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October 2, 2008

The Death of Joe Biden's Wife -- An Honest Crisis of Faith

I really admire this passage from Joe Biden's memoir, Promises to Keep. It's about the sudden death of his wife, Neilia (above), and their baby daughter Naomi in a car accident shortly after his election to the Senate in 1992. It is defiantly not an explication of the power of faith, but rather an honest -- and politically risky -- description of what it really felt like. His faith returned later, but I think anyone who has been through horrific tragedy will appreciate the honesty here:

They flew us to Wilmington, but I didn't know anything for sure until I got to the hospital. All the way up, I kept telling myself that everything was going to be okay, that I was letting my imagination run away with me, but the minute I got to the hospital and saw Jimmy's face, I knew the worst had happened. Beau, Hunt and Naomi had been in the car with Neilia when the accident happened. Neilia had been killed and so had our baby daughter. The boys were both alive, but Beau had a lot of broken bones and hunt had injuries. The doctors couldn't rule out permanent damage. I could not speak, only felt this hollow core grow in my chest, like I was gong to be sucked inside a black hole.

The first few days I felt trapped in a constant twilight of vertigo, like in the dream where you're suddenly falling...only I was constantly falling. In moments of fitful sleep I was aware of the dim possibility that I would wake up, truly wake up, and this would not have happened. But then I'd open my eyes to the sight of my sons in their hospital beds -Beau in a full body cast--and it was back. And as consciousness gathered again, I could always feel at least one other physical present in the room--and there would be Val, or my mom, or Jimmy. They never left my side. I have no memory of ever being physically alone.

Most of all I was numb, but there were moments when the pain cut through like a shard of broken class. I began to understand how despair led people to just cash it in; how suicide wasn't just an option but a rational option. But I'd look at Beau and Hunter asleep and wonder what new terrors their own dreams held, and wonder who would explain to my sons my being gone, too. And I knew I had no choice but to fight to stay alive.

Except for the memorial service, I stayed in the hospital room with my sons. My life collapsed into their needs. If I could focus on what they needed minute by minute, I thought I might stay out of the black hole. My future was telescoped into the effort of putting one foot in front of the other. The horizon faded fro my view. Washington, politics, the Senate had no hold on me. I was supposed to be sworn into the Senate in two weeks, but I could not bear to image the scene without Neilia....

There was good news: The doctors assured us that Beau and Hunter would make full recoveries. Beau's bones would mend. Hunter had no brain impairment. But Christmas passed with the boys in the hospital, and I began to feel my anger. When the boys were asleep or when Val or Mom was taking a turn at their bedside, I'd bust out of the hospital and go walking the nearby streets. Jimmy would go with me, and I'd steer him wordlessly down into the darkest and seediest neighborhoods I could find. I liked to go at night when I thought there was a better chance of finding a fight. I was always looking for a fight. I had not known I was capable of such rage. I knew I had been cheated out of a future, but I felt I'd been cheated of a past, too.

The underpinnings of my life had been kicked out from under me...and it wasn't just the loss of Neilia and Naomi. All my life, I'd been taught about our benevolent God. This is a forgiving God who is tolerant. This is a God who gave us free will to be able to doubt. This was a loving God, a God of comfort. Well, I didn't want to hear anything about a merciful God. No words, no prayer, no sermon gave me ease. I felt God had played a horrible trick on me, and I was angry. I found no comfort in the Church. So I kept walking the dark streets to try to exhaust the rage."

(Originally posted at Steve Waldman's blog at Beliefnet.)


Concerning your article "JOE BIDEN - AN HONEST CRISES OF FAITH.

HOW DARE Joe Biden uses his wifes death for propaganda!!!

I heard Mr. Biden say on national televisionthat his wife was killed by a drunken driver.

He lied.

The polilceman on the scene said there was no alcohol on the drivers breathe, no sign of drinking, or drunken driving.

The daughter of this man who accidentally killed Mr. Bidens wife, is trying to clear her fathers name (who is now decesased). She was on a national television program (such as 20-20...or frontline)...she said her father WAS NOT DRUNK...it was an accident.

Mr. Biden is a politician, does not tell the truth.

Mr. Biden also said that during the 1930 depression President Roosevelt consoled the nation on television.
1. Television wasn't invented in 1930...during the great depression.
2. Hoover was President then. Roosevelt didn't become President until about 1945.

