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October 23, 2008

The $150,000 elephant in the campaign

Who knew that the reported $150,000 purchase of clothing for Sarah Palin would become such a big deal?

"She needed clothes at the time," John McCain said today. "It works that the clothes will be donated to charity. Nothing surprises me." He also said that he pays for all of his own clothing.

Palin told the Chicago Tribune that the clothes are not worth $150,000 and were bought for the Republican National Convention.

"That whole thing is just, bad!" she said. "Oh, if people only knew how frugal we are. It's kind of painful to be criticized for something when all the facts are not out there and are not reported." Palin said the clothes will be given back, auctioned off or sent to charity.


Notice how Palin finds a way to blame the media and avoids taking any responsibility. The media didn't spend the$150,000 on clothes; she did, courtesy of the RNC, and the American people deserve to know about it.

Why can't she just say, OK we spent the money, I'm not keeping the clothes, now let's get back to business?

Sounds fishy that one would spend $150k for clothing anyway. People are gullible, and the media are gullible for running with it. Perhaps it was an overindulgent price, but not to the tune of 150k. C'mon.

She only decided to give them back AFTER she got found out.

Why does anyone care what the clothes cost? The Republican Party paid for them. It didn't come from any taxes we paid. Look at the clothes she wore in any of the pictures or videos of her as governor, mayor or city council member.....they are not expensive...very average.
She looks wonderful as a candidate! Get over it!!

If we care about Sarah's clothes, we need to care about the clothes for OHB as well as Biden. Clothes is so insignificant its stupid to even be talking about. If she was a multi-millionaire no one would ask. But being a lady running for the first time in history for the V.P. job she is free territory to criticize whatever. She didn't get found out. She is perhaps the most transparent of the four candidates. BUT BUT WE REALLY need to care about what OHB did at Harvard and who paid his fees to attend?

Why does anyone care what the clothes cost? The Republican Party paid for them. It didn't come from any taxes we paid. Look at the clothes she wore in any of the pictures or videos of her as governor, mayor or city council member.....they are not expensive...very average.
She looks wonderful as a candidate! Get over it!!

I have no problem with anyone defending Sarah Palin but I find it offensive that the duly elected Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama,is not referred to by his given name and insinuations are made regarding his tenure at Harvard Law School. If we are talking about the transparency of the candidates then we should ourselves be transparent about what we mean by writing, "BUT WE REALLY need to care about what OHB did at Harvard and who paid his fees to attend?" What is the writer insinuating? What are you implying and where is your proof?Senator Obama was elected by the student body (both conservative and liberal)due to his ability to be a bridge and representativeof divergent points of view as the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Perhaps insinuations are better posted on the political website of one"s choice and not here. The One who loved us and died for us talked to ALL-the politically powerful and those with no power and he died for ALL so that we could be reconciled to Him.

I am an Obama supporter and I think this is a stupid story. As is the fact that Palin's makeup person was the highest paid campaign staff for the first two weeks in October. It may be a bad political decision but there is nothing wrong with it.

Is there any proof beyond media article ?
There were other articles on the web on investigation to verify this accusation
The problem is that beyond the photocopied, scanned, computer printed table
There is not even a single shop admit or even know anyone has spent such amount
Plus the funny case of 2 years old clothing reported where none in Palin's family is 2 years old. We don't even have 1 witness on this 150000 debacle

1 Timothy 5:19 "Do not admit an accusation against an older man, except only on the evidence of two or three witnesses."

This is much ado about nothing. This is a woman who wore fleece and sweat pants campaigning in Alaska and probably didn't have a very extensive wardrobe. If she hadn't bought any clothes, people would have complained that she wore the same thing all the time. This is a woman who has been raked over the coals for the most benign things while the men, especially Biden have said stupid things and virtually gone unreported. I still think she's the best candidate of them all.

Yesterday, she lied about it, even when receipts and eyewitnesses suggest otherwise.How disgraceful.

That money will pay for Joe the Plumber's house with $23.000.00 change left for his business investments.

People, wake up! Why did she have to go buy clothes anyways...? Because she did not have any! Ta Dah! Why is this not a big deal with Michelle Obama,Cindy McCain, or even Hillary spending money on their outfits? Because they had the money to buy clothes? Don't you want your VP candidate to look nice? Or would you rather her to dress in her sweats or mom outfits for delivering her kids to hockey practice and school? Just because the RNC (who are NOT using tax payer money but donors money)wants to buy her new outfits, does not mean she is abandoning her morals, principles, and values of who she is and what she stands for. You may have a physical brain, but trying using your mind to THINK!

Don't pass-on ignornace!

No one's been objecting to the MILLIONS and MILLIONS Obama and the Democrats are spending on their campaign, far outspending the Republicans. This is another clever ploy by the media to focus as much negative attention as possible on the Republican candidates. They have no problem with Obama's millions spent, so I doubt they're really upset about $150K being spend on Palin's wardrobe. It's just more media hypocrisy in service to their political agenda.

