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November 4, 2008

Dole Loses Race after 'Godless' Ad

Sen. Elizabeth Dole lost her seat in North Carolina to State Senator Democrat Kay Hagan.

The Associated Press reports that Dole had been hurt by revelations that she's spent little time in North Carolina this past year. Dole also recently ran an ad connecting Hagan to "godless Americans" and "godless money." Hagan responded by saying Dole was "bearing false witness against fellow Christians."

Update: Mollie Hemingway informs me that Dole has been the only pro-life woman in the Senate.

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It's so great to see Dole and other mean-spirited Republicans go down in defeat. Looks like she also had the other traits of the turned-out Republicans: incompetence or malfeasance in office. These people who behave as if they have a monopoly on God, and who judge others as godless are a disgrace to both evangelical Christianity and the Republican Party. And I speak as one who is both evangelical and Republican.