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October 15, 2008

Obama calls his 'cling to guns or religion' comments 'boneheaded'

Sen. Barack Obama called his description of small town Americans - "they cling to guns or religion" - his "biggest boneheaded move."

Obama's original comments were made in April at a fundraiser in San Francisco and have followed him ever since The Huffington Post published them. He was describing his difficulty with winning over working-class voters in Pennsylvania.

"And it's not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations," Obama said.

Obama described the comments as boneheaded during an interview with The New York Times set to be published Sunday.

"I mean, part of what I was trying to say to that group in San Francisco was, ?You guys need to stop thinking that issues like religion or guns are somehow wrong,' " Obama told the Times. "Because, in fact, if you've grown up and your dad went out and took you hunting, and that is part of your self-identity and provides you a sense of continuity and stability that is unavailable in your economic life, then that's going to be pretty important, and rightfully so. And if you're watching your community lose population and collapse but your church is still strong and the life of the community is centered around that, well then, you know, we'd better be paying attention to that."

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To comment on Senator Barack Obama's comment on small town America clinging to "guns and religion".

There is nothing wrong with guns in America the American Constitution provides us with this right. He misreads America. Hunting, Deer, Bear, Grouse, Squirls? Hunting season and rifles, license fees, hunters coming from every city in the United States and around the world to some small town to live in single rooms in family homes when there is not motel or notell anywhere around. Eating at local diners, going to movies, bringing their family back later to see small town America.

Religion-- Small town religion-- he may not understand. A group meeting at the local Grange. One minister, a farmer reading and speaking from the OLD Testament with all the stories of the begining and family, Caine killed Able. Joseph, a favored son sold and his Coat of Many Colors. Pictures in old large family Bibles. Angels and Men in these pictures bigger than life. Never put down religion whether it be small town or different, there are supposed to be 7 (seven) world religions. I cannot think as I am sitting here in a public library with 26 minutes to go all of them.

I have lost the religion of my childhood. I have not regrets about it.

THE DREAMS OF CHILDHOOD BEHIND ARE GONE, ADULTHOOD IS HARD TO WEAR. I draw on the old times and look forward to each day given to me.

I find nothing wrong as I now work in a large city, with the wisdom of my raising. Religion and guns and even the uniques poverty os small town America. Would I go back to Small Town America. NO No No No No No No No No

Rose Etta Crance Watkins

You mean he just now figured that out??????

MY QUESTION .TO OBAMA IS IF HE DOESNT WANT US TO CLING TO OUR RELIGION , WHERE SHOULD WE DO?M SHOULd WE FOCUS OUR EYES TO THE WHITE HOUSE ?. WILL HE BE SMALL god imn us?. that is blaspharming our GOD. wether he will be us prasdent or not we will keep our eyes up.

Religion is not the problem, as Obama asserts. Rather, it is the SOLUTION to all of our nation's problems. Go to The Restoration Website library and you'll find tons of material to answer every one of your Bible Questions. Go to http://www.rcg.destiny-worldwide.net. We hope this helps someone today!

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