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October 2, 2008

Poll: 4 in 10 evangelicals say Palin not experienced

About four in 10 white evangelical Protestants say Sarah Palin does not have the necessary experience to be an effective president, according to a recent poll conducted by Washington Post-ABC News.

Last weekend, two in 10 evangelicals planned to vote Barack Obama, according to survey conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.


Four in ten? Only FOUR in TEN??! This is deeply upseting. I have come to feel some pity for Gov. Palin because it is so painfully obvious that she is way out of her depth in this campaign. Faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is not enough to qualify her or anyone else for the highest office in the land.

I can understand enthusiasm for Governor Palin's personality, freshness, and, if you agree with them, her conservative views. But I cannot understand willfully believing that she has the capability of leading this nation, particularly during these perilous times. Lack of knowledge about national and world affairs isn't a plus. I find the whole thing terrifying.

It's amazing how the Obama liberal drive by press can snow people so easily. Sarah Palin is governor of Alaska, overseeing an 11 billion dollar budget and 29,000 employees. That's more executive experience than Obama, Biden, and McCain put together. She has an 83% approval rating and knows more about energy than most people in Washington. She has stood up the tough Oil executives of this country.
She may not be a Harvard Lawyer or Georgetown elite but she has proven herself to be very smart. Stop being fooled by the Gotcha journalism of Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric plus the Obama propaganda machine of CNN and MSNBC. Don't kid yourself Palin will be a great president if called upon.

Senator Obama desires us to believe he will surpass most if not all his predecessors in international diplomacy. Why should we believe this? He has never conducted any diplomacy of this sort, putting him exactly on a par with Governor Palin, an experienced executive nonetheless.

Gotcha journalism...really. Asking a candidate questions on foreign policy, supreme court decisions, the economic bailout, global warming and other such issues is not Gotcha Journalism its Responsible journalism. This is serious folks. I don't care that she can see Russia from Alsaka, I do care that she thinks she is first line of defense against Putin when he rears his head....This is the VP slot not the president of the PTA. By her answers to Couric and Gibson, Gov Palin is demonstrating that she hasn't had a serious intellectual thought about a serious global or national issue, period. Maybe that's fine for being Gov of Alaska...but it's not fine when you think you are qualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

So....we would rather have an inexperienced corrupt person as president than an honest governor as Vice president? Obamas ties to corruption are well documented. Lawyers pounced on Alaska looking for dirt and found that someone was fired..."ohhhh I can't believe it." You never hear about the millions Obama collected from special interest and his TOP leaders connections to TOP leaders in Fannie and Freddie. Not to mention his number two status in contributions from both. Obama is pro-abortion and attended a church full of hate speech which he doesn't remember. Palin has the values that represent true believers. I say I will take a righteous leader with hometown experience like David in Scripture over a "Pilot" who washes his hands any time things get tough. I am surprised that so many followers of Christ would choose on anything but values.

Only 4 in 10 get that it's just way too risky to elect Sarah-rah Palin to be VP....wow. Seriously her only readiness for the job is to administer CPR should McCain stop breathing:
Shrugging, Palin explained, "Ya know, I really prayed about whether it was God's plan for me to save John's life and.....by the time I said amen......well....it was just a little too late."
Godly faith? Yes. Good judgement? NO.

Gov. Palin has not yet proven that she is qualified to be president. Her interviews with Couric and Gibson raise serious doubts about her ability to lead decisively in tough situations. The interviews were fair in my estimation. Palin is no doubt a very capable woman in her own right. I think very highly of my own wife but I'm not prepared to allow her to do brain surgery on me. Godly character and professional competence are both essential.

What a laugh to use Governor Palin's "lack of experience". I would vote for her even up against the other 3. She has demonstrated leadership in the face of the political machine of her own party. Senator Obama sold out his church for the sake of a few votes.

He who stands for nothing falls for anything!

Experience: what practical experience do either Obama or Biden have in running or managing anything? McCain commanded a fighter wing (and received the command training required by the US Navy to do so) and Palin is the Governor of a state. Obama has the experience of being forged in the corruption of the political machine of Chicago. Biden has the experience of numerous character gaffs concerning plagiarism--causing one to wonder if he has had many original thoughts or ideas.
And is this the same quality of poll, as conducted by the Washington Times/ABC News last week, which drew its conclusions from a significantly skewed polling group (a disproportionate number of Democrat and African-American residents of Washington, DC)?
Gotcha Journalism or Responsible Journalism? When the questioner/interviewer asks the same questions with the same tone and behavior of each candidate it is reasonable and fair. When the interviewer bristles and appears to take an antagonistic stance toward one candidate or political party and not another, then it is not Responsible Journalism.

