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November 1, 2008

Poll: Young Evangelicals Surging Towards ... McCain?

Eighty-five percent of evangelicals under 39 plan to vote for McCain compared to the 13 percent who plan to vote for Barack Obama, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Overall, the poll suggests that 77 percent of all evangelicals will break for McCain while 21 percent will vote for Obama. McCain's support is higher than the breakdown in a recent Pew Center survey (65-22).

The breakdown for younger evangelicals also does not match up with earlier polls sponsored by Faith in Public Life and Religion & News Ethics Weekly.

In the Faith in Public Life survey conducted August 28 to September 19, 65 percent of young evangelicals (under 34) supported McCain while 29 percent were for Obama. In Religion & News Ethics Weekly's survey conducted September 4 to 21, 62 percent of young evangelicals (under 30) planned to vote for McCain, while 30 percent broke for Obama.

Julia Duin of The Washington Times suggests that abortion is the key issue keeping evangelicals - including young evangelicals - from voting for Obama. A Greenberg Quinlan Rosner poll found that 70 percent of evangelicals say abortion should be illegal in most or all cases.

"While young evangelicals - and the public - have become more liberal on other social issues like gay marriage," Pollster Anna Greenberg said, "we do not see the same movement towards a liberal position on abortion."


I am ashamed of the attitude that most Christian Republicans portray in this whole election. Instead of a Spirit of God, there is a Spirit of Satan. They lie, curse, spit on protestors, and even want to fight in some cases. For this to be the party that Christians are supposed to support something is wrong...As a former Republican, now, an Independent I have come to realized that both parties have biblical and non biblical principles...Therefore, it is up to each person to select there own candidate as led by the Spirit. God doesn't favor either party. He favors His divine will.

I'm one of those 13% - an under-35 Evangelical Christian who will be voting for Obama in this election - my third vote in a presidential election and my first time voting for a Democrat. I am strongly anti-abortion and don't believe that homosexuality reflects God's plan for human sexuality. But I am tired of the GOP believing that giving lip service to a few key issues of importance to Evaangelicals is enough to guarantee our vote. They haven't done much to help with these issues, and with their morally reprehensible behavior in other areas (warmongering, blatant lies, etc.) they have done much to harm the perception of Christians in this country and around the world. Add this to the fact that I am married to a non-US-citizen and have spent a good deal of time abroad, and have seen how the US image abroad has been damaged, and I believe it's time for a change. In most of the countries around the world that have historically been our allies, they want to think well of America, but we have made that very difficult these past several years. Over 80% of the population of most countries in the world favors Obama. And Obama has, in my opinion, demonstrated more ethical behavior and respect to people of faith than his opponent in this election. So that's what convinced me to cross over and vote Democrat this year.

well yeah, cuz mccain is more christian than obama. it doesnt matter if he's a corrupt old coot.

If Senator McCain looses the election, I feel the Republican party will have to re-boot their relationship with Evangelicals who will be the only diehard base they have. Evangelicals will have a greater say in Republican politics, and that could lead to Republicans becoming even more distant from main-stream Americans. It's not a winning political position to be in. Ultimately, Evangelicals could unintentionally bring about their worst fears, a stronger Democratic party.

You know, Senator Obama impressed me at first. But when I started to listen to his speeches, read some of his books, voting records it was obvious how extreme he is. When he said he didn't hear the hate-filled sermons of Rev.Wright, I just couldn't buy it but overlooked it. His relationship with Bill Ayers is well documented in unbiased sources. He votes far left from the Democratic party. Then you add ACORN, Rezko, Khalidi, Opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, etc. His stance on abortion is so extreme that he voted against medical care for babies born alive from botched abortions; infanticide. The "clinging to guns and religion" statement was saddening.
He has little experience and what he does have is riddled with very troubling controversy. I haven’t agreed with many things during the last 8 years but I’m not going to jump from the pan into the fire. These two links are great:


Politicked - Rock the Vote Ed Young link:http://vimeo.com/2119754
John McCain has a proven track record and the leadership that we need. He knows what its like to be a POW, he will use diplomacy. He's rpved he can work across party lines.
Reading all the unbiased records, Gov. Palin is much more qualified for president than Senator Obama. Thanks to Cspan, I had a chance to actually hear her speak instead of the MSM telling me what she said. Gov. Palin has real substance. Reading about her in unbiased sources, she has impressive accomplishments in Alaska. She has the people's best interests in mind. On a personal note, she understands working mothers and children with special needs. Gov.Palin will bring this important perspective to Washington.
That is why I just can't vote Democrat this year.

