heart.

Also, what is more ridiculous is the fact that, at an event of majority Christian groups, it was the American Atheists who stood up against this injustice. How very Christ-like of them...


"This Country was based on it founding principles,"
Those principles included sailing thousand of miles to avoid a State sponsored Church. Those lofty principals ONLY covered White straight MEN who owned property.
it also allowed Slavery, genocide of Native Americans including the dispicable act of BIOLOGICAL WARFARE of giving blankets infected with Small Pox to Dakota Indian elderly women and children.
And don't get all high and mighty about Christianity EITHER it has been used to torture, commit genocide, burn women at the stake as witches, used to rationalize slavery, and oppression of women and gays.

the above should have been addressed to Thomas, I read the name below the post by mistake

Is there no one moderating? I'm not referring to the waffles. It's those consonant gibberish with those obscene links. Thank you and please remove them!

Sorry, what I think I meant to say in that last line is that
Racism or racial stereotyping for any purpose or reason is
not a trademark of any true follower of Jesus.

sorry too early...

I am admitting that there are some emails I don't send to my white friends and family because I try to use good judgment as well as look out for their feelings regarding issues of race seeing how it is such a sensitive subject. But today I am going to send this email to everyone regardless of race.

I being of mixed race (my mother who is German and my father a Black American.) love both heritages and embrace them with equality. Unfortunately I live in a country that doesn't allow my authentic self to be what it is because people want to categorize me according to my looks rather than my BEING. When anyone, regardless of race looks at me, what they see is a black woman. I love that they see this in me, because I am proud to be a black woman, but I am just as proud that my mother is German and that I am half German.

Today l learned that some organizations recently got together at an event and at this gathering, one of the event vendors sold waffle mix with a very hurtful cartoon -like picture of Barack Obama, titled "OBAMA WAFFLES" on it as well as a very demoralizing message written on the box. When I saw this I immediately thought of my newborn daughter and for the first time looked at ugliness without anger but with different eyes because I am a new mother.

For those of you who know me what do you see?. What do you see when you look at me, what do you see when you look at my daughter. Do you see color, do you see race, or do you see Kinjatta and Lauren? My hopes are that you see my heart, not my complexion, my spirit, not my hair texture, heck I would even like for you to see my imperfections because I am human. Most importantly I'd like very much for you to see the God in me even when I sin.

When I learned that James Dobson the host of this very popular radio show, Focus on the Family, was one of the major contributors of this event along with other "conservatives" I gasped, because hate, regardless of ones ethnicity or religion, should not be tolerated and this hate should not be the focus of a family. I am a Christian, a born again believer, this may shock some of you but I am not ashamed to mention it in this email, and I believe that Christ Jesus is the only way. And of course I want everyone else to believe this, but I can not pass judgment or hate those who don't' believe what I believe. I am still charged to love them. I don't have to accept other persons opinions or beliefs, neither do they have to accept mine, but I do have a responsibility to be kind and loving and use words to build and encourage.

Nobody is perfect not even those in the body of Christ that is why it upsets me that there are those persons who say they love God but have so much fear in their heart and mind that they think Obama is somehow the antichrist and will bring this nation down. Yes Obama supports things that I don't support, but I generally believe he has a good heart. I also don't serve Obama, he is not my savior but he is a child of God and professes Christ Jesus as is Lord and Savior. So why the need to depict him as some muslim on a box of waffle mix.

This country has been divided far too long by human ignorance and the latest ignorance in the form of a waffle box or by red state, blue state, right wing conservative, left wing liberal, working class, middle class, black vote, white vote, Spanish speaking vote and white women vote... THIS NEEDS TO STOP because it is truly eating away at the souls of mankind who can not see the truth simply because they are so locked in to stereotypes and groups which only further divide us rather than allow us to see that the enemy is not a tangible entity. Come on people--step out of the MATRIX and see things for what they truly are and don't wrap your identity in things you see because the battle is not VISIBLE.

So I conclude my lamenting by not getting mad at those who breed ignorance in the many disguises of visible costumes labeled as racism, hate, sexism, whatever you want to label it as. I'd rather just pray to God that he will allow me to be a good parent so as to bring up my baby girl to use discernment and not take part in the invisible war that plagues this world.

thank you followchrist, your message was short simple and sweet. God bless you. i encourage those to follow Christ Jesus and be careful as to what you write on these blogs. the tongue can do good and evil. choose good people.

so that you're not confused I posted a letter to friends and family and decided to post it on this blog. wanted to clear up any confusion.

thank you melanie


If you have ever been to a convention/trade show, you know that there are many vendors and there is NOT someone that comes by an okays anything. They have probably never had a problem before so they haven't put someone in that position, I'm sure they will have someone to okay everybooth after it is set up from now on.

