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November 14, 2008

Hagan drops lawsuit over Dole's 'godless' ad

Senator-elect Kay Hagan, the North Carolina Democrat who ousted Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole, has withdrawn a defamation suit over a Dole ad that linked Hagan with a 'godless' group.

Hagan filed the suit Oct. 30, saying Dole inaccurately accused her of having ties to an atheist political action committee. Hagan filed a motion to dismiss the suit yesterday.

"It's clear that the people of North Carolina have rejected personal attacks aimed at dividing people of this state instead of bringing them together to solve the problems at hand," said Colleen Flanagan, communications director for Hagan's campaign.

"This lawsuit would just continue the focus on a very personal and negative attack against Kay, instead of focusing on the people of North Carolina."

In the suit, Hagan charged that Dole and her campaign maligned her reputation with an ad that "falsely implies that (Hagan) shares the views of an entity that calls itself the Godless Americans PAC."

The two campaigns created dueling ads in which Dole defended her initial attack against Hagan, and Hagan denying the alleged connections with the atheist group.

Hagan stated in the suit that she attended a September fundraiser at the Boston home of Woody Kaplan but never took contributions from the Godless Americans PAC.

Ellen Johnson, executive director of Enlighten the Vote, the new name of the PAC, responded to the controversy by saying Kaplan, a former advisory board member, was involved in the fundraiser independently of the PAC.

A spokesperson for the Dole campaign could not be reached immediately for comment.

The original ad can be viewed here.


It was completely unnecessary to re-post the original ad, particularly without re-posting the response, and particularly when the original ad has been proven to be false. Is it CT's desire to perpetuate the nastiness?

I was so relieved to see that Dole was ousted. That ad was the lowest of the low and it looks like she paid for her poor judgement by being thrown out of Washington!

I'm not surprised at Doles ad but not surprised a democrat won in NC as the state has been in a losing manner for a long time. They have lost the tobacco trade the textiles have been cleanly wiped out and crime is on the rise. NC is leaning towards the left further and further and it is about time some sound government takes over. Whether the dems can deliver will just be a matter of time. A third of the state is on welfare and people are waiting for the free handout Obama has promised them.

"A third of the state is on welfare" is just on the face wrong. Even if you count Social Security and unemployment as "on welfare" there is no way that 1/3 of households in NC are on welfare. According to the Census 12% of people in NC are over 65 and 3% are on public assistance. Assuming all seniors are on Social Security and assuming that NC had the highest unemployment rate in the country (around 9 percent) that would mean that adding those numbers all together would still only make 24%. And virtually no one says that Social Security and Unemployment are "welfare".