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November 4, 2008

The Awesome Blue God -- How Obama Forged A New Faith Coalition

Though the economy clearly was the defining issue of the election, Obama forged a new coalition by luring millions of religious voters who had avoided Democrats in recent years.

In short:

He narrowed the God Gap. Bush beat Kerry among weekly church-goers by 61%-39%. McCain is beating Obama 54%-44% Most of that gain appears to have come from Protestants rather than Catholics

He won Catholics back. Early exit polls indicate he won 54% of the Catholic vote compared to 45% for John McCain. George W. Bush won the Catholic vote 52%-46%. Most of those gains came from Catholics who don't attend mass weekly.

He also improved among white Catholics, according to the early exit polls. Bush got 56%-43% As of now, McCain lead by just 51%-49% This was despite an aggressive push by more than 50 Bishops to encourage Catholics to focus on abortion as the central issue.

Real improvements among Evangelicals. Evangelicals and Born Again Christians made up a greater portion of the electorate this year than last election but that didn't all accrue to McCain's benefit, as predict. Obama improved slightly on a national level, getting 25% compared to Kerry's 21%

But far more important, he made significant progress in the pivotal rustbelt states that won him the election. For instance, evangelicals flooded the polls in Ohio and Obama significantly improved on Kerry's showing.

Some gains among Mainline Protestants -- Though shifting toward the center in recent years, mainline Protestants -- once a core of the Republican party -- - still went for the Republicans in 2004. The exit polls didn't ask specifically about mainline Protestants but it appears Obama improved slightly with this group.

Big gains among lightly religious. Though secular voters already voted Democratic, they did so by an even bigger margin this year. Even more important, a quarter of the electorate says they go to worship services but only a few times a year. Kerry won that group with 54%-45%. Obama won 61%-38%

That's what happened. Here's HOW he did it:

"We worship an awesome God in the blue states," Barack Obama declared during his 2004 Democratic convention keynote. Thunderous applause greeted that line, in part because Democrats felt frustrated that they'd been unfairly cast as a secular or even anti-religion party, and by the political dominance of religious conservatives.

Tonight, Obama forged a New Democratic Faith Coalition (click here for detail). To a large degree, he was able to make such progress with these groups because of the economy. Some pro-life voters went with Obama in spite of his positions on 'values issues,' not because of them.

But Obama nonetheless helped ease their way to his side through a canny set of tactics and strategies unlike anything we've seen from Democrats in years.

Emphasizing His Personal Faith
No Democrat since Jimmy Carter has spoken as openly, and as often, about his personal faith. In his Call to Renewal speech in 2006, Obama chastised some Democrats 'who dismiss religion in the public square as inherently irrational or intolerant, insisting on a caricature of religious Americans that paints them as fanatical, or thinking that the very word "Christian" describes one's political opponents, not people of faith.'

Indeed, some of his comments would have been mocked by the left had they come out of a Republican mouth. Obama's campaign distributed literature during the primaries that described ""That day Obama felt a beckoning of the spirit and accepted Jesus Christ into his life." One panel on the brochure, "Called to Bring Change," declares, "We do what we do because God is with us." Another described his belief in "the power of prayer," and another, labeled, "Called to Christ," stated, "Kneeling beneath that cross on the South Side, I felt I heard God's spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to His will, and dedicated myself to discovering His truth and carrying out His works."

This had two purposes: one was reaching out to religious voters. The other was to show him as a mainstream, culturally conservative person. Obama might not be able to bowl, but he sure could pray.

The Rise of the Religious Left
Obama's religious outreach efforts were orders of magnitude greater than John Kerry's. The campaign's religious outreach arm has initiated 950 "American values" house parties. Initially, the campaign had hoped for a significant turnout of moderate evangelicals, especially among the young. That apparently happened in a few key states such as Ohio and Indiana.

Just as significant, the efforts paid dividends among Mainline Protestants, a heretofore Republican-leaning group that apparently went for Obama. Senator Obama's frequent discussions of his personal faith seemed targeted at evangelicals but may have given comfort as well to traditional mainliners. "Obama planting seeds in the evangelical garden has borne fruit in the mainline garden," says Mara Vanderslice, founder of a progressive religious group Matthew25 and religious outreach director for John Kerry's 2004 campaign.

Just as important, a bevy of 'religious left' groups sprouted up since 2004 which ran ads and organized grass roots activity in battleground states. Among the newcomers on the scene: Catholics United, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Faith in Public Life, Network of Spiritual Aggressives, and Red Letter Christians.

Abortion Reduction

As the campaign went on it became clear that many moderate evangelicals and Catholics agreed with Obama on the economy and the Iraq war but couldn't get past his consistently pro-choice views. As conservatives hammered Obama on his opposition to the born alive bill, he could see moderate evangelicals and possibly Catholics slipping away. At the urging of progressive pro-life activists, the campaign began talking about an 'abortion reduction' agenda -- helping reduce unintended pregnancies through education and birth control, and providing financial assistance to pregnant mothers to make it easier for them to carry a baby to term. They included language in the Democratic platform suggesting as such and Obama touted the idea in a few comments during debates. Dial-ometers soared when, during the third debate, he emphasized common ground on abortion and 'sacred sex.'

As the election approached, pro-life progressive ran radio and TV ads pushing the idea that one could be pro-life and pro-obama.

The Vice Presidential Pick
McCain's selection of Sarah Palin created an opportunity for Obama. She revved up the evangelical base (possible by end of the night we'll be saying the 'traditionally Republican core of the evangelical base - or some other qualifier) but created greater concerns among mainline protestants, a group that had leaned Republican.