Doug Smith

FDR was elected in 1932 1936 1940 and 1944. Harry Truman became President upon his death in 1945

I am not a Biden fan. I am for McCain and Palin but I do believe in truth. I don't know about the situation with this accident. It may be that Biden lied and it may be that there are other circumstances that we may not know all about. Biden may really believe what he says, be he right or wrong. I just think we need to be careful about Judging other peoples motives when there may be facts we are unaware of. We sometimes talk about the liberal media and yellow journalism partisan support right or wrong etc. but we as christians should be careful about judging so quickly. I know one thing. Biden lost his wife and whether I like him or not it must have been a horrifying experience to say the least. I will be careful about accusing him of cheapening the experience when I was not there. Our Lord did admonish us to be careful that we do not judge others expecting not to be judged in the same way. If such a thing were to happen to me and I stuck my foot in my mouth before I knew all the facts (and even after for that matter) I can expect others to treat me the same way and say things about me that are also judgmental. As to the statement about Roosevelt. I am a preacher and I have accidently said stupid things from the pulpit which I realized after the fact and was embarrased. He may have said television when he meant radio. I bet everybody does that at times. Or is it just me and Biden. Give the man a break and lets look for more substantial material to discuss. What if he had misspelled potato, er patatoe er... whatever it is. And if we are going to criticize someone elses ignorance about dates I suggest we do our homeword and get it right. Roosevelt was president during the depression. Dave Jones

John McCain writes about being a prisoner of war and other personal tragedies -- is that "propaganda"? No, of course not. It's an incredibly important period that helped make him the man he is.

So how is that so different from Joe Biden writing about an important part of his background - losing his wife? You can blame Joe Biden for writing memoir, I guess, so long as you blame every politician for writing a memoir, but assuming that it's OK for a politician to write a memoir...how in the HECK could he write a memoir and not mention the death of his wife? Mentioning it in an ad would count as "propaganda"; mentioning it in a memoir counts as "part of his background that absolutely must be included in a memoir." Goodness, give the man a break. You can disagree with his politics without stomping on him, I would hope.

I don't know about the whole drunk driving thing, but I'd call the FDR television misspeak a simple flub, not "lying." FDR did appear on TV (he was the first president to appear on TV -- in 1939, I've read), though not in the early years of his time as president. But I guess accusing someone whose politics you dislike of "making an error" isn't nearly as much fun as calling him a liar, is it?

Biden never said that his wife was killed by a drunk driver. He said that his wife was killed by a driver who allegedly had a drinking problem. He opted not to pursue this allegation---gee I would have pursued it. Maybe the driver was speeding to the liquor store when he broadsided the car Biden's wife was driving. Maybe he was trying to commit suicide. A drinking problem definitely explains a lot of terrible things that happen in life.

I think twisting Sen. Biden's own words and calling his reflection on his dear young wife's death a "propaganda ploy" is meaner than mean.
Yes, Doug Smith: You were being a mean, mean, mean, mean, MEAN person when you wrote this comment.

That was pure evil

The year of his wife's death was 1972, not 1992.

i would like to see senator biden grow a mustache and governor palin move to canada

RAh Rah Maverick! She came across as a dumb cheerleader.

What was with all the winks from Palin? Is she flirting or does she have a facial tick?
God help us if the Republicans win

Calling a man a liar when you trample on the truth is hardly an honest action.

>>Mr. Biden also said that during the 1930 depression President
>>Roosevelt consoled the nation on television.
>>1. Television wasn't invented in 1930.during the great depression.
>>2. Hoover was President then. Roosevelt didn't become President until about 1945.

Television wasn't invented in 1930. In fact, it was "invented" back in 1884 by Paul Gottlieb Nipkow, who patented a system for converting images into electrical pulses. In 1928, Philo Farnsworth demonstrated the first working television to the media on 09/01/1928 by televising a motion picture film.

Franklin D Roosevelt died in 1945, after 4 terms as President of the United States, at which point his Vice President Harry Truman became President. He was first elected in 1932 following a disastrous republican administration that didn't understand the economy and blithely assumed that Wall Street would bounce back from a momentary market crisis.

Why don't you go do some research before you open your mouth next time. Or perhaps I could take a page from your book and assume you were not just mistaken, but deliberately bearing false witness.

