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October 7, 2008

Huck, Culture Warrior

Remember back to the Republican primaries, when Mike Huckabee campaigned as a new kind of evangelical candidate, adding issues like the environment, education, and poverty to the hot-button agenda of God, guns, and gays?

That big-tent Huck seems to be in much shorter supply now. An email the Arkansas governor just sent out soliciting donations for his political action committee--whose beneficiaries include John McCain and Sarah Palin--asks fors $5 for each of these five red meat issues:

1. Protection of Human Life 2. Traditional Marriage 3. Tax policy that doesn't punish people for working, but rewards them 4. 2nd amendment rights 5. Supreme Court and Federal Court judge selection

Is this more evidence that the "new kind of evangelical voter" story has been overplayed? Or just that Huck is changing his tune a bit?

(Originally posted at Beliefnet's God-o-Meter)


Since he dropped out of the Republican Primaries and joined Fox News Mike Huckabee has become a hapless characterization of the out-of-touch, back woods baptist that he really is. His TV show on Fox is a disgrace. He waxes on about things about which he is completely clueless without the slightest notion that he has no idea what he is talking about. I'd say it was said, but in hindsight his long trajectory down should seems so very predictable.

My guess is Huck is using these staples of the conservative Republican diet because they are traditionally more effective fund-raising tools. Maybe the "new kind of evangelical voter" has shallow pockets, or perhaps he is not intrinsically turned off by political giving and instead devotes resources to more direct humanitarian causes. Whatever the case, this letter seems aimed at a crowd whose place in the pew is well-worn.

Regardless of the reasoning, it does take some gusto out of Huckabee's "breath-of-fresh-air" appeal.

Wow! When I sent a $50 contribution in response to Huckabee's most recent email I had no idea that wanting fewer defenseless babies killed before they see the light of day, believing that God intended marriage to be between one man and one woman, preferring tax policies that encourage hard work and enterprise and wanting Supreme Court judges who will interpret the constitution rather than rewrite it made me a pew sitting, out of touch, back woods Baptist. Gee, maybe I should contact Huckabee and ask for my money back. Nah, I think I'll send him a $100 this time!

Dear Bill - - by all means send Mr. Huckabee that extra $100. There is a say, perhaps you (despite the fact that you are a back woods baptist out of touch with the real world pew sitting neo-fundamentalist (by you own admission and description) have hear it, a fool and his money soon part. Good luck with that!

No wonder our Protestant pews are being vacated. After reading most of the mean spirited comments above I cannot imagine sharing fellowship with such judgmental and critical spirits. These writers, I feel, love the Lord but you'd never know it from their shared opinions. Remember,without love my friends it's just a "clanging bell."

GO HUCK GO! By reading some of the comments above, you know you are on the right track. Jesus was "set up" by the supposed religious of his day. If he was walking around right now, he would more likely be sending you some $ rather than poking fun at you. You display backbone not to compromise in the face of ridicule. Too bad you aren't going to be on the ballot because America is "character poor" and "mealy mouth rich". God still has his 7,000 that haven't bowed their knees to Baal. They are the ones you will hear from --- complete with their $50 or hopefully their $100's.

While I agree 100% with Gov. Huckabee's ideas about abortion, marriage, flat-tax, etc. I must admit that he is also a good example of what is lacking in Conservatism (or is it the GOP) these days: intellectual depth. Huck was somewhat stumped by Bill Maher (yes, that "brilliant" celebrity). Any church little old lady worth her salt would have responded with something a lot more coherent and convincing than "we walk by faith". Oh! Do I miss Firing Line... W. F. Buckley, please, please come back!!!