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November 3, 2008

Poll: McCain Getting 78% of Evangelicals

A new poll shows that John McCain could receive as many votes from evangelicals as President Bush did in 2004, which many cited as one of the tipping points for Bush's re-election.

A new MSNBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that McCain has the lead among evangelicals 78 percent to 19 percent. The most recent Pew Research Center survey, however, shows that McCain is getting 68 percent, the same number Bush received in 2000.

Update: Quinnipiac University released new numbers on three swing states where McCain loses slightly in Florida and Ohio but gains in Pennsylvania from a week ago.
Florida: 71-23
Ohio: 59-34
Pennsylvania: 67-27


As a Christian, and an evangelical if we have to use such labels, this worries me. Sadly, as I am a Briton whose life will inevitably be affected by the outcome of this election, I can't vote - but if I could I'd be voting for Obama. Not because his policies and ideas are perfectly matched to mine, but because his are far closer to my Christian principles than ever McCain's are.


I saw this phenomena in the 1950s--that is, the conservative politics being noticeably more important than anything else. So, now we have 75% of the self-identified evangelicals voting almost exclusively against a decent Christian candidate whose primary disqualifications in their eyes is that he won't make the abolition of abortion a priority and he refuses to demonize homosexuals.

I'd be less tolerant myself, I suppose, if I hadn't seen so many Christians (and ministers) have very "secret procedures" in their family constellations.

As another Brit I agree with Andy (comment above). In this election as never before I believe evangelicals need a WORLD view. I agree wholeheartedly with the worldview that says every life from conception is sacred. Yet as the leading power in the world, American must look to the world and discover that the sacredness of life does not end with the unborn baby in the womb, but extends to nations where millions may live or die as a result of economic, trade and military decisions coming from the White House. We have no vote, but you could read what Africa, Asia, South and Central America has to say, even what Europe has to say, and take us into the polling booth with you. There is more on my blog ReconciliationTalk.com, especially at Vote in the US election with the whole world in mind

sorry, I'm not going to consult the rest of the worlds' opinion
on this.
I don't agree with his policies on education.
I don't want homosexuals demonized(which BOTH candidates do
in my opinion). And I am at least as concerned with the constant demonization of the wealthy, and I'm not even one of them!
Something that seems to be a reoccurring theme in almost any Obama speech.
Failing on abortion invalidates him in many people's mind.
It's not because by itself abortion is the most important issue
ever, it's because if he can't tell which side of the fence
to be on with that issue I have no confidence that he has
the necessary discernment elsewhere.

I don't know how anyone can say Obama is a decent Christian candidate or say that his policies are anywhere near the principles of a Bible-believing Christian. He himself has said he is a Muslim and has obvious ties with Islam. His stand on abortion alone doesn't come anywhere close to what the Bible says about the issue. My principles cannot allow me to vote for someone who will censor the preaching of the church and allow even more innocent blood to be spilled. Beside that, what track record of implementing change or standing up for his country does he have? He has no experience and is just a bunch of talk.

I am a Christian living in Australia watching your election with great interest and praying for your election. There is no greater issue then the right to life -No candidate is perfect but as Christians we are called by God to vote for the one who is more pro-life.Clearly this is McCain

Only 78%? So 12% of self identifying Evangelicals in America are prepared to vote in favour of abortion. Christians consider it to be a type of mass murder. Proof positive that Christians are not even virtuous by their own standards.

I believe that Obama's position on abortion is wrong.
However, I also know that 7 of the 9 U S Supreme Court justices were appointed by Republican Presidents, that we had a Republican president for the past 8 years, and the Senate and House of representatives controlled by the Republican party for 6 of the past 8 years with no substantive action on limiting abortion. I believe the Republican party is using the abortion issue to hold conservative Christians hostage. I am voting for Obama. Throw the reascals out and maybe next time the Republicans will run candidates willing to actually do something.

Does it concern you that "AL-QUIADA" wants John McCain to
win this election?

Im voting for Mccain, because he and Sarah Palin are the best to run this country, I don't believe you should vote for anyone who doesnt give the Lord God all the glory, all you here from O'bama is how he's gonna change the world,REALLY??? I though Jesus Christ was gonna do that, at his second coming,when he seperates the tares from the wheat, for those who think they are christians, please read your bible Romans 1:18-32, its a eye-opener.Also, his stand on the abortion issue strikes my heart. I don't know how any self proclaiming christian can vote for someone who is for infantcide, call it what you will but thats what it is, not to mention homosexual marriages, yes this generation will be just right for the AntiChrist when he comes on the seen.

