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October 1, 2008

Quinnipiac Swings

Today's Quinnipiac polls of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania show big margins for Obama: 51-43 in Florida, 50-42 in Ohio, and 54-39 in Pennsylvania. He trails by five points among white voters in both Florida and Ohio, but is up by four in Pennsylvania. White Catholics split for McCain 51-44 in Florida, 48-47 and 47-45 in Ohio and Pennsylvania respectively. Nothing much of note there.

But the difference between the South and the North when it comes to white evangelicals is striking. McCain leads among them in Florida by the normal (for Republican candidates nationwide) 3-1 margin of 71-24. In Ohio and Pennsylvania, however, it's 2-1: 62-30 and 62-35 respectively.

This provides some more evidence that, in contrast to the last few election cycles, the white evangelical vote is going to bifurcate--to the benefit of Obama in the swing states north of the Mason-Dixon line.

(Originally published at Spiritual Politics.)


The facts are clear. People are going to either vote Obama, or the next worse thing, sit at home and vote for nobody. Obama leading in these states is another sign of our failure to stand firm on the principles of inerrant, infallible scripture. America is embracing liberalism. So-called Christians are embracing liberalism. There is nothing more disgusting than liberalism. We have become like dogs who feed on vomit. One thing is sure: before Americans go BACKWARDS and elect Obama, they must nip the whole idea in the bud and stand for principle, not popularity. Vote McCain.

When it comes to elect a President to turn around our economy, to establish a quality and affordable health care system, to create good paying jobs for all Americans, to protect the environment, to create a fair and balanced tax system, to lift up our standing in the world, to deal appropriately and responsibly in the two wars that we are involved in, then we need to look to the future with Senator Barack Obama as our next President. This is not a matter of liberalism or conservatism, those are just ideologies that may serve a purpose at a given time...or need to be set aside at a given time, depending on what reality points to at the moment; this is a moment to exercise common sense and rescue our country.

I agree with Ryan and firmly disagree with Jason. Logic shows Obama's tax plan will not work but will make the matter worse. And yes liberalism is an issue. Look at Obama's views on Abortion (he wouldnt even tell the truth about his thinking at Saddleback)and Homosexuality. He cant give direct answers to basic questions. It is apparent that many are blind- even so called Christians- to the fact that liberalism and the loosening of morals and ethics are tearing America down. McCain may not be the best conservative, but he is our best choice.

Jason has a lot of nerve calling someone a "so-called Christian" because they're liberal. Where in the Bible are we called to be conservative republicans?

While I agree that abortion is a huge moral issue, I will point out that it is indeed possible to be a liberal and pro-life. I know many, many people who are both.

My concern is that more and more Christians mix their political ideology with their faith. They are NOT one and the same, or at least they shouldn't be.

While you may think Obama's economic policies are bad for the nation, it doesn't make those in favor of them non-Christians. It's a difference in opinion on secular public policy, not on Christ's centrality.

And by the way, lest you write me off as a democrat, I've never voted for a Democrat for President in the 6 elections I've voted in, and only rarely have I voted for a democrat for any office (one exception being a Pro-Life blue dog democrat in my congressional district).

I'm sorry, that was Ryan who referred to "so-called Christians". My bad.

it is comments like those above who believe they are not like those liberal sinners and who would judge other's actions through a lens clouded by their own conservative sins that make a lot of people reject chrisitianity. where is the love and compassion not to mention the humility? where is the ethics and morality of a social policy that puts families on the street when wall street is making a killing. where children do not have basic healthcare service while millionaires sip champagne on their yachts. i forget now the scripture which tells us that jesus was a republican - a conservative republican with strict economic policy that favored the wealthy. if they can ever remove that log in their eye perhaps they could show me where it is alongwith all the other things they claim jesus said about caring for the poor and sick and those in jail. talk about wanting to vomit. hypocrisy is rampant in this country alongwith arrogance of the wealthy.

We have to be discerning no matter what party. Both are right about some things, both are wrong about some things. Our job as Christians is to look for the "red flags" that God still gives us. When is something really wrong according to God's Word? Not generally, because the good can always be found either way, but specifically. Mat. 7:17-18 Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit." Be wise and discerning! We no longer know how to do this because we are obsessed with the wrong things.

I know Ryan, personally and can say he is the least arrogant, least hypocritical, and least wealthy person I know. He stands for principle not popularity. He is not saying that Republicans are god's people, he is saying that this year they are our best choice.

Sorry I meant to capitalize the "g" if God's.

There was a very good discussion at the "Catholics for Obama" meeting at Carlow University in Pittsburgh on October 1 that sought to define pro-life in a broader sense, one that includes not just opposition to abortion but also to war, genocide, and violence toward women.

I met many Catholics in the audience who were committed to social justice issues such as helping regular people keep their jobs, get proper health care and protect their earnings from the wealthy Wall Street marauders and oil tycoons ruining our great nation.

I've never met a Catholic or Christian who was for abortion, only those who believed that women should have a choice in certain situations involving their health.

I get offended when I start hearing hot-button words like liberalism being thrown around as indictments -- we need to stand together as Americans and recognize our commonalities, while respecting each other's differences.

I think Obama/Biden offers the best choice for our country.