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November 4, 2008

Gordon and Abilene Student Newspapers Endorse Obama

Gordon College's student newspaper endorsed Barack Obama for president, according to The Boston Globe's Michael Paulson.

Editor & Publisher has a tally of college newspaper endorsements (63-1 for Obama), but it looks like Abilene Christian University is the only CCCU school included. Here's the ACU Optimist's Obama endorsement.

Gordon College's student newspaper, the Tartan, does not have a website, but Paulson has the full text of its endorsement:

"Over the past week, as we have collected responses and insights from students and faculty to put together this special Election Edition of the Tartan, we have heard some intriguing and thought-provoking arguments from republicans, democrats, and independents about why they are supporting their candidate of choice. After much serious consideration, the Tartan is pleased to offer its endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States of America.

Last spring, when the Tartan endorsed Senator Obama for the Democratic nomination, it was because he offers the unique opportunity to have a president who inspires the public imagination to envision what is possible and empowers its leaders and citizens to rise to the occasion. In the months since then, Senator Obama has more than lived up to these words. He has offered strong, even-keeled leadership in the face of economic turmoil; he has remained calm, thoughtful, and articulate when discussing issues of healthcare, energy, and foreign policy; and he has inspired a grassroots movement both at home and abroad to support his candidacy. For these reasons and more, we believe that Senator Obama is most fit to lead America through these uncertain times and to begin the process of rebranding and reclaiming good standing in America's foreign relations.

Furthermore, while we acknowledge Senator McCain's long history of bi-partisanship, we believe that the manner in which he has managed his campaign has not reflected strong leadership and more importantly, has not demonstrated that he is capable of bringing about the changes necessary to move beyond petty partisan feuding and begin making real progress in Washington. While both candidates had ugly moments in their campaigning, Senator McCain's advertisements and stump speeches were consistently negative, trying to tear down his opponent, rather than make a case for his own candidacy. This way of campaigning is in line with the Rovian tactics of the last administration, a type of campaigning that America would do well to leave behind moving into the future.

Likewise, we agree with Colin Powell, Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, Christopher Buckley, Kathleen Parker, and many other well-respected conservatives, that Senator McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate was reckless and cynical. It has become very clear over the past few weeks that Governor Palin is grossly unfit for the job she is running for - much less, the job she would resume should something happen to Senator McCain. As recently as last week she was quoted as saying the role of vice-president was to be in charge of the Senate. This, in addition to her comments about the role of the vice president being left intentionally vague by the framers of the Constitution, reflect a lack of understanding of basic tenants of the position for which she is running. And in light of the secrecy and abuse of power in the last administration, Governor Palin's "mix-ups" should be met with much harsher criticism.

The Tartan believes that Senator Obama possesses the necessary leadership skills, policy experience, and critical thinking ability to be an effective commander-in-chief. But more than this, he possesses these traits without a hint of cynicism. He is thoughtful and wise at a time when we need thoughtfulness and wisdom. And for this reason, we believe he is the ideal candidate for the presidency."

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Good for them. It isn't easy in those communities to stand against the status quo. I'm sure the next press release out of Colorado Springs is going to be about the moral failure of young Evangelicals, which, by the way, needs to be interpreted as whining rather than justifiable condemnation.

It's interesting over 80% of young evangelicals claim they will be voting for Sen. McCain, yet all of the visible evidence suggests otherwise. I just hope I'm wrong about the bad policy proposals of both candidates.

Its obvious throughout the above editorial, there has been no mention of issues, only character. What a shame that the Tartan thinks it can read human being's characters and judge what is in the heart while completely ignoring the issue. One might have said of Jesus of Nazareth that he railed against the Pharisees and chose 12 fishermen (or their equivalents to succeed Him) and thus was completely unqualified to be the Messiah. Indeed, that is what the self-righteous generation of that time did end up doing. I wonder what ours will do, claiming to know and understand all things...more than the mind can grasp and faith can understand as St. Paul says!

