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November 18, 2008

Film Fest Director Supported Gay Marriage Ban

Richard Raddon, a Mormon, supposedly turned in resignation, but board turns it down.

According to gay publication Advocate.com:

Film Independent released a statement on Friday in response to Los Angeles Film Festival director Richard Raddon's donation to the campaign for Proposition 8, which succeeded in banning gay marriage in California. "As a champion of diversity," the statement said, "Film Independent is dedicated to supporting the civil rights of all individuals. At the same time, our organization does not police the personal, religious, or political choices of any employee, member, or filmmaker."

David Poland of MovieCityNews also blogged about the story.


I feel that gay marriage is inevitable in the same way womens rights were inevitable, all we are doing is delaying that day. Why? Does anybody really believe that living near a same sex couple will turn the neighborhood sour? This is not a disease and it is not contagious. And who is to say that marriage is not already a failing system? I for one never plan to marry. Do not get me wrong there is a woman I want to spend my life with but we are not planning on "legally" marrying ever. The divorce rate is ridiculous and religions flawed and people believe in the craziest crap....like same sex marriage being wrong.

Thats my piece anyways this article says it all for me http://newstrain.com/2008/11/07/244/

I don't understand the word "supposedly" being used. Is that because he is a Mormon, or what is the deal with that? Do you think they are lying?