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October 29, 2008

What Sarah Palin Does for Comments

Christianity Today's editorial on evangelicalism that uses Sarah Palin as a hook generated quite a reaction on the main site.

Anything on Sarah Palin seems to guarantee strong reactions. See The Boston Globe's Michael Paulson post on comments.

"In my own brief blogging career, Sarah Palin has been the gift that keeps on giving -- she has generated an astonishing number of comments, from both ends of the political, and theological, spectrum, many of them saturated with incredible hostility directed by the non-religious at the religious and vice versa."

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As an evangelical Christian missionary serving in French-
speaking Europe since 1968, I neither find the actual
President nor Mrs.Palin examples of Biblical Christianity.
Knowing Jesus Christ as Saviour is more than just proclaim
ing it. When will we not recognize that "Christian
America" is nothing less than LAODICEA! We need to repent
and to return to the Christ of the Bible.

I'm amazed by the incredible amount of public interest in Sarah Palin. Good or bad, she's become somewhat of a pop icon. People are dressing like her to be and/or mock her all at the same time.

For instance, I found this video on dressing like Palin:


As en evangelical Christian born again 62 (sixty-two) years ago in FRANCE, long before Us missionaries came in our country ; and as a former missionary for the French speaking states in Africa, having join an Interdenominational Evangelical Mission, I fully agree with Scott McCarty. More and more I understand God's ways : small Israël ; few warriors with Josua, etc. He his the MIGHTY, and GLORY is HIS.

As en evangelical Christian born again 62 (sixty-two) years ago in FRANCE, long before Us missionaries came in our country ; and as a former missionary for the French speaking states in Africa, having join an Interdenominational Evangelical Mission, I fully agree with Scott McCarty. More and more I understand God's ways : small Israël ; few warriors with Josua, etc. He his the MIGHTY, and GLORY is HIS.

Do you consider yourself an example of Biblical Christianity? In your view what does that look like? What is it in the lives of George Bush and Sarah Palin that you believe are not an example of what a sinner saved by grace looks like? BTW what do you rely on for accurate information about the lives of Bush and Palin? Surely not French speaking journalists. What do you really know of the true lives of these two professing Christians and where do you get your information? I have spent a great deal of time in Europe and find hardly any accurate information of America or what is really going on in the rest of the world. You seem all too sure of your declarations. Maybe you will need to sit down in heaven and ask them about the truth with a red face.

I have great difficulty with the idea that we cannot criticize IN ANY WAY Christians/Republicans/Politicians. This article was asking persons to state their opinion. Someone did, and then was chastized and told that they will have "a red face in heaven". I have to keep telling myself

Republican = Christ
Democrat = Devil

There truly is NOTHING off limits if you are a Republican. To criticize or even to question someone of that party, means that your own Christianity is what is wrong.

When, on another site, I said the main thing that bothers me about Sarah Palin is the ease with which she lies. This statement was met with a barrage of comments that said that if Obama were elected they would be first in line to put a bullet through his head. These were self-professed Christians speaking. When I questioned their hostility, they said that "no Christian would ever back Obama, and that I was lying". I'm appalled and saddened by the way that my fellow Christians are treating each other.

Sarah thrives on publicity as a blotter absorbs ink. Sometimes this happens because of insecuties and pride influences. This is why the scriptures state that we should not call a leader suddenly(without them being proven). Sarah ditched her family and the needs of a daughter in trouble for the Hollywood Holler...thats it..not qualified..not experienced (except for high tag shopping and taking the family on trips at the taxpayers expense..sorry John homework is needed even for mavericks

Sarah Pulliam - You said:"As an evangelical Christian missionary serving in French- speaking Europe since 1968, I neither find the actual President nor Mrs.Palin examples of Biblical Christianity.
Knowing Jesus Christ as Saviour is more than just proclaim
ing it.

So, Ms Pulliam! Maybe you find Obama a little more of a Christian example. After all, he has only stated Jesus isn't the only way. Have you heard President Bush's testimony? Have you heard Sarah Palin's How should President Bush and Sarah Palin act to suit you? What about their lives indicates to you that they don't walk with Jesus? What kind of example are you? Are you fasting and praying for our country?

Angie – The original post is about criticisms coming from both sides of religion & politics. In reading the posts that precede yours I see no comments saying that we can’t or shouldn't criticize other Christians, Republicans or Politicians.
Stephen asks what the basis is for claiming the Pres / Gov fail to be examples & suggests that any evidence should come from a more credible source than the liberal media who have a well established, thoroughly documented bias & humanist agenda.
Having “NOTHING off limits” is as it should be; and it includes one’s religious beliefs & political party.
You are bothered by Gov. Palin lying, but you offer no examples of lies or any substantiation of ‘ease’ with which she allegedly made them.
There is a vast sea of voters who are McCain supporters because they are very afraid of Obama’s ideological, fiscal & foreign policy views. In the blogosphere many say mean, stupid things hiding in anonymity.
Being labeled a non-Christian may come from the messages that Christ himself taught. A person who claims to be a Christian & supports a candidate for high office as totally pro-abortion as Obama is not living out the teachings of Christ & therefore not a true follower. “There are many who will say, Lord, when did we... they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” Mt 25:31-46
Sadly it’s true; many will have red faces when they are called to account for what they have done with the Red Letters of His Word.


