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October 30, 2008

Jim Wallis Demands Apology from James Dobson

Jim Wallis called for an apology from Focus on the Family founder James Dobson for the fictitious letter posted on Citizenlink.com.

Focus on the Family Action, the political arm of Focus on the Family, posted a letter that pretended to look back on an Obama administration. The writer suggested that certain events had happened, including terrorist attacks on four cities.

Jim Wallis responds:

"In a time of utter political incivility, it shows the kind of negative Christian leadership that has become so embarrassing to so many of your fellow Christians in America," he writes. "Such outrageous predictions not only damage your credibility, they slander Barack Obama who, you should remember, is a brother in Christ, and they insult any Christian who might choose to vote for him."

And Wallis isn't the only one upset. There's also a satire piece. The Matthew 25 Network calls it "blatant fearmongering," and more than 2,000 people have joined a Facebook group called "A Christian Bipartisan Rejection of Focus on the Family’s Letter from 2012."

"As you can see, Focus on the Family Action has abandoned reasonable appeals and resorted to shameless tactics of fear mongering. They have abandoned the belief that voters can make informed decisions and have instead appealed to fear as their fundamental motivator.

"As Christians, we stand appalled and ashamed at such tasteless demagoguery. We believe that civil, educated, and compassionate dialogue should and can occur with the active engagement of our faith, but believe that Focus on the Family Action has, in this letter, stepped far outside of reasonable boundaries into pure sensationalism. We believe that such thoughtless expressions coming from an organization that purports to represent Evangelicals continues to mar our legitimacy and voice in the public arena, and damages our basic Christian witness."

The list of things proposed in the letter includes:
-Terrorist attacks on four cities
-Israel is hit by a nuclear bomb
-Euthanasia becomes commonplace
-The Supreme Court becomes liberal
-Churches lose their tax exempt status for not allowing gay marriages
-Pornography openly displayed
-Gun ownership restricted and inner-city crime rises,
-Home schooling becomes restricted and families move to Australia and New Zealand
-Conservative talk shows shut down
-Christian publishers forced out of business
-Power blackouts because of environmental restrictions
-Boy Scouts shut down
-Russia occupies four countries
-Bush officials jailed or bankrupt

Focus on the Family Action defended its letter yesterday after a CNN reporter described the organization as "religious extremists."

Gary Schneeberger, vice president of media and public relations at Focus Action, has worked in the media for 25 years. He said Feyerick's report "definitely signals a new level of marginalization by the mainstream media of groups like us that stand for biblical truth."

"We can’t control what the media want to call us," he said. "All we can do is continue to stand for the truth. The Bible makes it clear that when you stand for Jesus and His righteousness, those kinds of things will come."


So...when is CT going to weigh in and condemn the letter?
It seems you're ok with editorials that soften criticism of Sarah Palin?

This is absolutely incredible. It seems to me like Christians believe that Jesus will be "less than Jesus" if their particular candidate is elected. I've got news for you all - God changes not! Maybe people have short memories. Try studying up on a little first century culture. It should be eye opening.

This is what I got back from them when I complained.

Thanks for your e-mail, Adam. It was good of you to offer your candid reaction to Focus on the Family Action’s “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America.”

We’ve heard from many people who found this resource helpful; some, like you, have disagreed with our approach. While critics of this document accuse us of engaging in “sensationalist fiction,” it’s vital to underscore that we are not claiming to make definitive predictions on what a Barack Obama presidency would produce. However, as the “Letter from 2012” makes evident, every scenario outlined in this piece is plausible based on recent documented events, court rulings, the Democratic Party’s stated agenda, and Senator Obama’s voting record and campaign promises. We invite you to re-read the introduction of the letter [http://focusfamaction.edgeboss.net/download/focusfamaction/pdfs/10-22-08_2012letter.pdf] which clearly states that we are neither employing unfounded “fear tactics” nor speaking out with mean-spirited intent. On the contrary, we’ve posted a reasonable projection of what *could* occur with a Senator Obama presidency and a Democratic-controlled Congress. Of course, we hope and pray that none of the possible outcomes described in “Letter from 2012” come to pass.

It might be beneficial to provide some additional background on our mission to help you better understand our reasons for engaging in the public policy realm. We have no interest in partisan politics; rather, we care deeply about the sanctity of human life, the value of marriage, and the preservation of religious freedom. Dr. Dobson has espoused these crucial issues since he launched Focus on the Family in 1977 and has always encouraged people to consider them at the ballot box. Despite what pro-Obama action groups may say, we contend that Senator Obama’s record *significantly* differs from the pro-life and pro-family policies that many Christians hold dear. Some may label this “fearmongering” -- we call it a sobering, rational assessment based on actual events documented in the letter.

It might be helpful for you to read a concise summary of four key points that motivate us in our actions:

1) Senator Barack Obama’s record is well outside the mainstream. For example, he was rated the most liberal United States senator by the _National Journal_ in 2007 [http://nj.nationaljournal.com/voteratings/].

2) A Democratic president, House and Senate has significant implications for pro-family policies. _The Wall Street Journal_ has stated that this election will usher in “one of the most profound political and ideological shifts in U.S. history” if the Democrats control the White House and possess congressional majorities, including a filibuster-proof Senate [http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122420205889842989.html]. This type of unchecked power, not seen since 1965, demands that voters critically examine the policies advocated by the Democratic Party.

3) Senator Obama’s commitment to causes championed by extreme liberal groups such as Planned Parenthood Action Fund and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), both of which have endorsed him, are a source of great concern. Earlier this year, Senator Obama pledged that if elected president, he would advocate for and sign the “Freedom of Choice Act,” which would repeal virtually every federal and state law regulating or limiting abortion -- including parental involvement laws for teenagers, late-term abortion bans, and limits on public funding of abortion. He has also indicated that he will make it a priority to repeal the “Defense of Marriage Act,” which allows states to restrict marriage to one man and one woman. In addition, he backs other HRC-supported initiatives including the passage of “hate crimes” legislation and the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” [http://washingtonblade.com/thelatest/thelatest.cfm?blog_id=20935]. Similar legislation has penalized Christians who hold a biblical view of sexuality.

4) Senator Obama’s stated appreciation of United States Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, and David Souter -- along with his votes against the nominations of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito -- indicate he would appoint judges with a judicial philosophy detrimental to pro-family causes.

Again, thanks for writing. We hope this response has helped clarify our perspective and explained why we feel it’s necessary to take a sober look at the troubling elements of Senator Obama’s candidacy. Grace and peace to you.

Tessa Camp
Focus on the Family Action

As an evangelical Christian and past supporter of Focus on the Family, I was dismayed to see this type of material being generated and circulated by FOF. Please, can't we maintain our integrity and graciousness in the midst of a political campaign. I have been appalled by the things that have been forwarded to me by my "Born Again" friends.

Jim Wallace should apologize to the millions of babies that will die thanks to Obama's radical pro abortion views. I think evangelicalsim should follow Catholicism and start excommunicating leaders tha back pro abortion candidates. Other issues can be disagreed upon by faithful Christians. Refusal to grant human rights to a huge segment of our population should be disqualifying. Jim Wallace is the true disgrace.

Oh Jim Dobson will you ever win?

Refusal to grant human rights to a huge segment of our population should be disqualifying.

