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November 5, 2008

Evangelicals and an Obama Administration

Evangelicals will have to learn to work with Barack Obama's administration, no matter how ecstatic or how disappointed they may be. Here's the story.

By the way, if you're just tuning in, we have tons of posts for you to read. Joel Hunter prayed with Obama, Jim Wallis, Richard Cizik, and Richard Land react, and Ted Olsen made an amazing map of how the evangelical vote broke down. Check this link for election day coverage.


I hope that Obama's first acts on taking office are to declare gay marriage totally, irrevocably legal and put RU-486 dispensers on every street corner. Payback for what evangelicals have done to the United States over the last 16 years. Thanks for the war and the financial crisis, hypocrites.

The church cannot afford to line up behind any party to such an extent that it has no credibility to challenge it when it does things which are clearly wrong or does not carry the right spirit. I believe the conservative church in America fell into this trap with the Republicans, neither however should the black church fall into to this situation with Obama.
There is a possibility that the conservative church overlooked some issues when the Bush administration led the nation which has the country reeling financially and even cause Bush to hide during the run up to elections.
The church is to be a prophetic institution to the nation and therefore must maintain its first allegiance to the kingdom of God.

Shame on us! The hypocrite is the one that calls himself a Christian, yet votes against Christian values because he believes that for some reason Barack Obama has more power to heal our economy than God, perhaps. God gave us a voter's guide, if you will, and instruction book, years ago. It is called the Holy Bible. It has his commandments and laws clearly laid out within its pages. we, as a nation, have taken that book and, by voting so liberally, have blatantly disobeyed it. What will God do now to his people who have in essence asked for another "king"? Oh, I am afraid he will give it to us! Regardless of whether or not you liked Obama, McCain, or your write-in John Doe, your obligation as a Christian was to vote according to God's will, not your own. Not enough of us did that, now we all have to pay!

Wow, Shanon... putting all the blame on the Republicans. People really have forgotten that recession started with the Clinton administration.

Thanks for Somalia, Dems! Somalians have never forgotten the cruelty of war because the world now thinks that war is very partisan. Somebody also forgot that even JFK had a grudge with Cuba and Russia.

War is not partisan. Here I thought that in America, everybody is an American again after the election... that partisan politics is over.

Then we meet people like Shanon.

Here is what I hope will happen as a result of this election: Republicans would reject the religious right and go their own way.
As a card carrying member of the religious conservative movement I believe our attachment to a single party has been counter productive to the mission of winning people to Christ. Our job is not to reform culture, but to bring people to Christ, who in turn through their decision making, turn from their sinfull ways, and change the culture as a result. People acting according to the Spirit won't readily engage in sin, and as such the laws may permit godless behavior, few will engage in them. It's the whole paradox of prohibition. The more you try to prohibit bad behavior, the more it attracts people to engage in it.

What can the evangelical believer say about the Bush administration's accomplishments that glorified Christ? A war that claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people? A secretive administration that operated in deception? Or perhaps the absence of a leader who displayed the inability to think for himself. President Bush was all theory, lacking true christian conviction. Finally, the voice of sincere "christians" have been heard. It's time that our country realizes that you need more than talk, you need the walk.

I may be wasting my time giving a response to R. Minster, but I'll give it my take on things. There are no clear cut villains or heroes. Bush to most categories did not deliver that much. Neither should a president be expected to. Not everyone will be a Lincoln or an FDR. That kind of caliber of a person comes once in a lifetime. Nor a Reagen or an JFK in their ability to inspire. Who come along once in 20 years. Bush was an average guy. His stock will recover in 40 years.
Iraq was not just about Iraq. It's sad that we felt the need to cover up the real fact that we needed to have a significant presence in the region, in order to check Iran. If taken alone, Iraq was a near total failure. If on the other hand we can keep Iran from threatening it's neigbors long enough for regime change to happen, then the whole question of us going in will be gone.
Pro-life issues. Sad but true, Bush only managed to delay the inevitable blows to the sanctity of life issues. No significant reversals to Roe V. Wade and embrionic stem cell research have been made. My opinion on the embryonic stem cells is that you don't send an infant to do an adults job. Embryonic stem cells are moraly tainted, and there are now plenty of sources of clean stem cells like: skin, fat, umbilical cord blood, etc.
I wish Bush would have gone after the flat tax issue and not privatized soc sec. It would have been a lot more popular, and less scary for the older people who phoned their reps in large numbers.
In closing, if (and that's now a BIG IF) we can help the Iranians shake off the mullahs, the whole region would become more peaceful. And all the blood shed to this point will be considered a sacrifice worth taking. Unfortunately I am not nearly as optimistic today, as I was 5 years ago. I have long ago changed my mind on this war. Though, what alternative did we have? Give Saddam more weapons to kill his own people? Sanctions forever? Like that was working anyway. The only reason we now know how many people are being killed is because there is freedom of the press now.
So my grade on Bush is C-. If we manage to flip Iran from totalitarian regime then it goes up to B-.