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October 14, 2008

Rasmussen Shifts

I've been looking at the crosstabs (premium access, I'm afraid) for yesterday's Rasmussen polls of five battleground states won by Bush in 2004 (VA, FL, OH, MO, and NC), and the news about religious blocs is this. Catholics in the South have shifted significantly toward Obama, most importantly in Florida, where Obama has turned what was a three-point deficit for Kerry into a 15-point advantage. And white evangelicals in Ohio, who backed Bush in 2004 by 75-25, now prefer McCain by only 65-33. If they had voted that way four years ago, Kerry would have carried Ohio by over 100,000 votes and been president for the past four years. Likewise with the Catholics in Florida, by a few hundred thousand votes.

(Originally published at Spiritual Politics)

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I have trouble accepting that 65% of white Evangelicals in Ohio still back McCain. Given the shameless prefering and advantaging the privileged' and the preemptive war in Irac, the torture, the lies and manipulation of the current administration (and McCain's association with that); given the outright lies and manipulations of Palin (and McCain) these last few months....how can a Christian of conscience support them?

I've resolved myself &/or come to the conclusion that this nation is, and will, get just exactly what it deserves. Not only financially, but politically.

America as a whole, has lost it's sense of reason, morality and responsibility. American's can't manage money, their family members actions and their own moral values.

We will, I believe, break this nation, both financially and morally, we will have a Liberal administration that will be the beginning of the end of the Judeo-Christian values of this country, where the influence of Islam and Atheism will have and even stronger voice than it has now. And, it will be harder and harder to express the convictions of our hearts without receiving the conviction of immoral courts and judges. For the first time in my life, I truly fear for the demise of this country and what lies ahead for our children and their children.

Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe we'll adjust, but my heart is really burdened for this nation. Because America is not just a land mass, it is US, you and me and all others that live here, so let's do our part to do what's right, encourage others to do the same, and just maybe America will survive.

Whatever happened to love? Is this not the core message of Jesus Christ? Whatever happened to truth? Is not Christ the truth? It has been said that Palin brings to the McCain ticket the evangelicals. Not me!! I find her to be divisive, unfriendly with the truth, and stirring up hate. I find McCain lacking in leadership to allow her to create this mischief in his campaign. Obama is clearly a better leader with better ideas, and genuine concern for the poor and middle income families.

We speak about fear of family values. Obama is still married to one woman and adores his two daughters. He spends time with them. McCain divorced his wife and was almost re-married before the ink could dry. Biden travelled miles between his home and his job to take care of his sons and be with them. Palin has a pregnant teen daughter who is about to have the added responsibility of marriage, tho' she is not even old enough to vote.

Which values do you prefer: Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin? Let's be honest.

Let us face it,Obama is the most liberal Senator there is and Biden is the third most liberal. If true believers in Christ, you know, those who confess to be Christians, do not stand up for McCain/Palin, then our country will fall from within. I honestly do not see how a Christian can vote for Obama. Those professing to be Catholics and other believers need to come together at the poles and vote for the one who at least acknowledges that Jesus is our Savior! May God be with our country on election day!

Joanne....How can you be a Christian and support Obama? Have you ever looked into his policies on abortion? Or don't your Christian values and morals matter when voting for a president? Advantaging the privledged? Sorry to open your eyes, but Obama is going to raise taxes on small businesses which will trickle down and affect the middle class. Obviously you are only listening to the liberal news media. If small businesses are going to be forced to pay higher taxes..they cannot hire more employees, they will have to charge more for their products or services and they will not be able to afford to give raises to their current employees!

Also, Obama wants to give healthcare to everyone!!!! I live in Minnesota that is filled with Hispanic's and Somali's and many other ethnicities. None of them speak english, but they know enough to come to this welfare state cause they know they can just keep having babies, not work and be supported by our tax dollars. While I work full time to pay for my healthcare and when I have a baby, I will be able to afford to stay home for 8weeks! I would be better off quitting my job and living on welfare!

47 million new insured.
$2500 reduction in insurance premium.


Higher taxes for all
Greatly reduced reimbursement rates for Physicians etc.....
Increased patient load
Long wait for appointment and vital testing (New offices will not pop up to meet demand because of how difficult it will be to make a profit)
High burnout rate for Doctors
More staff required to process patients
Much lower income for physicians
Staff......assistants, techs, clerical will forego raises and may be replaced with lower paid workers
Higher Education costs + Lower $ reward = fewer Med students
Medical advancements will be few and far between
And lastly,

The U.S. healthcare system will be changed forever!!!

P.S. Did you know that the major health organizations currently have several full-time interpreters on staff and it's free for all(including illegals)? I guess they'll need a few more on staff that we'll be paying for with Obama's plan.