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November 3, 2008

Obama's Abortion Straightjacket

Should he win, Obama will need to early on figure out how to get out of a political straight jacket of his own making: on abortion. His challenge will not be traversing the political parties but two Democratic constituencies who both worked hard for him and want very different things.

For the last few months, pro-life progressives have pushed hard the idea that Obama would help reduce the number of abortions through common ground efforts to help women avoid pregnancy or carry babies to term.

One group ran ads in battleground states explaining that Democrats could reduce abortion more than Republicans. Another argued against banning abortion as imprtactical and said abortions could be reduced if policies provided medical and financial care that would help women "choose life."

Pro-life progressives have publically assured voters that Obama would be committed to reducing the number of abortions.

On the other hand, Obama said early in the campaign that his first act as president would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, a fairly radical bill that would wipe out state abortion restrictions. Pro-choice groups have worked hard for Obama, too, and take that commitment seriously.

How will he bridge that gulf?

(Originally posted at Steve Waldman's blog at Beliefnet.)


Obama will not be looking to bridge any gap as he's not serious about reducing abortions.

Candidates who are serious about really reducing abortions don't support keeping legal abortions throughout pregnancy for any reason another 35 years.

They don't want to make taxpayers fund abortions here and abroad, they don't oppose parental involvement and informed consent laws. They don't oppose a ban on partial-birth abortions. They don't oppose abstinence education funding or support for crisis pregnancy centers.

Serious pro-life candidates don't promise Planned Parenthood to make the first bill they sign will overturn every abortion reduction law across the country that has brought abortions to historic lows by reducing them 400,000/year from their high point.

No, Obama is NOT a pro-life candidate and abortions will be promoted ad nauseam under an Obama administration. That's why we need John McCain.

See http://www.lifenews.com/johnmccainprolife.html for more.

I'm Canadian so I don't get to vote. But we have similar parties up here (only there are three of them instead of two) with the 'Progressive Conservatives' standing in for the 'Republicans'. John McCain is NOT a pro-life candidate. Well, I guess you could say that he is provided you also say that George Bush is a pro-life candidate. I may have missed the major news story but isn't abortion still legal in America? If so, there is no way on earth that McCain will make it illegal. First, because his party has been in power for eight years and it remained legal throughout that time. Second, the president does not have the power to make any law on his own.

C'mon, brothers and sisters. Don't continue to be fooled by both parties who will claim allegiance with Christ to suck you into the world's system. If you decide to vote, do so with the insight that Jesus provides you. But know you're responsible for placing your ballot in the box - Jesus isn't. And part of your responsibility is to research and dissect all the rhetoric and half-truths that the parties want to feed you. Don't take the spoon in your mouth. Feed yourself.

but, but, nobody's "pro-abortion" right? isn't that what he said?

Steve Ertelt -- you can't possibly know what is in someone else's heart.

Many Christians want to reduce abortions through changes of heart, and tangible support for those women and girls for whom their life circumstances urge them to chose abortion. Many Christians know that criminalizing abortions will just push them to the dangerous back alleys and will not eliminate them.

Many Christians know that a partial birth abortion ban without a meaningful health of the mother exception will condemn some pregnant women to death. Many Christians know that "abstinence only" eduction programs don't work in the real world. Many Christians know that "crisis pregnancy" centers, which generally refuse to provide women and girls with medical information about ALL their options, treat women and girls as being too stupid to make intelligent decisions.

In my view, those who oppose comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education and access to family planning are the ones who are truly "pro abortion."

"Abstinence Only" works just fine in the 'real world' provided that the sustaining force behind it is focus on God and not the sin you're trying to avoid.
Not that culture, media, or your own desires want you to believe this. It's all to easy to seek immediate pleasure irregardless of the consequences, and try to foster it off as a lack of a choice. You do have to enjoy something, but you can make that enjoyment God. You don't have to buy in to the media, the devil, culture, or even your own desires and end up telling yourself “I just have to.”
The 'real world' is frequently defined as what we desire to define it as. To truly understand the basis of ideas like Abstinence, you have to incorporate God into what you consider to be the 'real world.' Then, desiring that which is best is not such a far flung option after all. Abstinence is a viable option for those who choose to focus on that which is best. Not Abstinence, but God. All else follows.

I'm not saying Abstinence is the only thing that should be taught, but that neither is it something to discredit completely.

me personally, i agree with keeping abortion illegal. only for certain circumstantes though. if a woan gets raped and gets pregnant and does not want the baby then ok i can see it then or why couldnt they give the baby up for adoption. there or so many women in this world that can not have children.

Abstinence-based education works, but not when students have received years of "safe/safer-sex" education. We're talking 1 year compared to at least 4-6.

Bart, I'll be honest in that I don't like any candidate that is running, including the indepents. However, I know that either the Republican candidate or te Democratic candidate will get in and I'm at the "lesser of two evils" point. Neither is perfect, but I feel that Obama is a bit less-perfect than McCain.

Obama mocks the Bible. Refuses to salute 'Our flag', an is a staunch suporter of alimination of abortion regulation. For myself, mocking The Bible is enough to deside my vote. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA6_k3NtXZs&feature=email

Why do we put all the burden concerning abortion and other moral issues on our government, particularly our new President. Did abortions decrease under previous administrations?! Where is the churches responsibility and accountability in all this to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ! To set up ministerial programs that will help these women to know they have other options with their bodies! Who is ministering to these males/females about abstinence or that their bodies are the temple of God or that the fruit of the womb is a great reward! Where are the churches in all of this? It's as if there is this huge demand being place on Pres. elect Obama, but where is the demand on the churches in witnessing, outreach, missions and evanglism! We hold everyone accountable, EXCEPT THE CHURCH!!! We only hear about abortions, homosexuality when it's election time! We need to be hearing about all of this over the pulpit more frequently in the church! Instead, we are talking about bigger churches and prosperity! But no one wants to talk about sex or other immoralities in the church!! I think Pres. elect Obama will make every effort he has stated concerning abortion, but who is following up with him, ministering to him reference this and other moral issues. There is alot on his plate right now, so please just continue to PRAY without ceasing that God will soften his heart and fill it with WISDOM concerning this issue! Don't have faith in Obama; have faith in GOD!!