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October 29, 2008

Brit Hume Leaving Fox

Fox News anchor Brit Hume is leaving the cable news network after 12 years, saying "Christ is a big piece of it."

"Family is a big piece of it," he told Matea Gold of the Los Angeles Times. "And Christ is a big piece of it. And golf is a big piece of it."

As he prepares to anchor his last presidential campaign, Hume said he's eager to immerse himself in a more spiritual life after dwelling for so long in the secular. The anchor described himself as a "nominal Christian" until 10 years ago, when his son Sandy committed suicide at age 28.

"I feel like I was really kind of saved when my son died by faith and by the grace of God, and that's very much on my consciousness," said Hume, who plans to get more involved in his wife's Bible study group.


As one who watches Fox news religiously, Brit Hume's departure from Fox comes as a shock. I have always liked Brit Hume's approach to the news, and learning about his Christian faith explains it. He definitely had a demeanor that was unique, inviting, and respectable. It thrills my heart to learn that he desires to focus more on growing in his faith. I wish him the greatest success in his pursuit of God and Christ.

I am happy and excited for you, Brit Hume.Outside FOX you will appreciate the hypocrisy it stands for and how "fox like the little foxes that spoil the vine have pitched one group against another", I am really happy for you. Now you can say "for me to live is Christ, to die is gain".

After spending 7 years in the news business I have become skeptical of ALL news, Fox included. Honestly, it is a paradox to me that FoxNews is known as the most "family-friendly", yet their entertainment network is one of the raunchiest. I have come to grow tired of the usual yelling back and forth type talk programs that are prominent on all the networks... But...

Brit Hume was always a favorite of mine. If I wanted to watch some serious debate and discussion I could always count on him.

This explanation makes perfect sense. I completely understand how the news business wears people out. So I am happy for him that he is going to take time to focus more on his faith.

I simply hope someone of solid faith can fill his shoes, and they are big ones to fill.

Bret Hume was a blessing in disguise. His no nonsense approach to delivering the news has been greatly appreciated. Unlike Olberman and Matthews ricdiculous ranting Hume is informative and always had his facts correct. He will be missed.

Wow, who will take his place ... I always felt he was a Christian, but never knew specifically. Ted

Brit Hume is going to be missed. Like Tony Snow, he is a hard man to replace.
His is the only show I really like. I am pleased and not surprised to learn he is a Christian.
The young man who fills in for him will do a good job though.
He's making the right choice and I admire him all the more for it.

I too am saddened to hear that Brit Hume is leaving! I certainly hope Fox will replace him with someone with the religious views that made him more trust worthy. Television certainly needs more men like him. This country is in serious need of repentance, may God grant it before it is too late.

He will be missed! I wish there were more like him in the "mainstream". It's a shame that the "other" networks are so liberally slanted. Best wishes to a brother in Christ!

I agree with those who have sensed something special about Mr. Hume.
He has always been a favorite of mine and I have felt drawn to his "fair and balanced" approach to reporting. His calmness and seeming good spirit influenced me to believe that he probably has a faith that is central in his life. He definitely will be missed by many; as was mentioned, just like Tony Snow. These are men of integrity.

The bright spot in my day was the Fox News Show anchored by Mr. Hume. His calm demeanor, occasional wit, incisive questions always held my interest. He presented the news in a balanced fashion, yet exposed fallacies of reporting errors. He never seemed to present himself as the "authority". Most of all, his repartee with the panel of contributors, was always thought provoking. He will be missed.

Brit Hume! Say it ain't so!!! First we lost Tony Snow
to President Bush, which was far more beneficial to Bush
than to Tony Show. Bush at last had someone who could
address the issues on par with the pundits. Bush made 2
prior mistakes in selecting a White House Spokesman. Not
until Snow was this position in keeping with the quality
we expected from Pres. Bush.