That the statement contains no mention of marraiage and abortion, issues on which Christians can speak with certainty, which are indeed defining issues, does not speak well of the writers. One could argue for Obama, but in doing so one really needs to deal with his positions on these issues, fundamental as they are.

I know the college, and the students are hardly standing against the status quo there. They'll win praise from colleagues for doing what those colleagues praise. Being lefty is sexy.

Yes, Ryan, good for them. It isn't easy in those communities to stand against the status quo ... and for a candidate who said his first act would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act and who will ensure Roe v. Wade extends into the far future by his court appointments. Good for them? Have we lost our minds?

I respect the Tartan's decision, but its sloppy use of words does not reflect well on its position.

Sarah Palin would not "resume" the presidency. She would "assume" the presidency if Mr. McCain was unable to serve.

She doesn't lack understanding of the "basic tenants" of the position of vice president. She may lack the "basic tenets" but that's different from those who rent space.

A student newspaper is only as credible as its copyeditors.

Very often the harder thing to do is the right thing to do, while the easier option is very often the wrong thing. In contrast to what Ryan said, these two newspapers representing Christian students have taken the road more travelled, and joined in with the throng of reckless lemmings concerned more with style than with substance. While McCain is by no means the ideal candidate his integrity, his policies on energy, defense, judicial appointments, and on gender and birth issues are more consistent with the values of the informed majority. Obama may be a good choice for American Idol, but he will be a disastrous choice for president.

I guess after reading this all the more to make sure your sons and daughters truly check out colleges they may attend and choose ones that will stand up for truth and biblical worldviews. God bless America and our future generation!

I am happy to know that those making comments and opinions are using their first amendment rights. Two changes I would hope would never take place is the loss of our valuable Bill of Rights and the destruction of our Constitution. I am concerned that all of us who call ourselves "Christian" will pray for each other no matter what church or denomination we attend and that we also pray for our leaders who carry a tremendous responsibility when attempting to please all of us. We all desire the same results--peace and prosperity in our nation. But we must realize that this wonderful attribute, PEACE, comes from within us. One of these presidential candidates will be our leader. Prayer for them must come first, then discussion of the issues must be done carefully and prayerfully.

Regarding the misuse of wording... as an inside staff member of the Tartan, I can assure you that the version that was posted on the Globe's site was (accidentally) an unedited version of the editorial piece. The version printed in the paper included "resume" and "tenets" among other edits. Let's not get caught up in mere words. Is that not many people's complaint about the Obama campaign in the first place?

I can also say, as a staff member of the Tartan, that the views expressed in the editorial do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire campus. That is not the role of an editorial. I consider myself blessed to be part of a campus and organization where diversity is welcomed, and all are allowed to express their opinions. I can thankfully say that differing views and opinions are consistently welcomed across Gordon's campus, which has enabled students and faculty to learn from each other and benefit from what the other has to offer. I think this takes place more at a liberal Christian school like Gordon than probably any other Christian campus in America.

As a Christian, and a seminary wife at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a close sister school to Gordon College, I'm saddened to read the above article on the endorsement of Barack Obama. My main dissappointment lies in the complete neglect of the Tartan to address the issue of abortion and Obama's consistent pro-abortion stance. 3,000 unborn babies a day are murdered in this country. If Christians are not supporting a pro-life candidate due to another's candidate's rhetoric, who else will defend the most helpless. I'm very, very saddened by this endorsement.

For more information on current abortion statistics, visit abort73.com.

I was a student at Gordon during the 1988 election. My roommate and I ran a mock election as part of a class project. I was a Business major who should have been a Sociology major, because almost every elective course I took was a soc. class. It was amazing to me, at the time, that so few students seemed to consider poverty in making their political decisions.

Abby, as a Gordon alum, and an Obama supporter, I am so pleased and surprised to read The Tartan's endorsement, even after the fact.

Thanks for this entry, CT.