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October 2, 2008

Christian legal firm representing legislators suing to halt Troopergate

Liberty Legal Institute is representing five state legislators suing to stop the Alaska legislature's investigation into Troopergate, the Anchorage Daily News reports.

Troopergate is an investigation of whether Sarah Palin dismissed a public safety commissioner because he wouldn't fire a state trooper who went through an divorce with her sister.

Sean Cockerham writes that Liberty Legal Institute lists its guiding principles as limited government and promotion of Judeo-Christian values, but it's unclear in the article how the latter is involved in the case.


DRAMA! And wouldn't you know that Focus on the Family's right in the middle of it!
Of COURSE it's unclear how judeo-christian values could possibly guide the Liberty Legal Institute to assist in clamping down on testimony in the Palin abuse of powers investigation. First of all, why advise someone to hide if there's been no wrong-doing? And where does Jesus teach us to assume the godly power to predict the veracity of any witness -- only God knows the heart of a man -- "tainted" indeed. Finally, when Jesus chose not to cooperate with Pontius Pilate, it wasn't a clever example for us to follow -- he was saving all of humanity!!!!
The religious right is rallying in the death throes of a terminal disease -- the result of smoking too much homophobic, saber-rattling, earth raping, money grubbing, anti-constitutional, extremist forms of false Christianity. Please, someone administer a heavy dose of morphine. Please God, please put them out of their misery.

Yay, McCain's reviled "Palin Truth Squad" lost! Ed O'Callaghan can go back to New York to prosecute terrorists and the Liberty Legal Institute team can return to Texas with their far right righteousness. Alaskans have not appreciated your intrusive attempt to disrupt the balance of power within our State government. Gov. Palin, hubby Todd, and her staff need to cooperate fully with the investigator asap--no excuses! We deserved straight answers two months ago. Google "hold Palin accountable rally" held Saturday to see Alaskans demonstrate as I've never seen in our 50 years of Statehood.

If they would just stop trying to impede the investigation, maybe we'd all be in a position to know just who Sarah Palin really is. All this hiding and obfuscation makes her look weak and guilty even if she's not. The results of the investigation could exhonerate her. Why is she hiding. Truth is not afraid of light---darkness is.

I read the article in the Anchorage paper. It figures that Focus on the Family would be involved.Republican sins aren't like the sins of ordinary folks and need to be treated differently. Spite, vindictiveness, revenge, greed, pettiness and endless kowtowing to rich people are "good" sins. That's what the Religious Right has taught me.

I read the article in the Anchorage paper. It figures that Focus on the Family would be involved.Republican sins aren't like the sins of ordinary folks and need to be treated differently. Spite, vindictiveness, revenge, greed, pettiness and endless kowtowing to rich people are "good" sins. That's what the Religious Right has taught me.

Palin is only doing what is best, she thinks, for the campaign. I have more of a problem with John McCain. His family is involved in liquor distribution. Am I the only one who sees this? Cindy McCain's family business is like the 8th largest beer distributor in the US. We need to rethink where peoples values really are. I don't think McCain's values represent my values. Plus, he divorced his first wife. Does Sarah Palin actually speak in tongues or not? I would like to know.

John l4:12 "Greater works will you do than I for I go to My Father" alive and well healing such Hebrews 6:6 axis of evil "We crucify Christ afresh and put Christ to an open shame."

Christianity Today what a gift such honesty provides - such obvious Presence of our Holy Spirit - for this Charismatic this is an authentic example of sharing for the world what Speaking in Tongues is all about -
Mary Murphy, War Widow and former VA and Prison Chaplain, Marshal Okla Court Criminal Appeals

I'm at a loss. Is the Public Safety Commissioner a elected or an appointed position. If it's elected how could she fire the person in the position. All the person had to say was I'm not leaving and let the governor take it to court. If it's appointed than the appointed serves at the discretion of the governor and can be removed for whatever reason the governor wants at anytime the governor wants. It's how the game is played. If it's elected than there is no game. Does anybody know which the public safety commissioner position is, elected or appointed in the state of Alaska.

We are most happy to see someone who is willing to stand up against such evil environment caused by some in our Government. God bless you Sarah and may the Lord Jesus give you the strength necessary to accomplish the good intended as you have done in Alaska. Our country really needs you, so many here are under a spell of evil it seems to me and would stand in the way. Thank you again for trying to do the right thing for our great country!
B. & B. Campbell

Great to see Troopergate made the news ... what y'all don't know is that those 1,200 signatures were gathered at the largest political demonstration in the history of the state of Alaska. A friend sent me photos and info she got from a colleague at Columbia University, where everyone's asking how this news didn't make the news. (Of course the answer is: It's too expensive to send cameras to Anchorage. News is just a business.)

So, as one columnist has put it, while Sarah Palin is saying we "don't really know who Barack Obama is" (after 19 months on the campaign trail, a Senate term, and endless interviews in everything from Face the Nation to Men's Health), after just six weeks on the national stage we *do* know that Sarah Palin didn't oppose the Bridge to Nowhere, didn't visit our troops in Iraq, and hasn't met the foreign minister she claimed a face-to-face with. And, oh yeah, her state government flunked its ethics investigation and the people of her state are more ready to stand with picket signs against her than they've ever been to protest any cause in the state's history.

Of course, we're voting for president, not for vice president. So you do your assessment of McCain's judgment bringing in a VP of this caliber, and make your actuarial assessment of her odds becoming president, and make a sober choice when you hit the voting booth.

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