Now we are losing Brit Hume - to spend more time with his
family? Or to spend more time with Christ? Is it not
possible for him to continue in his present position and
give God more glory through it? Few dedicated Christians
attain the position Brit has in which he is able to speak
up for the better things.

Hume will be sorely missed. Who will or wants to replace him? I can see how one could become weary at this type of job. We must pray that a Christian will fill called to fill his position. There are so many non-Christians in the news media. Thank goodness for Hasselbeck on the View. I only see the highlights which are shown on Fox News. The others on that show have lost their minds. God bless people like Brit Hume.

God bless you Brit; I'm sure the Lord will use you wherever you go. You will be missed; spirt to spirt, your views were always well respected. Your Sister in Christ

Hume regularly refers to Christ as a way to validate hateful and violent acts. He will not be missed for his false appeal to God in order to promote capitalistic militaristic beliefs.

I am very sad to learn that Brit is leaving FoxNews. I depended on him to tell the truth to listeners of Fox. I wish you well in your quest and I know that God will be with you all the way. We will continue to pray for you and our nation. Thanks for your time with all of us.

Brit's sense of humor and his fair reporting will be missed by the public he has served so well over the years. He was always fair and respectful to the people he interviewed, whatever that view.

I am sure we will hear from him again from a different phase of his life and personally I look forward to input from him.

While I'm not a particular fan of FoxNews, I always liked the timbre of Brit's voice and his demeanor. I just learned tonight that he's leaving and about losing his son. I cannot even imagine what that must be like. I wish you and your family God speed Brit, you will be missed.

I just heard Brit Hume's departure during the Presidential Election coverage on Fox News. I have never been so shocked, saddened and disappointed with an anchorman leaving his chair. I've watched and recorded "Special Report with Brit Hume" every single day for years. I will not rush home for the 6-7 news hour like I have the last few years, as his fairness, assessments and humor cannot be replaced, even by the other talented people at Fox. Brit even got my husband interested in the news (we're in our very early 30s). I cannot argue with Brit, though, as faith and family are way more important and way more eternal than the ever-passing news story that's front page one day and nonexistent the next. He will be missed dearly.

It broke my heart when we lost Tony Snow - now, to lose Brit Hume, is devastating....their demeanor was always Christian....the loss is ours....God bless him and I wish only the very best for him and his family. He deserves to have time to be fed by the Word and heal a tired soul.

Thank you, Brit, for being the Christian gentleman you are - you are the role model for how a news anchor SHOULD be. We knew we could trust what you told us and, today, that is rare.

God bless.

I'm sad to hear about Brit Hume's departure from Fox, but I am happy for him. He has been a bright light on Fox. He will be missed.

Godspeed Brit, you are the classiest anchor on Tv, and we'll miss you

I am so saddened to learn tonight that Brit is leaving Fox news. He is without any doubt the most well informed, calm, trustworthy and balanced news anchor. He will be sorely missed. I was more saddened to learn about his son. My heart and prayers are with him and his family. My God bless you and keep you in his care Brit.

God bless you for having the courage to follow Christ's teachings and be a beacon of light for those of us that need it. It is by example that we light the way. And you are exactly that, which is tough to do in todays world. Godspeed.

We're really saddened to hear of Brit's departure!
We always loved his pompous, professorial looking down at you while staring, over his half glasses at you while at the same time he had that slight grin as if he were laughing at himself.
We personally despise arrogance in anybody, and this man doesn't have an arrogant bone in his body.
Is he intelligent, is he the owner of an extreme
intellect does he deliver with a mature force with a
voice that is deep enough to command respect, not some, baby boy whose voice hasn't cracked , the answer to all of these is an absolute yes!
Though we will miss him, he is intelligent enough to spend his twilight years as a Christian, in prayer,contemplation, study and being at peace with himself,Jesus and his wife and the world around him!
May Jesus Bless both him and his wife.
Rich and Carol wolf

Brother you will be GREATLY missed! It is always such a pleasure to see someone that is not full of himself. You are a true gentleman and also alot of fun. Your laugh is contagious. i have enjoyed you,
so very much!