Please don't blame this on Focus on the Family - as 'The View' did yesterday!!! That's like blaming a beer advertisement that you blame on causing your child to get killed by a drunk driver on the network that let the beer company advetise on their network.

Focus on the Family and all Christians are NOT to blame for this type of sattire.

Cheryl wrote:

"The rich have all the money and pay no taxes, the middle class does all the work and pays all the taxes, and the poor exist to scare the middle class."

It would be nice if people wrote and spoke based on facts and not repeat silly "everybody knows" statements. The middle class does NOT pay all of the taxes. The middle class doesn't event pay most of the taxes. The middle class may BELIEVE that it does, but that doesn't change reality.

Apparently, Cheryl thinks that "middle class" starts with a 6 figure income because about 71% of federal income tax revenue comes from filers with adjusted gross incomes of $108,904 or higher. That sure isn't my definition of "middle class". Don't believe me? Check any reputable and bipartisan source.

The latest IRS figures are for the 2006 tax returns. They show that the top 1% of filers (adjusted gross income of $388,806 or higher) paid 39.9% of the revenues collected from the federal income tax. The top 5% (AGI of $153,542) paid just over 60% of the revenues collected from federal income tax and the top 10% (AGI of 108,904 or higher) paid about 71% of the income tax revenues collected. It also is true that, over the past few decades, the share of taxes paid by the top brackets has been increasing just about every year.

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Why don't you humanists get off your high horses. No convention knows what is being brought to it until someone brings something bad to the convention holders' attention. There are hundreds of vendors and thousands of materials. When the convention people found out, they made the guys leave (no freedom of speech allowed there). So get off the convention people's backs. And, we don't live in a dictatorship where people are told what to bring and end up in jail if they have the nerve to bring anything against the regrime. Unfortunately even if what's on the box is the type of political satire of centuries ago, it is still political satire which the Constitution says is "free speech". Outside of political satire, like on a bathroom wall in a business is racism. Actually I've seen worst in our local newspapers and in the late night show "jokes" about dubba, nazi dictator, rich bastard and worst about Bush. In the comments on this site is an underlining hate Christianity and those using this incident as an excuse to blame Christianity. Nothing new in this country. And some of language used I have never heard of even at my old age and hey I do a lot of reading and watching tv. Look at yourselves before yelling at and accusing others and lumping everybody into a group.

Its so sad that rascim still exists.

If this had been on a pack of bagels (for example), much of this probably wouldn't have really been much of an issue. It so happens that "waffles" is the main word used to describe someone who goes back & forth on his or her position/comments...Obama Waffles..."Obama Bagels" (for example) makes no sense. It seems like some people might be assuming DeMoss & Whitlock are racist and "lucked out" that the word for flip-flopping--waffles--happens to be a product that has featured Aunt Jemima over the years, as in they were HOPING they could find a verb that means flip-flopping AND at the same time would allow them to put it on a product that would allow their natural racist tendencies to come through. In fact it might be the opposite, namely that they simply started with the obvious--the word waffles--and then simply went with the theme. I'm guessing this is the case. If you have a problem with another part of it, or think in general one shouldn't make fun of someone else, that's fine...I'd just encourage each other to be careful to not assume the worst about someone else, especially since we are told by the Lord to not judge others. One last thought...even if the intent was racist, would not the Lord want those who are upset to truly pray for these men to be humbled in their hearts to ask God's forgiveness? Instead, there has been a lot of "I hope you like it in hell" kind of comments. I can't see Jesus making those. We all need a Savior, and that common need should hopefully help us all to be humble. I'm not saying someone can't be upset or angry, but even if you were right and this was a racist product, it should drive you to your knees to be thankful Jesus loves each of us and died for us, and to pray--not in a condescending way ("I'm thankful I'm not like those racists"), but in a way that wishes for real that they'd turn from any racism. As my pastor often would remind us, "I'm just one beggar trying to show the next beggar where to find bread."

What's worse, saying McCain is computer illiterate or Obama Waffles, I can't watch anymore. Get this election over.

We have freedom of speech AND responsibility to speak.

Even if it the vendor was legally free to create such a thing, how could all the other presenters (especially the Family Research Council) and organizers at the Values Summit allow it? No one but the atheists protested?

