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October 29, 2008

Opponent Demands Elizabeth Dole Remove 'Godless' Ad

North Carolina Sen. Elizabeth Dole released a television ad suggesting that her Democratic challenger Kay Hagan took "godless money."

"A leader of the Godless Americans PAC recently held a secret fundraiser for Kay Hagan," the the 30-second ad says. "Godless Americans and Kay Hagan. She hid from cameras. Took godless money. What did Kay Hagan promise in return?"

CNN reports that the Dole campaign says it's basing the ad on Hagan's attendance at a fundraiser that was in the home of an adviser to the Godless Americans' political action committee, a group that promotes rights for atheists.

The Associated Press
reports that Hagan's attorneys sent a cease-and-desist order to Dole's campaign, saying the "libelous" ad should come down within 24 hours. Dole's campaign said it has no plans to take it down.

Hagan defended herself, saying that she is a Sunday school teacher, an elder at First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, and has been involved in youth missions.

"It is so unbecoming of a woman like Elizabeth Dole," Hagan said in a conference call. "This is a fabricated, pathetic ad."

The ad ends with an unknown woman's voice calling out, "There is no God."


It depends if it is true. If Hagan associated with "Godless Americans’ political action committee," then this should be known to voters. Christians in this country have to be informed in political agendas to guard the direction of this country, because it was founded and established in the name of God.

May God have mercy on those who dare challenge the conservative Evangelical Sanhedrin as election day nears, for they have no mercy.

No, this is not true. Kay Hagan is a Presbyterian and was once a Sunday School Teacher.
This ad is shameful and is a desperate personal attack. It is also very misleading. That's not even her voice at the end of the ad. As a NC voter, Elizabeth Dole just lost any chance she had of my voting for her.

This was a shameless advertiseme. Seems that Sen. Dole has stoped to new lows. What a disgrace to herself, her husband and the citizens of North Carolina.

Don't forget to demonize Muslims too! And Jews!
In fact, demonize anyone whose religious views differ from yours!

Elizabeth Dole is the worst sort of religious bigot.

If she really did take money from them, then she should own up to it regardless of how she feels about the ad. But I do agree that it is in poor spirit to put it together in a potentially deceptive manner.

What pathetic people are running for public office these days. For too long the so called religious right has used God to scare people to vote for them. When the votes kicked the likes of Senator Dole out of office the message might go out to leave God alone.

This is a perfect example of an unprincipled politician trying to manipulate the Christian community for personal gain. It happens all the time. Have you heard the recent McCain/Pailin ads on Christian radio saying that our "way of life" is at stake if Obama and Biden are elected? What nonsense! The attempt is to create fear and get people to act on it, and the approach is founded on the cynical belief that Christian voters are simpletons who can be stampeded like a herd of cattle if they are frightened enough. When are we as a community of faith going to wake up about this?

Senator Dole doesn't believe in this scripture:Thou shalt not bear false witness.

Here are the facts:

State Senator Kay Hagan is a Sunday School teach and elder in the First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, a congregation her family has been an active part of for over 100 years.

Her campaign never accepted one penny from the PAC mentioned in Sen. Dole's ad. Not one penny.

Sen. Hagan was at a fundraiser for Democratic U.S. Senators held in Boston where a member of the PAC was in attendance. Also attending the event was U.S. John Kerry and a former U.S. Ambassador.

Sen. Hagan did not know who the guests were at the event.

But ask yourself, if you were an incumbent GOP senator with a GOP voting history and were behind in the polls as much as 10 percent, would you sacrifice your personal integrity for your own ambitions?

Elizabeth Dole would.

And while we are on the subject of church membership, it's worth nothing that Elizabeth and Bob Dole were once faithful attenders of services at Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, DC until Bill and Hillary Clinton started worshipping there.

At the point the Doles abruptly left.

Furthermore, I don't know if Sen. Dole has ever been an active layperson in any congregation in Washington, where she's lived her entire adult life or Kansas, where she voted for 35 years or North Carolina, which she has represented for the last 6 years.

This ad has been condemned by Ed Rollins, Pres. Reagan's political director and Alex Castellanos, the Jesse Helms consultant behind the "white hands" ad.

It's disgusting and should be pulled immediately.

Hooray for Mrs.Dole. If the ad is correct it is about time people accept blame instead of trying to pass their mistakes off onto someone else. We should realize that this country was founded on religious beliefs and atheism had nothing to do with it. The atheists get to enjoy the fruits of our society.

Hey, if Hagan was willing to accept the money, she needs to accept the consequences. It doesn't fly to say she's OK because she's Presbyterian. The fact that *she* is an elder tells us that she already denies the truth of the Bible, and the PC(USA) has allowed denial of the factuality of Scripture for a century now. A person's faithfulness (or faithlessness) to their confession of faith tells us much about their character, and their character tells us whether they ought to be leading the nation ... or not.

The desire for power corrupts good judgment, morals, and good sense. Without a true faith in Christ, many of these political figures have just plain sold their souls.

When did the standard for believers in politics become "Accuse first, determine the truth later?" The voiceover was falsified and there were no such contributions. Doesn't this concern the Dole people, or have seen the triumph of the dreaded moral relativists, where anything goes?