Meanwhile, Obama's selection of Joe Biden was meant to improve his chances with white Catholics -- not because Biden is a theological conservative but because he's a cultural Catholic. Over and over, Biden tied the ticket's economic messages to Catholic language-- emphasizing, for instance, 'the dignity of work.' This particularly seemed to help in the Catholic areas of Pennsylvania, where they know Biden well.

(Originally posted at Steve Waldman's blog at Beliefnet.)


To those who know God, we should have seen this coming. Whether we agree or not, we were given a reprieve to His judgement in 2000 for 8 more years. This time, we have foolishly voted for judgement on the whole country. Nothing for true believers to do now but fasten our seatbelts and brace for what is coming, as we also are guilty of doing nothing.

George W. Bush is a born again christian who has served this country well. But without our support in challenging the hatred unjustly focused on him, he faced an enemy of evil which made him ineffective, all a matter of plan by liberal democrats.

Starting with the lie about "no WMD's" the lies were never let up. But did anyone know there were hundreds of pounds of "yellow cake" uncovered years ago that Bush voluntarily kept secret and took the punishment on himself for top secret security reasons? The democrats knew it also, but continued to use it against him. Is it so hard to believe we are now under the judgement and the country is headed beyond the point of return to destruction? If it is God's will, so be it.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (New King James Version)
New King James Version (NKJV)
Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

This is our option now and has always been. The ONLY way to stop this man is to pray. For GOD nothing is impossible. Satan has tricked many believers into voting for this man which also means they voted for abortion, homosexual mariage etc. They put their finances before GOD. A sad day indeed.

What we should have seen coming was the impact of Christians becoming little more than an extension of a single political party - the Republicans - rather than the heeding the call to be "salt and light" to the world, regardless of our political affiliation.

By his own account Barack Obama is also a born again Christian (although many Evangelicals seem to have rejected his personal profession of faith in favor of the legend of his Muslim past). While I completely disagree with many of his positions, I think it is time for Christians to take a hard look at ourselves.

Have we become so myopic that we can only see the Republican party as good and the Democrats as bad? Have we lived up our responsibility to care for the poor and broken, to DO justice, LOVE mercy and WALK HUMBLY with our God.

Are we going to sit on the sidelines, bury our head in the sand and hope for judgement , following the example of Jonah who railed against God for withholding his judgement on Ninevah, or will we rededicate ourselves to being salt and light regardless of our political affiliation.

The results of this election only confirmed that the Bible is true. We are truly in the end times and are headed towards a one-world government, right for the taking by the Anti-Christ. The good news for those of us who are true Christians, is that we won't be here when it all comes full circle. We will be in heaven with Jesus Christ.

It is a sad day for Christians. All you who voted for Qbama, voted for abortion on demand and to let babies die. You voted for the most left wing radical this country has seen run for president. The next for years will be bad for true believers. This is no longer a Chisrtian nation under God. It has become a land of porn, baby killers, sodomy, and any other perverion men can think of. God will punish us noe.

Everyone knew about the yellow cake uranium. It was being held under seal by the UN and was not being accessed by Iraqis. It was placed under seal at the end of the first Gulf War and was still under seal when the US invaded. It was not dangerous because the entire world knew about it. It was not a WMD because it was not weaponized and because it was under UN seal. That is why the Atomic Energy commission exists. It did its job successfully.

Thanks for the previous comments. I am glad that I am not alone in my feelings regarding the current state of affairs for the U.S. I have been saying for a while now that God places people in power and removes people from power all for his purpose. I to believe that this is just further setting the stage for the coming end. It will be very interesting to see how everything pans out with this new president. I have heard many people say that things will get better, mostly referring to the economy and housing market. I have felt the opposite. I had hoped I would be wrong, and I can't help but feel that the election of a liberal president is confirmation,that I won't be wrong. We all need to pray and pray hard. We also need to make Christ known to those who do not know him.

These are some of THE craziest comments I've seen on this site ever. Please fellow Christians, take a deep breath, pray for our leaders, and do your job making a difference in America by working in your communities to love the unlovable, care for the hurting, support the poor, reach the lost, etc.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (New King James Version)
New King James Version (NKJV)
Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
-----------------------------------------------------Earlier this month as part of our church revival we pondered a few days on this verse. It speaks for itself - no dilution of the truth. Since 9/11 happened, we have as Christians (Evangelicals and few Baptists) in particular been preaching the 'feel good' message. What a squandered opportunity to win more souls for Christ! In the last eight years we have diluted the message of the Bible and today we have fellow Evangelicals that support a pro choice left leaning liberal as our next President. Nobody thrust these on us - its our doing, we have to face the music for the next 4 years! God bless this country and us all!

I'm not sure I understand the hysteria. In Romans 13, Paul clearly states to a group of Christians facing true hardships that God places rulers in authority. God is in as much control today as He was yesterday.

In all honesty, if we allow ourselves to be honest, McCain's view towards abortion has been all over the board until he knew he had to pander to the evangelical vote during the appearance with Rick Warren.

Obama's policies tend to speak more to Jesus' instructions to clothe the naked, feed the hungery, care for the sick and the poor. While the church should have the frontal attack on these blights of society, why should we prohibit or desire the government to do the opposite?

We desire the government to legislate abortion and homosexual marriages yet are infuriated at the thought of providing more for the poor and destitute.

Obama is not the anti-Christ. He's not a Muslim. The true test will be to see how much/any he reaches out to evangelicals over the months to come and if he will be the centrist he portrayed in his campaign.

Buyer's Remorse - This nation will most likely experience an unfortunate reality that is familiar to many consumers. We are familiar with the pattern. A person goes shopping for something. They see an item that is appealing to them and it captures their attention. In a moment of impulse, they make the purchase. Later, they realize that it is not the item they should have bought. In addition, they realize that they are unable to pay for it. The population of the US should prepare to face the emotions and disappointments of that shopper. Voter's Remorse will emerge in the coming months and years in the US. Unfortunately, it will far too late to rectify the situation.

