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November 4, 2008

Richard Cizik's Reaction to an Obama Administration

Richard Cizik wants evangelicals to reach out to Barack Obama as he takes on his new role. I just spoke with Cizik, who is the vice president for governmental affairs of the National Association of Evangelicals.

I think anybody who doesn’t see the extraordinary significance of the first African American being elected the United States, they’re missing history. I think it’s an extraordinary moment in American history. I have to say, I never really believed I’d be able to see the day that I would see an African American or any minority would be elected the president of the United States. I never thought it would happened.

America is changing. The religious communities of America are changing, too. Anybody who doesn’t understand that the multi-racial nature of American politics today fails to capture what’s happening. The Republican Party has to be afraid that it’s monochromatic.

I suspect that millions upon millions of evangelicals around the world are extremely proud of America tonight. I’m confident that Barack Obama wants to unite this country. I hope the better angels of Obama’s nature triumph, and I frankly don’t agree with everything on him. I suspect there will be actions he takes I don’t agree with. I think it’s important to have the right attitude – the attitude of Christ – which is he needs our prayers and our support, even if we don’t agree with him.

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I completely agree with the comments above. Way to go. This author should not write for Christianity Today, either she is not informed on what Obama believes or she to is corrupted by the world. She needs Jesus to set her straight on truth instead of lies.

Does anyone know how to read a blog. Cizik doesn't write for CT. He is an employee of the National Association of Evangelicals and therefore someone that is newsworthy to interview. Why is it that some readers of this blog only want to read people that agree with them. CT needs to keep it up and show the range of Evangelical opinion. And evangelical does not mean republican. It is a theological position not a political one.

The great protestant? Have you read MLK's last speech. See below. These are words from a Pastor! Pass the holy land on to all that is fundamentally anti-christ!!

"As you know, if I were standing at the beginning of time, with the possibility of general and panoramic view of the whole human history up to now, and the Almighty said to me, 'Martin Luther King, which age would you like to live in?'-- I would take my mental flight by Egypt through, or rather across the Red Sea, through the wilderness on toward the promised land. And in spite of its magnificence, I wouldn't stop there. I WOULD MOVE ON BY GREECE, AND TAKE MY MIND TO MOUNT OLYMPUS. AND I WOULD SEE PLATO, ARISTOTLE, SOCRATES, EURIPIDES AND ARISTOPHANES ASSEMBLED AROUND THE PARTHENON AS THEY DISCUSSED THE GREAT AND ETERNAL ISSUES OF REALITY."

I believe that no Evangelical can approve of a leader of our country who approves of abortion, infanticide, same sex marriage, is anti-Constitution, & is a far left person with many radical friends. He doesn't believe what the Bible teaches in many areas of morality and has given evidence of rejecting the appointment of conservative judges.

To Nate,
Dude, he said "Martin Luther" not Martin Luther King, Jr. And you've only quoted part of that speech.

Nate: Devon referenced MARTIN LUTHER not Martin Luther King in his post. You should read more carefully!

Let us all remember no matter who voted for whom, it is God that ordains our leaders, not man or woman. Barak Obama is our President placed there by our heavenly Father. God has an agenda greater than any man,woman or President.

Nate, Devon said Martin Luther, the German priest from the 16th century who helped start the Protestant reformation and changed the course of Western history. Martin Luther King is not the same man, although there is much to admire about him too.

Uh, Nate, buddy, Cizik said Martin Luther, not MLK. Regardless, I still don't get your point.

If I were advising Obama, one of the things I would suggest is a tax on exclamation points, question marks, and capital letters. As you can see from the comments above, this is a potential goldmine.

Cizik's comment was about millions and millions of evangelicals around the world celebrating Obama's win, not about millions of evangelials in the USA celebrating.
Here in Australia, even within the churches, support for Obama has been overwhelming. The same is reported throughout Europe and through most of Asia and Africa.
Outside the US evangelical does not equal conservative.
Be Blessed,

Mr. Cizik, after seeing your comments in various posts and venues, I can aptly say you do not speak for me. I see the history in Obama's election, and applaud the nation for showing the willingness to elevate above race. But I grieve for my African American brothers and sisters that this man, Barack Obama, who is so hypocritical on civil rights (seriously he gives a speech on "racial reconciliation" after it is exposed that he has only been exposed to racist theology but he cannot even get the civil Right to Life correct.) I am proud of my many fellow Americans who are black and Christian leaders who opposed racism and Obama because of his immoral policies on abortion, same-sex unions etc. You were truly those that overcame racism yesterday, as you sacrificed the opportunity to vote for the first African American to perhaps vote for "another old white guy" because the latter candidate actually was more in line with your religious conviction. You don't have to support Obama to be black; it is a sad day for African Americans that the first representative as President is someone who came from such a hateful, racist theological background and who is either ignorant or unwilling to support the policy imperatives of his own faith, a faith so many of the African American community hold so dear.

And correction Mr. Cizik. The attitude like Christ for us to have is certainly prayers for and submission to authority, but not necessarily support. I may support the authority of President better by seeking the removal from office of someone who implements immoral policies (which we will soon see from Obama) by vocally opposing him and encouraging other believers to use their Rights in the democratic process to elect someone else. Remember, Ceasar, Pontius Pilate, and Herod had been placed by God to govern while Jesus was in his ministry, and while Jesus said "Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's" he undoubtedly did not support much of the way these men governed or their character. You don't have to support the individual in the office of President or his policies to be an obedient Christ follower (something our liberal brothers have pushed a long while as they demonized, mocked, and judged President Bush, our brother as well, for "lying us into war.") One thing is certain, while I don't question the sincerity of Obama's faith, his use of Scripture and policies demonstrate a clear dependence on the "milk" of the Gospel and a lack of maturity. He should not be looked at as a spiritual leader by any stretch. To his credit, President Bush at least seemed to be able to use Scripture in context and correctly when he did decide to, unlike Obama at his "Call to Renewal" speech.