There are 2 major Prebyterian denominations in the US. One teaches the Bible. The other, PCUSA, teaches moral relativism. Hagan is an elder in a PCUSA church.
Like her, you can call Dole's ad an attack on her "strong christian faith." I have no doubt that her faith is strong. And that it is attractive to most people who reject the Bible.
I grew up in a PCUSA congregation and the last thing I would call it is "christian."
If this is your "community of faith" that's fine. Dole is not trying to appeal to you.

Presbyterians aren't Christians? That's a new one.
If you aske me, this ad is very unchristian. It is beneath Elizabeth Dole.

Mrs Dole has violated one of the ten Commandments with her reprehensible misuse of the name of God.

Exodus 20: 7 "You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name."

The result of her ad:
Romans 2:24As it is written: "God's name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you."

Truly she does not have a healthy fear of the Lord, and hence no wisdom.

There are plenty of Bible-believing Christians who disagree with Doug's interpretation of scripture regarding women's service in the church, and they are not only in the PCUSA. And as for Scott Allen's comment, there are also plenty of people in the PCUSA who are not moral relativists. That is a well-established fact, and to assert otherwise is either evidence of ignorance or of a mean-spirited narrow-mindedness that is unbecoming to a follower of Christ. Someone who impugns the character of others would do better to spend the energy getting his facts straight and moving out of his glass house before throwing stones.

I write to defend my denomination against the slander
that Scott has directed to her. While I admit that the
PCUSA has had its struggles, there are countless
faithful Christians who have not elected schism as
the solution to those problems.

I spent about a decade in the PCA. Even though the PCA is
more politically conservative, one is much more likely to
hear the gospel preached in a PCUSA church. The PCA is
about nothing other than GOP politics. While I'm a
Republican, I'd rather hear about Christ at church, not
the gospel of "Christian America."

This is not a question of one religion as opposed to another. Ms. Dole is simply informing the voters that Ms. Hagan has accepted support from an anti-religion group. These people do not believe in freedom of religion as the constitution states, but rather freedom from religion. They want God taken out of every part of our lives. If they have their way, one day all churches will have to go underground. However, we need not worry about that because they can never accomplish this all at once. It will be little by little, one representative in congress here, one senator in congress there, until they eventually reach their goal of a "godless America". Take heed North Carolina, Libby Dole has tried to warn you.

Yea, me thinks she doth protest too much. Did she take money from these people or not? Enough with all the outrage. Did she take the money or not? Answer the question Ms. Hagen and then let the voters decide if it matters.

According to the historian, Robert T. Handy, "No more than 10 percent-- probably less-- of Americans in 1800 were members of congregations."

Here's the the U.S. *officially* said about itself in the Treaty of Tripoli in 1796:

"As the Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion..."

Anyone who has a problem with the Godless Americans because of there beliefs is just being plain prejudice.

Our country was founded hundreds of years ago in a time where people still looked to the heavens to explain everything.

You do not need to be a Christian to be a good and moral person. In fact, it has been proven in studies that the higher the level of personal intelligence, the more likely one is to not believe in any sort of organized religion. Bill and Melinda Gates have given more to charity than anyone in the world - Unafiliated with any religion. Lance Armstrong - has shown more willpower than almost everyone on this earth and has achieved what is close to perfection without once praying to God.
Albert Einstein was a great man and singularly unfolded the universe with his work more than any sort of work that is done in the bible.

Two hands working can do a million times more than a million hands clasped together in prayer.

Jo - I'm not really sure why an atheist such as yourself would come to post on the board of Christianity Today and argue that Christianity is unnecessary to charity and good morals. Seems a fool's errand to me, but whatever.

As to your contentions, you are wrong. Factually speaking, most social science studies conclude that populations of conservative Christians are: more honest, more charitable, and, generally, better educated than the populace at as whole. While there are studies that demonstrate that people who acquire more education (i.e., phds, masters degress, multiple degrees) generally tend to mirror decreases in religious adherence, none of those studies ever suggests causation, which is what you are suggesting. Why - because when you look closer at the data, what seems clear causation starts to blurr. For instance, the number of agnostics and atheists rises among scientists and those in academics, but stays the same or shrinks among doctors, lawyers, etc. Intelligence, which I assume you mean "IQ" has nothing to do with religious adherence.

As to your contention that people who are atheistic or agnostic give more in charity, this too is dead wrong. Please read Arthur C. Brooks "Who Really Cares." The fact is - charitable giving increases drastically the more religious the population. Bill and Melinda Gates may give a lot of money to charity (but not more than anyone in the world - you are pulling that out of thin air) but their giving is dwarfed by the collective charitable giving of religious people in the country - by the billions. That is not even counting the money given for relgious purposes. Finally, two hands working can do more in terms of physical work than two hand clasped in prayer - BUT, as social studies have proven time and again, two hands clasped in prayer are more likely to open up and get to work than two hands that never clasped in the first place.

You can read the word "GODISNOWHERE" AS "God is nowhere" or "God is now here". It all depends on your personal relation with God. No one can experience it for you, either you believe about God or you experience it for yourself.

If you run after somebody saying this and that, then you will end up nowhere. So, hold strong enough to the faith and experience that you have preserved and do not make it weaver. 10 people will say 10 things, however you have to choose your own battle, since you can't fight every battle.