The most important issue in the election is where the candidates stand on issues vital to Christians--for example, abortion and homosexual "marriage." These should be non-negotiable issues. What good is a great economy if it is built on the bones of dead children? Remember also that when you vote for a candidate, you vote for all their camp followers. In Obama's case, people like the America-hating Rev. Wright, Nation of Islam's Lewis Farrakhan, and all the liberal-left, such as the National Abortion Rights League (NARAL), ACLU, Americans for Separation of Church and State, and anti-Jewish groups, anti-defense groups, anti-drilling groups (that will continue our dependence on foreign oil and hold use captive to Islamic jihadists).

It is absolutely mind boggling to believe a child of God would vote for a pro-death candidate. Party affiliation,age,sex,race, the economy, the enivronment are non issues when it comes to saving the lives of innocent babies.
This is a no brainer for non-believers. Sen. Obama already stated that his first act would be to enact FOCA


Sen. Obama does not represent a biblical worldview

I am voting for Maverick McCain because I am embarrassed by how Obama has run his campaign. If this is an insight as to how he would govern. then I must vote vote McCain. In an article in Real Clear Politics, "Palin Deserves to be Treated with Respect" By Ed Koch, a prominent democrat apologizes on how his party has treated Gov Palin.

I am a born-again believer in Christ and I am a naturalized Japanese. I have never ceased being amazed at how petty and childish american christians are and the posts I see on Christianity Today many times confirm why perhaps the rest of the born again christian world should start evangelizing especially the so-called Bible-belt that seems more and more to refelect the pharisees the Lord condemned in the Bible. Maybe we should start calling this part of the world the Pharisee-belt.

A community that has no boundaries ceases to be a community. If we as Christians fail to say certain things are unacceptable, then we will cease to be an indentifiable group. It is unacceptable to voice support for a man that refuses to acknowledge the humanity of a large portion of our society and plans to promote legal measures that will continue to allow doctors to kill innocents.

We need to start being vocal about this fact:
Christians that support Obama publically are not members in good standing. Call this excommunication if you like (to excommunicate is to not be in communion with). This is what needs to happen.

Evangelicals were pivotal to ending slavery in the UK and the US and if the genocide that exists agains the unborn today is ever going to end, the church needs to make it a defining non periphial issue.

This site is awesome! Yes, we as Christians must vote in defense of life. On the night Sarah Palin first spoke at the Republican convention, I must say I was moved to tears of awe and hope. I saw her witness the culture of LIFE in her own life. She embraced Baby Trig and held him up lovingly for the cameras to see. She supported her daughter's crisis pregnancy. She is a mother of five children, and yet is making a difference in her state.

During the republican convention, I saw the sanctity of life respected and valued from the moment of conception to natural death!

John McCain's 96 year old mother spoke as to what her son was like. There was respect from Mr. McCain towards his mother.

If Obama is elected, the lack of respect for authority will be demolished, not to mention the respect for all human life.

I am praying and fasting that the outcome of tomorrow will be in support of life. If it doesn't God Help us all!

This was sent to me by a friend, and I wanted to share it with my Christian brothers and sisters to exhort and uplift in this tumultous time. God Bless you all, and May God Bless America!


Top 10 Predictions No Matter Who Wins the Election

1. The Bible will still have all the answers.

2. Prayer will still work.

3. The Holy Spirit will still move.

4. God will still inhabit the praises of His people.

5. There will still be God-anointed preaching.

6. There will still be singing of praise to God.

7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.