No, you cannot be prolife and pro-Obama. That is absurd. The preborn will continue to wind up in the trash can...now with the help of backslidden evangelicals. We are in DESPERATE need of revival.


1. God is still sovereign. Nothing happens that He does not cause or allow to happen.
2. The government cannot give people what they ultimately need; only God can do that. The people will eventually vote into office politicians who reflect their morals, or lack thereof. Humans want their own way and, history has shown, will go to great lengths to acquire it.

3. While I believe that some news channels are on the right side of most issues, our worldview must be formed from the truth of the Bible, not by the nightly news

4. America has steadily been moving away from God and His values while consistently saying we are a “Christian nation”. The belief that America is a “Christian nation” is based on a faulty definition of what being a “Christian nation” means. It means more than that some, or most, of our founding fathers were godly men (if they were). It means more than that Christianity is the religion to which most Americans claim to adhere. It means that we, as individuals, have a faith and a trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ. If the individuals of a nation are truly Christians, THEN that nation will be a “Christian nation”…only then.

5. Biblically, when a nation turns from God, God puts in place a leader through which He judges that nation. Or He allows the offending nation to be conquered as a means of judgment. Either scenario could be imminent in the case of America.

6. Without the people of America returning to God, it doesn’t matter who, or which party, is in office, the moral condition of the nation will continue to decline. It is, or it should be, the mission of every Christian to introduce people to Jesus and to help them build a relationship with Him. This is the only way that America will truly get better. Political parties, programs, and promises won’t change the heart of a person for the better.

7. Our faith should be in God, not Government. Government will fail us, God won’t.

8. These are the thoughts of a Christian who wonders why it seems that the Constitution has replaced the Word of God as the criteria by which we judge the course of our country.

9. Although the following passage was written to Israel, the concept applies to God’s people anywhere and at all times. God calls His people to worship and obey Him. There will be consequences for our obedience or disobedience. These consequences will be experienced both by the individual and by the nation (world) as a body:

13 "If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people,

14 and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

19 "But if you turn away and forsake My statutes and My commandments which I have set before you, and go and serve other gods and worship them,

20 then I will uproot you from My land which I have given you, and this house which I have consecrated for My name I will cast out of My sight and I will make it a proverb and a byword among all peoples.

21 "As for this house, which was exalted, everyone who passes by it will be astonished and say, 'Why has the LORD done thus to this land and to this house?'

22 "And they will say, 'Because they forsook the LORD, the God of their fathers who brought them from the land of Egypt, and they adopted other gods and worshiped them and served them; therefore He has brought all this adversity on them.'"

2 Chronicles 7 (NASB)

10. May God’s people sincerely, honestly, and completely strive to follow God and honor Him. He is Creator of the universe, and everything in it, and deserves our complete allegiance and worship.

When I see that someone is praised by all his neighbors I get suspicious about this person. When I see that this person is praised by the crowds around the world my suspicion is doubled. After all, Jesus was not loved by many during his life on earth.

Dear CT
I'm no expert but I think Palin was picked to get the evangelical vote. It certainly wasn't her qualifications to be VP or President.

Considering McCain's age and health many on the fence may have changed their vote to Obama knowing the Palin was a heart beat away from being President.

M J Spaulding

Are these comments for real? Are Christians really so naive as to think that Obama's election is signalling the end of the world? Why do so many Christians act so much out of fear? As a Christian, I voted for Obama. He was the only candidate to truly talk openly about his faith in Christ and what that meant to his life and his politics. How is it that the Republican candidate and party is seen as the "Christian" party simply because of its stance on abortion and gay rights? What happened to other issues the Bible deals with, like taking care of the poor and needy? How is a party that favors going to war and sides with the wealthiest to the detriment of all others "Christian?"

Blue States and Blue Christians do worship an awesome God, who sometimes uses unique messengers to change hearts and minds. I'm saddened by the hatred still present on these postings and so many other blogs on the internet. Even Senator McCain showed great humility and grace in his concession speech, and I wish those who voted for him would follow his lead, especially Evangelical Christians. I'm tired of hearing the 2nd Chronicles passage quoted to ad nauseum. What about Micah 6:8 and the Sheep and the Goats passage in Matthew 25? Please pray for President-Elect Obama that God will give him strength, courage, and guidance over the next four years. Shalom.

So Obama is the antichrist and his election signals the end of the world? I can't seem to find that in my scriptures. Perhaps this is easy to believe when one believes in the fear mongering rhetoric and distortion of the Bible that men like Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Jerry Falwell, and James Dobson perpetuate. Or are your interpretations coming from the Fox News Translation of the Bible? What happened to Christ's statement that the world will know we are Christians by our love? Shouldn't you be praying for Obama instead of demonizing him? Or do you only pray for the president when he's a Republican?

Folks, God is neither Democrat nor Republican. As I Christian and an informed voter I opposed Senator Obama because he is very pro-abortion and he wants to tax our country out of existence. Christians are to take care of the poor and needy. I do my part to fight poverty and I do not want the government to do it for me. Our country is dying folks. We have elected a Daley politician and we are going to suffer for it. I do not call him the anti-christ but he sure possesses the spirit of the anti-christ. In a couple of years President Bush is going to look very good.