Palin reveals what Mark Noll has called, "the scandal of the evangelical mind." If McCain was not worried about the conservative base of his party, we would not even be discussing her. She is the VP candidate only because of her "born again" conservative credentials. She does not need experience, nor does she need to be learned and curious. She only needs to hold the line in order to keep evangelicals happy. As an evangelical, I am not sure if I am more angry or ashamed of the way she is being used.

What percentage thought that Obama is experienced enough? I prefer hers over his, and Obama is on top of the ticket.

First of all, I don't know anyone in this race who has experience in being President. Oh, you mean transferable experience. Well, what is transferable experience? Do your specs for "experience" require a candidate have a track record of doing relative things or building up knowledge or having a track record long enough? Before Here is your test as to whether or not the above should sound right to you. Pick any president you don't like that served for 8 years. Does their experience make them the best candidate for the job? You would say no, I think. You would then modify the above specs with to be the following: "Does things well." "Builds up wisdom". "Has a track record of doing righteous things".
So we have to look at things less in terms of time and activity only but weigh things heavily on the "doing things consistently" well side. At the core of this, I would say is character.
I think what I want to look at is transferable character.

Why should a candidate for president or vice-president has to be an experienced politician? I thought that the idea of a democracy is for ANY citizen to be able to be voted into office. Sarah Palin "inexperience" is her best feature. She is a person that is close to the real experience of the citizen and not a rarified politician only in contact with polls, lobbysts and special interests. Inepexperienced? Last time I check there is no "trainin" course for vice-president. All she needs is common sense, education and the ability to think and she has all that.

I would say the same thing about Governers Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush when they became PRESIDENT. Why is this newsworthy?

Interviews are not necessarily the best litmus test for character, intelligence or decision making abilities. Palin stumbled in her interviews with Couric and Gibson, yes. She didn't come off as a well poised celebrity. She was visibly nervous. Her interviewers (esp. Couric) were obviously skeptical of her aptitude. Yet, think Corinthian's disappointment with Paul in person vs. his letters. We all have certain skills and gifts in areas and possess weaknesses in others. It is important to keep in mind that the skills required to pull of a successful interview are not always those we may want in our leaders....are they?.... being a smooth talker and possessing a veneered facade. Perhaps those capable of being a "real" person and all the vulnerabilities that entails, is whom we can trust and really count upon. The real difference in these candidates is where they stand on the issues -- which is VERY far apart. That is what should decide your vote.

For me this election is about life and death. It is about darkness and light. It is about the Spirit of God invading into our nation or allowing forces of wickedness to continue flourish and grow. I believe Sarah Palin is our Esther. When does annointedness and destiny come in to play? I'm not too sure God was worried about Moses's inexperience when he was chosen. When do we look at that?
My prayer is "Lord, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation, God end abortion and send revival to America"

Oh Carolyn:
"Faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is not enough to qualify her or anyone else for the highest office in the land." Wow, really? Please don't tell people that you read and believe in the God of the Bible, because the last time I checked, God equipped David to slay the giant Goliath, even though he was the smallest of all his brothers, was merely a shepherd and no warrior, with nothing more than a few stones and a sling. And quite frankly, is the presidency the highest office in the land? The person who gains access to that office will only do so because the great I AM wills it. If God grants John McCain the gift of presidency (after all, he is the candidate, not Sarah Palin) then you can be assured that God will equip both him and his VP with the necessary strength and courage to lead this nation.

Some people call themselves Christians just by the fact that they believe in God. This does not make a Christian. To be a believer one must adhere to,cling to,follow,and trust in Jesus Christ. It is our duty to select a Christian first and let God handle the rest. Throughout history many people did not have the knowledge that it took to run a country but faith and trust in the savior guided them through.

Correction: Gov Palin's approval rating in AK tanked after she became a focus of an ethics investigation brought on by a Republican-led Legislative counsel. An Anchorage judge yesterday ruled that the issued subpoenas are valid and the investigation must go forward. The initial infraction may be found to be minor, but the attempted coverup is huge. McCain's imported team has obstructed justice and interfered with State government. That McCain tapped her without vetting is clear proof of his poor judgment. Gov Palin has tougher questions than those of Katie Couric to answer when she must face her constituents here at home. Alaskans intend to hold her accountable!

I find it amazing that there actually are still people out there at this late stage in the election race who are still voting for the vice president instead of the president. Why are so many more worried about who is "sitting in the vice president's seat than who will actually be POTUS? Why is the fact that Governor Palin is a woman more important than the fact that Senator Obama's biggest accomplishent in public service is as a community organiser which is nothing more than a protestor? Have any of these people saying Governor Palin(HIGHER than Senator on the government service list) lacks the experience needed to be POTUS? Hello! Even a woman Governor has more experience than a male community organizer in any country. Four in ten people need to read the requirements of a community organizer, then take the poll again.