Doug Smith needs a history lesson. FDR was president, elected in 1932, during the Great Depression. Television was also around. On April 7, 1927, AT&T demonstrated TV in NYC with a transmission of then Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover, from Washington, DC. Later that day, other material was broadcast, including a vaudeville comedian, A. Dolan.

I just have to say--I love "Joe"--he did a fantastic job. I hope Barack and Michelle get to run things with Joe's help, of course.There are good ones out that; few and far in between,(but they are there!)
(By the law, Palin keeps talking about the future--Uh wasn't 'Top Gun', like over a decade ago. "Heck" wink, wink, even the movie "Maverick" w/Mel was over a decade ago! )

All you Palin bashers are just mad because you expected her to crash and burn in tonight's debate. No such luck for you. She was articulate, informed and obviously very intelligent, and you know it. Dumb cheerleader? Hardly! Michelle to run things? Please. It might be the second time in her life she would be proud to be an American--except, heck, that's never going to happen because the American public is smarter than that! Why make fun of someone with a facial tick? God help us if your candidate wins!

Sarah-rah ;-) was good but not strong. I was creeped out the first time she winked at me. Then I started winking back and we had a good time, her and I ;-)
Joe Scranton 6-pack ;-) was good AND strong. Why did he sigh so much? Joe wins.

Was anyone else concerned that Cheney's legacy of VP legislative powers is something Palin deeply relishes getting her hands on?? Whoa Nelly.

I've been an Obama supporter since 2004. DOGGONE IT - YES WE MUST!!!

I read this about Joe's wife and family and feel so very sad that anyone should go through such a horrific experience regardless of their political position but for you, Doug Smith to say what you said reminded me of just how stupid and heartless people can be! Used it as propoganda? At least he shows compassion and has a brain! I wont say anything negative about Palin! Just that if she should ever become President,scary thought with her finger on the button!~ WOW! Didn't know what the Bush Docturine was! Can you imagine that? Oh, we are in imminent danger? oh, I can take the 1st strike?! That's what Charlie said! Oh Man!

Everyone is missing the point of the post. Steve Waldman meant us to get a glimpse into the soul of a person wrestling with his earlier concept of God when something terribly tragic and painful happens. Instead of thoughtfully considering what Biden said, many have posted comments demonstrating the vicious knee-jerk partisan spirit that we're decrying in our politicians. No wonder U.S churches are failing to change the communities around us. Where is the mind of Christ and the love by which we are to be known? I'm appalled at the poison spewed in tonight's comments.

Laura S.

You said it all. It doesn't matter if you are a republican or dem. The way people attack one another is sickening. The reason the country is falling apart is we are pulling away from God and his teachings. The US was built on religion. We need to get back to God and family and everything will get back on track.

This country was not built on religion, it was built on freedom. One such freedom was to be free of religious prosecution. American stands for everyone in every faith. Christianity can't rule over policy. Whether you want to believe it or not American is a melting pot of many different faiths and can not be governed by the beliefs of one faith alone. Religion has no place in politics. Keep your faith in your churches and in your home and out of public policy.

It appears Biden has a real problem telling the truth. Over and over again he lies. The media and our culture condones lies but there is a reason we allow lies in our culture. Jesus said " Your father is the father of lies" Lies are no longer called a problem even in the so called Christain community. It seems we are willing to excuse anything to get our agenda moved forward. God forgive us.

To D.E. Jones....
What a beautiful statement. I am a Obama/Biden fan, however, you hit the nail on the head with your comment. How dare we use this mans (or any persons) personal tragedy for political bashing. I pray that those who do will never suffer the loss and pain this man, this human being, endured.

And a little off the subject, but since someone brought it up, How dare this person/Palin refer to me, the average American, as "Joe six-pack"! How demeaning. Does she think that all of us average Joes sit around in our trailer every night with a six-pack in our lap? (Nothing against trailers, I swear) But isn't that the picture this slogan conjurs in your mind. As a women, she is a disgrace to our gender. As an American she is a hinderance to our people. As a VP she would be a danger to global society.

As others pointed out, McCain talks about his prisoner of war experience ALL the time (hilariously, even to defend having 12 houses!). Sarah P. brought up her diverse family.

The context of Biden's remarks were reasonable. Sarah P's assumption was: I'm a woman. I understand fears about families and future. (a weird assumption--since dads worry too) Biden wanted to show, his personal grief make him maybe more aware than most, of the precariousness of families.