8. There will still be room at the Cross.

9. Jesus will still love you.

10. Jesus will still save the lost.



Does it not bother anyone that this Obama canadate has come up the ranks fast, untouched by any scandle and seems almost invisible to any wrongdoing! Amazing how he is viewed as a Messiah, Moses, and everything else he is NOT! One article stated in a prominent paper he is KENYA BORN.... mostly Arab not black, views abortion as a choice when in fact it is not a choice it is a death sentence to a child at any stage of pregnancy. Mother Teresa stated it well... a country that embraces abortion will have to embrace nuclear WAR! DO you think Iran is afaid of us as we travel the road to elect a well spoken, hand shaking with the enemy kind of guy such as Obama! TIme is running out and do not think we were not warned of our choices!!!

Each of the political parties have positions that do not reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ. When this occurs we must ask ourselves who has the honesty and integrity? Ultimately, I believe
what the apostle Paul says is more true for America than at any time in her history. "The love of money is the root of all evil."
Abortion will subside, unjust wars will end, and economic justice will prevail when we serve God rather than mammon.

Interesting, more and more of the articles that allow comments afterward are slanting to Obama. Then 5 or 10 comments down they go for McCain. The liberal left is "stuffing" the comments on these posts the way ACORN is stuffing the ballot boxes.
Vote your Christian faith. Don't pay attention to the media and the polls.
God Bless the USA!

God's will is easy to determine:
5th Commandment; Thou Shall Not Kill.

The consequences of breaking His commandment is also easy to determine:
John 15, 9-10: As the Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father's commandments and remain in his love.

If you go to http://www.blackgenocide.org/photos.html
you will see that abortion can not God's will for His children.

Will, I love your insight especially when you mentioned
about Trig and the mother of Sen McCain, being symbols of
life (toddler to aged).
Yeah the RNC was a very identifying moment but sad to say,
only few people noticed this while a vast majority went deceived
by Obama.

Pray for our country, no matter what the outcome
Just because the whole world want's Obama to win does not mean you should vote for him. Herd mentality. Abortion and gay marriage are the wrong way. Think and ask the holy spirit to guide you in your decisions. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul. God bless America and not as Rev Wright says curse

Neither McCain nor Obama are Godly men...both support abortion in some manner....we deserve what we get.....until men recognize that Jesus is the King of All Nations.....the world will continue in a downward spiral of evil

It may be too little too late, but people are beginning to realize that Obama does not share our values on abortion, faith or Isra Israel.

He was also in the middle of the Fannie Mae controversy -
see this article for more info.

Go Vote!

Evangelicals are not the only base the GOP has - or could have. Catholics are not allowed to vote for Obama due to the abortion issue (and others). With there being 65 - 80 milliona Catholics in this Country, they could decide the vote if they all voted Republican. Sadly, more Catholics wuill probably vote for Obama than for McCain. They think they know more about their faith than the Church does. The GOP should tighten up their relationship with the Catholic Church, and the Bishops should do a better job informing their people of the issues. Sadly, we had to wait until just a week or two ago for a bishop to actually mention Obama by name.

I am one of the 13% (It's actually more, but most people my age feel that the term "evangelical" is pejorative, along with much of the rhetoric from the Culture Wars) who will be proudly voting for Obama. Christians who think that the greatest problem in our country is abortion are sadly mistaken. Their myopic view of history is the greatest obstacle we face.

I am a conservative Christian, a pro-lifer and an environmentalist. That causes me no end of grief, especially when I vote, since sadly, one of my core values seems to be ignored by the political parties.

One of my concerns about the Republican position, however, is that they claim to be pro-life but what I see is a stand that could best be called 'pro-fetus.' Being pro-life also means being concerned about coal-fired power plants that dump massive amounts of mercury that makes it's way into the blood streams of pregnant women, or pollutes the drinking water in Appalachia that recent studies shows decreases a woman life span by 10 years. Or to unravel the web and circle of life upon which all humans rely. Or a willingness to drive species to extinction, even if they may be the foundation of new medicines that save human lives. Or to allow mining waste to be dumped into streams, or to support the ending of a ban on assult weapons, or to rush into a war. The list goes on, and on, and on....

If we are going to be honest, then these have to also be viewed as pro-life issues and that makes it difficult for me to pretend (or vote) as though Republicans are really pro-life. It is a much more complex and nuanced than abortion or not.