Perhaps the problem is the ease with which you accuse Sarah Palin with lying. I would be very interested in seeing the evidence you have that proves actual lies. I personally had a problem with Scott's statement about how he thinks that neither President Bush or Sarah Palin are examples of Biblical Christianity. I would be interested in hearing his basis for such a statement. As for his statement that "Christian America" personifies Laodecia is an incredibly arrogant statement considering he no longer even lives here. You both have made brash unsubstatiated statements.

I am appalled at the idea that these so-called "Christians" would have such horrible thoughts against Barak. The point is, they are NOT Christians at all. These are demonic humans who are being ruled by Satan- G-d is NOT in this mix.

But never fear- All will be revealed eventually- after death, they will face Him and be judged for their evil hearts.

I believe in my heart and soul that Barak Obama is protected by G-d's "arms" and he has been Appointed at this time and place by our Creator to lead us into a more Godly and Unified People of all so-called "races" (the only true race is the human race), cultures and creeds.

Scott & Angie:
I agree with Steven's observations. It is disturbing that a Christian missionary would so obviously violate the spirit of the NT truth and Jesus' words about not judging. This is particularly disturbing since, as was pointed out, none of us know what their daily walk is like. Certainly their public policy decisions can be questioned, but mature believers understand that their motivation may be OK even if their decisions might seem off base to some.

How is it that such basic ideas of Scripture are sacrificed at the altar of political or other feelings? In some ways, arguments on the political spectrum seem to be an example of Romans 12:2 not being fully appreciated, i.e., the tendency of the culture to form our cognitive categories as if Christ's truth were non existent.

Even more disturbing is the tendency to quote randomly as if it represented some real group. We call that reification. I remember the insight that was uttered one time: "You can find an example of anything, even something that is absolute false.

As a 77 year old pastor, this seems like a repeat of various cycles of foggy thinking that I have witnessed over the past half century.

I am not defending Angie, but there are a good number of examples where Gov Palin has at least stretched the truth. She said at least three times that her teleprompter stopped working at the convention but campaign staff said it didn't. She said she asked her daughters about running for VP but her husband said that the girls weren't told until they were on their way to the announcement (separately from Gov Palin). These are minor issues. The more significant ones are political. The report on abuse of power said that she had inappropriately looked at medical records even though she has publicly said she hasn't. I could go on. Andrew Sullivan (not a fan of Gov Palin) has cataloged at least 13 of these exaggerations/misstatements on his blog

A quick answer as to the lying --

1. She lied about her role in "The Bridge to Nowhere"
2. She lied about her firing of the town librarian and police chief of Wasilla, Alaska (as a librarian I had been following the librarian situation long before I even knew what Sarah Palin looked like)
3. She lied about her pressure on Alaska's public safety commissioner to fire her ex-brother-in-law.
4. She lied about her alleged pay cut as Mayor of Wasilla.

Please don't come back with the lies that Obama has said. I realize that there is lying on all sides. I said my earlier statement about my concern with the ease at which she lies
because I was making a point to someone that it happens on all sides. But my voice is ALWAYS shouted over. Again, I can not question or criticize this Republican woman, because that is akin to saying Jesus isn't divine.

In a previous entry here, yet another person said that I am not a Christian based on my declaration that I would be voting for Obama. No one questioned or condemned that person for what they said to me. No one questioned or condemned the Christians that earlier said that they would be the "first in line to put a bullet in Obama's head, if he was elected". I don't see the love, just the condemnation of my fellow Christians. I'm saddened and hurt by it.

Apparently, Christians who are democrats ...well, we deserve nothing less.

You are right Angie. Most Americans, christian or not, feel that the importance of political issues, and their corresponding passions, give them a self-righteous licence to hate and try to destroy the "other side."

Just a short comment from my perspective....after reading many of these comments, I would hope that each of us would refer to the bible when it comes to choosing the leader of our land. There was not one perfect king that ruled over Israel and many of them were disciplined by God for their disobediance. No one is pefect, matter of fact, far from it. But as christians in choosing a president, we must weigh the two candidates and judge in our hearts which one comes closest to God's word alone. God's word is soveriegn. We may change with the times, but God's perfect character stands forever. And He expects us as believers to hold to his characher.

There is no perfect political candidate. "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." My view, for what little it is worth is that Sarah Palin is superficial. I have seen no depth of character, no signs of great intelligence, no strong emotion that one would not expect of a cheer leader. I could be as critical of almost any candidate, but this is about Mrs. Palin. It is very difficult to separate the political persona from the actual person in connection with any candidate. There is great difficulty deciding which candidate deserves one's vote. I hope that everyone uses more discrimination in their choice than has been present in these comments.

