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November 4, 2008

For the Bummed Out and Fearful

Collin Hansen remembers reaction four years ago.

And remembers something more important, too.


I'm having a problem connecting to Colin's link.
Great job tonight, Ted, and to the rest of the bloggers! I learned things I wouldn't have known otherwise. Thanks!

Yeah, I don't know. I can go both ways on The Focus on the Family article he is talking about. I really do think that the important thing to remember here now, is that God knew all this before it happened. Therefore, we can trust that God will keep us safe. He says so in the bible. I was scared at first, and upset about Obama's victory. Then, God started showing me all the times in the bible, that things looked bleak. The times where certain people were in power, and not christians, yet, God still changed their hearts and minds. And God still used christians to influence them. And the outcome still in some cases turned out positively. God always takes care of His flock. So, that is why he tells us not to be afraid. Just Pray, trust in Him, and make decisions based on God's view of things. Not to argue, fight, or put down anyone else for thinking otherwise. But simply pray for them, and pray for God's protection. I don't agree with a lot of Obabma's views he had during his campaign. However, I believe some of those views will change. So as Christians, i think we can use adversity to our advantage. If God brings you to it, He will most certainly bring you through it.