So I take it you've donated to No on Prop 8? The right to marry is a fundamental right; by your own logic, support for Prop 8, which would rescind that right from LGBT citizens, is disqualifying.

First of all, I'd like to respond to Tessa Camp's comments. How dare you use these comments as saying that the Bible says that you would be persecuted, ect.Focus on The Family are not the ones being persecuted! Barak Obama is by F.o.F! What you people can't exaggerate, you simply make up. This letter from 2012 is certainly a fear-intended political move and for you to deny it is either

Only a generation ago, if someone had penned a letter from 2008 predicting things like gay marriage, partial birth abortion, live birth abortion, pastors in Canada facing legal action for reading Romans 1, illegal immigrants collecting medical benefits and voting in elections, a presidential candidate with documentable ties to a college professor who describes himself as a communist and one planted bombs on US soil, folks might think such a letter would have been alarmist fear-mongering. Yet every one of those unthinkables is now a reality. I don't think the Focus letter from 2012 is all that far-fetched. The world is changing at lightning speed and unfortunately folks like Jim Wallis are unwittingly helping move things in a decidedly left leaning direction.

Will S,

I wouldn't go so far as to "excommunicate" anyone, but I do agree that we should not give up the fight for pro-life causes. However, this letter goes way beyond that. It predicts:

-Terrorist attacks on four cities
-Israel is hit by a nuclear bomb
-Gun ownership restricted and inner-city crime rises
-Power blackouts because of environmental restrictions
-Bush officials jailed or bankrupt

How are these things relevant to FOF's state "non-partisan" pro-life, pro-family position?


How did the man who helped bring us Adventures in Odyssey turn in to such a shameless Machiavellian? I really hope James Dobson has to apologize to Barack Obama for these attacks when they meet in heaven.

I definitely believe that Focus on the Family is handling this very well, despite the many who disagree with the letter. I especially like the response sent to Adam S. I believe Ms. Camp showed that they were well-prepared and likely have been able to get much practice answering questions such as these.

Focus on the Family is here "prophesying" events that will take place in the year 2012. Well, let's wait and see. Now, I don't know the future (having had no special revelations on this matter), but just in case, I think that I will get a large pile of stones ready to throw at them - just in case this is a false prophecy.

I agree with Dr. Dobson. I will not vote for anyone that gives so little tocharity yet expects government to take care of everything.

I am glad that fellow brothers and sisters in the LORD are speaking out against that distasteful letter from focus on the family. I fear that if the world persecutes us b, it would not be because we are disciples of the LORD but because the world has been misled by Dobson and others to misrepresent the virtues of Christ to the world and mislead the secular world that we share in Dobson's hypocritical assertions.

FotF should have just issued Ms. Camp's statement above rather than the absurd "letter". How is predicting a sudden rise in crime b/c of gun control laws in any way related to "pro-family," "pro-marriage" or sanctity of life issues? there is ZERO data to suggest that gun control laws increase gun deaths. In face, quite the opposite. The letter is highly inflammatory in its rhetoric against homosexuals (gay men in tents with young boys? Terrible! Because we know all gay men are child molesters. Except that actually most child molesters are heterosexual.) Jim Wallis is also pro-life, but as the Matthew 25 network points out, anti-abortion laws do not end abortion. There can be real disagreement about how to decrease abortion among people without resorting to this sort of sensationalism. Mr. Dobson has permanently tarnished his reputation with this one.

Anything that Jim Wallis disagrees with or is upset about is allright by me. He is so far off the charts that that even his Clinton bumper sticker is starting to fade!

Mr Wallis, Ms. Pulliam, Mr. Burns, Mr. Julich, and Adam S,

In Matthew 3:12, John the Baptist metaphorically describes Christ as holding a winnowing fork in His hand which He will use to clear the metaphorical threshing floor. I'd respectfully urge you to study the context of this passage and then engage in some honest introspection as to where you will fit in to the equation in its future application. Dobson is a gentle and kind man who defends the innocent and helps the needy. You are, from what I've read here, are vicious.

The current Focus 'literature' is a perfect example of the use of religion to divide. The taking of one hot button issue and using it to manipulate people by evoking an emotional reaction leads me to conclude at best they are weak minded, and at worst they believe the public is weak minded. As a nation we must necessarily act rather than react. Mischaracterization is a lie. If a statement is made with intent to deceive it is a lie. I am disappointed in Dr. James Dobson and will no longer financially support Focus on the Family. I will however, continue to pray for both.

I am disappointed that Focus on the Family published this letter. However, I think most of the things mentioned in the letter could reasonably happen - no matter who becomes president! That is just the direction the world is moving. But, boy, does it take a lot of nerve for Jim Wallace to criticize Jim Dobson. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! I'd like an apology from Jim Wallis. My disagreement with Dr. Dobson is simply that I don't think it is a good idea to speculate like this.

Wow, I wonder how many of you would say these things to the face of the other? The discourse here isn't becoming of the body of Christ.

Jesus talks about helping the poor, totally gives up politics, and his first commandment is to love. How is this letter in line with any of that? It's not. It's just a person using Jesus to achieve his personal goals. Only a lunatic would think that letter to be plausible. And only a non believer would think this one election would somehow change the world, or even God. We should pray that he seeks forgiveness. This letter is sin.

The fictitious letter from FoF as imaginative is as it may be

Jimmy, the "right to marry" is not a fundamental right. Marriage is not even a right. Its a choice! Throughout history there are millions of people who have chosen not to marry and live single lives. In our nation and in the Christian tradition marriage has been defined as a sacred union between a man and woman. Our constitution protects this union and has allowed a married couple to receive benefits that would enhance this union and make family life and the care of citizen children bearable and productive. Thus the only right to marry according to our Constitution, "voted" on by the first American citizens is to enter into sacramental union with one member of the opposite sex, recognized by the church or the state. So please there is no such "right to marry". Its as fictional as the right to marry my dog or cat or 5 monkeys or 10 human beings. The government need not recognize all these fictional marriages and grant it any benefits. Now talk about food, clothing, shelter....these are basic human rights, secured by our Constitution!

I'm ready for Focus on the Family to start supporting other other issues of importance in our society in addition to pro-life. Do you realize that more children under the age of 5 die every day in this country from malnutrition, disease, starvation and other related health conditions, than from abortion? Shouldn't pro-life support not only the unborn but the ones virtually abandoned at birth by FOF and the right wing one-issue agenda? And by the way, that issue was adopted by Karl Rove and company in order to win the election in 2000 by soliciting the evangelical vote. Well done by Rove and now hurting our entire country and world through their greedy and self-centered politics.

Those of you who are so holy to say you are pro-life - really? Are you just pro-life before birth? What about after birth? Just in case you don't realize that pro-life encompasses all of life - just wanted to remind you of that. And what exactly does "right to life" mean for you? The right to be ONLY Christian? The right to be the ONLY ones that hold the truth? Freedom only to live by man-made dogma interpretation of "God's" laws? Do you take care of these babies after they are born? Their families? Are you there their whole lives, since you feel you have the final say in their "births", to cover the bills, the family crises that emerge throughout their lives? If their families are poor - do you make sure they have food on the table, clothes on their back, health insurance, educational opportunities? I don't want abortion. Abortion is not a good thing. The key is doing things to prevent abortion. Now the child that you demanded be born? What if they grow up and murder someone - do you now demand their death penalty?

