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October 29, 2008

Evangelicals by Swing States

A new poll shows that fewer Hoosier evangelicals plan to vote for John McCain than in other swing states.

Indiana: 57 (McCain) 33 (Obama) percent
Florida: 72-21
Ohio: 61-33
Pennsylvania: 62-31

Update: Mark Silk has a helpful explanation of why Hoosier evangelicals are significant (besides the fact that Indiana is my home state).

In this usually dependable red state, it is not good news for McCain that evangelicals are supporting him by less than 2-1 (57-33). In 2004, they backed Bush 77-22. Bush won Indiana by 21 points, 60-39. Evangelicals constitute 35 percent of the Hoosier vote, so their 31-point shift toward Obama represents about half the total shift in the partisan breakdown from 2004 to now. In other words, evangelicals in Indiana seem to be shifting disproportionately toward Obama. For a core (as opposed to a swing) constituency, that's big news indeed.


I am an Independent and I had a chance to view both rallies and this is the "Spirit" I saw.

GOP rally.
1. Division
2. Lies
3. False Accusations
4. Hatred
5. One dominant race

Democratic rally.
1. Laughter
2. Unity
3. Excitement
4. White, Black, Asian, Latino
5. The Future

And you tell me that the GOP is the Spirit of God. I think not. I voted Republican in the last 4elections and look where it has gotten us. Even from a world standard they cannot stand our nation...Barack is not perfect, but, he has the right Spirit to be used by God....I am a Christian and I am proud to be voting for Barack Obama.

You are making some very strong accusations yet are providing nothing but generalizations...no facts, anecdotes, etc... Have you forgotten 'the least' and the protection that Obama chooses not to provide for them...isn't an unborn child's life worth a mention by you? And can you tell me how many times we have been attacked on U.S. soil since 9/11? ZERO.

And just where has the GOP "gotten us"?

I think you've become the victim of an Obama media "blitz"...

The above comments by James are sad and mistaken.
I cannot remember a time when someone who has claimed to be Christian, who claims to be a person of principle has changed their associations, their perspectives, and stories so many times in such an opportunistic way (to please the media and diffuse any issues, flip/flop and take BOTH positions on many issues and nobody will know where you really stand, right?)

Jesus said he came to bring the sword of the Spirit. This sword divides the light from the darkness and convicts of sin and unrighteousness. In Barack's all encompassing vision of "unity", he has voted to deny life and legal protection to children who are born alive after an attempted abortion! What type of Godliness or love of Jesus or work of the Spirit results in such an radical view? Is this the type of unity to which you ascribe -- unity in a moral abyss?

C'mon James, get a grip, this is not the Spirit of God at work, but of Abaddon (???????), "destruction" - that which comes to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ takes innocent lives without regard for truth and denies hope to the innocent life that God gave in the womb. Barack's perspective on life is certainly not of Christ nor of the Spirit, but of the cast down ruler of this world!

James, remember we fight against principalities and powers of the air. Plus, we as Christians don't vote for a person who has publicly made fun of the WORD OF GOD the whole basis of our beliefs. Doesn't make sense that God would want us to murder his creations, so what about Obama's plan abolish all laws that protect the unborn. You are deceived. That would be the "SPIRIT" you should SEE working with Obama.

"if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land." 2Chronicles 7:14
This takes Christians not Anti-christs, ask God for His wisdom and take to heart this scripture from HIS word. Remember
prophecies from the Bible have come true with more coming...

As an agnostic, I find it offensive when people want THEIR faith to become law. Personally, I find the Bible offensive. There is so much blatant sexism and violence in the text it's hard for me to really find anything about it relevant to my life or worthwhile. As a feminist, I would not want to expose my children, especially daughters to Christianity, outside of an academic context, because of the complete lack of positive role models for women. I also feel that God should be gender neutral - not male, or female. For these reasons, I hope specific religious beliefs are waning - and people accept more global beliefs such as unitarian universalism. I respect a person's right to worship Christianity, but expect people to respect my agnosticism and values.