One blog I read said, “Sarah Palin has been a member of Assembly of God in Wasilla, Alaska, for most of her life, and she also attends Juneau Christian Center, an Assemblies of God church, when governing in the state capital. But Palin and the McCain campaign have downplayed the governor's Pentecostal roots to focus on her six-year membership at Wasilla Bible Church, a nondenominational evangelical center that is less demonstrative than Assembly of God churches.
The McCain campaign hasn't said why the governor's ties to Assemblies of God are rarely discussed, but part of the reason may be that the church's practices are not mainstream, said the Rev. James Hagan of Friendship Assembly of God in Colorado Springs.
"They might feel Assembly of God and its belief in talking in tongues is not widely accepted, and they don't want to give the liberal news media more ammunition," Hagan said…… ‘Talking in tongues’ humm....... Well, maybe that explains it! What I could not understand was how the hack could she tell so many lies about Barack Obama if she is a true Christian? But maybe it just sounded like lies; maybe she was talking in tongues!!??

The Word of God is clear on its view of life and the insti
tution of marriage. As Christains we are called to stand
for what is moral, right and Biblical. The Word of God
should not be watered down. One day, we will stand before
a Holy God and be accountable for the decisions and
choice we make. I pray for God's mercy and grace for we have
as a nation has slowly slipped away from the Judeo-
Christian values that this nation has been founded.America
needs a spiritual revival,humbling ourselves and repenting
for what we have become. May we be once again, a nation
under God...where His Word will be proclaimed through the
ends of the earth. May the truth prevail. To God be the

I also find it sad that one would vote for a candidate simply because they are anti abortion and against homosexuals at the expense of the well being of the country.I wonder which is the greater "evil"? A good economy and a stable America with moderate number of abortions and gay people or a gay free abortion free America in a recession with brave soldiers dying in meaningless wars


What does it mean by "demonizing the rich"? If the government should take upon itself the duty to protect the unborn, does it also have the duty to help the poor, the disadvantaged? Care for the poor is mentioned throughout the biblem but why are you self-identified Christians shocking oblivious of this moral duty?

As another Brit watching from a distance, but with great interest, I am also deeply concerned at the stances that are taken up by some, if not all, evangelicals in the US. There is a strong impression that for many 'pro-life' ends at birth. Where is the support for feeding the hungry, clothing the poor - caring in for 'the least of these'. I agree to a large degree about abortion - but it has to be linked to sex education, and support for single parents.

From a Christian point of view I am also astonished at the level of suppot for capital punishment (state murder) amongst Christians who claim to be 'pro-life'.

As another issue - I have seen nothing in this campaign from either the major candidates, or the churches in respect of tackling the huge hard core porn industry in the US. If you really want to promote family vaues and respect for each other, please push this up the agenda - along with your other concerns.


If 19% of self-proclaimed evangelical voters are voting for Obama, then I question if they are truly evangelical Christians. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they are new in their faith and haven't grown in their understanding of the scriptures. Additionally, other countries are affected by USA president because USA usually has to defend them when their human rights or sovereignty are under attack. I am grateful that God has shed his grace on us... and I take that grace very seriously and vote with the knowledge that "Blessed is the nation whose God is THE LORD."

I am disappointed to see that Christians on this blog seem to still want to follow conservative party lines and vote for McCain. Unfortunately (to the dismay of most of the rest of the world) your domestic politics greatly affects the rest of the world (it shouldn't be that way, but it is the political and economic reality of the present). From an international perspective, McCain looks like a lame-duck, has-been - a George doubleya clone, and that worries the rest of the world. I am traditionally a conservative voter in Australia, but Obama seems like a more articulate, intelligent and contemporary world leader. Use you brains and don't vote just on traditional party lines. Christians don't always have to vote for the most conservative candidate. You will inflict your choices on the rest of the world.

From Jennifer: 'Additionally, other countries are affected by USA president because USA usually has to defend them when their human rights or sovereignty are under attack'. Actually the USA is not viewed in such romantic 'savior of the free world' terms by other countries. Most other countries realise that the USA only intervenes as 'international policeman' when it stands to gain (or lose) something (think of rogue regimes in Africa that are ignored vs Iraq). More accurately, what happens in domestic US politics reverborates throughout the world because it is an economic superpower - look what shonky local subprime mortgage lending in the States has done to world markets (and my share portfolio in Australia). This is why the world hopes Americans will choose a President who is a worthy world leader and not a mildly demented has-been. Otherwise the world will go looking for another big brother.