Really, what do you want? Do you want a theocratic government of America based solely on the Bible as the Taliban demands that their government be radical Islamical ideas? Is that what you want? Do you believe you have the right to take away what God, the Creator of all people and cultures everywhere gave to each life born as their right-to-life - to choose - to have freewill and be responsible for their choices?

You are all doing a great job of making people run from Christianity as far as they can possibly get.

I enjoyed the earlier commentfrom the person who suggested that the "evangelical church" should "excommunicate" leaders if they hole a pro-choice stance.

Fine. You start the Evangelical Denomination, and excommunicate as many people as you want. You know there isn't an evangelical governing body, right?

Help for anyone reading these comments:

Ignore the ones with numerous spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Those, coincidentally, will be ones supporting James Dobson on his new quest to destroy the image of Christ to everyone else in the country, and to put his own political feelings above Biblical truth.

CT needs to come out and condemn this letter as well. No matter which candidate you support, these hateful scare-tactics do not belong in any Christian organization. You must speak out against this!

It is absurd that Christians have been so enamored of
Barak Obama. This letter was well within the realm of free spea
speech and the right to free speech should be supported.
Most of those condemning the letter are obvious Obama
supporters and should look to themselves. Abortion is
an issue not Christian should ignore. Yes, Jim Wallis,you
should be the one to say that you are sorry to the unborn a
and the born alive that an Obama presidency will allow to die
die. And citizens remember that the freedom of choice act will
will trash the constitution. Be afraid, be very afraid.
Hitler came to power in such a time as this- economy in
chaos, the masses ignoring the warning signs.

I was influenced by Jim Wallis in the early 1970 as a reader of his writing. Then I began reading and studying the Bible and quickly wondered how he came to his position. No one with an open mind who believes in the inerrancy of Scripture and studies the Bible could hold position be so far off from the basic principles of Scripture. And for him to demand an apology from Dr. Dobson is way above his pay grade. Although I do not agree with every position Dr. Dobson takes, I do believe he sincerely stand for principles derived from his study of the Bible. If someone else had written a letter like Dan describes in his October 30 post that person would have been vilified the way Dr. Dobson is being vilified for the Letter from 2012. Research Barack Obama’s associations, friendships, voting record and speeches (prior to running for office) and the predictions of the Letter from 2012 are do not appear to be far-fetched nor slanderous as Wallis says. To call Barack a brother in Christ is a stretch when Obama has publically stated that in his opinion Jesus Christ is not the ONLY way to heaven. According to The Associated Press, Obama believes Jews and Muslims and non-believers who live moral lives are as much “children of God” as he and he describes his mother as the kindest, most decent, generous person that I [Obama] have ever known but not a believer, yet, according to the LA Times, he said "I'm sure she is in heaven, even though she may not have subscribed to everything that I subscribe to." Those are not beliefs of someone who believes Jesus statement that He is the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him. Take a look at Obama’s own word regarding “Christianity” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep2u4xvYhjw&feature=related

Senator Obama’s stated appreciation of United States Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, David Souter and John Paul Stevens-- along with his votes against the nominations of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito and his naming Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Antonin Scalia and Chief Justice John Roberts as justices he would not have appoint to the Supreme Court – adds credence to the predictions of the Letter from 2012.

There will be years of devastating consequences in America if Obama is elected president because of his court appointments and the radical agenda of Reed and Pelosi, et al., not having the check of the executive branch.

I have the same impression as David has. It's hard to imagine hearing those vicious talks coming out of the mouths of my fellowship brothers & sisters. In a word,I have more faith in Dr. Dobson than Senator Obama.

As veteran educators, my husband & I are scared to death of an Obama Presidency. Most of what FOF has described in this letter could well come to pass if our nation votes Obama into leadership of the free world. After community organization (under tutelage of bomber Ayers in ACORN), being a state senator (positioned by the corrupt Chicago political machine),then 143 days as a US Senator, he considers himself qualified to be President of the USA. How arrogant and naif can anyone be? His selection of Joe "gaffe" Biden further demonstrates his lack of good judgment.

His connections to persons of dubious character & philosophy continue to be revealed, in spite of his down-playing of these relationships - such as sitting under the preaching of a racist pastor for 20 years. The news media has fallen in love
with Obama because he is young, black, and glib - much as happpened with Bill Clinton. It doesn't matter whether he is white, black, yellow, red. Many people who vote him into office will be surprised when they see his true colors.

Based on what he has already stated: 1. The US will lose its leadership in the world, due to his lack of military understanding. 2. Extremely liberal Supreme Court Justices will be appointed. 3. Partial birth abortion will become legal. 4. Homosexual marriage stands a good chance federal legalization. 5. Conservative commentators will probably lose their voices due to the so-called "Fairness Doctrine".

The US as we know it will cease to exist. Even his wife had never been proud of her nation until Obama received the Democratic nomination - though they both managed to receive their educations in elitist schools! These are statements of fact, not personal attacks against Obama.

However, I find it surprising that in a Christian publication, there is so much vitriol against people who disagree with liberal stances.

We were not supporters of Senator McCain. But his good judgment in selecting Gov. Sarah Palin gave us cause to become excited about voting for him. We are praying as did Abraham over Sodom, that the US does not deserve Obama as President.

America! You scare me! I'm praying in Australia with great fervency that America will make the right decision on the 4th & utterly reject this charlatan & dangerous man Obama. Nobody who supports the wanton murder of children or promises to undermine the building block of society - marriage - can possibly claim to be a Christian or have the good of the nation in his sights. Everything I read, watch & hear about this man screams,PHONY! Whatever you do on the 4th, whether for good or evil, will impact us. Please, judge this man against the character of God & against His Word & then you can only make one decision.

... And Shara Palin will do what? ... Focus on Family backed McCain in a corner putting her on the ticket! Nevertheless, When are we going to post well wishing for our country- Praying for our President no matter who it may be- God Bless all American. and please pray for our government!

It is sobering to realize that according to the Old Testament guidelines, that the penalty for a false prophet -- one whose prophecies do not come to pass -- is to be stoned to death. Making predictions is a dangerous thing.

I wonder if anyone at Focus/Action thought about that before making these prophecies. I doubt a false prophet was spared his punishment because it was an election year, or if he said it was all "tongue in cheek."

Dobson in the past has always shilled for the right-wing Repubs because of his narrowly defined, self absorbed view of Our Savior. In Dobson's Heart & Mind: it ain't faith... it's a business. Thank The Lord There IS A judgement

So what's wrong with imagining what our country will look like if Obama is president? If you listen to what Obama has said, and especially some of the people who support him, it's not unrealistic to think those things may just happen, but maybe not. Although I do remember how many people accused Bush of a being a terrorist, or how America would become a theocracy, and none of that happened. So let people and groups say what they want; we're a better and freer society for it.

I didn't think the letter was unbelievable at all. In my opinion the events portrayed in the letter are quite possible in an Obama administration. Those who don't feel that way may be in for some rude awakenings in the years to come.....

As we get closer to November 4th, and it becomes more and more likely that Senator Obama will be our next president, I have seen an increase in comments from other Christians questioning how a Christian could vote for Obama. A lot of this concern comes from his staunchly pro-choice opinion on abortion. Many Christians wonder how someone can call themselves a Christian and support a candidate who supports Roe vs. Wade. Since I am pro-life, a Christian, and a supporter of Barack Obama, I thought I would try to explain my vote for him as it pertains to the abortion issue.

