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November 5, 2008

California Approves Gay Marriage Ban

California voters reversed a decision in May by the state Supreme Court to allow gay marriages.

Here's the Los Angeles Times story.

The ballot was hotly contested, but the California results follow Florida and Arizona's decision to ban gay marriage. The Miami Herald reports that Florida needed 60 percent of the vote to pass, and 95 percent of the precincts reported, it led 62 percent of the vote. The Arizona Republic reports that Arizona's measure passed 56 to 44 percent

With California's reversal, Connecticut and Massachusetts are the only other states that allow same-sex marriage.

(This post has been updated)


This is fantastic news for the state of California but where was the evangelical vote when it came down to the presidency? Obama upports abortion to some degree and in his acceptance speech as President last evening, Obama included gays as a part of the picture as to a united future for the Unite States. My Q: is how could evangelicals have voted for a candidate who believed these things (Obama)?
I guess it all came down to the electoral colleg influence and not the popeular vote entirely because Obama won on the electoral college.

I hope you are proud that your amti-christian message of hate and intolerance was again successful!

We had already enough of that in Europe!

Very sad for people who only love each other - unlike people like you!

Mag. Reinhard Desoye

Praise God! Justice has been done.

In knowing this would happen the real issue for most people is the word "marriage". Most do not have a problem with two men or two women loving one another. What ever you want to call it we will see this now in the courts. I can guarantee that within 8 years we will see two people of the same sex recognized as a couple both federally and within the states. This loss will be our gain for gay men and women.

The door is open and it is time to ban divorce in this country. The true sinners are those that jump into marriage and then desicrated this God santioned union between a man and a women. We have protected marriage against gays now lets protect it from the men and women who truely discrace it.

Who will we vilify when gay marriage is finally recognized as the civil rights breach that it is? Slavery sounds ridiculous now. A call for suffrage seems laughable. When will everyone wake up to this??? I'm stunned (and disgusted) that this didn't get put down.

California's Proposition 8 is a good foil for Christian discussion about homosexuality in church doctrine versus secular policy. The Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is a sin; no amount of revisionism or wishful thinking can change God's Word. But the great conflict comes when considering the civil rights of American citizens who hold different religious beliefs than Christian (or, for that matter, any other religion that bans homosexuality by its adherents). Greater minds than mine must wrestle with this dilemna and determine whether the Constitution must be interpreted from a Christian worldview or from a non-religious perspective. The answer should help clarify whether any governmental entity in the United States can permit any particular behavior, because that permission must be based on a known value set.

Phyrrus would be Proud.

Prop 8 passed by a narrow margin. It was the result of an advertising campaign composed mostly of lies, half-truths, and deception. Behold, the victors have won a tactical victory while suffering a major strategic failure.

Who are these victors? Clearly many who contributed money to this campaign are eager to share their version of the Gospel with others. While they are a collection of strange bedfellows, the LDS church, Roman Catholics, and far right evangelicals like Focus on the Family, each is dedicated to adding to the flock.

Now let us consider what really happened. Roughly half the voting population of California sided with the victors. This means that ‘members of the choir’ accepted Prop 8 and with it the advertising that won the day. Those who voted no saw through the lies and deception. It is with them that we wish to share the Gospel. Why should they be expected to accept it as truth from those who just deceived them?

For the record, I am a heterosexual, married 46 years, the father of a son, a daughter, and an angel. I count myself a progressive evangelical Christian. The God I serve is not pleased with the recent ‘victorious vote’ on Prop 8.

well.....here's to the Christian-Right to taking away couples rights ... a right to hospital visitation, or a right to make medical decisions for a sick loved one, or a right to make end of life decisions.

With current trends, the victory will not last too long. Anyway, with the very small gay population, it does not really matter does it? Our marriages will still be destroyed by our straight promiscuity and divorces and the almost amazing percentage of abortion.

We have made an enemy today, one which will not sit idly even with time. However, the gay community is too small and will only be a bee humming around.

