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November 4, 2008

Ah, Tolerance

The anti-Proposition 8 folks ended their campaign with a shocking commercial attacking Mormons. Thought a wide variety of religious groups have worked to support Proposition 8 -- which would define marriage as a heterosexual, two-person union -- the support of Mormons was highlighted by opponents. They started a Web site asking people to provide identifying information about Mormons who supported the initiative. And then they developed this ad:

As a piece of propaganda, the piece is fascinating. Note, for
instance, the effeminacy of the LDS missionaries.

Anyway, the Catholic Conference of Bishops has already responded to the ad, calling it "a blatant display of religious bigotry and intolerance." Salt Lake city station KSL ran a piece on the "particularly vicious attack ad" here.

I'd be curious if, like Liddy Dole's "Godless" ad, an ad like this helped or hurt the anti-Prop 8 forces.

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The LDS church took an official stance on this matter, and raised more than 1/4 of the Yes campaign's funding. They cannot expect to have it both ways, if they involve themselves directly they should not run around screaming "intolerance!" when affected parties respond to what they perceive as an assault on their rights.

A correction, Mormonsfor8.com is not affiliated with the no on 8 organization, or with the makers of the ad linked here. mormonsfor8.com is a neutral information site.

I for one would like to thank the Mormon church for taking such an effective leadership role on this issue.

I'm afraid they simply targeted the one religious group that 2008 has shown us is okay to berate. It happened during the presidential race and it will happen again.

Oh Mollie, I find it so ironic that the Yes on 8 campaign is crying foul so loudly about this commercial. The Yes campaign has continuously ran misleading ads (we all know that Obama was clearly against Prop 8) and they never condemned the statement made by one of their campaign lawyers saying that defeating this proposition was like defeating Hitler.

The Mormon church, as well as any other religious organization that stepped into the political arena, is getting exactly what they deserve. Politics is an ugly business and both sides were well aware of this coming into this campaign. And for the record, a good journalist would print all the facts about this commercial. It was produced and aired by the Courage Campaign....an organization that is not affiliated with the No on 8 organization.

The No on 8 Campaign issued the following statement addressing the Yes on 8 Campaign's concerns:

The ad has been produced by an organization not affiliated with our campaign. Mr. Schubert should direct his questions to the organization behind the ad.

As we have stated previously, the Mormon Church deserves the same respect as any other religion. But it is wrong for the Mormons to push their views about marriage on the rest of California through the ballot box

We note Mr. Schubert has failed to denounce despicable statements by individuals affiliated with the Prop. 8 campaign.

At an official Prop. 8 rally at the State Capitol in Sacramento last week, a Prop. 8 lawyer compared the fight against gay marriage to the fight against Hitler. That outrageous statement was denounced by the Anti-Defamation League but not by the Prop. 8 campaign. Instead, the campaign Web site described the event as successful and thanked attendees.

At the same Prop 8 rally, another speaker said homosexuals "can't reproduce, so they must recruit our children."

Both videos are posted to our YouTube channel.

SOURCE NO on Prop 8

For reference, it wasn't the No On Prop 8 campaign that released that ad. It was produced and funded by a non-affiliated group to the offical campaign.

It should also be noted that that the Yes On Prop 8/ProtectMarriage.com Campaign released a fairly deceptive ad and robocall that misconstured Barack Obama's position on Prop 8.

And, it should also be noted that at an official Prop. 8 rally at the State Capitol in Sacramento last week, a Prop. 8 lawyer compared the fight against gay marriage to the fight against Hitler. That outrageous statement was denounced by the Anti-Defamation League but not by the Prop. 8 campaign. Instead, the campaign Web site described the event as successful and thanked attendees.

Neither side has anything to be proud of here.

And, perhaps the Yes On Prop 8 campaign has less to be proud of as their financial sponsors included organizations like Focus On The Family that funded the deceptive ads, robocalls, and the official Prop. 8 rally at the State Capitol in Sacramento where a pro-Prop. 8 lawyer compared the fight against gay marriage to the fight against Hitler. To me, the Yes On Prop 8 campaign has engaged in behavior that Christ wouldn't approve of.

The ad portrayed Mormons in a very untrue light. As a Mormon myself, I have homosexual friends that I respect and appreciate very much. I support Proposition 8 not from disrespect to them and their rights but in support of families, and in support of our society. I have never and will never speak negatively of homosexuals, though I do not support homosexuality. Too many people believe that disliking an action, or a behavior, equates with disliking the person carrying out the action. I have friends who have done drugs, which I don't support. But even though I don't support their behavior, I love and respect them.

The public response from the LDS (Mormon) church, as displayed on kutv.com:

“The Church has joined a broad-based coalition in defense of traditional marriage. While we feel this is important to all of society, we have always emphasized that respect be given to those who feel differently on this issue. It is unfortunate that some who oppose this proposition have not given the Church this same courtesy.”

Hardly a "screaming" response, IMO.

Actually, most responses I have seen have been from members of other faiths who have come together to defend a religion that is not their own. I find that to be more noble than anything, but again, that is just my opinion.

As the owner of the website mormonsfor8.com, I can state unequivocally that no one associated with our website had anything to do with the ad mentioned in this blog post. I hereby request that Mollie Hemingway retract her assertion that we do. It is at best mistaken and at worst a lie. We deserve an apology from her for this error. If she had checked with us before she posted this falsehood we would have had the opportunity to correct it, but she did not.

God bless the churches that stood up to defend the Mormon missionaries. Thank you!

In addition to CNN, the commercial above also ran on Comedy Central. It is pure hatred towards a single religious group.

If it was members of the Jewish, Catholic, or Muslim faith being targeted, it would've never aired on national television.

Having seen the video, I fear for the safety of the Mormon missionaries serving in California.

That advertisement is pure evil, and should've never gone on the air.

marriage is not a "right." It's an insitution like all instituion it has its standards.

Society has an interest in promoting children having a mother and a father. Marriage is the way a Mother and Father are bound together legally with their child. All institutions have their standards that allow them to perform their function. One of the main purposes of marriage is to give children an opportunity to have a loving mother and father.
All institutions have their standards. Football teams, educational institutions, the Military. These standards help the institution meet their objectives. Just saying I want in - is no reason to change the standard. Marriage is about providing children with a mother and a father. When a child loses a mother or father through abandonment, or death, we rightly call it a tragedy. Likewise a child never having a Mother or a Father because society decided that 2 men were as good at raising a child as a mother and a father is a tragedy. Which in the raising of a child is not needed the mother or the father?
Those who are single and raise good children do an "exceptional" job. Unfortunately too often it is an exception. But on a whole a child missing a mother or a father is more likely to engage in drug addictions, crime, and be poor.
Thank goodness Arizonan's had enough sense to think of the good of their children

Ed Gein, had a mother and father...he turned out SOOOO well didnt he? And his mother was a Bible Thumper too.

Liddy Dole's "Godless" ad claimed that a Sunday school teacher said "there is no God" - blatantly false.

This ad claims that Mormons would like to tear up the marriage licenses of gay Californians. Is this untrue?