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October 24, 2008

Poll: More evangelicals hearing from McCain's campaign

Despite Barack Obama's heavy outreach to religious voters, more evangelicals report hearing from John McCain's campaign, a new poll suggests.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll report shows that 26 percent of evangelicals have been contacted by McCain's campaign, compared with 15 percent who have heard from the Obama campaign.

The Obama campaign seems to take a more public approach with their faith tours, while perhaps the McCain campaign is taking a quieter approach.

The 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign urged people to obtain church directories, but last year, McCain's campaign denied the same approach. Obama's head of religious outreach Joshua DuBois told Michael Paulson of The Boston Globe that the campaign would not "steal" church directories to call people. Eric Gorski of the Associated Press wrote last month that a McCain campaign spokesman declined to say whether parish directories were in the campaign's plans.


Mr. Obama is a child of God if he believes in the blood sacrifice the Son of God made for him. That is how a man is reconciled to God. Liberation theology,by which Mr. Obama was influenced for so many years, is inflammatory and illogical. What a man thinks about God is the most important thing about him, and I doubt that Mr. Obama concedes that God is in control and has laid out the plan of true salvation for man. Liberation theology seems concerned for only one color of skin. That does not seem right, for we all who accept the plan of salvation through Christ's blood, are children of God, no matter what the color of our skin. Mr. Obama is a charismatic man, and I like his smile. But I do not care for his inflammatory theology.

What has become convoluted in the minds of people these days is what Christianity is. The atrocities for which Christianity has been blamed were committed by non-Christians to be sure. Just like the atrocities for which Islam has been blamed were committed by non-Muslims, untrue Muslims. God is the judge, not man. Man is too frivolous, too willing to follow the leader. Following a charismatic but mysterious leader seems dangerous, so I cannot follow the Obama. He came out of nowhere and to that he should return.

What's wrong with calling evangelicals by using church directories? I am one and have not gotten any calls. The government has prohibited churches promoting candidates due to non profit, charitable status, so it is nice to feel that our votes count with the candidates.
Christians, Vote this election. But don't vote for the candidate because of useless rhetoric or because either of them said anything about the other. Instead, vote the Bible. Look at their platforms and see which lines up with God's Word.
I will be voting McCain/Palin because of this.

By the way, one more comment, look at Rick Warren's interviews with the candidates on You Tube (there are four parts) and your eyes may be opened.

All the religious talk is not going to bring this nation back to the blessings of God. There needs to be a nation wide revival of repentence. All that are in sin must ask forgivnes. the ONLY one to ask is our Lord and Master,Jesus Christ.No other name can save you.Yes Jesus loves everbody,but hates the sin.Read Levit;18 and it tells what God hates.