First of all, I am very pro-life. I believe life begins at conception. When I discuss this issue I refer to the unborn as a baby, not a fetus. If I was in charge of things I would outlaw abortion in all cases except to preserve the life and health of the mother. (Of course I would change a lot of other stuff too!)

The way I see it, there are 3 approaches to eliminating abortion and/or greatly reducing abortion.

1. Overturn Roe v. Wade making all abortions (with possible exceptions for the life and/or health of the mother, rape, and incest) illegal.

2. Work to prevent unplanned pregnancies through sex education.

3. Work to eliminate the root causes that lead women to choose abortion over adoption/keeping the baby when they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

Obviously the first approach is both the most direct and ultimately would be the most successful in eliminating abortion out right. This approach is very consistent with Christianity, and is favored by the religious right and republican politicians.

The second approach is advocated in different ways. Some support safe-sex sex education, some support abstinence only education, and some support a mixture of the two. Obviously if you can prevent people from having sex at all or from being irresponsible when having sex, you decrease the likelihood of an unplanned pregnancy.

Abstinence only programs also fit in really well with Christian teachings about sex. Recently members of the religious right have succeeded in getting a lot of abstinence only programs off the ground. The findings of the early studies on the effectiveness of abstinence only sex ed are not good.

The third approach recognizes that women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy choose abortion because they believe that abortion is the best option for them. People who advocate this approach want to know why women feel that this is their best choice, and how we as a society can make choosing life the best choice for these women.

On the surface this can seem counter to Christianity because advocates of this approach often do not focus on overturning Roe vs. Wade or working on legislation to make abortions more difficult to attain. (The exception to this would be Crisis Pregnancy Centers who try practical ways to help women choose life and also take a traditional political pro-life stance)

Abortion is a topic that has been widely researched, and social scientists know a lot about why women choose to have an abortion. The leading reasons are economic stress and lack of support. An abortion is much cheaper than prenatal health care, day care, and 18 + years of food, clothing, and shelter. Raising a child also requires a lot more help and support from others than a one hour medical procedure does.

Our society offers very little support for lower income Americans and working mothers, and in many ways our policies make life harder for them. We are one of only 4 nations in the world that does not have paid maternity leave. It is legal in most states to fire a woman for being pregnant as long as the company has fewer than 25 employees. Unlike most European nations, we subsidized pre-school/day care for only a very small number of children. If a father does not pay child support we garnish his wages, put him in jail, or strip him of his business license. If those things don’t work (and they often don’t) the child is just out of luck. If the child’s mother is on Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (the welfare program that provides cash for basic expenses), the father’s child support payment goes to the state.

Our support system for lower income citizens is very stingy compared to the rest of the developed world. Citizens are allowed to be on welfare for 5 years total in their lifetime, the average TANF payment is $180, and in order to stay eligible for welfare, one must meet stringent work and/or school requirements. And once a person successfully transitions from welfare to work they are often in worse shape finacially, not because welfare pays so well, but because low skill jobs pay so poorly and typically come with no health benefits.

Our healthcare system, while impressive in research and development, is among the worst in the developed world when it comes to health outcomes. We are the only country in the developed world that does not provide healthcare to all our citizens, even though no other country spends more on healthcare per capita than we do. We also have the highest infant mortality rate and highest percentage of low birth weight babies born in the developed world.

In short, there is a real lack of societal support for women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. That is why they choose abortion. Increasing societal support for lower income Americans is favored by democrats, and although it is often not recognized as such in the U.S., it is very biblical. (American Christians tend to prefer the church helping lower income people rather than the government. That is a whole other issue).

I favor the third approach mainly because I am the type of person who likes to meet people where they are. It doesn’t do any good to talk about why a woman got pregnant when she already is pregnant. Working to change the law, which is a very long term process (Roe vs. Wade was decided 36 years ago), does nothing to help a woman who is pregnant and struggling right now. I also do not see an end to legal battles over the abortion issue. The moment Roe is overturned, pro-choice advocates will begin work to reinstate it, and pro-life advocates will have to work to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Politics would be super easy if all three approaches to reducing/eliminating abortion were advocated by one party, but they are not. Both parties favor sex ed, but take different approaches to it. As I alluded to earlier, abstinence only education is not effective. Republicans have the market cornered on the legal approach to eliminating abortion but……frankly, the laissez faire, trickle down economic approach advocated by republicans is bad for poor people, single mothers, and struggling families, and makes choosing life more difficult. While I believe the out and out elimination of abortion is a correct and biblical goal, I just can’t support a party that focuses only on that aspect while simultaneously advocating social policies that make it more likely that a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy will feel that abortion is her best option, and offers her and her child very little support if she does choose life.

So I support Barack Obama, despite his commitment to Roe vs. Wade, because I believe his economic and social policies will make it more likely that women will choose life. So there you go, that is my rather long explanation of how a very pro-life Christian can vote for such a staunchly pro-choice candidate.

Then how would all these facts amount to a terrorist attacks on 4 US cities and attack on Israel, which is on the top of your list?!

Based on the same plausibility arguement, would the terrorist attack be at least equally plausible under a McCain administration as the US's international stand may be further weakened, and hence leaving it more vulnerable?

If that's not distortion/misleading, I don't know the meaning of these two words.

Is Christianity Today going to condemn James Dobson too? Please do!

I am not surprised by Dobson's letter. I believe that Dobson is first Republican, second Christian. After all Dobson was an advisor of Pres. Reagan. That should tell you where he is coming from. He wants to win this election by using every means he can. Republican Christians are known for their bias beliefs and they can play dirty.

There is something very different between free speech and proper speech. Paul says something similar when he says all thing are lawful but all thing are not profitable. This letter was lawful, it did not violate any laws of the country, but it is not profitable either to FotF or to the evangelical community or to the country. FotF gets lots of press, those who agree with the letter will continue to support them, many will disagree with the tactics but agree with the overall policy. But it will continue to alienate those that don't agree with the policy or tactics. If part of the role of FotF is to work to strengthen and expand the Kingdom of God. This letter does nothing for that. Instead it just allows people that have a bias against Christians to say that Christians are nuts, more concerned about political power than truth or people so I will continue to not have anything to do with them. The problem with this letter is that many parts of it have nothing to do with Obama. Saying that Russia invades Eastern Europe is about international affairs not Obama. What FotF has the right to do and should be doing is specifically saying what they think, like the letter they sent in response to my complaints, not making up something to rile up the base. This letter is about politics plain and simple not about Strengthening the Kingdom. Strengthening the Kingdom is our job, not politics.

I feel that all this name calling Mr Wallis or Mr Dobson
and the supporters or detractors of these two men is
terrible. Practically every comment demonizes one or the
other as unamerican and not being a true Christian! And then the comment by Brad saying that everyone that has something
misspelled in their comment that they are supporters of
James Dobson. HEY, PEOPLE, GET A LIFE!!! This is America!
If you can't stand one person's comment, too bad, so sad.
They are guarented freedom of speech under the First
Amendment. And I thought Evangelicals were supposed to be
were supposed to be working together! Instead your
fighting like Republicans and Democrats are doing over
the stupid little things that have nothing to do with the
everything else that is happening in this country right
now You all should quit your arguing and FOCUS ON ALL THE
THE VOTING BOOTH. As for me, I CANNOT vote for either Sen.
Obama or Sen Mc Cain for president as I feel if either
one wins, THE ENTIRE COUNTRY LOSES!!! I am going to vote for a
third party candidate instead.

