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November 17, 2008

Huckabee Takes a Few Jabs

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee mocks a few of his fellow Republicans - including a few evangelicals - in his book being released tomorrow.

Time magazine reports that the sharpest words go to Huckabee's former rival, Mitt Romney, who Huckabee describes as "anything but conservative until he changed the light bulbs in his chandelier in time to run for president."

Michael Scherer writes that Huckabee's book, Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement That's Bringing Common Sense Back to America, "spared neither the rod nor the lash" for many conservative Christian leaders.

Huckabee writes of Gary Bauer, the conservative Christian leader and former presidential candidate, as having an "ever-changing reason to deny me his support." Of one private meeting with Bauer, Huckabee says, "It was like playing Whac-a-Mole at the arcade - whatever issue I addressed, another one surfaced as a 'problem' that made my candidacy unacceptable." He also accuses Bauer of putting national security before bedrock social issues like the sanctity of life and traditional marriage.

Huckabee calls out Pat Robertson for endorsing Rudy Giuliani and Dr. Bob Jones III for endorsing Romney. He says he spoke to the Rev. John Hagee by phone before the Texas pastor endorsed John McCain. "I asked if he had prayed about this and believed this was what the Lord wanted him to do," Huckabee writes. "I didn't get a straight answer."

Huckabee also describes the Arlington Group as "more enamored with the process, the political strategies, and the party hierarchy than with the simple principles that had originally motivated the Founders." Later, he writes, "I lamented that so many people of faith had moved from being prophetic voices - like Naaman, confronting King David in his sin and saying, 'Thou art the man!' - to being voices of patronage, and saying to those in power, 'You da' man!' "


It almost sounds as if one of the points of his book is, "I was the candidate Jesus would have supported, and those who didn't support me are either stupid or don't really love God." I hope that doesn't turn out to be the case, and he shows himself to be more classy than this post suggests. The Church really doesn't need another embarrassment.

"He also accuses Bauer of putting national security before bedrock social issues like the sanctity of life and traditional marriage."

I am pro-life and pro-traditional marriage, but one of the primary jobs of the COMMANDER IN CHIEF is the security of our nation. We seem to have let that one go, but I really think it ranks up there in the constitutional duties of the president. Bauer may have had a decent point to make, Mr. Huckabee!

Hooray Mike! Keep telling it like it is--be true to the principles of the "strait" way. "You da' man!", and not in a patronizing way.

That was Nathan, not Naaman. Did Huckabee make that blatant mistake?

The interesting thing is that Huckabee was widely considered to be not quite that conservative himself economic issues, including liberal social welfare spending and a noted streak of economic populism targeting outsourcing and globalization in general. If you define a conservative as someone who solely believes in preventing gay marriage and abortion, then Huckabee fits the bill, but the conservative movement has more facets than just that. There are pro-life Democrats, after all (Mr. Lindy Scott?).

I'm wondering if he mentioned Focus on the Family's James Dobson. I personally hold Dobson responsible in a big way for not getting Huckabee the nomination and leading people astray with his waffling.

Dobson was another America's-security-before-bedrock-issues guy!

Assuming these quotes are reflective of the book as a whole, it just confirms for me that Huckabee would have been an unmitigated disaster. His cynical use of faith combined with his populist streak would have been even worse of the Republican party than John McCain turned out to be.

I truly like Mr. Huckabee. He is a Christian with a deep regard for his country but also a man that understands that there is more to an election than ideals.
However, we must be careful to distinguish from our bedrock principles on social issues to what it takes to be president of the United States. This position of great power requires more than just integrity, faith and bedrock principles; this great honor belongs to a person that has vision, honor, and the ability to see all God's children; even when they themselves do not recognize or see God. This is a position that can not exclude anyone and so for that reason only do I believe Mr Huckabee needs more time learning what it means to separate church and state.

Sounds like the reference to Naaman should have been to Nathan.

Point of correction - The prophet that confronted King David was Nathan, not Naaman.

I agree with George. I have been really blessed by
Mike's gentle spirit as I watch his show on Fox.
I am proud of him (as an evangelical). I haven't seen his critical side too often, but I trust his judgment and his kind heart. He has a wonderful sense of humor too. In these tough times, a healthy chuckle really is a great experience. He's my brother in Christ! I am so disappointed with the lack of brotherly love displayed by christians on this blog. It has been very discouraging. What happened to 1 Corinthians 13?