I think we need to take a hard look at what the meaning of "evangelical" means at this point. I want a government that gives us the freedom to worship, spread the gospel and give. By all accounts that is exactly the opposite of what the new administration will give us. More controls, take more of our money and use it for purposes that we don't find biblical (like abortion) less freedoms. In Timothy we are exhorted to pray for our leaders and for these reasons. So that we may have peace and worship and spread the good news. Who is against charity? But we all understand that God wants us to be cheerful givers. How can I be cheerful when the government steals my money and gives me no choice as to how it is spent? It doesn't matter that some of it might go to the Neo Christian mantras of the day like Global Warming and poverty. It isn't the government's job to alleviate poverty. It is OUR job as believers. All you neoChristians really think that sending your money through the conduit of Obama is a good thing???? Charity isn't forced. It is from the heart. Even without the governent the US is the most generous nation on the earth. How much more generous could we be if the government didn't take 40%??
All "evangelicals" that find a way to rationalize voting for Obama need to find a new name for their own religion.

What this election highlighted is the fact that, in a number of ways, white Conservative Christians see the world very differently than most other Christians (including non-Conservative white Christians). Whether they believe it on not, many Christians who voted in light of their faith came to a non McCain-Palin conclusion. There's at least four years of an Obama administration, so why not at least try to understand why? Some suggested literature: "Beyond Left and Right: Helping Christians Make Sense of American Politics" by Amy E. Black. And please spare me the the heated abortion-homosexuality-damnation responses. Even if we disagree, let's at least use the minds God has given us to reason and speak to each other in love.

I'm so heartbroken that I feel so divided by politics by my brothers and sisters in Christ. Lord, please teach us how to love each other well.

There are biblical values on both sides of the political spectrum. No one party is Jesus' party. I am somewhat hurt by the people who say that Evangelicals who switched their vote to Obama for this election "chose their finances over God.

I voted because I DON'T believe in putting my finances before God. I believe that my taxes do belong to the government, but my tithe and my life belongs to God. I've taken jobs in the church where I have made only $900, yet God still provided for me in miraculous ways.

I am pro-life all the way around: against abortion and against capital punishment. I don't believe in gay marriage. I prayed and sough wisdom in the Bible just like my other Evangelical brothers and sisters who voted differently from me. And I still love and respect them. Neither candidate had great records on abortion and same-sex marriage. I'll be interested to see Obama and Biden's actual records on these issues once in office, but in the campaign both said that they did not believe in abortion or same-sex marriage.

As Christians, we need to read the New and Old Testaments well. Both give cases for being against Homosexuality and Abortion, but they both talk more about poverty, environmental stewardship, and injustice than they talk about both of the other issues. We also must read the Bible in context and using intertexuality.

God has really used the book of Exekiel to give me new perspective on issues that matter to God. Exekiel 34 speaks to God's wrath for injustice. Exekiel 16:49 says "Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy. (NASB)" The sin of Sodom was their internal sin issues (not to say that their external sins of homosexuality were not sinful). But what the Bible reveals is that arrogance and ignoring the poor is a HUGE problem for God. When I look at our country, and unfortunately even the lives of American Evangelicals, we would be guilty of this definition of the sin of Sodom.

So we should really be crying out "Lord, have mercy on me/us, sinners." God deliver us for our own evil and make us people of change. This is God's language, not the language of a particular party or personality.

To God Be the Glory!

TIM! Thank you for writing my thoughts exactly. >smile I'm a "Bible-believing evangelical" who probably leaned a bit toward McCain, but now I rejoice with African-Americans and with the young generation. Even tho' I certainly don't agree with Obama on many issues, I do trust his intentions and intelligence. More than that, I TRUST THE LORD who does state that He puts Kings and rulers in place! God does work all things together for good to those who love God...(and I add, love others.) C'mon fellow Christians! I'm hurt and confused and dismayed by all the hate speech and just sheer hopelessness I'm hearing by my brothers and sisters in Christ. WHERE'S THE LOVE, my "faith-based" Family?!?

I am so happy Obama has won. In fact I am escastic!

I'm a committed born again christian of African descent who for the past 8 years has watched with sorrow at America become the land of immature, arrogant and marginalised politics that Bush, Palin and McCain and the GOP and sadly many so called "Christians" seem to espouse.

When we cry out against abortion, and yet cannot have grace to welcome single and preganant mothers into our midst, when say you want peace, then turn around and falsely claim on of our own (Obama) as a terrorist, when we continue to wage war instead of negotiate with love and diplomacy, then we are not living out God's commandment to love, instead we are using our religious hypocrisy to gain power. Sound familiar?

But those times are over, thank God and now I know that the majority of Americans were not as delusional as the GOP.

Until Nov 4, the US was living under Bush's 'law'and the steady, level headed optimism of Obama a leader, a glimmer of hope & your saving grace. God bless America. God bless us all!

After listening to a Canadian station whose host studies Canadian and American governments, I'm a little stunned. He said the U.S. is moving away from politicians and courts for any ethical solutions.
Proof is that ethics like abortion and definition of marriage is now being voted either in or out by the population simply because the politicians will never make any true move or decision on ethics or morals.
If anything courts and politicians moved towards anti-ethics or anti-morals because that is where their true money comes from, the secularists or liberal liberals. As more and more ethics fall into true population voting the necessity for policitians and leaders and courts will slip as they become the enactors of what the public votes on instead of the laws the politicians and courts make. Those who are going the route of getting the ethics questions on the population vote have found the wave of the future. Looking at Calif, Florida etc. I really had to stop and listen to this guy. I wonder if this is the future, a true democracy and not the politicians making laws to satisfy who supplied them with money. What do others think of what this Canadian said. I'm curious.