Amos H., how would having John McCain weaken our international stand. Just because Europe wants Obama doesn't mean that he is the right president for us. If anything, that should cause us more concern about him. Europe has not controlled us in over 200 years and we should therefore not be concerned about pleasing them.

TakingMorePictures, if groups such as Planned Parenthood weren't cramming pro-abortion propaganda down everyone's throats and conning women into believing that it's okay to be as promiscuous as they want, since they can simply end any unwanted pregnancies, then there might not be quite as much of an outcry. Abortion doctors are breaking laws, serving as accessories to statutory rape (by refusing to report instances of underage girls getting abortions to law enforcement) and using underhanded tactics to get abortion clinics built in certain areas. Many doctors have caused physical harm or death to their patients. Therefore, outlawing all abortions and, as South Dakota may be doing, taking away abortion doctors' licenses to practice medicine, would be the only way to get this problem under control.

Speaking to at least one respondent, again - as veteran educators, abstinence is the only way to prevent unplanned pregnancies. And this must be taught in the home as well as at school. Unfortunately, the majority of parents have quit teaching values, rather leaving it to educators.

In this day & time, why would anyone want public school teachers to educate their children about the most basic of values - conception of human life? Most parents don't know who is teaching "sex education" to their children. There are more homosexuals teaching in public schools than one would expect. Perversion in this area affects the total moral compass.

In some places teaching values in the classroom is considered taboo. This includes teaching that lying, cheating, & stealing are wrong. Since evolution has been taught as fact, human life has become devalued, as have Biblical morals. Morals must be taught at homes and in churches.

As Christians, my husband & I could vote for pro-abortion candidates ONLY if there were no other choices. In which case, we would be choosing the lesser of evils. Obama is not only pro-abortion, but barbaric pro-partial-birth-abortion.

The next President will probably name several Supreme Court Justices. Liberal Presidents name liberal Justices. A liberal Congress led by Reid & Pelosi will confirm only liberal Justices. We need more Supreme Court Justices who uphold the Constitution, rather than legislate from the bench. Far too many judges have been legislating (the job of Legislature) rather than interpreting the law (the job of Judiciary).

Barack Obama has already stated that he desires the good favor of foreign countries when he makes decisions. This indicates that he would nominate judges who also consider foreign law when hearing cases. As a sovereign nation, we must not let this happen! America is like no other country in the world. There are few republics, and these few - except America - were not founded upon Christian principles.

We must continue to pray and fight for the Christian philosophy upon which America was founded. We must vote for candidates who most represent this Christian philosophy. And the most important candidate is for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

In this election, Sen. John McCain had the good sense to select Gov. Sarah Palin as Vice Presidential candidate. This gives us more confidence in his good judgment!

Abortion doctors are breaking the first law of doctors, "first do no harm", as they torture, torture, torture, kill, kill, kill babies, for money. They wouldn't be my doctor since the first thing they do is do harm because they don't really care about their patients. If they did care, they would find someway to talk the women into giving birth so they don't have to live with the guilt which eventually hits for the rest of their lives. As for these women killing their babies because they're poor with no help, please, there is so much welfare and free government programs in this country and in every state, there is no reason for them not to get help. 1st, they can give up the baby for adoption to people who can't get pregnant and so much want a family. 2nd, all the taxes in our county go to pay for welfare which encludes better hospitalization than I get, free rent, food, free college courses, etc, etc, etc. I know because my Sister has been there and received all this help while since I was working I could not. As for the letter which is said to be fiction, it is not that far from fiction that it couldn't happen. Who figured there would be a Civil War, WWI (the war to end all wars), WWII, the next war, etc. Have the Jewish people ever to this day figured out that their prophet to come was and is Jesus?. The media at every election starts pushing their aggenda depending on what president and V.P. they want in. They didn't want Hillary so they make Obama into a movie star. When Sarah came along, panic made the media go after her. With all the crap, not legal,legal but unethical, that Hillary was into up to her husbands election, what is the media's problem with Sarah. The fact she has five children, her oldest got pregnant and didn't murder, she fired a position holder who served at her discretion or the fact that Obama, their man, mightlose. Because McCain's campaign people don't seem to know how to run a campaign and they don't have the money Obama has because Obama changed the game after his opponent didn't change the game, Obama will win and so will the women who kill their babies because they want to continue having sex, whenever, wherever and with whomever. Actually, they will continue to take care of their sex needs first whether or not abortion is legal or not. And the men will continue to take advantage of "free sex" with no commitment to marriage. It's interesting that during the depression people having children made it through that vicious time with their children alive but our people today can't make it through slow down times with all the gov't help now being extended that wasn't available from the gov't before the depression. Well, this current generation isn't strong like our grandparents were. We demand all right now instead of working for it. As for Europe, their wonderful social system won't be needed within three generations because their populations are not reproducing themselves thanks to no incentive to accept the hassle of having and raising children. Europe is being taken over by third world populations that don't help their own unless they are forced to. I wouldn't use Europe as an example to follow.
Anyway, vote for who you want but if you want the freedom to criticize a politician than expect someone to criticize your politician. It's still free speech in the United States and hopefully will still be ten years from now for the kids that do get to the birthing and a chance to live, the ultiment freedom.

This is my story. I am a pro life evangelical. My husband went on a 3 week trip to Africa with Sen Obama as a general officer in the Air Force.
On that trip he got to knew Sen Obama. He learned his views on many subjects, he prayed with him, he discussed issues like abortion and rights for gay people. He learned that Sen Obama hates abortion and wants to reduce it but he does believe that the constitution calls for women to make this choice. He has proposed the 95/10 proposal to reduce abortion by 95% in 10 years. See www.prolifeproobama.com
While we do not agree with Sen Obama on all issues we believe him to be the better candidate this year. He has the judgement to lead and to choose smart people to advise him. He has the courage to call out for change and he speaks against corruption. He has run a remarkable campaign with honesty and decency and no infighting. He is a Christian man who seeks to help the poor and not be influenced by PACS. He has taken no money from PACs which have influenced our government for too long.
He loves his wife and children and he loves America.
My husband and I are evangelical Christians who love the Lord with all our hearts. We believe Sen Obama to be the best choice for president at this time and believe he will bring the change we need in this country.
It has saddened us to see the hate filled letters and emails being passed around by our Christian friends. We know him personally. He is a Christian and a good man.
We need to be praying for him not slandering him.

This blog is appalling. It seems evident, after reading many of the comments above, that a great deal of people have issues with Dobson and are using the letter FoF sent to attack him. I believe he has done a great deal of good for Christians, advocating for the sanctity of Biblical marriage and child-raising. I wonder how many books or articles the people making ridiculous claims like 'Dobson is first a Republican then Christian' have read? In all of the many pieces I've read, these ideas have never come across. I honestly believe that Dobson has done more to promote and help Christianity than the people writing blogs like these and posting comments like the ones above. How is it wrong that Dobson worked with Reagan as an adviser? Could it be that *gasp* Republican views share more in common with Christianity than Democratic views?