Did he really say NAAMAN confronted King David? Wrong guy. It was Nathan.

Naaman was a Syrian general with leprosy whose servant girl encouraged him to visit Elijah for healing.

But then, when you start combining politics and the Bible, things get all confused ...

If this post gives a good taste of Huckabee's book, then I think I hear someone addressing the 'real' embarrassments to the cause of Christian outreach and mission in our society and the world. Lets read and consider.

I don't believe it was Naaman who confronted David about his adultery with Bathsheba. Wasn't it Nathan?

Naaman - Aramean commander who was healed of leprosy by Elisha.
Nathan - prophet who confronted David.

Come on, Huck! Time to go back to Sunday School...

I completely agree with the first two posted replies. I've also heard the book contains a dissertation on the proper cooking methods for squirrel using a popcorn popper. I really must digress at this point and end with a timeless borrowed line from that ever so thought provoking troupe Monty Python and their timeless comedy The Holy Grail. Mr. Huckabee, "You’re a Looney". - King Arthur

I like Mike! He's one of the few remaining true-blue evangelical voices that speaks my beliefs .. I love his show on TV and he tells it like it is, unashamedly .. He's not one of those "baby-kissinig" politicans that is wishy-washy. Too many conservatives have abandoned the right and moved center. He holds the Christian banner up for all of us who still believe if we live by God's morals, He will be our security and best blessing .. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." You tell 'em Mike!

Mike Huckabee writes his feelings not only as a man but as a Christian presidential candidate.

It's not right to say that he thinks he's Jesus' candidate but definitely right to say Mike is a Christian.

Pat Robertson endorsing Rudy Gulliani, why? Bob Jones 111 endorsing Romney, why?

Pastor Hagee endorsing Mcain over somebody who is a Christian, why?

Maybe they believe that Mike was not capable and it's better to endorse another than a brother in Christ who is presumed with the same belief as they are and with the same strategies to attack all these problems are.

Is jealousy possible? Or they really don't want somebody like them (maybe this is wrong), say, somebody who put God first because by so doing everything becomes possible. Or...

Make no mistake about it, Mike Huckabee stood up for the Christian voice. The Christian voice then shunned Mike for the effort. Abortion is my number one social and political issue. I wonder when we face the unborn children, and they ask us why we cared more our own safety and security, and we are not helpless, when they are helpless. Can I face that? The Christian right was a movement created by folks like myself. Now it has betrayed me. Thanks James, Pat, wannabe leader Gary, and all! Perhaps it's time for a revival, a new voice crying in the wilderness

God gave America a chance to place a man of God in leadership and the confused 501 (c) (3)
church blundered in division. The Black Church forgot christian moral obligations and the White, Asian an Hispanic churches were afraid to speak. One result could be that the divided American church will mourn when the wicked (non believing ) rule and perhaps the real church will become united. Jesus prayed that we would become one.

Later, he writes, "I lamented that so many people of faith had moved from being prophetic voices — like Naaman, confronting King David in his sin and saying, 'Thou art the man!' — to being voices of patronage, and saying to those in power, 'You da' man!' "

Is the section from Huckabee's book above correctly quoted? If so, there is a problem with the biblical accuracy of the quoted statement. It was not Naaman (2 Kings 5) who confronted King David by saying, "Thou art the man!" but was the prophet Nathan (2 Samuel 12:7)

Christianity is in a horrible state when fellow Cristians can not back a brother in Christ. When the world is clearly persecuting the evangelical church as happened in the last election(Sara and Mike)thank God we do have a refuge who validates and claims His children. I wander if some of His people would vote for King David if he should run for office seeking the Chistian vote. Forgive Lord for they know not what they do.

I don't know much about Mike Huckabee. What disturbs me is the idea that all Christians should have supported him just because he's a "brother". That's preposterous!

I echo the statement of Jarrod here: when the Bible and politics are combined, things get all confused.

Man, I wish Ron Paul would have gotten there. A strong Christian voice, a true conservative, and a true intellectual.