Those grandkiddos sure deserve to have Grampy around more and you deserve the time with them. It is a blessing to know that you want to strenghten your walk with Christ. I always had a feeling that you where special and now I am sure.

Blessings to you, Brit (a brother in Christ) you surely will be missed and Fox will have a hard time to find a man of your quality!

God Bless you and your family,

Not much to add to what has already been said, except "do-do"! I cannot imagine having news stories break and no longer being able to calm my soul with the thought that, "well, Brit will put it into perspective for me" AND KNOWING THAT WILL NO LONGER BE THE CASE!
Well, I love you Brit and I truly do pray God's absolute best for you! My whole family sends their prayers and thanks for your dedication all these years. Truly you will be sorely missed.

I had no idea that Brit Hume was leaving Fox News. I also did not know that his son had committed suicide. I have always liked Brit and his reporting and will miss him, but more importantly, I am very sad for his loss. With his deep sence of faith I know he and his family will be well. I admire him for searching out what life is all about and I wish him all God's Best.

Always liked Brit Hume.I enjoyed hearing him say he is going to concentrate on Bible study{that is something we all need to do as Christians} I would like to introduce him to am excellent Bible teacher whose material is free he has been my Pastor for 33 years,and has many hours recorded.

Family, friends and neighbors have known for years to NEVER call me from 6 - 7 PM.........because I'm watching Brit Hume! When I got my kitten 8 years ago she fast learned what "Brit Hume time" was....and would plant herself in front of the TV and watch.....mesmerized by Mr Hume! We will both miss him and wish him the best.

I have always loved Brit Hume. I will miss his great common sense voice on FOX. To help in his Christian growth, I hope he will be able to read the writings of two great Christian writers: G. K. CHESTERTON AND JOHN HENRY NEWMAN.


Irreplaceible, nothing more needs to be said

I'm so sad for myself. But pleased for Brit. He is the best--both in intellect and in character. I always knew you were telling it like it is and you earned my confidence over these years. I missed Tony Snow and now I will miss you. Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing.

Without a doubt, you have prayed and thought about this and it is the right thing for you to do. Your followers will never forget you.

Jim & Mary Ryan--God bless you. Immanuel: God with us.
Merry CHRISTmas!

I will miss Brit Hume too. He was a man that had a calm demeanor when he delivered the news. I thought that he was a Christian, but didn't know it until recently. I thoroughly enjoyed his coverage of the 2008 Presidential election. He was a true man of God, a man of character. I wish there were more news anchors like him. God blees you and your family, Brit. You will be in our prayers.

I was saddened to hear that Brit Hume will be leaving the Fox News "Special Report". Brit was my escape from the main street media. What a great person and fair and balanced news commentator. We shall look forward to seeing him on his special "visits" at Fox News. I will still turn in to Special Report, hopefully the excellent standard of Mr. Hume will be carried on. Best wishes to you Mr. Hume and your new endeavors.

man do i agree with Fonzie !!!

FOX IS GREAT IN t enews area but hey are ugly in the entertainment business. I lile Oreilly, but i get tired of his yelling at people. he may be right on the moeny, but man he treats people with no respect. here is a good saying for Bill " first understand and then be understood... i like his tough mindset, but hearign your opponents side first is important.

It was always like a breath of fresh air to hear Brit Hume's report. His report were always fair and balanced. He is missed from Fox News. Others can be very good, but not as good as Mr. Hume. I am glad that he is devoting his time to learning more about Christ. God bless you, Brit.

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On Sunday 1/03/2010, Bret Hume made some very true coments and advice about Tiger Woods looking for forgivness and redemption found only in the Christian faith. I'm sure he will receive some very crytical and harsh responces for this, but his Lord and Savior Jesus christ is pleased with him this morning. I have prayed for Tiger Woods Salvation for years and I hope Tiger takes Brits advice.

