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September 24, 2008

When the Irreligious Come to Shove

The latest SUSA poll of Washington State serves as an excellent example of how having a big religiously indifferent population works for Obama. Regular worship attenders constitute 37 percent of the population and so do those who attend almost never. Occasional attenders weigh in at 25 percent. The latter divide evenly, 48-48, between McCain and Obama. The regulars break for McCain 54-43, while the almost-nevers break for Obama 68-28. Result: Obama leads in Washington State 54-43.

(Originally published at Spiritual Politics)


So, you think that means only the godless break for Obama? The tone of that entire think is yuck!

Just because someone isn't saved or isn't attending church doesn't mean they aren't living wisely and making wise choices. As Christians we join forces with decent, intelligent secular folks all the time toward common goals. That's the true American way. And this is, afterall, an American election. All this poll proves is that Obama is the more viable candidate -- able to appeal to a diverse, yet commonly inspired majority.

Many so called Christians and "decent, intelligent secular folks", are incapable of making wise choices because of failure to seek God's will in the most basic of issues. They are so "tolerant" of sin and accepting of sin, that their so called wises choices are based on lies which appeal to the non-inspired majority! This secular country with so called Christians blended in, are going to bring us down. The salt and light is barely flickering as we follow along, killing babies in the womb, and ignoring What God Has Spoken so clearly. We are in disobedience. Jesus always loves us but that does not imply that our path of sinning is condoned and should just go on. HOLY means set apart. Different. In the World, but not Of the World. All we do and are is to allow Christ to live daily in our lives. Christ never intended to cure a person of pregnancy! Christ went deeper than that. So NO to Obama...who just doesn't get it! His perspective is NOT God's perspective.

I think Obama knows his perspective is not God's perspective. Who can claim to share God's perspective?

Dear Yodda and whoever else cares, Pontius Pilate asked a similar question of Jesus..."WHAT IS TRUTH?" So, although we can not begin to know God's Perspective, he has given his Christ0nes, WHO ARE IN THE SPIRIT AND IN THE TRUTH, a knowing that no one can take away. Yes, we can know God, as He has told us to grow in the knowledge of God, through His Apostle Paul. He gives us the GRACE to do this (if we really want to know HIM) So, enough. People in the churches...are ignorant of WHO GOD IS AND OF HIS WILL because they are lazy and self-satisfied and living in the flesh and would rather not study HIS WORD but do what the world is doing. They will never know God if there is no repentance. Worship of God must be in Spirit and in Truth. Find out the TRUTH. We can know the Truth and will be led into ALL TRUTH. Read God's whole Word. He gave it to help us know HIM, not some unknown, made-up God. He gave us all we need to know as we endlessly seek HIM until that day.
May God Bless You and help you to seek HIM with every breath of life you have left, by His Grace.

While I agree with you on many points, be careful in your continued mixture of spirituality and politics. This is an American election, not an exclusively Christian one. And that's okay. Christ said His kingdom was not of this earth.