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September 14, 2008

Young evangelicals straddling the fence

The Palin Effect may not work on younger evangelicals, the Associated Press reports.

"Polls have yet to measure the Palin Effect on younger evangelical voters, whose shifting political allegiances put the demographic in play for both major-party presidential campaigns," Eric Gorski writes. "But a portrait emerges through interviews with more than a dozen pastors, authors and others who either belong to that generation or track it: Conservatives are energized much like their elders, progressives are unimpressed and many undecideds are gravitating toward McCain-Palin."

The McCain campaign tells Gorski that it is reaching out to young evangelicals, but a 26-year-old Southern Baptist pastor says he contacted the campaign to arrange a conference call with young evangelicals and got no response.

"The McCain campaign is really out to lunch when it comes to reaching young evangelicals," Jonathan Merritt told the AP, adding that Palin's questioning of man-made global warming concerns him.

Slate writes about whether the youth vote actually matters, since it was just 17 percent of voters in 2004. But both campaigns are using new groups and tools to help the youth register before deadlines approach.

"If Obama merely pokes all his Facebook friends on Election Day, for example - well, that's 1.2 million pokes right there," Christopher Beam writes.

Jerry Falwell Jr., chancellor of Liberty University in Virginia, announced a new initiative to get the school's 10,500 students registered to vote, the Washington Post reports. Falwell will cancel classes on Election Day, and he promises to make buses available to shuttle students to the polls.

Tim Craig writes that Virginia's 2006 U.S. Senate race and the 2005 state attorney general's race were decided by fewer than 10,000 votes.


Young Evangelicals I urge you not to sit on the fence. Get off the fence, register to vote and vote for Barrack Obama. Obama is indeed a politician. That cannot be denied, nor am I denying it. Yet, if you take the time to read his book "The Audacity of Hope" you will see that he is the most thoughtful, articulate, well read and open minded politician that has ran for president for as along as I can remember (the first president I voted for was Regan). He taught constitutional law at one of the finest law school's in the US (U of Chicago), where he was known for looking at both sides of the issue and honestly discussing the merits of all points of view. Think about that, a president who has not only read the constitution, but understands it, respects it. You might not always agree with where he ends up, but you will know that he has taken the time to consider your point of view, openly and honestly. I am sure that Sarah Palin (you need to look beyond McCain, while a fine man has been blinded by his desire to win this election, so much so that he hired the successors of the very same political handlers, who George Bush used to smear him and end his campaign 8 years ago!) is a fine women, a good mother and a decent governor, but her policies are those of George Bush, which have lead the US into a war that is costing the US US$10 Billion month, and as shown the limited capacity of the US military. Bush has burdened your generation and perhaps the next to come with a deficit, which you will be left to pay. This is money that should be going toward your education, rebuilding the US infrastructure, developing information technology and alternative sources of energy. You may not agree with Obama who thinks its a woman's right to choose, but its been 35 years since Roe v. Wade and all that Republicans have done is promise to over turn it (which at this point would undermine the legal concept of stari decisis) to get evangelicals to vote Republican, more often than not against their own economic interests. It is time for your generation to do what your parents generation did not have the courage to do, look beyond the issues of abortion and homosexuality toward those issues that should matter as much to believers, social justice, the economy (getting out of debt, balancing the budget), the environment, the war in Iraq (sincerely how can you be "pro life" while at the same time consider innocent civilian deaths as "collateral damage"?). McCain and Palin say they are not George Bush. Okay. Ask yourself in what way are they different? How will they be different? Beyond this, ask yourself if it wound not be a good thing to elect a president who people around the world admire. How can it be a bad thing for 200,000 Germans waving American flags, rather than burning them. George Bush bamboozled Evangelicals to vote for him in 2000 and 2004. Don't be bamboozled again by voting for McCain and Bush in a skirt. Actually, Palin's view are to the right of Bush. How can McCain say he is distancing himself from Bush when his and Plain's policy are indistinguishable from those of Bush. It is time for genuine change, not change from someone who has been in Washington for 30 years. Young Evangelicals this is not the time to straddle the fence.