I listened to Brit Hume on the O'reilly Factor tonight. I have never heard a better witness for Christ on Television...ever. It is my prayer that Tiger was listening or someone will bring it to his attention. I believe that when God's Word goes out it does not return void. Thank you Brit for your testimony and best wishes in all your endeavors.

God bless you, Brit Hume.

Thank you, Brit Hume, for your clear witness of what Jesus Christ can do in a person's life with "forgivenss and redemption," including for Tiger Woods and the rest of us. My husband and I watched both the Chris Wallace and Bill O'Reilly show. Thanks to Bill O'Reilly for bringing out good answers with his questions. Of course, there will be strong reactions, either for or against, when Jesus Christ is mentioned. Even predicted in the Bible.

Essentially- if one wants to be a good/better person, they must turn to Christianity is the message, no? How overtly narrow minded! You make all Christians look bad when you support such an attitude.
And dare I utter the words... it really IS possible to be a good person even if not Christian.
Not so pompous...

In this troubled world it is good that we have someone as strong as Mr. Hume to stand up for Christ.It has restored my faith in America. God bless you and your family M. Hume and please keep up the good work-we will all miss you.

God bless you and your family. We will miss you. As a parent that lost a son, I can understand how that can bring you closer to the Lord. Keep up the good work

Doesn't Brit have/had a twin brother?

Paul Lee

Blessings to you britt and your family...WE have been long time veiwers of fox news and have always appreciated your unique style of reporting the news...we will miss you people of your character are to come by these days.....

Chills ran through my body when I heard your reference to Tiger Woods. Unless, you are watching one of the religious stations, you rarely hear the name of Jesus mentioned. Oh, that more would follow in your footsteps. God Bless

Brit, may the good Lord bless you on your spiritual journey. You remind me of my sister's life experience. Eight years ago, she was arrogant, anti-social, and stopped going to church altogether. Her source of pride was her only daughter whom she was grooming to attend Columbia University to pursue a law degree. Unfortunately, she got into an accident and died at age 20. I thought my sister would be cursing at God for what happened. Instead, it only brought her closer to Him. She realizes now that God loves her so much that He didn't want her to fall along the wayside, and that He needed to do something to call her attention. My sister now leads a family-based "Families for Christ" Bible-study group which she started with our nieces and other family members. Kudos to you Brit, you got your priorities straight, and may the Holy Spirit guide you every step of the way.
In Christ,
Bob & Aileen Barretto


You were not ashamed to speak the truth. Christ is the only way, the truth and the light. Thank you for not being ashamed.


May God bless you as you seek to serve Him more. We do not have cable, but I watch FOX at my parents or at our local bank (their TV is usually turned to FOX.) When I heard about your Tiger Woods' comments I was greatly encouraged! Thank you so much for speaking what millions of us wish we could say and have your audience. Thank you for your courage and unashamed grit!! Enjoy retirement, enjoy your grandchildren, and enjoy your faith. May God continue to use you mightily for the furtherance of His kingdom.

I liked Mr. Hume's style but religion is a personal choice and shouldn't be foisted on anyone else (eg, Tiger Woods). Keep it to yourself, Brit. There are much older religions in the world that have apparently served people quite well. As for the evidence to back any of them up (or really the lack thereof), secular humanism and reason are mankind's best hope for the future.

It is strange how you feel a kinship with someone and then find he is a brother is Christ.
I really hate for someone who is not ashamed to bring his faith in Christ to leave a position where he can bring such glory to our God.
You, Brit were so right about Tiger. I started praying for Tiger when the first picture of his accident was shown. Ii'll continue to pray for you and for Tiger.

God Bless you Brit. I will truly miss you and wish you and your family the very best that God has to offer you. I always knew you were a man of God and admired you more than any other newsman.

God Bless you Brit. You will be truly missed by so many. I respected and admired you more than any other news commentator and felt your views as my own. May God bring peace and love to you and your family. Congratulations on your retirement.

You will be missed.

Jan Fry-Martinez

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