No matter how pro-Obama evangelicals attempt to justify their support for him, at the end of the day his past record makes at least two things certain: he did not take a stand against Illinois legislation that allows infanticide, and he is not pro-life, period! If evangelicals really believe that abortion is wrong, then it is absurd to defend a candidate who supports abortion because he foolishly sees abortion and the right to choose as morally equivalent. Frankly, today's evangelicals are becoming more and more ethically inept, which is evident in the flimsy reasons given for supporting a man who has a pathetic record when it comes to protecting the unborn. How ironic it is that Christians, who spout pro-life rhetoric and harp on all the "injustices" in the world, are nevertheless willing to vote for a man who, as president, refuses to repeal the very laws that are killing tens of thousands of those little citizens who are being denied life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Beam me up, Scotty, there is decreasing intelligent life down here!

There are other problems with the world besides abortion and homosexuality. While those are valid and important issues, what about poverty, racial injustice, inequalities, greed, exploitation, war, disease and other social injustices? I believe Isaiah 58 talks about true fasting as helping the oppressed :"to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke...to share food with the hungry and provide for the widow." As christians, and as part of the Body of Christ, we need to have an broader view of the world we live in. While Republicans are often associated with "moral or family values," I hope we can see beyond labels and issues that are no more or less important than others.

As an extremely interested, but 'outsider' Canadian, I cannot believe the reactions, attitudes and behaviors of the so-called Christian right. Obama has written of his genuine Christian conversion experience, and from all I've seen and heard, his behavior exhibits far more Christian fruit than any of the other candidates.

Sarah Palin stomped on those who helped her on her ferocious climb to the top, to the point that precious few of those previous helpers have anything good to say about her. Does that sound like Christian fruit?

My local anti-abortion ditch-digger (or mayor, or governor) needs to have a few more talents and a vision wider than his or her ditch (or city or state) to garner my vote for anything beyond ditch-digging (or city or state politics).

Moral decisions cannot really be legislated. Thoughtful, intelligent leadership can inspire people to make right decisions in their personal lives as well as help introduce legislation that can effectively,and humanely and sensitively, be enforced.

The rest of the world is finally seeing Americans having reason again to be 'proud to be American'. To those unhappy with the results and who call yourselves Christians: you helped pray in this result. Accept it as God's choice. Wake up to the world beyond your rigid mindsets or risk the fate of the biblical Pharisees and Saduccees. Thanks for all your prayers ... you had ours, too.

@ Robert Hooper: If George W. Bush is a born-again Christian, then I guess I'm a baboon. GWB doesn't pass the test of Matt. 7:20, not by a mile. Waterboarding isn't torture? It's okay to snatch people off the street and fly them to 3rd-party countries who will torture them so we don't have to get our hands dirty? True Christians don't do such things, don't sign off on them, don't allow them to transpire under their watch.

The Pharisees thought they were advancing God's political and social agenda as well - and Jesus shocked them when he came and preached a message of compassion for the poor and giving away our wealth rather than hoarding it for ourselves as a reward for our hard work. The Pharisees, with their focus on pure living and following the law, had assumed that these would be the most important issues to the Messiah, and were unable to accept that God's agenda could be different than theirs. Did God not value the law? Of course He did - but in Jesus he expanded the Jews vision from themselves and their law following to include their neighbors' needs as well. Two thousand years later, have we forgotten this lesson? Christians in America flock to a party that ignores the poor and promotes wealth accumulation, while expending so much energy on one issue like abortion, assuming that this must be God's highest priority because it has become ours. Is abortion important to God? Absolutely. But can we be so confident that it trumps the issues that Jesus spent the majority of his life on earth talking about? God's vision is bigger than ours. We have an opportunity now - in which a man who claims to believe in Christ is going to be in the White House. We can choose to join him on the issues that Jesus cares about (some of you may need to read Matthew 25 as a refresher course), WHILE we pray that his heart will be convicted on the issue of abortion. Let's expand our vision in an effort to see good what God will do through this election. If God can overcome a heritage of racism to allow a black man to become president, he can surely change our hearts to care for the poor, and can change one president's heart to care for the unborn.

The comments remind me of the movie, "Kingdom of Heaven" When people start shouting "God Wills It", I fear the enemy within. Whenever you mix politics and religion, spirituality losses.

The Muslims believe God is on their side, and we are the infidels. My inadaquacies are overwelming so I would never claim to proclaim God's will. There is a God, and I'm not him.

My thoughts:
Obama is already considered a messiah by half of the nation, and soon all but the very devout will be won over. Obama will do very well. He will be credited with fixing the economy, he will miraculously end the war in Iraq and create peace with the muslim nations. US support of Israel will slowly slip away. They will have no ally. They will be attacked inevitably. The stage is set, the end is near.

the end

Alan and Robert, I agree with you almost completely. Alan, that "Buyers Remorse" will be here a lot quicker than alot of people (who are riding high on the feel-good Obama win) expect (especially among the #s of our fellow Christians who decided to vote for him. Robert, you are right about Pres. Bush. Sadly, I think there will be many people of faith who will be held accountable for "bearing false witness" against their fellow brother Pres. Bush. Not saying Bush conclusively did not lie etc., but if you watch this video, it is evident that many of the Democratic politicians believed the same intelligence as Bush and threw him under the bus for political gain https://mail.northlandchurch.net/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.bercasio.com/movies/dems-wmd-before-iraq.wmv
Many Americans and Christians committed false witness against him, not because we know that he absolutely did not lie, but because they have not known that he absolutely did. So many Christians seem to want to point out Obama's faith as a reason we should support him as Pres., but did these same Democratic Christians do the same for Pres. Bush. So many did not, as we know, and that (coupled with the bias in media outlets such as MSNBC) fabricated much of the "failure" people associate with him. God bless you all.