My heart is so saddened to read the comment from Sarah Pulliam ~
We as the older generation have to look at how we have failed to instill in our youth God's Word.
The very first issue has to be PRO LIFE ~ God gives us "Free Will" however he does not give us "FREE CHOICE" as HIS commandments are not SUGGESTIONS ~ they are what we have to base our whole thinking on IF we claim to have a born again personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
There is no way that I could ever vote for a man who is NOT PRO LIFE or who says to answer the question on it is above his pay grade. This makes me question if he even knows Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.
It appears Mr. Obama was financed by questionable persons ~ and his assosiations with questionable people, at least one being a terrorist would put up a red flag.
Granted he is a smooth talker ~ and I am sure that as young people it would be easy to be swayed with the tickling of the ears.
I just pray that IF for some reason God does not step in and he takes the oath of office, we do not find ourselves with another Castro who made all those promises to his people and then took their guns and rights away from them and turned his country into a Communist country.
Will he swear in on the Koran or the Bible?
So far he has not shown me he knows enough about Christianity for me to determine he is one.
YOUNG EVANGELIGALS it is time for each of you to humble yourselves, fall on your knees before God, get into HIS WORD and see what it means to be an Evangelical.
I do not believe this Sarah Pulliam really is. She does not speak like a Christian ~ she does not write like a Christian so I have to assume that she just may not be one. Do NOT listen to her,
Granny (age 72)

Investigate each candidate and what they stand for if you can honestly find out and bring it before the Lord. We as Christians need to stand for biblical values and never forget no matter what happens this election, we can feel secure in the fact that God is in control. God will use it for HIS purpose.

At the republican convention Palin mocked Obama for helping unemployed steel workers get job training.That is only one example of the dirty politics which the republicans contiinue to play. Sadly,the party that most touts itself as the party with Christian values is the party which behaves most unchristian.
The economy is worsening, our troops are still fighting a war the republicans lied to us about, our national debt is in the trillions and they want four more years????
I will not be fooled into voting for the republican ticket. I encourage others to vote for Obama. A man of integrity and values we Christians can depend on.

Sarah Pulliam's article is so brief that it is nothing more than anecdotal. If you want more you must read Eric Gorski's article from AP. Interestingly, Pulliam quotes Gorski when he refers to interviews with younger evangelicals indicating "Conservatives are energized much like their elders, progressives are unimpressed and many undecideds are gravitating toward McCain-Palin." What she doesn't give voice to is the remark from said Cameron Strang, editor of Relevant magazine, who says, "I think the jury is still out on young evangelicals." Nor does she reference Gorski's conclusion that "Overall, the Palin pick is swaying many undecided young evangelicals who already were warming to McCain after his confident, straightforward answers at a recent candidate forum at Saddleback church in California, said Gabe Lyons."

In regards to comments from Roberto, just a word of caution: just because someone has taught constitutional law, and sees both sides of an issue, does not mean he or she would view the constitution, or decide on issues the way I would. Don't be taken in by sound bites and images. Look at the records. What change has the candidate brought, and what changes do they propose?

If you really want some solid thinking on how to vote, read "How to Pick a President: Why virtue trumps policy," by Daniel Taylor & Mark McCloskey posted on CT 6/06/2008.

Your email saddened me. You did not read my posting. If you had you would realize that my inquiry into Obama goes far beyond a few sound bites. I did not focus on McCain, whom I have also followed for some time. He has completely turned his back on everything he stood for in recent weeks. It quite disheartening. It's more disheartening to think that young evangelicals would as bamboozled by McCain throwing them Plain. I am sure that Palin is wonderful mother, wife and perhaps gov., but if you have been paying any attention she also is quite willing to exaggerate the truth (I won't call it lying, but . . .). As an evangelical, it shames me to see how McCain and Plain have chosen to run a devise campaign. This is a time for focusing on whats best for America, not Republicans, not even evangelicals (a little self centered for believers, no?). You may not like Obama, you may disagree with him, but you should take the time to read his book, read about him, and see that he models a billion times better Christian values, family values than McCain. He is an exemplar husband, father, set aside a lucrative career in law to work with those who had been displaced by job lose, etc. This to me looks a whole lot more like Jesus than leaving your disabled wife for someone 20 years younger, going to work for her father, then using her economic resources to run for political office, buy 7 + house, etc. - or may your Jesus is a white, rich, gun totting Republican as I once naively believed. Please look at the facts before you decide for whom you are going to vote.

I expect most EVANGELICALS and CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES to do what they do best:

Condemn lying, then vote a liar into office. (Bush for 2 terms who told over 925 lies).