Am I alone in thinking her response was cold?

Several years ago I heard a radio Bible teacher mark a subtle point in the Scripture. It’s one I’ve never forgotten. The Gospel writers Mark and Luke both record Jesus’ call to Matthew. Mark notes he was Levi the son of Alphaeus, and Luke calls him “a tax collector named Levi” (NASB). In his own account, however, Matthew writes, “a man called Matthew.” In the simple affirmation, “a man,” he affirms something we forget all too easily. He may have sold his soul and countrymen to the Roman dogs, but he still bled and hurt like all the righteous people around him. And he never fell so far from grace that Christ couldn’t rescue him.

Can we not afford Joe Biden the same decency our Lord gave to all the undeserving sinners he knew? Or are we so self-righteous that we stand in danger of condemning Jesus himself because the things he does don’t fit into the preconceived WWJD categories?

I lost my first wife to cancer in 2003, and when I read Joe Biden’s recounting of his emotional vertigo, I connected. Then I scrolled to the diatribe in the blogs. Do we have any idea how like the Pharisees we’ve become?

I think we need to run a "fact check" on all of the above responses. May I recommend factcheck.org, a nonpartisan website that points out the gaffs and lies on both sides.

Sarah Palin is a snarky, misinformed bimbo, who would be funny if the actual possibility of her beooming president wasn't so frightening. The woman is an nasty idiot, wouldn't answer the questions, stated that at the beginning that basically she was going to say what she wanted, and perverted the idea of a debate so that she wouldn't be held to any position. Time for the cheerleader to go back to one of the, I believe, five schools she attended before managing to graduate....the real Sarah showed up for Katie. The "Christian" right needs to get a better representative....

Commenter Michelle is right - the year of the accident was 1972, not 1992. http://biden.senate.gov/senator/timeline/
The mistake is being picked up and reposted in several places.

Wow Doug. And HOW DARE John McCain use his POW status for political gain. There are two ways of looking at everything..........

What a bunch of judgmental narrow minded pharisees.

What would Jesus say to you?

I think the word hypocrite would be appropriate.

When a politician votes a certain way it is good to know what his/her motives are. Having background knowledge on a politician is important. Biden became a modern day Batman. All of his policies against crime and violence against women stem from what had happened to his wife. In the excert above it talks about how he wanted a fight, his rage coming forth. The issue here is that when we are voting for someone to represent us we are voting for their past as well. I like to know a politician's past record and to a certain extent their life's history because I need to understand how a person is going to represent me before I cast my vote.

It was great when he was sobbing and she jumped in and chirped, "Dead wife and kid, too? Cheer up, for John McCain is a MAVERICK?"

I think it's a crime to make comments about someone who has gone through such a tragedy. If you haven't walked in his shoes, you have no right to comment. Propaganda? Ridiculous!!! I have been through the loss of a child and can tell you it's the most pain anyone can endure in a lifetime. On top of that, he lost is wife too. He raised his sone on his own. He deserves a little more respect. Now, he's watching his son go off to the military. That has to be extremely difficult. Instead of bashing Obama, McCain, Palin or Biden, why don't we tell what is good about the candidates. It would be much more beneficial to the public.

If you vote your conscience, the morals of Christainity then that vote must be Republican. The Democrats stand behind the slaughter of millions of innocent babies. The partial birth abortion is one of the most cruel attacks on human kind. Torturing a baby who's almost full term by riping the baby's head off and limbs is nothing more than barbaric! If you vote for Obama then you're also voting for this. If this doesn't bother you your heart must be rock

Jessica, I support your right to your opinion, but please let me have mine as well. Fortunately neither of us speaks for God. In my opinion, if you vote Republican, you are supporting torture and other war crimes, an unprovoked war in Iraq, and a complete disregard for the health of our planet. Your heart must be rock. Voting for the Democratic ticket is not only a legitimate option for Christians, but it is actually the better choice IMHO. Many believe that a vote for Obama will actually lessen the abortion rate because an Obama administration will push for legislation to help support women at the fringes of our economy to have the support they need to be able to bring an unplanned child into this world. See the writing of pro-life former dean of Catholic University Law School and former Reagan Administration official Douglas Kmiec.