If you are a follower of Christ then all that happens to you happens through God before it gets to you. Therefore it is for learning, growth, or testing. Do not be heavy of heart but rejoice and give thanks to God who loves you. There is also a word of wisdom. History repeats itself. Anytime that Gods people have wondered off the path and have not repented then God has allowed them to be overtaken. But again rejoice as God has always brought up a man to overcome and bring His people back to Himself and to cause revival. Time is now to act. Time is now to pray. Time is now to get involved. Time is now to share your faith.

I resent at any time or at any place the attitude that the safety of this country depends on any man holding his job. No man has acheived that strength, and this country has not deteriorated to that weakness -- Owen D Young

How little do politics affect the life, the moral life of a nation. One single good book influences people a vast more -- Gladstone

To let politics become a cesspool, and avoid it because it has become a cesspool, is a double crime --Howard Crosby

Lets try acting, and speaking like the Christians we propose to be, and work together with all people to strengthen, motivate and lift up each other to do the great things we are all capable of -- together as Americans ... in the UNITED states of America.

There is no better way to show Christ than to lift a man up, rather than take joy in pushing him down -- jed

I agree with Robert Hooper mostly. President Bush did do some things I disagreed with, but not much. However, I really disagree eith csmith in regard to his belief that I don't believe Obama's claim to be a born again Christian because of his Muslim past. I don't beleive his profession BECAUSE HE BELIEVES THAT YOU CAN KNOW GOD, BE SAVED, AND GO TO HEAVEN IN WAYS OTHER THAN BELIEF IN JESUS CHRIST. Jesus said He was the ONLY way -- not through Muslim, Buddah (sp?) or any other. I will pray for him and his family regarding his position, but also that he would come to know and believe in the TRUE GOD.

Luther: "That word above all earthly powers - no thanks to them - abideth ... His kingdom is forever."

I am a born again Christian. I voted for Barack Obama.

I was a foster child.

I was a child of 2 people who were mentally ill and had 9 other children taken away from them.

I hate abortion. I am completely against it. And that is why I am a Democrat.

What have Republicans done to stop abortions?



The Republican party is run by rich people who don't care about abortion. They just say they do to religious people to win their votes. But they never do anything to stop abortion.

You know who stops abortions?


That's right. And they don't do it by making abortion illegal. They do it by educating people on how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. They do it by providing assistance to mothers.

Why not just make it illegal?

Why did Jesus die for our sins?

We already had the law.

Who needs anything but the law, right?

Humans do.

Cause we aren't perfect.

We need more than law. We need help.

When people are in trouble... and an unwanted pregnancy is trouble... let's be honest... and I was a foster kid, so, don't tell me about how to feel about unwanted pregnancies.... when you are in trouble... you make choices that sometimes means picking what you think are the lesser of 2 evils... abortion or giving the baby to the foster system to maybe be abused.

What we need to do to stop abortion is to help people so they have more choices than what they see.

I was a foster child. Abuse is real and it is horrific. It is as bad as torture for many foster children. Rape. Beatings.

Those of you who think that people who would rather have an abortion instead of give up their baby... you know nothing about what that choice is like.

Why is the foster system so bad? Yeah. You know the answer to that question.

As a foster child who is unbelievably happy to be alive instead of having been aborted... I was beaten for my entire childhood... my foster sister was raped dozens of times...

... I will tell you... I happily voted for Obama because he is dealing with abortion realistically and compassionately.

and don't you happy people with your parents who want you tell me that you know this better than I do.

you don't.

making abortion illegal in the US will only mean that CA and Mexico will have a rise in abortions.

to save those babies... you need to save them for real...

and don't you dare tell me from your happy little leave it to beaver homes that God will judge me for voting for someone who takes the approach of reality about unwanted pregnancies instead of expecting people to just follow some law

God knows that we are sinners.

Have Christians not realized that fact about human beings yet?

Jesus didn't ask people if they were sinners before he healed them.

did he?

no he didn't.

and neither should YOU.

The holocaust will continue and millions of the most vulnerable citizens will be flushed from their mothers' wombs. McCain would've recommended the appointment of supreme court judges who respect life in all its stages and form.

I'm watching this all happen from Australia, where we have great faith that Barack Obama can deliver the goods! He is a man of God, and is of high moral and ethical standards. From this side of the world, we see so many things is America that we don't like, and we look forward to that changing! And please don't say, that because I'm on the other side of the world it doesn't affect me, because what happens in America affects the whole world!

But what I have read here tonight is shameful! I am so ashamed that you call yourselves Christians! There is so much hate and viciousness in your words! President-Elect Obama stated in a 2006 speech that 'folks don't read their bible enough'. These folks are you! You are all hypocrites or 'Sunday Christians' as we like to call people like you here!

Without realising it, you have all placed your faith in the words of man. You listen to what mankind and popular opinion might say, and you believe it all, without checking the facts for yourself! You all need to do some soul searching. Listen to the Word of God, not the rantings of this world. Take your new president's advice...READ YOUR BIBLE!! But read it for yourself, and get to know Jesus again yourself, not through your church or pastor. Just you and Him, and learn again about the love, morality and common sense in His Word. Love, morality and common sense that many have sadly forgotten. Talk to Jesus, He will talk back. And I really don't believe that he would be very proud of you all posting vindictive messages about a man, who if you would all open your eyes and minds a little, is clearly walking hand in hand with Jesus! He is the type of person Jesus would like us all to be. Please get to know Jesus again, and give your new President a chance. Pig headedness never got the world anywhere! Neither did Godlessness!

And stop thinking about money and posessions, there's no luggage service to Heaven! You'll only have to leave it behind, so why make such a fuss over it? Jesus wouldn't!

For the record, I remember an event in history involving Jesus, where the people turned on the Son of God, because of the words of man. They forgot about the word of God, and hung our sweet, beautiful Lord from a cross!