I suspect a number of entries are from members or pastors from the new breed of 'feel-good, we'll say anything to get you in our doors' churches. There are a number of such churches in Pittsburgh. I wish they would keep James 3:1 in mind. It is no surprise that they, following in suit with our biased major media companies, are seemingly (whether intentionally or not, attacking the truth expressed in the FoF article supports Obama) throwing support behind the 'popular' candidate
while dismissing the major issues and ignoring things from a truly Biblical standpoint. It seems tolerance and acceptance are more important than staying true to the principals and instructions with which God has provided us. Where in the Bible does God instruct us that abortion is acceptable? On the contrary, the Bible explains that Christians should advocate for the unprivileged, poor, downtrodden, and innocent. Supporting a pro-abortion candidate that has, on the record, stated that the first thing he'll do as president is expand the scope of legal abortions (Freedom of Choice Act) does not advocate for the innocent, unrepresented unborn children. Attacking a person/group that publicly denounces such actions and a candidate that supports such actions only serves to help further abortion. Importantly, I believe that Christ speaks of understanding how choices now can impact later; the Bible recounts a number of His parables indicating that ignoring the possible ramifications of actions makes us no less responsible for the outcomes (i.e. we reap what we sow). Trying to view the nation in four years as a result of our decisions now with the guidance of Biblical truths and current factual evidence about the promises, character, and motives of a candidate, I believe, is a step in the right direction.

As Christians, we are called to be the salt of the Earth, with promises that we will be persecuted for our beliefs. It is no surprise that Dobson and FoF, as well as other Christians, are being attacked for the views alluded to in the now-infamous letter. I support Dobson, the views expressed in the letter, and a non-Obama 2008-2012 presidential term.

As a Christian who was born the same year as Barack Obama, I have I've been wondering what an Obama presidency will mean.

I've concluded, based on a mountain of research, that the man is an extreme radical. Here is a partial list of his radical associations, and any one of these should concern all Christians:

...Stanley Ann Dunham (his mother was an avowed Atheist and Marxist; she indoctrinated him well). She was NOT a Christian from Kansas as he claims: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/obama/chi-0703270151mar27-archive,0,2623808.story
...Frank Marshall Davis (his communist party high school mentor whom Obama’s white grandfather fixed him up with)
...Rev. Jeremiah Wright (his pastor for 20 years)
...Father Michael Pfleger (friend & radical Catholic priest)
...Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan (they worked together on the Million Man March, he calls Obama the Messiah)
...Rashid Khalidi (former PLO advisor to Yasser Arafat)
...Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn (unrepentent Weather Underground terrorists who wish they had done more and who still seek to overthrow our capitalist system)
...and there are many, many others as Obama himself admitted in his memoir that he always sought out Marxist professors and other such radicals.

I suspect that many Christians on this blog and many US citizens do not understand the horrors of Communism, a subversive Utopian world-view based on Atheism.

100 Million people died last century under Communism. Of course, there's nothing like spending time in the former Soviet Union (which I’ve done) and hearing from the lips of those who lived through the extreme oppression just how evil and anti-Christian it was.

Beware, American Christians, you may not appreciate Dobson's tactics but he is only trying to warn you.

If Obama is elected you will soon learn for yourselves that life is like under a dictatorial government that wishes to take your freedoms and replace them with the draconian powers of an all-powerful government.

I agree with FOF letter to an extent. Based on Obama's record, his stance on the issues, his alignment with radical associations and his lack of experience, we are in for trouble if he is elected president. How could one NOT conclude these things might happen if Obama is elected. I take offense to the statement that Obama is my brother in Christ. Obama is clearly not born again. I would hardly call Obama's minister for 20 years and what the Black Liberation Theology teaches as Christian. The church and minister are racists. I use the word "church" loosly. Why is it that liberals believe that the government is so much better at "taking care" of the poor than anyone else. Only 30% of the money given to the government goes directly to the program it is intended. God gets no glory in that. That is not the best of what we have to offer. God expects the best and the government is not the best. The USA gives so much money to the poor, we outgive any country by miles. It is up to us as Christians to help our neighbors, not the government. I would much rather give my tax dollars to an organization that I see doing work for Christ and have God get the glory then the crap US government which has little, if any, accountability. Why do we keep pouring money into government programs that do nothing. Head Start is not working, but we keep spending more money for it. I find it so interesting that Obama said in his acceptance speech "I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper", but he cannot even take care of his aunt, to whom he referred to in his book as "Auntie" or his half brother who lives in deep proverty in Niarobi, Kenya. He is so quick to spend your tax dollars and then not spend his own money to take care of his family. His running mate Joe Biden is worse than he is. He gave on aveage $350 a year to charity. How do you expect these men to lead the charge when they don't even practice what they preach. How do you see into a man's heart? Look at his checkbook! They have a blatent agenda to destroy Christian values. You are nieve to think otherwise. By the way, Republicans outgive Democrats by 40%!

I don't know how any "Christian" can reconcile voting for liberal agendas and abortion. I have read many liberal Christian bloggers who say they can vote to the left because of other social issues that are forgotten by the religious right. If 50 million people were slaughtered by a tyranists dictator, they would be up in arms. However, in reality, those "people" are babies murdered by their mothers. Doesn't anyone remember the 10 Commandments? I will not vote for someone who believes that trees are more important to save than babies.

I do not understand how Christians believe that continuing to offer the poor crumbs is going to change anything. When has the bottom class ever produced a job? The demogogary that this nation has elevated Obama to is scary at best. The image that I see over and over of Obama's with the word "HOPE" underneath his face is like that of a facist dictator. What makes Barack Obama think he can decide what is "rich". He is so far left, the letter from 2012 is very possible. Wake up America. Our "hope" is not in Obama, but in Jesus. He knows every need that you have. Anyone who believes that Obama is going to give them "hope" has been duped.

It's unfortunate that FoF failed to publish the "what life would be like in 2008" if we voted for the Evangelical candidate who sees part of the gospel as retribution against enemies and permits unchecked greed in the pursuit of power.
Dobson could have helped warned us that our vote would mean:
- The complete obliteration of the US's reputation in the world.
- Close to 1 million deaths as a result of an unnecesarry war of retribution.
- The loss of $3 trillion dollars in the same war thus devastating the economy.
- The greatest economic depression in 80 years.
- Turning a budget surplus into the nation's highest deficit ever.
- A nation further divided because of repeated scandals of mistrust and misuse of government power.

- On the bright side, we did trade our vote (and our consciences) for eight years of a pro-life executive office with no significant pro-life legislation to show for it.

The myopia and mean spirited manipulations of evangelical leaders like Dobson (and their inability to confess the failures of the past) are causing young believers to leave evangelicalism in droves. FoF's letter blames young evangelicals for being the swing vote to elect Obama. Unfortunately Dobson and organization fail to recognize that his politics of power are largely responsible for their exodus.

Scott, while I admittedly agree with some of your post, specifically that about the lack of much pro-life legislation under this administration and the fact that this war was unnecessary for us, I have to say that as long as we are on good terms with the nations we trade with (and we will be as long as they are getting our money), why in the world should we care about our reputation in the world? They don't control us and if anything, with the exception of China and Russia, we have a stronger military than any of them (when they're in one place at a given time), meaning that we don't have to try and appease everyone. If everybody likes you, then you're doing something wrong.

If everyone read there Bible and took God seriously on his commandments and
that Gov officials consult Him on EVERYTHING they do there would be no
need for this discussion. Man is in the habit of making poor choices because we
don't include God in the process. If half of you who are appalled by Dobson's remarks
would shut up and read the word you would not have a problem. The problem is
you don't know God, and you don't wish to know Him. You say your Christian
and rarely listen to a word He has to say because Humanism controls you instead
of the almighty God.

