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November 5, 2008

Photos and Video from Grant Park in Chicago

Young evangelicals were among the many supporters of Barack Obama celebrating in Grant Park Tuesday night. Here are some images, as well as a video clip of the general crowd reaction to Obama winning the presidency:







Your chosen title is a misnomer. Greg and Mitch are not evangelicals, and you just helped elect the most pro-abortion, big-government politician in US History. And now you're having a party? Let's watch big companies pay more taxes and see if their claustrophobia doesn't trickle down to you. God's judgment on you will be that you actually get what you voted for. Thanks,

A Fellow Wheaton Alumna

I am getting tired of people defining Evangelical as someone that agrees with them politically.

(Another Wheaton Alumni)

Editor's Note: In response to "A Fellow Wheaton Alumna," this post made no claim as to the personal beliefs of any individuals identifiable in the video. However I respect the potential for confusion, and thus have modified the second sentence to assert the video portrays "general crowd reaction" and not evangelical reaction specifically.

Is there anything good coming out of the Chicago-area these days? Good Lord, please someone step forward and stem this noxious growth. The area is a font of the facile and the falsehood, big and small -- neo-Marxisms, faux- intellectuallism, and emergent mush, moral, philosophical, and theological. Please, enough of Oprah, Obama, Rahm, Blago, Wheaton, and CT.