And for an extra record, Barack Obama is opposed to abortion. If anyone had bothered to check for themselves, they would know this! Please pay attention and get your facts right before posting nasty comments. It only embarrasses you!


Historical event! Historical event! Is that all that can be shouted at the victory dances? Show me more than that because The Plague, the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and the bombing of Pearl Harbor were also historical events.

I'm embarrassed to be Christian after reading many Christians response to the election...Apparently God is a Republican and you can't be a Christian and vote for a Democrat...The sky is not falling and Obama is not the Devil. Whether you voted for him or not he IS your next President and we need to support him...I thought God was always in control? Can God not work through Obama and his staff? Apparently not, judging by several of the responses here and other various websites...Again that is why I'm embarrassed to label myself as a Christian...Imagine a non Christian reading all of your responses, which you can bet several are...We are making Christians look really bad...

Wow! Everyone has taking over God's job as judge. Telling us who are "true Christians" verses the others. What nerve to imply who is worthy to be a Christain in their proclaimations and who is not. Judging and condemning attitudes. If I'm not mistaken, Jesus came to save the lost! Have anyone prayed sincere GODLY prayers for this man. the reply by CSMITH hits to the HEART OF TRUTH!!! CSmith is so correct and I stand 100% behind your comments.

I am a Christian that voted for OBAMA. I am so amazed by all the hate messages and remarks I have received from my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ. Everyone says that they dont want government to tell them what do with their money but you want government to tell people not to have an abortion? AS far as abortion we have had a pro-life president for 8years. umm...NOTHING has changed.

I know that God is a good God. American will be under judgemnet in God's appointed time.

The argument is alway he is Muslim. He doesnt support Israel. He is not Muslim. And he has said he supports Israel.

Why is it that one political party has be deemed Christian.

I think I really saw things a litte better during the saddle back forum.

Warren: ... Now, you’ve made no doubt about your faith in Jesus Christ. What does that mean to you? What does that mean to you to trust in Christ? What does that mean on a daily basis? I mean, what does that really look like? [6] Warren: You’ve made no doubt about the fact that you are a Christian. You publicly say you are a follower of Christ. What does that mean to you and how does faith work out in your life on a daily basis? What does it mean to you?
Obama: Well, as a starting point, it means I believe in — that Jesus Christ died for my sins, and that I am redeemed through Him. That is a source of strength and sustenance on a daily basis. I know that I don’t walk alone. And I know that if I can get myself out of the way that, you know, I can maybe carry out in some small way what — what He intends. And it means that those sins that I have, on a fairly regular basis, hopefully will be washed away.

But what it also means, I think, is a sense of obligation to embrace not just words but, through deeds, the expectations, I think, that God has for us. And that means thinking about the least of these. It means acting, well, acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with our God. And that, I think, trying to apply those lessons on a daily basis, knowing that you’re going to fall a little bit short each day, and being able to kind of take note and saying: 'well, that didn’t quite work out the way I think it should have, but maybe I can get a little bit better'.

It gives me the confidence to try things, including things like running for President that — where you are going to screw up once in a while.

and mccain was asked the same question:
McCain: It means I’m saved and forgiven. And we’re talking about the world. Our faith encompasses not just the United States of America, but the world.

Can I tell you another story real quick?

The Vietnamese kept us imprisoned in conditions of solitary confinement or two or three to a cell. They did that because they knew they could break down our resistance. One of the techniques that they used to get information was to take ropes and tie them around your biceps, pull your biceps behind you, loop the rope around your head, pull your head down between your knees, and leave you in that position. You can imagine, it was very uncomfortable.

One night I was being punished in that fashion. All of a sudden the door of the cell opened and the guard came in; a guy who was just what we called a gun guard. He just walked around the camp with a gun on his shoulder. He went like this and then he loosened the ropes. He came back about four hours later; he tightened them up again and left.

The following Christmas, because it was Christmas Day, we were allowed to stand outside of our cell for a few minutes. In those days, we were not allowed to see or communicate with each other, although we certainly did. And I was standing outside for my few minutes outside of my cell. He came walking up. He stood there for a minute, and with his sandal on the dirt in the courtyard, he drew a cross. And he stood there, and a minute later he rubbed it out and walked away. For a minute there, there was just two Christians worshiping together. I’ll never forget that moment...

When are we going to stop demonizing those we disagree with? Since when does God demand that we vote for one political party and not another? When are we going to wake up to realize that our opinions and values, no matter how deeply held and passionately justified, may not be God's opinions and values? When are people going to stop talking as if they are God's personal spokespersons? So many of us are 100% certain that those we disagree with are always wicked, deluded, or insincere. So many of us are profoundly lacking in humility, charity, patience, love, or wisdom... and yet we run around all day thinking we are children of God and others aren't. This kind of self-righteous behavior is a monstrous perversion of Christian faith, not a fulfillment of it and it is the curse of the modern church. Any time spent reading the synoptic gospels will reveal that Jesus showed great love and forgiveness towards sinners and outcasts, but he could be pretty rough on hypocrites and Pharisees...

Whoa. Turn off Fox News, go outside and go for a walk, take deep breaths, clear your heads and pray for a while. Our gospel tells us that in Christ we have a spirit of hope, power, optimism, new life, etc.. Not a spirit of fear, paranoia, hate, anger and subtle and insidious racism. Separate your political affiliation from your place in Christ. There is no such a thing as God’s political party or God’s president. Both political parties are seriously flawed and fail to live up to the expectations of the God’s word. Neither man was perfect but both professed faith in Christ. So what if there are sincere believers whose prayerful convictions led them to vote for a candidate different from the one you supported? God is still in charge and He is the God of all people, regardless of how they voted or the pigmentation of their skin. Pray for our president elect and his family and get a grip.