I long for the day that Democrates make more room for pro-life positions,or when Republicans are willing to be more environmentally sensitive. I'm tired of these false dichotomies.

"There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune; omitted and the voyage of life is bound in miseries and in shallows" Pray for America...we are at that tide. With the wrong president elected, we are down the drain. Vote at least for the least of the worst! Our constitution gives us the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...without life (abortion!) you can't the rest.

Too bad for all the wannabe hipsters that a huge percentage of young evangelicals are still voting for the pro-Life candidate and the candidate that would nominate the most conservative judges. How can this be? Weren't we told all year long that evangelical voters were up for grabs and that the charismatic Savior would grab a huge percentage of their votes?

It's a miracle.

Barrack Obama is a cruel cold-hearted individual. He voted for infanticide three times. In a botched partial birth abortion, i.e., when the babies is born alive, Obama voted to allow the baby to die.

If we as a people do not protect our most innocent and vulnerable citizens, we as a people will crumble as a nation. No societal injustices will be solved as long as the most innocent are destroyed. Obama has vowed to sign in the Freedom of choice act guaranteed to increase the numbers of abortions by as much as a million or more per year. He'll sign in taxpayer funded abortions. That would be a pro-abortion senate, president, congress, supreme court. It would be disastrous for the cause of life. See link below for info.

Being a true Christian, I believe as the scripture teaches
that "God rules in the kingdoms of men" and that politics
and church should not be mixed!

We are so ashamed of the things that most so called
Christian Republicans have said in this election. Instead
of a of Spirit of God, as someone earlier said, "there is a
Spirit of Satan. They lie, curse, spit on protestors, and
even want to fight in some cases. For this to be the party
that Christians are supposed to support, ... something is wrong.."

We would always have been Republican in our views, but not
now, we are definitely for Barack Obama! His policies,
are for the blessing of all Americans!
And he has LEADER qualities, and is a very respectable
and kind person also. Check him out on ABC News: http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=6142550

We are pro-life, and Obama's policy states, this is an individual
choice! So what is wrong with that? Everything else is too, an
individual choice! God Himself has given us an individual choice!
We can choose to believe the Gospel or not to believe it!

So I have 2 questions for you all: (1) Do any of you Republican
have any concern that "Al-Quiada" wants John McCain to win?
Wonder why that is????? Here is my suggestion, they know that
Bush could never beat them, and more of the same policies
would be ok!

(2) Also how concerned are you about John McCain's age for
President and the risk of Sarah Palin having to step into
his shoes if he became unwell? .... Could she run the country?
What experience has she about national security etc. etc. ?

My opinion is she would be FAR TOO RISKY!

As Senator in Springfield, IL, voted 4 times to deny medical aid to babies who survived abortion. Supports abortion for any or no reason
up to the 9th month (that is Roe v Wade & Doe v Bolton).
Suppors same sex unions. Supports embryonic stem cell researc.
Supports euthanasia. You want change. You'll get it with
Obama. God help us! And all his cabinet, judges, and appointees
will also be of the Culture of Death & Perversity! Watch!

I truly believe that if Obama is elected, that it is God's punishment to this country. We have certainly been given plenty of warnings, but we don't listen. How is it that someone who does not value life could be elected to run a country?? We need to keep praying, because this is truly a battle of good verses evil. The media has turned completely to the side of evil, with a few exceptions. What don't we get about this person who stands for evil, and promotes outright murder? President Bush has been criticized for the number of deaths in Iraq, but how about the 47 million innocent lives that were taken as the result of abortion? Obama wants to ensure that abortion will stick as one of his first jobs as president. Well, he won't do it on my vote!!

I cant believe any person who calls themselves a young evangelical would even vote for a guy like Obama. I pray to God that evangelicals go out there tomorrow and vote for Mccain!
Country first!

Amen to what Valerie said in her Top 10 list!! I liked what she wrote so much, we posted it on our blog for Tyndale House Publishers: http://www.tyndale.com/articles/blog/default.htm

I'm a young evangelical and I voted for Obama. I can't believe there's so much hate in these responses, not only towards Obama, but against his supporters. Even questioning others' faith. It's sad.