Hey Eric, check out (google it) McCain's gambling record if you want to talk about ethics in regard to Obama. How do you feel about monthly high stakes gambling in Vegas and extensive ties with casino owners and such? Better get that log out of your eye.........

Christian extremists like Palin, speaking in tongues, annointed by witch hunters, and believing the End-Times are no different than muslim extremists. Palin wants to usher in the End-Time by nuking Iran and turning my world into a nuclear wasteland. You people had your saviour in George Bush, and look what you did. You all praised and said that Huckabee and Thompson walked on water, and when they drowned, you turn to Palin as your new savior. We need to expose christian extremists that don't recognize the separation of church and state for what they are - radical theocrats that want to destroy our democracy and turn our nation into a bunch of kool-aid drinking zombies. That is, if there is anything left.

Since when does lack of experience being president preclude a person from being vice president. Oh, that's right, the old fart will die.

Oh, and religious fanatic, is she? Really? Did she strap a bomb on herself and kill Jewish settlers in Israel? Obama is a Muslim. Where is the source of extremism on the planet today? Hmmm.... can you say "car bomb"?

Can you say the christian savior George W Bush dropping 50 sorties of bombs and killing tens of thousands of INNOCENT women and children, and every bomb to the delight of you christians, you cheered, and you hugged each other and you said our savior George Bush is our christian crusader.

I am surprised that anyone is still spreading the FALSE rumor that Obama is a Muslim. For anyone sincerely interested in debunking this and other slander about Obama, check out http://www.matthew25.org/paf/index.htm. It behooves all of us, regardless of our political leanings, to humbly seek and then speak the truth.

You know all this talk about whether Palin is experienced or not is just plain crazy. Look at the mess the so called EXPERIENCED ones have gotten us into. Over spending, cheating, fraud, pilfering of money, blackmailing, sexual deviancy, (Clinton, Barney Frank etc...), greed, power hungry, abuse of power, purposely creating a dependency on government, and believe me Obama is no different...his hand is in the till just a deeply as the rest. Do we really want her to have experience. She has the experience where we need it. Her experience is in honesty, decency, respect, dignity and the desire to serve. This is the experience we should be requiring of the rest of them! ....need I say more

You are naive to suggest "her experience is in honesty, decency, respect, dignity and the desire to serve." Palin is currently under legislative investigation for abuses of power! McCain didn't bother to check before he plucked her from obscurity. Now his team of lawyers have spent the past month trying to circumvent Alaska's Constitution to halt this investigation. After losing in Superior Court, they have appealed to the AK Supreme Court where they will lose on Thursday.

What we Alaskans have learned is that she appoints loyal friends over competent individuals, she mixes professional duties with personal vendettas, and has reneged on her promise of open and transparent government. She claims credit for taking on the good ole boys, but the FBI was investigating Republican corruption here long before she took office. Important oil and gas legislation was the result of extraordinary bipartisan cooperation, but now she has turned on those same legislators. She enjoyed the limelight with AK media, but since tapped for VP has totally snubbed them and been accusatory. She has lost all credibility.

I will agree that she has a strong desire to serve, but the question is to serve whom? I have gone from cheering her on to realizing that she puts herself, not the public, first. She is sadly lacking in experience, and her moral fiber is badly torn.

As for the over-riding importance of a saving faith and the Right values in the highest official in the land:

For the past eight (8) years we have had a Christian brother sitting at that extraordinary desk in the Oval Office. Consider the results of his administration for our country.

I rest my case.

As veteran educators, my husband & I are scared to death of Barry Obama. He has no experience in running anything of consequence. Community organizer, state senator, and Presidential campaign organizer are not adequate preparation for the office of President of the United States of America. He was not in the U.S. Senate for a full 2 years before running for President. He has no accomplishments to show for this short time in the Senate. How egotistical can anyone be?

He continues to try to hide his ties to far left extremists. He continues to deny the impact of 20 years under the racist rantings of his close friend and pastor. He is very glib -- continuing to talk, while saying nothing. His running mate, Joe Biden, not only has poor command of the facts, but also has trouble telling the truth.

We did not support John McCain in the primaries. However, we support him now because the alternative is so frightening. Actually, Governor Sarah Palin is just a wonderful bonus! We became enthusiastic about the Republican ticket only after he chose her as his running mate. She gives us hope that some of our values will be represented in the Oval Office.

