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November 3, 2008

Happy Election Eve!

Stay tuned to Christianity Today's politics blog all day tomorrow because we will be here.

Here are a few stories I intended to blog about today but ran out of energy due to a cold:
Minneapolis pastor John Piper on Why a Woman Shouldn't Run for Vice President, but Wise People May Still Vote for Her
"In my view, defending abortion is far worse sin for a man than serving as Vice President is for a woman," Piper writes.

Here's the original video.

In an unrelated article, Eric Gorski of the Associated Press wrote about how the election came to churches on Sunday.

On Sunday and the past two weekends, volunteers in 14 states who belong to Protestant megachurches, politically active conservative churches and Catholic parishes distributed literature at their churches comparing McCain and Obama on hot-button social issues like abortion, gay marriage and judges. "Who Shares Your Values?" the flier says. "You decide."

Bob Heckman of the McCain campaign told the AP that 15,000 people volunteered to distribute campaign literature.

On the Obama side, members of black churches in battleground states were asked to read what an aide described as a nonpartisan letter from the Illinois senator during church announcements.

Obama campaign officials declined to provide a copy of the letter or discuss it. But during the primary campaign, volunteers and staffers read a similar letter from Obama at black churches in South Carolina that didn't explicitly ask people to vote for him but highlighted issues and encouraged voter participation.

Finally, Gorski also wrote a retrospective analysis on religion in the 2008 campaign. The end is a big depressing.

But Martin Marty, one of the nation's pre-eminent religion scholars, already has reached one conclusion: the rancorous campaign has been bad for religion.

The retired University of Chicago professor wrote in a commentary this week that the exploitation and exhibition of religion in the race is "bad for the name of religion itself, for religious institutions, for a fair reading of sacred texts, for sundered religious communities, for swaggering religious communities which are too sure of themselves, for the pursuit of virtue, for extending the reach of religion too far."

In other words, the loser in this election is religion.


The hard fact of this election is that Obama and not a few senators in power are following Saul Alinsky's, "Rules For Radicals" page by page.
While we as "Believers" are in anguish over many issues, the radical left uses those same issues to divide and conquor.
Obama, et al, is interested in Power and will change the truth to appear as a lie, obfuscate, accept or deny any position so long as it eventually leads to a power position.
Alinsky admired Lucifer...is there more to be said?
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers..."

I'm SO thankful that John Piper doesn't want to ban women from serving as President! Good grief. His sort of "nuanced" teaching would dictate that half the world's population ignore many of their God-given gifts and deny some of the callings to which God leads them. Does he think God makes mistakes when he gives women these talents? Does God give the talents and then forbid women to use them? And, for those women whose calling it is to be homemakers, they should do it because they want to do it, not because that's all they are permitted. Piper preaches the worst sort of evil because he preaches that half of God's creation must be submissive to the other half. We used to think that some races should be submissive to other races. Most Christians have seen the light on race. Piper is trapped in that same perverted thinking about gender. I believe that when Piper gets to the pearly gates and tries to see God, She will weep over the arrogance and wastefulness of his teaching.