The problem is you have to go by what someone is saying and comment on that. All these postings don't tell you that the poster is even who they say they are or telling the truth themselves. You're not talking face to face with them and you don't know them personally. You have to take each person's word. For instance, what site did someone say they would shoot Obama in the head if he was elected. I've been on many sites and haven't seen that or had a name given as to who actually said that and how do you prove that the poster saying that is who he says he is and could be just saying that remark to get other posters going. You see what I mean. As for Palin, her husband, her kids, well, in my family half the time we don't know what another family member has said until we hear they said something and confront the family member with the saying, especially in a large family like mine. Also, people don't always get timing and sayings straight especially in large and very busy families simply because time goes by and you get stuff mixed up because there's so much stuff. Time does this to people, believe me. Doesn't matter the age. I've been stunned more than once at events I got mixed up because I was distracted or argueing or something when stuff was being said between members of families. So, that's no big deal. As for the librarian, what was the problem. I haven't heard that one. As for the commissioner, doesn't matter what happened between them (he said on tv to a reporter, what went on between him and Palin had been straightened out and settled) because he serves at the discretion of the Governor and whatever the Governor wants or doesn't want, the Commissioner can be fired or hired by the Governor. People do have disagreements,you know, and in politics, they can be vicious disagreements if one doesn't like the other if one gets the job the other wanted. Any way, what's the problem. When you make a comment, expect someone to reply to it. That's what these sites are for. They are meant for people to converse. You comment, someone replies, you reply back, they reply back, so on, so on. That's debating. Why are people complaining about someone replying to their comment. I expect someone replying to my comment or I wouldn't do it. Get real. When you complain about someone replying, you in effect want to shut that person down and only get your comment across. Get use to debating. It's what this country is all about and that's why I love it.

Angie and Scott,

You are 100% right.

However, there are lots and lots of 'wolves in sheep's clothing" cluttering up the CHURCH.

The "wheat and the tares shall grow together" until the day of Judgment.

Then GOD will sift the CHURCH and extract the true grain.

All these evil hate-mongers, using their religion as a bludgeon to murder the souls of humans, while trying to protect the bodily shell, will be sorted out by the great I AM.

And while the Evangelicals believe that they can USURP GOD"S authority, by deciding WHO and WHAT and WHEN GOD will find MAN, HE will do HIS work HIMSELF.

How HE must be "despairing" - like the rich farmer in the parable, who hired men to reap the fields for a price/day - only to find that the weather was changing, darkness was coming and the work was not yet done. SO HE HIRED OTHERS to work for just a few hours at the SAME rate of Pay.

The original workers were upset - but the farmer had a job to get DONE. He had to put in PLACE the people to do it - never mind who was UPSET.

SO- the White Christian Evangelicals have had enough time to turn the tide....it is time to pay a true worker a good wage to get the job done...what ever it is.

Sarah is a Christian. Obama is a "pretend to be' to get in.

I also wandering if ChristianityToday is really of the faith. I've seen some articles and things on your site during this election that makes one a little suspect. Definitely not Godly.

We seem to be confused about Christianity. To me, it simply means a Christ follower. To follow Him, we must adhere to His Word. I base my voting decision totally on the Bible, not man's opinion. Even though I don't agree with every thing John McCain stands for, I have no choice but to vote for him. I could never vote for Obama because of his stand on abortion and other moral issures. Our country today is bent on destroying itself by turning away from Biblical prinipals. If Obama goes in, mark my word, we will never be the same as a country. Our founding fathers would be in total shock to see how far American has sunk since their departure. Unless we stand for God and His righteouness, we are doomed as a nation. I don't condemn any one person because they are blind to the Truth. Instead, I pray for them, that they might see the light.

M. Ensley
A Concerned Citizen

I am ashamed of how the Christian community flocked to Sarah Palin and deemed as a model mother for America. If she would have been Michelle Obama the church and Republican party would have gave her hell. Basically, it is a double-standard and hypocrisy, that I will not accept....You all may support her, but, I refuse to fully support her. Also, she doesn't have the Spirit of Esther as some would say. She lies, distorts truth and will do anything to win.

So what if the "Christians" are flocking to Palin. They can flock to whomever they want. Maybe the reason for Christians "flocking" (in your words) is that Palin is anti-abortion, you know what abortion is, don't you, it's the killing of the unborn and those being born. Obama and Hillary are for the killing. Palin is not. A true Christian sure as hell doesn't vote for over half the population having the privilege of killing a life who has no vote in being killed or not being killed and didn't commit a crime either to bring about being killed. It's interesting that women do the killing and not the guy that got her pregnant. I'll bet if you handed the baby to him, he wouldn't have the guts to do the killing. Women are more vicious than men. Okay, I got sidetracked there. Anyway, Now, do you get why Christians are "flocking" to Palin. Hello!

I don't even know,fellow!) continued to write in the same vein, it is interesting people!

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