God willing, McCain will continue in good health. We should pray to that end. However, if Obama were to be elected, we would be in worse shape as a nation than if Governor Palin were to become President due to the death of President McCain.

The "Drive Bys" keep at it because it works. The media not only pulls the dirty tricks out of the box, they also tell people what they should conclude by watching the slight of hand demonstrations. Did Barach Obama submit to grilling questions by Rush or Sean or any other conservative who would have asked the gotcha questions? He always gets soft ball from the mainline media. Sara saw the hook behind the bait and that took some smarts. If she had answered, it would have been worse. Take, for example, the question about her reading. If she said she read religious mags, they would have painted her an out of touch fanatic. If she said she read conservative stuff, they would have made her into a neo Natzi. If she said she read liberal stuff, she would have alienated her conservative base. Also, if she named some, but left out others, there would have been some hurt feelings about that. So the question had no good answer and that is why they asked her -- to get her in trouble. She was smart enough to see the trap and jump over it. So they got her on the charge of "foolish answers", but what they were hoping for was worse. If you look at the questions, they all followed the same pattern -- no good answers without getting into trouble. I just hope she doesn't submit to the hostile press again without some guidelines. They only treat Conservatives that way. Also, someone busy running Alaska hasn't had time to devote to being up on everything national. But if the national issues are her job, you may be sure she will be on top of them. That is her style. The others have been running for a year and a half compared to her few weeks. Hide and watch her go. GO SARAH!

Sarah Palin is not a God sent. God is not a author of confusion.

Palin is only doing what is best, she thinks, for the campaign. I have more of a problem with John McCain. His family is involved in liquor distribution. Am I the only one who sees this? Cindy McCain's family business is like the 8th largest beer distributor in the US. We need to rethink where peoples values really are. I don't think McCain's values represent my values. Plus, he divorced his first wife. Does Sarah Palin actually speak in tongues or not? I would like to know.

I am surprised that it is 4 out of 10, it should be 11 out of 10 for a governor who can not name one of the many complimentary newspapers she gets in her office nor could she site a supreme court case including one in the state she governs. Is this real?

BJ, check your timeline. Obama was a community organizer before he went to law school, way more than 5 years ago like you suggest. Obama spent 13 years in the Illinois state house and senate before he ran for US senate. He wrote is first book, just after law school. The house was purchased with the proceeds of his second book. If you can't even get basic facts like that right you haven't really looked into him.


Does Acts 4:32 sound Marxist or Conservative or Liberal to you?


People are worried about the VP candidate because it is called a joint ticket.That is, these folks are referred to as either McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden ticket.It is naive to think that Cheney has not influenced some of Bush's policies either good or bad, that is how important the vice presidency position is.

Obama "hides" his ties to far left extremists? How? He's a best selling memoirist. was a popular professor, was in the statehouse, then to Congress, and in the very public eye since his book caught the public's attention.

What "far-left extremists?" There is much gossip about Obama and Bill Ayers, but that "palling around" was hardly what right wing radicals are making it. Ayers is from a wealthy, politically powerful Chicago family, who's adequately rehabilitated himself to the satisfaction of Chicagoans, anyway, since his probably should have been in jail much longer dangerously radical youth. As with Oliver North, he got off on technicalities. Unlike North, he apparently mended his radical ways and became semi-respectable, at least in Chicago. It probably helped to have a very wealthy father for that rehab.

Obama and Ayers lived in the same neighborhood, they're both interested in education as they're college professors. Beyond that, Obama has kept Ayers at a distance since the early part of the decade. Obama was 8 when Ayers was dangerous. That large age difference and differing temperaments, alone, would keep them from being the gossip monger's bosom buddies.

Obama was a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago. He was recommended by a respected conservative. We're hardly talking about a hotbed of far left extremism.

Christians can't forgive someone, like Ayers, who's repents and tries to start anew? ...unlike say, Charles Colson, who continues to practice the same, far-right, anti-democracy, crony politics that got him into trouble in the first place? If he's repented, it's not apparent to my, no doubt jaundiced eye.

Obama's community organizing days likely put him into contact with excessively idealistic people, who were not up to far-right standards. He was, however, working with Christian organizations, found Jesus though not raised a believer. He joined a Protestant, Trinity believing church. If that's far-left extremism...what is "conservatism?"

Rev. Wright, you say. He suffers from foot in mouth disease. He doesn't know when to be discreet. He's retired now, though he seems quite fit. He's not the racist far-rightists say he is. He is a fierce critic of whiteness. That's not the same thing as being a fierce bigot towards people of European descent.

