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November 4, 2008

Liberal Evangelicals for McCain

A bit late to make much of a difference in people's voting, but Anne Morse of Prison Fellowship (most CT readers will recognize her as the coauthor of Charles Colson's columns) offers reasons why evangelicals concerned about social justice should be rooting for McCain tonight, not Obama. It's not quite clear why she thinks only "liberal evangelicals" care about social justice (I know a lot of very conservative evangelicals who care about poverty and AIDS), but here's her argument:

Liberal evangelicals who think McCain is against social justice need to look at his website more thoroughly and consider that certain topics they might have ignored are actually very relevant to social justice. For instance, he's in favor of funding scholarships, charter schools, and tutoring for poor students stuck in bad public schools.

Social justice, anyone? ...

To put it another way: John McCain is fighting global poverty and has a strong record of promoting justice on an international scale.

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I'm sure folks perception of concern for social justice issues differs greatly. I'm not sure I know any very conservative Evangelicals who REALLY care about social justice with their actions and not just theoretically.

If I might jump in here, I think Anne was trying to deal with the stereotype (illustrated here by Burns) that social justice is something only liberals care about, by showing how important it is to those on the other side of the aisle.