However, this whole affair is a lost for Christianity, just as the 1st crusade was very costly financially and spiritually till today. Martin Luther would have been despaired if he could have seen into the future and see us in the company of Catholics and Mormons, in a common cause to persecute a very small minority.

It's not worth our moral, financial and spiritual integrity. Does the whole affair glorify Christ, and the Gospel message? I am afraid the church may be getting lost in the traps planted by Satan. planted to exploit our self righteousness.Incredible harm has been done by us and to our standing this day.

Gentle Lamb

I am surprised that Christianity Today would use the terminology used by the press on this issue. Though many on the no on 8 side saw it as an anti gay agenda, prop 8 was a vote on the definition of marriage. I would prefer a headline that says "Traditional Definition of Marriage Upheld."

In California Gay couples have the same rights as married couples, but it is called a domestic partnership. Domestic partners get the same insurance benefits, retirement benefits and so much more. The bottom line of this issue is that the Gay Community want acceptance. Respect and tolerance are not enough. They want us to say we are all the same and not different, but the fact is that two men raising children, and a man and a woman raising children is distinctly different and this fact has been proven with sociological research.

Everyone is entitled to their own choices and a gay or lesbian couple have the right to be who they choose to be, but redefining what has been for millenniums (in both religious and non-religious cultures) is not the answer. I have many family members who live a gay life style. I love them, respect them and would hate for them to be oppressed because of their lifestyle, but marriage is defined as a man and a woman coming together to live life together and raise a family.

If domestic partnerships are the law of the land in California, and if those who are in domestic partnerships have the same rights as those who are married, then why the big ballyhoo about the word "marriage". Could it be just plain jealousy? Maybe. More likely it is one more attempt homosexuals are making to convince themselves - and ultimately the rest of us - that their homesexual lifestyle/behavior is "normal". For those who believe the Bible is God's authoritative word, it won't work. For those "progressive evangelicals" it is the "latest theology since last Wednesday" to buy into. But don't despair social libs, you'll get your wish. As a country we're headed down the "defining deviancy downward" road as fast as our little feet can take us. Sodom and Gomorrah has nothing on us.

Posted by: baumgrenze at November 8, 2008

well.....here's to the Christian-Right to taking away couples rights ... a right to hospital visitation, or a right to make medical decisions for a sick loved one, or a right to make end of life decisions.


Hey Baumgrenze, have you read the Domestic Partnership laws. Here ya go, so when you post things you have . ACTUAL facts:

As of 2007, California affords domestic partnerships all of the same rights and responsibilities as marriages under state law (Cal. Fam. Code §297.5). Among these:

1. Making health care decisions for each other in circumstances
2. Hospital and jail visitation rights that were previously reserved for family members related by blood, adoption or marriage to the sick, injured or incarcerated person.
3. Access to family health insurance plans (Cal. Ins. Code §10121.7)
4. Spousal insurance policies (auto, life, homeowners etc..), this applies to all forms of insurance through the California Insurance Equality Act (Cal. Ins. Code §381.5)
5. Sick care and similar family leave
6. Stepparent adoption procedures
7. Presumption that both members of the partnership are the parents of a child born into the partnership
8. Suing for wrongful death of a domestic partner
9. Rights involving wills, intestate succession, conservatorships and trusts
10. The same property tax provisions otherwise available only to married couples (Cal. R&T Code §62p)
11. Access to some survivor pension benefits
12. Supervision of the Superior Court of California over dissolution and nullity proceedings
13. The obligation to file state tax returns as a married couple (260k) commencing with the 2007 tax year (Cal R&T Code §18521d)
14. The right for either partner to take the other partner's surname after registration
15. Community property rights and responsibilities previously only available to married spouses
16. The right to request partner support (alimony) upon dissolution of the partnership (divorce)
17. The same parental rights and responsibilities granted to and imposed upon spouses in a marriage