I'm a fierce, I hope, critic of whiteness. I'm Norwegian American. I am not a self hater, or bitter, either.

Whiteness is a caste system of unearned, inherited privilege and hegemony. It's calloused, ill will patriarchal, conspiracy theory minded and flamboyantly hypocritical. It has mercilessly and self righteously exploited/exploits people.

Whiteness, born in the 16th Century, I think, may practice intra-caste democracy, but constantly subverts enfranchisement by the "other." The Bill of Rights applies to them, but not for others. As I remember reading in a National Review from the Fifties..."the advanced race must prevail."

Whiteness is anti-democracy and anti-capitalist. It doesn't allow a level playing field. The caste suppresses influence and competition from outsiders. Crony capitalism and crony political machines harbor the movers and shakers of whiteness. The anti-Civil Rights movement wasn't called "Massive Resistance" for nothing. Separate and not equal, that is whiteness.

My ancestors did not come from Whiteland to become White Americans. They came here to be Norwegian Americans. I don't speak Norwegian and have few ties to the homeland. I'm nevertheless proud to be a Norwegian American. I honor the desire of my ancestors to leave a place where they felt they were and will be, seemingly forever, barely last class citizens.

I don't want any American to feel that way. I don't want to feel that way.

Still, without having an extraordinary, ambitious grandfather, I wonder what my story would have been.

I'm proud to be Norwegian American. I'm not proud of being is a White American. Whiteness was conferred merely because we didn't have African ancestors. Whiteness doesn't like immigrants, except maybe from England, but whiteness had to subsume the European "other" to keep going... even as Obama shows that it has lost some power.

Whiteness played European ancestry people against each other, subverting their individual/group best interests for "white privilege" over evil conspirators trying to lead the "other" to go against nature and claim equality...to "steal" white jobs and women if not kept in "their place."

On the other hand, whiteness has always been more than European ancestry as the key to privilege.

Racism, states' rights (privilege based instead of rights based), "literal interpretation" of the Bible, "strict construction/original intent of the Constitution, and racial segregation, defacto and dejure, crony capitalism, anti-equality churches, and crony run political machines, were the most effective ways to keep the caste system going with America's massive immigration. They can be repainted for the 21st Century. As Bayard Rustin pointed out, racism isn't only about black and white.

So, it's quite conceivable that non-European ancestry individuals can be folded into whiteness, keeping the whiteness caste system's core of calloused, self righteous exploitation, anti-democracy, anti-capitalist cronyism, and class/religious/sexual segregations alive. Not in overtly racist ways, but in very racist-like ways, such as with school vouchers...an anti-BROWN scheme, now forgotten.

There is still inherently corrupt crony capitalism and crony political machines. There is the state's rights instead of individual rights party. There is shameless scapegoating as "spiritual warfare." There is the wild pretentiousness of Regent University, where people come into there position as God's natural (as opposed to unnatural), born again aristocracy --divinely anointed to have unearned and greedy hegemony over the "other."

This is an obvious, extremely anti-democratic, anti-capitalist fantasy. It's racist like, and perhaps also dualist heresy, in seeing two supernatural races in spiritual warfare, the Jesus race of all things lightness, and the other, not born again supernatural race...that conspiratorial minded race of all things darkness.

In the end, many voters will pick the A students over the C-, D, and F students

McCain, Palin, Obama, and Biden would all face daunting challenges if elected. None have experience in all areas that they'll need it.

I can hardly think of a circumstance when I WOULDN'T vote for the best student---

We've certainly had a good plenty of the "far less than the best" students, haven't we?

I think rumours of McCain's demise are greatly exaggerated. Obama could die in the bathtub and we'd be left with Biden who although being in the Senate for eons has a loose grip on truthfulness. Troopergate found she had legitimate reasons for firing Commissioner Monegan but abused her power to try and fire bother-in-law. I don't know about you but anyone who tasers a child, hunts illegally and drives drunk is not qualified to hold a position as a policeman. So I give her a pass on that. I don't like torture but I also don't want people arrested on the battlefield set free in this country which is policy on the left and Obama is so far to the left, he's left this world.

Lies, Lies, Lies! I would never believe a poll done by the Washington Post. And I doubt 2 out of 10 evangelicals are voting for Obama. I do know some who are, but that has nothing to do with Sarah Palin. It has to do with their poor decision-making based on emotions rather than convictions!

Respectfully, W. is a former governor, a Believer, and an inspiring figure to many. Unfortunately, his presidency hasn't worked out too well for the country. This nation is too big and diverse to be governed effectively from a rigid ideological perspective, regardless of who is in power. I don't think Palin understands this. It's time to look for common ground, even with people who do not necessarily share our beliefs.