God's word says, His ways are foolishness to man. Hense man reacting to His Wisdom
God's word says His word is a two edged sword. Can't handle the cuts I see.
God's word says, he has come to separate the goats from the lambs.

Goats.... your slip is showing.

God is pro Life, God is Moral, Anything contrary to the word of God which OBama
stands for is evil. Time for him to re evaluate his Christianity. Eternity in Hell is
just that. God holds leaders VERY accountable for what comes out of there mouths
If this man wants to lead he better get right with Gods word.

If everyone read there Bible and took God seriously on his commandments and
that Gov officials consult Him on EVERYTHING they do there would be no
need for this discussion. Man is in the habit of making poor choices because we
don't include God in the process. If half of you who are appalled by Dobson's remarks
would shut up and read the word you would not have a problem. The problem is
you don't know God, and you don't wish to know Him. You say your Christian
and rarely listen to a word He has to say because Humanism controls you instead
of the almighty God.

God's word says, His ways are foolishness to man. Hense man reacting to His Wisdom
God's word says His word is a two edged sword. Can't handle the cuts I see.
God's word says, he has come to separate the goats from the lambs.

Goats.... your slip is showing.

If everyone read there Bible and took God seriously on his commandments and
that Gov officials consult Him on EVERYTHING they do there would be no
need for this discussion. Man is in the habit of making poor choices because we
don't include God in the process. If half of you who are appalled by Dobson's remarks
would shut up and read the word you would not have a problem. The problem is
you don't know God, and you don't wish to know Him. You say your Christian
and rarely listen to a word He has to say because Humanism controls you instead
of the almighty God.

God's word says, His ways are foolishness to man. Hense man reacting to His Wisdom
God's word says His word is a two edged sword. Can't handle the cuts I see.
God's word says, he has come to separate the goats from the lambs.

Goats.... your slip is showing.

I would be among the first to defend his right to say and publish any hypothetical scenerio of the future he wishes. Of course, if he makes unfactual statements, or if his conclusions are in error, they should be forcefully rebutted by the truth. That's the strongest rationale for free expression that exists. On the other hand, no amount of fanticizing or hypothesizing needs to be employed to conclude that this nation is now in the worst economic shape it has experienced since the great depression and we continue to be engaged in a war that was obviously petexted on undocumented information. While no one can say where we would be today had a Democrat been in the White House (since it never happened, we can only use our imagination), decisions have to be made now based upon where we really find outselves. By any measure or standard, can we conclude that our nation is more Godly, following more just and moral paths, than was the case eight years ago? Take off the rose colored or dark shades, put aside the preconceived notions, and give an honesst answer. Can our status really be the result of the biased media and intellectual, ungodly elites? Are our political leaders free of responsibility?

I found the letter from Focus on the family alarming for its content because all they describe could conceivably happen. They didn't base their claims on air; they documented them well based on things happening in our modern day. While I find many peoples' comments here to be just down-right mean, I do think it wise to share what the pastor of our church said to us yesterday. No government can change things, truly. True change only comes from Jesus. He is the only stable force in the world, and He calls on His people (those He calls the "salt of the earth" to minister to those in need. Also, God is the one who puts Kings on the throne, so no matter the outcome of this election (even though I definitely don't want to see Obama elected), I will trust God and His wisdom for our country, and I would encourage all of you to do the same! The US isn't mentioned in the book of Revelation, so it has already been prophesied that the US will no longer be a world power in the end times. To me, all these events just mean Jesus could be coming back soon!! Come, Lord Jesus!!

Cybereagle777, so glad you admit that your entire belief in the nonsense spouted by FotFis based NOT on anything that Obama has actually said, but on YOUR OWN RANK SPECULATION that Obama has lied when he said he opposed gay marriage!

And you don't seem to understand that even if the US Supreme Court barred states from denying marriage recognition to gay couples, there would still be NO REQUIREMENT for CHURCHES (as opposed to state and local governments) to actually PERFORM gay marriages. In 1967 the US Supreme Court barred states from denying marriage rights to interracial couples. See Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967). More than 40 years later, no one has even suggested, let alone advocated for, REQUIRING CHURCHES to perform interracial marriages if they don't approve of them. FotF's assertion that such a result for gay marriage is likely is not founded in ANY precedent.

The Pledge case shows a few misguided judges. When the entire US Senate unanimously rejects that interpretation, how is there any possibility that an anti-Pledge judge would even get nominated, let alone confirmed? And as to the pornoography issue, if you admit, as you did, that most liberals would be against such a proliferation of pornographic displays, why isn't it more likely that conservatives and liberals working together would thwart any such efforts by the pornography industry. FotF's smears on this account is just another way of calling liberals names.

(Re-posted, because CT seems to mysteriously "lose" comments.)

That letter by Focus on the Family is outrageous! As a Christian, that discredits their organisation in my opinion.

I believe both candidates are better than Bush, but I consider Obama to be the more Godly choice.

This comment, by Jim Wallis, summs it up for me:

They do care--very much--but they have a more consistent ethic of life. Both broader and deeper, it is inclusive of abortion, but also of the many other assaults on human life and dignity. For the new generation, poverty, hunger, and disease are also life issues; creation care is a life issue; genocide, torture, the death penalty, and human rights are life issues; war is a life issue. What happens to poor children after they are born is also a life issue

I wonder how many people offering a comment here have actually read the "letter" from the future? I made sure I read the full thing prior to posting, and these are my brief observations:
- the predictions are certainly dire from a Christian perspective, although they would properly be categorised as a worst-case scenario;
- the preamble to the "letter" did enough in my view to properly explain the underlying assumptions of the author/s and I would categorise it as an honest prediction of future outcomes based on historical precedent (both societal and of Sen. Obama's own public record);
- the reason for the format chosen (i.e. a fictional letter from the future) seems curious to me, as it could eaily have been written as a straight out prediction, i.e "this is what could happen if Obama is elected President", my guess is that as humans we naturally take more notice when things are presented as statements of fact rather than hypothetical future outcomes;
- I would regard several of the predictions as being a consequence of current societal trends that would not be seriously altered even if Sarah Palin was to become Prsident (remember, McCain is also "pro-choice");
- if all, or even a majority, of these predictions to eventuate, I am sure enough people would be appalled for Obama to become a one-term President;
- as an Australian Evangelical, I honestly do not understand the importance that many American Evangelicals attach to guns; we have had gun-control laws in place in Australia for 12 years now (enacted by a conservative Prime Minister, no less) and there has been no drastic increase in crime rates;
- the predictions of terrorism seem to me far-fetched; it could happen, but I don't see how anyone could predict with any certainty that it will happen based on an election outcome;
- Iraq - should what is predicted here happen with a troop withdrawl, I would regard that as strong evidence that the invasion was misguided in the first place. The only honest solution I see to Iraq is an honest contrition that admits the invasion was unnecessary and based on faulty or fabricated intelligence, and a free offer to the Iraqi people and the Iraqi government for continued military assistance as well as assistance through other means to help rebuild their nation. I say this as someone who originally supported the invasion.