Its crazy that in this day and age people are still looking to government to supply them with everything...that and that only is why anyone would consider obama for a candidate. He is promising to do everything for you but wipe your bottoms! It will never be enough, grow up, take responsibility for yourselves and quit moaning and whining. I never ceases to amaze me that you liberals,who so believe in helping the poor,are not the ones who give of themselves or their money. The conservative Republicans have statistically given more to charities than Democrats. They always have. Put your money where your mouth is or shut up!

Hey Alexandria, sounds like you really hate this country, why stay here, there are many countries that are religion free. China maybe just right for you.

Is this really a christian website? The comments seems so bias and racist. Is there any difference between someone who believes in abortin (depending on the circumstances) and someone who hates another because of the colour of their skin? Did God make these two sets of persons? Let us read the love chapter.. Corinthians 13. Let it be our guide when we get off the straight and narrow.

Being a christian does not mean checking your brain at the door. Yes God did create both sets of people. Yes he loves them both. But the question is do they love him?....do they serve him? You are either of the world or of him. How does the slaughter of babies serve him? How does racism serve him? There is no difference between them, neither serve the risen God!

I have a friend who is a log cabin republican who keeps sending me smears - I check them out, I found this site. Apparently Joe Biden suggested the guy who drove the truck had a drinking problem when he was talking to a college audience in 2001 but then in his memoirs and in further mentions he says nothing about it.

Since this isn't a mainstream news story I figured this was just one of those snarky rumors that takes a grain of truth and escalates/exaggerates it to grandiose proportions of conspiracy and paranoia.

Aren't we all tired of this? I asked him to quit sending me trash, the latest was a youtube clip of some guy saying vile things about Obama's dead mother. Argh.

The will of God in a created world by himself for Himself is what creation should revernd and strive to live by.

The real heart of a real leader should be the above.

Be bledded
Victor O. Harris

Hey Langer -- Do you really believe your attitude toward those less fortunate than you reflects the love and compassion of Jesus Christ? Really?

The main thing that comes to mind after reading all the comments above is this: A great many of them, from both political "sides," are extreme because of one factor that the Bible speaks clearly about: FEAR. "Perfect love casts out fear... God is love."

To trust and rest in God (or in "whatever is behind all" for anti-religionists) DOES diminish fears. Thus it diminishes irrational reactiveness to the unknown ("horrors" that candidate X or Y might bring upon us).

As humans, we will never totally receive love and conquer fear, I know. But to the extent we seek to dwell in love and give it out, in our distinctive religious or non-religious way, we will make positive, faith-and-hope-filled contributions to discussions (yes, and even debates, which don't have to be hateful).

Wow - Some of these comments are truly unbelievable. First, how dare anyone criticize Joe Biden for mentioning his wife & daughter's deaths and coping as a single parent, while in the same debate, Sarah Palin talks about being a Mom, having a special needs child, etc. Same for John McCain talking about his POW horror experience. Our past experiences are what make us the person that we are today. How can they not?

Second, unless I missed something in my Catholic upbringing, I believe that Jesus Christ embodied love and compassion for all people, regardless of anything. That is always one thing that amazes me when people touting themselves as true Christians think that it is ok not to take care of our own. Where is the love & compassion there? Langer needs to wake up & realize that 50% of Americans make $32,000 or less. Try making it on that per year. Some are working 2 jobs & not, as you may think, laying on the couch drinking beer. My father worked his tail off earning $48,000/year. AND, he volunteered so much of his time and what little extra money he had to various organizations. Stop the generalizing.

Although I am a McCain/Palin supporter, I feel for Biden and the tragedy he endured(s). I'd like to pose a question though. If Sarah Palin would have gotten choked up over something during the debate the media would be ALL OVER HER saying she is weak and too emotional, etc. Does anyone think differently? Biden's loss aside, I just feel the media has had quite a left-wing slant during this entire campaign. How are people supposed to make an informed decision if the media is not representing both sides equally?