What is the impact on all of the groups that were insulted by this offensive product? The impact on them could be that they have MORE evidence that white Christians are insensitive about race and clearly we must think its perfectly acceptable to insult other religions (i.e. Muslims) as long as the harassers are on our side of the political divide.

Jesus was radically inclusive in his love. Why can’t we be?

great post Melonee...does anyone on this post remember Emmett Till,
the sacrificial lamb of the Civil Rights movement? Go on line and
check out Emmett's funeral photos...I found this compelling little
obscure book called "the Ghost of Emmett Till. It was hard to read. I was born in 1954 and grew up in the Bible
Belt buckle. I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't in
love with Jesus. The song "red and yellow, black and white" was
one of my favorites and would mold and shape my theology in ways
I couldn't have imagined. I guess I've always been out of step
and at odds with social norms. I've always held to the idea
that men and women are created equal in the sight of God.
that no person, regardless of socio economic status or skin color
or whatever else is above anyone else. The ground at the foot
of the cross is level. I had a visceral physical reaction to
the package because I know what dark beast from the abyss lies
beneath it. I've seen it up close and personal. Someone
made reference to humanists on this post. I'm not really sure
what that refers to but yes I do believe God made us Human and
Being..we are Spirits having a human experience. Problem is
we are living in an age when we have forgotten what it means
to be truly Human. Jesus came I think to show us not how
to be demigods but to remind us about what it means to be Human.
Jesus fully Human...fully Creator G_d. I've been called
worse things in my life...n****lover when I was just 13 years
old because I made a stand right then and there against injustice.
If I remember correctly, The Pharisees accused Jesus of casting
out devils by the spirit of the Devil...so I guess that means
I'm in good company but I don't see anywhere in the Gospels that
the followers of Jesus are given license to hate kill destroy and
murder, I think that the old testament Levitical law says
You shall not murder...yes the original word there is "murder"
not kill, otherwise none of us could eat meat. I remember
James and John, nicknamed by Jesus as the sons of thunder wanting
to have Jesus nuke a Samaritan town for rejecting Jesus...he
said "you do not know what spirit you are of".
Dylan said "you're gonna have to serve somebody...it may be the
devil or it may be the Lord". We have to be careful about what
spirit we are of. Racial cartoons are just thumbs down unacceptable
and a disgrace to those who were sacrificed to the false god called
Aryanism - aka the great "white" race like Emmett Till. I
think it makes the angels weep.

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i AM REALLY ANGRY about this. I am appalled that Christians still think this way. even those who don't realize the error of this parody I will pray for. but no this many people say they Love God but God says if you have hate in your heart you are a murderer. And no it's not the same thing..we should not be parodying white politicians either..but we know this has nothing to do with Mr. Obamas politics..the anger is over how this was done. it was demeaning and degrading. And if these peoples had not sinned so greatly against us it would not be an issue. We are poorly representing Christ. I want to move out of this country, especially if this is what christianity is supposed to represent, I know that those who say they love God and hate their brother are a liar..According to 1 john. I wanted to vote for those who supposed Pro-life in this election, does this mean I will be voting for racists. I will not longer support these values voters b/c if they think this way, they obviously have no regard for me a black woman. I will get to know Christ alone.

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As a christian of African-American descent I am embarassed and angry that the so called white conservative group didn't think this was racist and inappropriate. The things that the world does and how they do them, should not include us. The bible says that we are to live in this world not be of this world; translation we should not conform to what the world is doing. Obviously that message was missed in their church, or doesn't apply when your motives are to divide by any means necessary

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This is such a racist person. My concern was what was in the box? Those who bought are idiots, you don't know if the boxes were tampered with any type of chemicals? How stupid can you be?

I realize this is an older story but... Wow. Atheists one, Christians nothing. And what's up with CT suggesting this was all about "Two men who were trying to lighten the mood"? Aunt Jemimah is exactly where this idea was generated. Further, with the false Muslim crap and mocking treatment of Mexicans, I'd say this little foray into xenophibia is complete. Just why would CT's Ms. Pulliam think this was "light"? As far as those naughty atheists who were so joyful in their godless act of having this hate-mongering junk exposed and removed that they high-fived one another... right on! I'd have high-fived 'em myself!

Re above... that would be "xenophobia" not "xenophibia" which sounds like a culturally blinded amphibian. Sorry.

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The first slave ship to arrive on Western soil was called the SS Jesus. Your religion is shameful. You preach love and practice hate. The whole world laughs at American Christianity.

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What can you say about a society that says that God is dead and Elvis is alive?
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