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October 29, 2008

Effigies of Sarah Palin and Barack Obama Found

Another effigy of Barack Obama was found this morning at the University of Kentucky, just a few weeks after one was found at George Fox University.

Earlier this week, an effigy of Sarah Palin with a noose around its neck that was hung at a home in West Hollywood, California as part of a Halloween display.

Update: Another effigy of Obama was reported in Southern Indiana Wednesday night.


These kinds of displays are revolting and should be prosecuted by law enforcement.

These are revolting to me also. This is not a joke. I feel it is sick.

Wow, it must have been nice when the parents of children living in the neighborhood had to explain to their kids that getting candy means that real live people are hung on Halloween. Halloween is not a political statement holiday. Kids associate Halloween with dressing up and getting candy, not politics and hanging live people that the kids know or have heard about. This couple is worse than the college people who are hanging the effigies where other adults only see it. Hang the effigy in front of their house by itself and leave the holiday and the children seeing it out of it. There are better ways to express their sick politics. I'm getting tired of these so called grownups. Write a letter to the paper, for God's sake. Oh, they probably can't write, that's why the infantile displays. And the couple in Calif. I sure hope they don't have kids, imagine what else they're teaching their children and other children around them. There goes another "fun" holiday for the kids ruined by the adults. I'm surprised they didn't put out apples with razors in the apples to go along with the hanging live people (The effigies represent people who are alive right now not dead not for real monsters of Halloween, etc.).

It's amazing that we are allowing the main media to basically be election headquarters for one party. Maybe they always have been. What can we do to demand some kind of decency on the part of the media? Sarah Palin's effigy was left up and Obama's was down within an hour of the time it was found. That is just one of so many one sided situations we are dealing with. What reason do we have to allow Acorn to be paid from our tax money to elect one candidate. A supposedly non-profit group. If you add up all the cheating and dishonesty to elect one specific candidate and see that hollywood, the media, GE, and many other powerful groups are aligned to pay that candidates way in, it looks like we are hanging the freedom and democracy of our country in effigy at the demand of what is called a democratic party. Their techniques are not according to the founding fathers. Democracy implies more than one opinion is accepted without calling someone bigot and bombing their signs and "vetting" a citizen who dares ask a question of the candidate favored by uninformed people.We need to be concerned about the 50 million babies we have killed in our country and the fact that mothers vote for candidates so they can continue the killing. How can we justify killing 50 million babies and spend millions on special toys and trinkets for our pets? What is happening to us as a country? Are we going to blame God when our social security fails because we have killed the babies that would have supported it?

Both are quite disgraceful and should be investigated by the Secret Service as possible threats to the candidates. It's one thing to mercilessly ridicule a candidate, but it's another thing to make threats against them, and these are threats of violence, given America's not all that distant history of racist and vigilante violence.

If the people responsible somehow don't know they made violent threats, they should find out the hard way.