The only thing that Christians need to be exercised about is getting the good news of the Gospel out, its doesn't matter what environment we are operating in, the Roman Empire or the USA.

If you are upset about the current state of affairs read Augustine's "City of God" he wrote it for the Christians of his day to remind them that this country is not ours, ours is a place with evil and sin.

Man will NEVER have peace when sin abounds.

The Kingdom is advanced one soul at a time.

Jesus told us that the world will know that we are christians by our love. Jesus did not just preach love - he died to prove his love for humanity. Since we're to floow his example - we will be far more effective raeaching those who don't hold the same view
. I think it's arrogant to jugde someboy's realationship with God based on my limited perception. Paul tells me to with hold judgement about others - since I do not have all the facts. Even if I have the fact about another person's, my job is first to pray for them and converse with them if I get achance - if that is beyond my reach I pray for God to reach them.
What makes me sad is that some people think they have the right to insult those who hold a diffrent view and expcet them to see thier point of view. May God help us to represnt him as he instructs us.

I find it misleading and ignorant to criticize Barack Obama on personal beliefs on faith, and whatever religion he belongs to. We are also americans, and we abide by the constitution as well as the wisdom of the bible, and the constitution tells us seperation of church and state (a constitution made by christians who saw the wisdom in this over the importance of spreading their faith based beliefs). A president is elected not to spread the faith, but to reform our nation, and lead us toward greater prosperity, moral decision making, and back to international respect.

We have been mislead in the past by leaders who have preached their beliefs and gotten votes based on that, not based on how they can help us as a nation to bring people together. A politican is not a relgious figure, and they are more likely to use religion to misguide. Stop looking for our politicians to share out beliefs, and trusting them because they say (talk is cheap) they are moral people. Many will do that only to use the voters, because voters let themselves be used in this way. Look for them to make this country work for us. Look to yourself,your community, and religious leaders for matters of faith.

Obama is a liar and deceiver who doesn't know what truth is. He is not an African American or black but an interacial mix. Those who have put their trust in him will learn the hard way what happens when you trust a liar! And as the NAE they gave us Tedd Haggard a Third Wave joke just like Todd Bentley who is in hiding and is now being investigated by law enforcements in North America

If you would ask for grace from God, you must execise grace in your life. We as Christians are not justified ("righteous") by reason of our capacity to remain sinless. We are justified by our faith. And that faith teaches us to love others as God has loved us.

We cannot be part of "The Way" Christ taught, if we cannot resist the pull of hate, resentment and fear spread across this discourse. Religious freedom in America is precious and must be treasured by looking to ourselves to witness for Christ. We should not ask a secular government to do our work for us.

When evangelicals spread this hate, I know they believe they are doing God's work. Leave God's work to God. If the Gospel informs you to fight for the sanctity of life, do so as a citizen and fight for all life. Vote as you believe, but leave the hate behind. God will bless you for your faith, but will condemn you for your judgment.

I am tired of white Christians feeling that God is only God for them. I am glad that Obama won and I believe that his presidency will be used to unviel the racism, bigotry, and hatred that the body of Christ has been trying to cover up. Yes we will not agree with everything Obama supports, but niether did we agree with everything Bush supported. I am tired of the Body of Christ asking like the Pharesies. Heaven is not going to be just for the white folks!!!!! We need to pray for him just as we urge the Body of Christ to pray for previous Presidents!

It is quite a sad indictment on the NAE to have its VP pronounce such bizarre race-focused comments in support of a President-elect that appears, in the least, to be a racist, a Marxist, and a lawyer. Imagine, a lawyer in the White House!

Obama's speech after the election strongly highlighted the most irrelevant thing about the election, and the thing that Richard Cizik highlights so enthusiastically above: his race. Will America (and its Evangelicals) ever wake up from its shallow grave?

I am glad to see that the NAE is led by a godly man who is not intolerant of a President that he may disagree with on some major issues. We have just gone through 8 years of your "either for me or against me" and look where we that has done for us.
If we as evangelicals are so pro life we better start adopting and providing care to the widows and orphans, pray for the end of the wars in the middle east and take a hard look at capital punishment and start loving are enemies. I voted for Barack Obama because I believe he cares about these things.

It is inconceivable to me that any follower of Christ could gloss over Obama's radical pro-abortion agenda:


The attitude required of us now is vigilance. Here's an example of how we can proactively confront one of Obama's most heinous campaign promises:


We are not called (as Christians) to judge another man's heart but the bible does say from the out flow of the mouth the heart speaks and so my "two cents" on this interview is that I would caution all readers to do more research into what it is that Mr. Cizik stands for before you call him a Godly man and allow a surface interview to cloud your understanding of him. I would encourage everyone to listen to the interview he did on NPR (National Public Radio) on December 3, 2008 and then prayerfully consider not supporting this man. As for me, my opinion is that he is not a lover of God. Again I am not making a judgment against him, it's just my opinion. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=97690760
Many times people fall out of love with God because living our lives becomes priority over the eternal mindset we are supposed to have.

It is inconceivable to me that any seriously pro-life Christian could celebrate the election of the most stridently pro-abortion president in US history:


I hope the NAE will vigorously oppose Obama's aggressive assault on the unborn. Here's just one example of the need for vigilant pro-life engagement: