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October 14, 2008

Bye Bye Reagan Dems, etc.

Quinnipiac's latest on CO, MI, MN, and WI disclose a few salient points on religious voting blocs.
1. In Michigan, where all Catholics barely split for Kerry 50-49, white Catholics are now backing Obama 55-37. Meanwhile, white evangelicals have gone from supporting Bush 2004 76-24, to preferring McCain 58-32. No wonder McCain kissed the state goodbye.
2. White evangelicals in Dobsonland are hard core. In Colorado they went 74-26 for Bush in 2004. Now they back McCain 78-18.
3. White evangelicals in MN and WI go for McCain 65-29 and 57-38 respectively. All told, Midwestern evangelicals do seem to be softening up for the GOP.

(Originally published at Spiritual Politics)

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Who is Mark Silk and why does Christianity Today bother with him?

Several of Mark Silk's blog posts are cross-posted on CT's politics blog with permission. You can find his bio here: http://blog.christianitytoday.com/ctpolitics/2008/07/mark_silk.html

Here is the reason that Obama is ahead in most Polls. Evangelicals think in terms of color, race, bigotry think not; look at the headlines. White Evangelicals behind McCain. Sen Obama thinks, Americans, and we are in need of a non-partisan, Christian that can see all views. God bless your rationale between Christ and Christianity.