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November 5, 2008

As the Country Goes, So Goes California

California completes the trend nationwide: abortion ballot measures lose, marriage measures win.

Both were tight: with 92 percent of the ballots counted, California's parental notification measure failed by less than 500,000 votes (out of nearly 10 million).

Proposition 8, which revokes same-sex marriage, is even tighter, winning by 363,639 votes (a 3.6 point margin). This is going to be a huge story today, since it's the first time that a state has barred same-sex marriage after allowing it.

Not close at all was California's measure regulating livestock confinement, which passed by almost a 2-to-1 margin.


To all the people in California who voted FOR Proposition 8:

I have to wonder how YOU would feel if YOUR marriage was put up for a popular vote. WHEN, pray tell, will you be formulating a constitutional amendment that will ban the REAL threats to marriage ... namely divorce, infidelity, and quickie weddings?

Do you feel smug and righteous now that nearly 20,000 marriages by Gay couples may very well be declared null and void?

Gay teens are 4 times more likely than Heterosexual youth to commit suicide. 33% of LBGT youth attempt suicide. To All Those States and Voters that have Banned Gay Marriage: Keep screaming out your Hate of Gays to your Children. The next time a teen in your community commits suicide and no one knows why.......remember this statistic. They don't see a reason to go on in life when they know they are Hated by their family and by their church. Spreading Hate to the Masses is a historically Christian thing to do. The Mormon Church contributed approx. 70% of the money for this Hate Amendment. They told mostly Lies that you believed to get you to go along with them. Your children will be unable to turn to you in their need for fear that you will Hate them as well. Legislating your churchs Morality does not keep your children safe. Ask any Gay adult what this Hate did to them as children.

Chuck, I completely agree. I think, however, this is also a case of backlash against judges legislating from the bench.

Well, Chuck, to answer your second question,as a matter of fact yes - there is a certain smugness knowing that never-intended marriage unions were invalidated.

About your wondering, you can stop: My marriage was put up for a popular vote with Prop 8 and won this time around. One man/one woman marriages were tested, and I am thankful they were upheld.

Finally, divorce, infidelity, etcetera, were in fact shameful and at times illegal until - guess what? - certain people began to chip away at it so that pop culture's voice mattered more than morality. Like Prop 8 opponents continue to assail and chip away at what is right.

To all of you who followed your concsience in voting FOR Prop. 8, let me say, from here in FL and all over the country, thank you. Please be quick to also protect the homosexuals among you from harassment and mistreatment, while also protecting your children from a state sanctioned homosexual favorable indoctrination through schools and govt. Please understand and overlook Chuck's judgmental and specious challenge of your vote. You have nothing to be ashamed of. In this nation we are a democracy, and you all as Californians (and we as Floridians) had a chance to have your voice heard on this matter. Democracy prevailed! That is very uplifting. Also, if you are a Democrat, Obama voter who also voted for the Prop. 8, please do not let bullies like Chuck make you feel bad. It is just sour grapes from folks who intended to use the courts in ways they were not meant for who cannot handle the results of the democratic process. It could have easily gone the other way, and then he would be hailing the vote. Thank you for breaking sterotypes and not letting your party be ruled by those who wish to silence your voice, overstep democracy, and force their lifestyle as unopposed by others. Christians around the nation and world know this was not about hate or intolerance, but about you voting in the way that God led you through prayer and Scipture; we know you felt you must vote for the historical understanding of marriage and not against God's desire for his people. Chuck, I agree iwth you, lets address infidelity, divorce, frivolous weddings; but lets not usher in a society of homosexual indoctrination and religious intolerance while we do. God bless and keep you all.

I want to congratulate California for standing up. No matter the outcome, though I thank God it went the way it did, you as a state made sure you had a say in such an important decision. Not just sitting back and letting a non-voted for Judge make that decision for you. And that is what all the states need to be doing in more of these important issues. I just want us all to remember there are times we need to speak out and even speak even louder, as Americans we have that right. May God continue to bless this country.

I would just like to say. We as Christians must now take up the fight against divorce. It allows that god santioned right of a union between a man and a woman to be desicrated It should be illegal and punishable by our judicial system. Put them in jail for cheating god and the government at the same time.

Interesting input Cole. I agree with you and say to all my brothers and sisters in Christ of all backgrounds, we MUST address divorce. It is very difficult to speak about marriage as an important institution when there are some churches unwilling to address divorce. But Cole, I find it would be difficult to enforce the law you described, but perhaps divorce should be more restricted by the govt. Who knows, but one thing is for sure, I do like Barack Obama's focus on fatherhood and family committment, even if he seems unwilling to extend those family principles to the same-sex unions discussion (seems somewhat hypocritical for him to tell his black counterparts that they must do more to provide parenting and family values within their culture and homes, but then goes to oppose the views on same-sex marriage (and adoption) which African-Americans uphold and would be consistent with his claim to a "family focus."


What on Earth do you mean, YOUR marriage was put up for a popular vote with Proposition 8? YOUR marriage would not have been affected one way or another. The California Supreme Court decision that Gay couples could not be denied marriage equality with Straight couples had precisely ZERO effect on you, your spouse, your children or your lifestyle. If Proposition 8 had no passed, absolutely NOTHING would have changed for Straight couples. They would have continued to date, get engaged, marry and build lives together just as they always have. None of that would have changed. The only thing that would have changed is that Gay and Straight couples would be subject to equal protection under the law. This notion that YOUR marriage was put up for a popular vote on Tuesday is absurd.

To the people that voted for Proposition 8 on Tuesday, I really have to ask: Why is it that it's perfectly acceptable, even admirable, for Straight (i.e. heterosexual) couples to date, get engaged, get married, and build lives together in the context of monogamy and commitment, and that this is a GOOD thing ... but for Gay couples to do exactly the same is somehow a BAD thing? To me this seems like a very poor value judgment.

The voters also said YES TO ABORTION....I doubt you will accept that? You will subvert the will of the people and try again and again and again