Talk about peace, but charge up for war. (Bush and McCain on Iraq, and just recently Sarah Palin eyeing Russia!)

Promote abstinence and then praise fornication. (Sarah Palins 17 year old daughter).

Condemn abortion, then send soldiers to war to be killed, all the while supporting the NRA. (Uh, if you don't believe in murder, then why promote guns?)

Stand against abortion--the killing of babies--but send your children, and other peoples' children off to war to be killed.

Preach about FOCUSING ON THE FAMILY (Dobson), yet praise a fornicator, adulterer, a man who curses like a sailor with a known temper and despises the poor (John McCain)

Condemn homosexuality, yet many of their “leaders” are caught in it (Ted Haggard, Paul Barnes)

It’s laughable! Every election year the so-called Christian conservatives and evangelicals champion the same issues, (abortion, homosexuality, guns) and EVERY president they had put in office NEVER STOPPED ABORTION, HOMOSEXUALITY.

I expect a LIAR to support a LIAR:


Those same so-called evangelical Christians that voted Bush in for two terms with his 900 lies can't excuse themselves while accusing others. Those that rejoice in lies is just as guilty as those who tell them.

(NOTE: I'm not speaking about ALL evangelicals. Many have good hearts and they are striving to live a Christian life. I'll let God be God and let Him sort the wheat from the tares and sheep from the goats).

There is one Bible scripture that says (I'll paraphrase), "As much that lies within you, live peaceably with all men." There is also a scripture that says: "Blessed are the peacemakers . . . " You know the rest, I hope.

Now when McCain continually speaks of war, it is out of FEAR, not PEACE. And the Bible said that fear is of the devil.

I'm not claiming that Obama has all the answers, but he certainly can't be any worse than Bush and McCain. Don’t be afraid of CHANGE. There is even a Bible scripture , (I’ll paraphrase) “A fool never changes.”

But it will be your vote. Make it a wise vote.

Do Evangelicals and Christian Conservatives know which Sarah Palin they're supporting?


(So classy, young Ms. Palin) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/08/31/sarah-palin-photos-a-bust_n_122816.html

(Palin praised Obama's energy plan, but then at the GOP convention, she LIED and said Obama had no plan, in so many words) http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2008/08/29/1304936.aspx

(Will the real Sarah Palin please standup?) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/08/31/palins-abuse-of-power-wor_n_122783.html

(Lies, attacks and UNgodly character at the GOP) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/04/ap-attacks-praise-stretch_n_123771.html

(Palin, a class act, laughes when her opponent is called a "bitch".

If this is what evangelicals and Christian Conservatives want in their VP, then vote McCain and Palin.

I am a evangelical Christian an have no doubt in my mind for who am I to vote: Senator Barack Obama. Senator Obama is the man of vision that we need as a country. Yes, I do have differences with him, but when balancing everything, he is by far a superior candidate because of his vision, his character, and his ideas on health care, tax relief for the middle class, education, and other issues of importance to our country and our future. Let's not forget that we are electing a President, not a pastor or a bishop. Let's not forget that many things that we as Christians oppose are "signs of the end times" that nobody will be able change. Lastly, let's not forget that the last time we overlooked needed qualities to lead this country and voted for a person we thought to have our "values", we made a big mistake and thus the state of our country today. Let's vote for the best qualified candidate to do "Ceasar's work" and let the church fulfill its biblical obligation to attend the spiritual needs of the country: pray, preach, and make disciples.

I do not know these people or their backgrounds or their educations or how much time and care they spend on studying the candidates running for our President and Vice-President.
I would not ever want my church to tell me who to vote for. I am an American and proud of the fact that I am free to study and hear both sides and determine what is true and not true and vote for whom I determine to be the best and most qualified candidates. www,snopes.com will help you to find what is true and what is false. Do not quote whatever you hear without knowing the truth, please.
A concerned Christian Citizen.

Christians are not of one mind, whether on specific issues like stem cell research, war, gay rights, poverty, or the more general issue of how religion relates to politics. In recent years, conservative Christians have presented themselves as representing the one authentic Christian perspective on politics. With due respect, equally devout moderate and liberal Christians may have very different views on these subjects based on what God is saying to them through the Bible. Christians come in many flavors – Democrat and Republican. Claiming any one party represents God's will is something to be very wary of believing.