Joe Biden's wife drove through an intersection and broadsided the truck driver. He had no place to go and he did try to avoid her.
He was not drunk because he was not a drinker. His only concern in life was putting food on the table and his wife and kids. He lived until his death with the knowledge that he was involved in an accident where a young Mother and child died. He also lived with the knowledge that everyone thought he was at fault because that was the implication in the reports and newspapers and rumours but not actually said in the reports, etc. The police did not say he was at fault but that she drove into the intersection. Biden refused to sue because he knew this. He didn't back off suing because he was a good guy. Personally if I was the truck driver I would have sued the hell out of Biden's wife's estate for all the pain and consternation he was caused, but that's me, and the truck driver was a gentle guy who felt guilty enough that he was even involved in the deaths literally as a passerby. I did hear Biden during a speech that apparantly was a few years ago or recently, I don't know, say his wife and daughter were killed by a drunk driver. This was on a late night show going over politics again, of course. That is probably where the myth started. Anyway, his discription of moods brought about by a serious life and death situation were written quite well as I can testify too. And my Father too was involved in an accident where he was blamed not to his face, but secret remarks and insinuations so as everybody thought he was to blame. And believe me, the police and the newspapers were no help in putting out the truth. If a passenger in the other car hadn't survived and told the truth that her driver went through the intersection, to this day, my Father would still be to blame. The police and newspapers need to check into the facts more carefully, don't assume, and interview witnesses better instead of relying on their so called science (trackmarks, etc.) which can be read falsely. That's all I want to say. I not calling anybody a lier or anything. Just saying what I saw on tv and my own experience with interpretations of accidents by those there and those not there.

While I truly sympathize with Anna's unfortunate situation, maybe we all can agree that the police & media may not be the best mediums for putting out the truth, regardless of political parties. Sad, isn't it?

That first comment is one of the most mean-spirited things I have ever read. Doesn't even come close to speaking the truth in love.

About giving more and less and to shut up (?!).

Remember Jesus teaching on a widow giving much more, compare to a pharisee. A rich person may give lots of money out of trickery, steal, or bold in running black/grey-area businesses. However, modest people may stick of doing right things and so less rewards. So telling people to shut-up because she/he donor less money is wrong. By the way, Muslims told to give zakat, to submit part of his fortune to poor, to "clean" his money (plus the fact Arabian is trader-cult society). So dear "Thinking Christian", you looks more muslim to me. Cheers.

Efraim, dear, please direct your rant to "Langer" and not to "Thinking Christian." The name of the poster comes at the bottom of the post -- not the top!

And, I guess you missed the scriptures talking about tithing? And the discussion in Acts where the Christians all pooled all their wealth and belongings and lived communally?

I'm not a US citizen. I'm a Malaysian Christian and am appaled at how politics has split Christians in the US. We're in the midst of a political storm here [in my nation] as well, and i am guilty of "speaking" more than doing my part as Christ's mouthpiece AND hands to the people around me. Brethen in the US, until we are on our knees in prayer and a reflection of His Grace to the hurting and repressed, please refrain from speaking the truth w/o love.
Take away from Me the noise of your songs. For I will not hear the melody of your stringed instruments.
Amos 5: 11-12, 21-24

Sadly, it has become acceptable in our culture to vilify those we disagree with and believe any accusations, no matter how absurd, that portray them as evil, stupid, or dishonest. The problem for Christians is that the self-righteousness that pervades our society as a whole has permeated the church as well. Called to be loving and charitable towards all, and sinners not the least, many act as if God appointed us personally to deliver his judgements. Anger and pride are bad enough. However, justifying our own rage and self-righteousness by claiming that we reflect God's feelings may make us eligible for a special unfavorable notation in the Book of Life. I wouldn't want to have to explain to the God of Love why I used him to excuse my own lack of decency, compassion, and understanding.

Dear Thinking Christian, thank you for your correction. I guess the problem with current election, is that the White are not ready to accept a black skin person as President. But if you believe the world is America right to lead, than you should consider him. It does not take a geniuous to see that if America can be lead by this half Africa-half White gentleman (other than white person); then the other colored skin of all the people of earth, can have faith for American dream as well. God Bless America. From a Christian friend of Indonesia.

Can someone tell me the name of any politician that has never lied before?

u rock man!!!!!

It is not the supposed black half, (his father is Arab) that I don't trust, it's the white half. btw...Can anyone give me a link to where Joe said his wife was killed by a man that drank his lunch?

Here is the link you requested:


My heart goes out to Sen Biden as it does anyone who lost a loved one in a tragic way (my father was killed in a car crash). But the truck driver suffered here as well. If the Sen did lie about it, I find myself asking what else would he lie about?

As for Gov Palin: I believe she was expressing her views as a mother, which is all she would have to go on. I don't think it was intended to be a put down of men. (I do find it interesting that it was pointed out that she was wearing red shoes - what color was the Sen's tie or didn't that matter?)

We should all stay focused on the facts and not personal attacks.
And if you are praying people, I would suggest that!

I don't know where this black man thing is coming from. Most of us don't care if he is black or white or whatever. The problem I and many others have with Obama is one thing. He voted for the partial abortion.He supports abortion. Do you know what partial abortion is. The head of the baby is out The doctor stops at the shoulders and waist so the baby is not supposeldly born and the doctor sucks out the brains with a vacuum. I call that infanticide. The head is out, the baby is alive, its infanticide, period. Abortion is murder and it doesn't make a difference what color Obama is. Why he okays the murder of the unborn and the born, I don't know. He used the excuse of the mother's health. When that baby is coming out, how does the baby being born have anything to do with the mother's health at that point. If the mother is still alive once the head comes out, the baby no longer affects the mother's health. If she's dead, the baby still doesn't affect the mother's health at that point. No, I can't vote for Obama knowing where his thinking is. Infanticide is infanticide. Heck, partial abortion sounds like some of the experiments the Nazis' did on their victims. What the heck did we defeat the Nazis for if we took up something that sounds like an experiment of theirs. And, abortion is not in the Constitution just because Obama says it is a Constitutional right for over half of the U.S. population to commit legal murder.Enough said.

Biden DID NOT say that his wife was killed by a drunk driver - you should be ashamed of yourself Doug - you are absolutely a disgusting human being to suggest that Biden used the death of his loved ones as "propaganda." Besides being ill-informed, you appear to possess no compassion for someone who, if you read what he wrote, has suffered greatly from the loss of his wife and one year old daughter. I hope you feel like the complete asshole that you.

Ok first of all Obama never said he "agrees with abortion or partial birth abortion, he simply believes it is a WOMAN'S right to choose what to do with her body. (side note) He also wants to expand sex education and make birth control more available to people which would help eliminate abortion as an option, which McCain/Palin don't believe in..(they are both against explicit sex ed. wtf??) abstinence should be taught but so should sex ed. because abstinence obviously doesn't always work so teens should be educated on protection. On abortion...It is our right as women to decide. Not anyone else weather that be a man or another woman to decide for someone what they should choose. I don't agree with it and it would never be something i would do, but i cant speak for the other women in this country. And I feel that if it is a sin and if it is wrong then that is not my job to decide. It is Gods. And if someone decides to have an abortion then they will suffer the consequences of their actions if there be any. Regardless women should be able to decide that is what most people who are pro choice believe and that does not make you a bad person or a bad christian and if you say it does then maybe you should focus more on accepting other peoples ideas and beliefs and being less judgmental. I completely support Obama/Biden they are the change we need.

Doug, think before you type. What Joe Biden has said about this tragic event is obviously heartfelt. Why can't he talk about it in his memoir and when describing the course of his life? Do you think that understanding how a person handles tragedy isn't important in gauging one's character? Either way, your attack is below the threshold of civilized conversation.

Nothing is ever said of Jill Biden's FIRST husband; a man who owned and managed a popular Newark De;UofD
night spot. Joe Biden with help from his friends and polital power made his business fail.(it took a few years) as Joe and Jill was enjoying their affair.
Mr Stevens lost his night club and his wife to Joe Biden; a Delaware senator;now vice president that has a long history of lie's and dishonest doing.
The liberal news media only starts her life when she married Joe.

This is the link that joeibdenluvur is looking for:


This website is a disgrace. Just because Joe Biden plugged God's name, this site goes all ga ga over him. Joe Biden is a disgrace to Delaware. He dragged the Dunn family through the mud claiming that the driver was drunk. The real facts are that Neilia Hunter Biden pulled out in front of the truck before the truck had a chance to put on his breaks. Google her accident, you will find a multitude of reports about the accident. Plugging God's name does not warrant admiration. If Joe Biden accepted the fact that Neilia Hunter Biden was at fault of a fatal and tragic accident, than I would admire him. But Joe Biden fabricates a story in order to campaign. He described the driver as a man who "drank his lunch." No offense to anybody who has a deep faith in religion; it does not warrant admiration or even cause a person to be noble. More people died of religion than anything else over the world's history. If anybody does not like my rant please do not post it on here because I am not going back on this site. Email me at antiticeburner1@yahoo.com if you want a response.

Truly heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family.