I do not understand the rush to defend Sarah Palin. She is no victim of media bias or anything else. She is very cleverly positioning herself for a Presidential run in 2012, and all the current hysteria and adulation is just playing into her hands. Now all she needs to do is add some content to the showboating and the Republicans might actually have a real candidate. Unfortunately for her, real content is a lot harder to acquire than media skills...

Just to let you know it was reported today that a McCain rep bought the clothes on her own credit card, (They gave her name on Fox. but I forgot it) they were all different sizes, and most of them were returned. There was not nearly the 150,000 that all the media is stating.

Please do not call yourself a Christian if you are voting Obama! My Lord and Saviour says homosexualty & murder is an abomination.
If you believe differently you must be a member of Oprah's or Rev. Wrights church!

Amen to Audrey and John../
How much did Obama pay for his wardrobe; how about Biden. What about Hilary? What about John McCain? Who cares....and Whatever!!!!
Just another stupid dredged up attack on Sarah...while we seem to be blinded by the real issues of morality like the sanctity of life and marriage. Vote the Bible!!!

She can't afford clothes? The governor of Alaska is paid $125,000 a year. Why can't she afford clothes. It's a big deal because it portrays an elitist sense of entitlement that rules from the top down.

Here is the real issue; she did not have the kind of clothing that any respectable candidate would wear. She is first a female and there is nothing more embarassing for a woman than; I do not have what it takes to be presented in a certain manner. Secondly she is a person that was already a Governor of a state, should she not have had a decent wardrobe? They also had to purchase clothing for her spouse and children, what no malls in Alaska?
The very important factor is nobody had to buy clothes for Cindy, John or Barack and Michelle or Joe and his spouse. You see they were already prepared for their debut. Why would any self respecting woman want someone to come into their closet and say Oh No this won't do! What I really wish is that they would have told McCain that before he picked her; Oh NO She Won't Do!

I vote my politics, not the Bible. Here is the sad issue you can not legalize morality nor salvation. Each person must come to belief, repentance, and faith by themselves. You vote for marriage and this proves what? It does not stop any sin nor does it give credence to your faith. Christianity is lost on the those that seem to believe it is a package deal with democracy. Listen to what God's Word says, tell them that as they choose this day to have a King, that their sons shall be horseman, and their daughters shall sell perfume. Ofcourse paraphrased but the meaning is clear, give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's and to God what is God's.

I think the Sarah Palin is a pain in the side of McClain. Her
clothing is the first of many things to show her up. I can't
wait for her medical records to be viewed. I won't be surprise
that her young baby boy is her daughter. Her daughter doesn't
look pregnant anymore. What happened? I saw her on TV today and
see no bump. How much does a governor of Alaska makes? I'm sure
the consignment stores don't see her as a customer. Funny isn't it.

What is more concerning about this whole thing is that it didn't have to happen. The RNC was not required to disclose in this level of detail their spending. Why someone chose to should be the real question. You know that this would cause controversy. So was that the point, to get more press? Was it to embarrass Palin and/or McCain? Was it to show her middle class roots (she didn't even have enough clothes to campaign in)?

Every campaign has expenses that would look embarassing if they were widely disclosed. But the decision at the time, from inside the campaign is that the spending would be worth it. This spending is a very small portion of the overall spending. And in many ways could be considered an extremely efficient use of funds. Palin has a style and many people comment about it. The amount of press commenting about her style I am sure is way more than $150,000. And except on a few fashion shows they will also comment on substance as well as style at the same time.

I say this as a very strong Obama supporter. I think this was good spending by the RNC. I just think the handling of the expense reports was bungled.

I think it's time we ALL get down on our knees and ask for FORGIVENESS! Unless you were there when she bought the clothes you have NO right to cast a stone. It's time we STOP picking on little things, about the money spent on clothes, fruit flies, etc. We need to put GOD back in our hearts no matter what RELIGION we are and let Him guide us to the direction this country needs to go! If we continue to be so rude to our canidates and their partners this country WILL NOT be the country we were given by God! We need to return to the MORALS given to us by God and CLEAN up our ACT!! I pray we ALL pull together for the good of this COUNTRY now before it's too LATE!! May God bless us all with His Love, and guide us so we CAN have our FREEDOM! LET FREEDOM RING!!!

Sarah Palin is not some poor soccer mom next door that cannot afford to buy whatever clothes she chooses. The amount she spends on her clothes is not our business. The fact she did not pay for her clothes and that RNC money was used does make it our business. That is where your and my ten and twenty dollar contributions to help the GOP go to. Combine that with the misuse of power issue and her spending tax payer money to take her uninvited children with her to speaking engagements combine to show a total disregard and disrespect for us little people.