In short, I doubt the outcome of this election will significantly alter the trends observed by FotF, as many of them have continued unabated through periods of conservative rule (and not just in the USA), even with an avowed Evangelical President in George W. Bush. It is also worth pondering whether the large number of Evangelical Christians who tend to favour conservative parties (myself included) are often simply regarded as "useful idiots" by those conservative parties.

Terese, please tell me once in history where a nation has been governed in the fashion that you mention. Where a nation has truly "consulted Him on everything"?

We are sometimes all too quick to forget the "great experiment" of prohibition that legislated morality from the top down. Was the fact that God's word was made an official U.S. law any more pleasing to him than if His people abstained from drunkeness out of Love instead?

I side with Martin Luther when he states:
"We are to be subject to governmental power and do what it bids, as long as it does not bind our conscience but legislates only concerning outward matters.... But if it invades the spiritual domain and constrains the conscience, over which God only must preside and rule, we should not obey it at all but rather lose our necks. Temporal authority and government extend no further than to matters which are external and corporeal."

Or, Eric, when Bonhoeffer said, "Politics are not the task of a Christian." The most disappointed (and clamorous for the death of) Christ were so because they thought he'd come to engender political change.

These are not the words and actions of a relevant organization, in- or outside the Church.

The division between those who are born of God and those born of the Devil is becoming quite clear. This "letter" is dead on...in principle. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will and are already descending with fervor, the Angels of the four corners are about to and have begun to release the wind, and we in Christendom, are arguing over whether or not their God appointed duties are even real. May God have mercy on our souls for doubting Him and His Word. Keep the faith you guys and continue to Fight that Fight. I don't see the end coming by 2012, but it is coming and we all would be wise to heed the warnings exposed by this fictitious letter, for it won't be long in coming as every generation of believers has thought for the last 2000 years.

Oh this is brilliant!!-Silly Christians fighting with one another again over some out-dated religous philosophies that bears little relevance to our daily world.
Also it exposes how conceited, narrow minded,and intolerant most Christians are ( from both divide)-and instead of using love to win people over-they use Fear, Guilt and Intimidation.
And to use words from the Holy Book to justify their actions.
And to think that Jesus once instructed his followers to love one another.
Maybe they have forgotten that the Lord Jesus once said as stated the good book that 'the greatest commandment is to love God and your Neighbour as yourself.'
I thank God that Jesus himself (peace be upon the holy prophet) isn't a hateful person or a religous nutter cos then we would not have such wonderful loving teachings He gave.


Right Wing Politics
We hear a lot about the virtues of right wing politics from the conservative and ultra conservative side of the political spectrum and was wondering if people, especially Christians, realize that the rule of the anti-Christ will be a right wing type of government.
The Bible says that many people will be deceived by the anti-Christ, Christians and non-Christians alike.
The anti-Christ will promise peace and stability in the world.
The rule of the anti-Christ will be a one world government a lot like Hitler and Stalin had in mind when they planned on conquering the world.

Christian Right
There are Christians who believe in a right wing form of government. They call themselves the "Christian Right". They equate their religion with their politics. If they believe in right wing politics they somehow try to adjust their Christian beliefs to be compatible with their political beliefs. It results in a strange combination of love and hate.
They feel it is perfectly okay to hate a fellow Christian who does not believe in their brand of politics.
Their attitudes can cause great disunity in the church. It is one of Satan,s schemes to destroy the church.
Love builds up and restores; Hate tears down and destroys.

If you are against abortion you have a duty to put action where words are. If every Christian couple were to adopt a child, every child would be a wanted child. As it is today, few Christian couples adopt. Why? Today, there are more children available for adoption than there are people willing to adopt. Why?

Christian Conservatism
It is unfortunate that people would equate Christian conservatism with political conservatism. Christianity is a doctrine of love and is not compatible with the some of the conservative political practices of hate, fear and anger. The term religious right if used accurately does not embody Christianity. It applies to such fundamentalist religions as the Taliban in Afghanistan and to the Pharisees and religious leaders of Jesus' time.
Right wingers in politics are groups like the Nazi party and left wingers are the communists. There is no similarity between them and Christianity.
If we are to embrace both Christian conservatism and political conservatism we will need to embrace two standards of morality; Love and hate. It would be like trying to serve two different and opposite masters at the same time.
A Christian conservative is a person who uses the Bible as a standard of conduct and does not stray from basic Christian principles.
People should not feel that they are being ostracized because of their personal political preferences. Political conflicts within the Church can be a great source of division and disunity. Jesus avoided politics during his ministry here on earth
Carl H. Dahlberg

I find it intriguing how much "Christian" doctrine stands upon the Old Testament and the letters. I would like to see the scriptural justification for these political positions using ONLY the gospels.

Additionally, I would like for the gentle reader to consider how they would feel if they were forced to debate issues of the day with solipists who vociferously denied that the universe existed before they were born. Furthermore, in their view, the universe will end when they die. Additionally, you don't even exist...you are merely a projection of a part of them.

This person now wants to have a reasonable discussion with you--is that even possible?

As followers of Jesus our directive from the bible is to 'live in the world but not of the world.' and to 'give unto Ceasar that which is his' etc. Creating imaginary text to scare people is an attempt to assert control in a realm that is not ours. We are allowed to peacefully offer recommendations, votes, etc. We arent' encouraged to anger or scare the people we live among. This fiction caused hurt feelings and did cause damage. Focus on the Family needs to address what has happened and take accountability for this, and then perhaps focus more ON THE FAMILY, NOT ON FICTION.


The Christian community could be a great force in the prevention of abortions. If the woman was nurtured and cared for until the baby is born there would be no need for an abortion. In most cases the baby could be put up for adoption.
An unwanted pregnancy for an unwed mother is often a one sided issue. It is similar to the case of the woman caught in adultery mentioned in the Bible. The woman was to be stoned to death but no mention was made of a punishment for the male partner. In the case of an unwed pregnancy the male partner involved should be held responsible for the financial support of the woman during the pregnancy and afterward for the support of the child till it has been adopted.
When the Supreme Court voted to legalize abortions it was to eliminate what has been called, "back alley, coat hangar" abortions performed under very unsanitary conditions by unscrupulous and untrained people. The Supreme Court vote was 5 in favor and 1 against for Republican appointees to the court and 4 in favor and 1 against by Democratic appointees to the court.
Since the time of the Supreme Court decision the abortion issue has been turned into a political football when in reality it should be everyone's responsibility to prevent abortions whenever possible.
Carl H. Dahlberg

The Christian community could be a great force in the prevention of abortions. If the woman was nurtured and cared for until the baby is born there would be no need for an abortion. In most cases te baby could be put up for adoption.
An unwanted pregnancy for an unwed mother is often treated as a one sided issue. It is similar to the case of the woman caught in adultery mentioned in the Bible. The woman was to be stoned to death but no mention was made of punishment for the male partner. In the case of an unwed pregnancy the male partner involved should be held responsible for the financial support of the woman during the pregnancy and afterward for the support of the child till it has been adopted.
When the Supreme Court voted to legalize abortions it was to eliminate what has been called "back alley, coat hanger abortions" performed under very unsanitary conditions by unscrupulous and untrained people. The Supreme Court vote was 5 in favor and 1 against by Republican appointees to the court and 4 in favor and 1 against by Democratic appointees to the supreme court.
Since the time of the supreme court decision the abortion issue has been turned into a political football when in reality it should be everyone's responsibility to prevent abortions whenever possible