Rob Lee, so would it have been better to be slaughtered in the womb than be a "foster child?"

Christians should have a measured response to Obama. God in his divine sovereignty obviously allowed him to win. He will become the U.S. President whether convervative evangelicals like it or not.

Biblical Christianity is not subserviant to any political party. Both parties hold to positions that are contrary to the teachings of the New Testament.

As Christians, we are called to be "salt and light" and to pray for our leaders, no matter how bad they are. And we should push back on "change" that contradicts biblical teaching or our God-given right to the free exercise of our faith.

No man knows the day or the hour of Christ's return. So to suggest that Obama is a marker of the "last days" is overblown. Certainly the Christian martyrs under Nero or those tortured in the Gulags under Stalin or even those murdered in Muslim genocide have a better basis to call "last days" than someone in America's comfortable suburban middle class.

I could NEVER vote for Obama. He is wrong on too many issues that are informed by my faith. His administration will augment the secularization and class-based covetousness that's already rampant in America. He will appoint liberal activist judges who won't hold fast to the text of the Constitution and who will be hostile to our right of free exercise. However, we lose credibility when we overstate our claims and suggest that the loss of one election is the "end of the world."

I don't believe Obama is the anti-christ, but you obviously don't read the scriptures, enough. Perhaps you just skip over those things that disturb you.
Jesus promised us the end of the world, so to speak, at A TIME WE KNOW NOT. So yes, Patrick, it could be tomorrow or it could be 100 years from now, but it is promised.
As far as love goes, why do you not show love to the helpless among us- those babies who survive a botched abortion? Mr. Obama voted to deny them any kind of care or comfort. That is not love. Perhaps you. like so many other evangelicals, have been mesmerized by charisma of a human being.
I would lovingly advise educating yourself as to the voting record of this man, as well as reading the New Testament a little more often, a little more thoroughly, a little more closely.

Obama is against protecting the marriage protection amendment. He also stated "when you start playing around with "constitutions"( gay couples) just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person,it just seems to me that's not what America is about".He is also an abortion extremist. see: citizenlink's "Obama's radical pro-abortion record".He is a deceiver.For those who voted for him it means you would have had no problem if God stood before you in the flesh to tell Him to his face,"Lord I know Obama sees nothing wrong with destroying the lives you created and I know he's for gay rights etc.But we need to dismiss your holy word because Obama wants to bring "CHANGE" in this world".We need to pray for those of you who compromised your faith and are oblivious to the unGodly consequences you supported.I was relieved to read comments by bloggers,Ted, csmith, Paul, Dennis and Alan to name a few.It gave me hope and encouragement that there are many true Christians out their whom God has given wisdom and a discerning spirit and would'nt even think about compromising your faith.May God Bless you and keep you always! On ward Christian soldier's. Fight the good fight in spirit and in truth!

Wow. Christians are just as lost as non-Christians. I love the abortion and gay topic and love watching the continued compromise of good old man made religion. I thought about abortion and how the left reacts to having abortions because it is their body. Really? Wonder what God thinks of that statement. Also the Left hates war because they don't want their loved ones and children to die. Interesting. The left is ok with the killing of innocent babies because of the inconvenience it would cause them and their selfish ambitions. So I ask what makes their loved ones more important than the innocent babies butchered?

WE seek what is good for us and our families and if we have anything left over we give to those in need. What a joke. Obama is nothing more than a street hustler with good verbal skills. He was groomed by Pelosi and Reid, who are his Puppet Masters, to overthrow Republicans with the help of the media who was interested only in being part of a historic moment. Now watch the media start to question what this man is really about. Typical media, build them up and tear them down. MY disappointment is how so many people blindly follow the media and lack the discernment and ability to think for themselves. Watch what is going to happen....then ask yourself what do I think about my blind following of this man now? Stock market is scared to death of him because they know higher taxes and taxing the rich who supply jobs raises unemployment and the economy crashes. Don't worry about all that, Obama speaks well. He will have to when everyone realizes this is the year America died.

Obama is against protecting the marriage protection amendment. He also stated "when you start playing around with "constitutions"( gay couples) just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person,it just seems to me that's not what America is about".He is also an abortion extremist. see: citizenlink's "Obama's radical pro-abortion record".He is a deceiver.For those who voted for him it means you would have had no problem if God stood before you in the flesh to tell Him to his face,"Lord I know Obama sees nothing wrong with destroying the lives you created and I know he's for gay rights etc.But we need to dismiss your holy word because Obama wants to bring "CHANGE" in this world".We need to pray for those of you who compromised your faith and are oblivious to the unGodly consequences you supported.I was relieved to read comments by bloggers,Ted, csmith, Paul, Dennis and Alan to name a few.It gave me hope and encouragement that there are many true Christians out their whom God has given wisdom and a discerning spirit and would'nt even think about compromising your faith.May God Bless you and keep you always! On ward Christian soldier's. Fight the good fight in spirit and in truth!

"He who marries the bride of the this age will be a widower in the next."

Best for the church not to get into bed with any political party. Only God is Sovereign.


Dear fellow followers of Christ:

As an American missionary having served Christ for two decades overseas in Brazil), my call here is for ongoing hope and prayer. That our new President Elect Barak Obama might serve toward better international relations is something that all Christians of all political parties should celebrate. Our potential here through an Obama tenure should not be underestimated for American missionaries, greater international peace and a positive international Christian presence around the world.

Christians of all political parties need to begin to pray in light of I Timothy 2:1-4. Even the names like Barak (semitic root in Arabic/Hebrew meaning "Blessing") and Michelle ("Like God"), I pray might be prophetic, even beyond national agendas.

As to my own election day vote on November 4, 2008, on a personal note, I knelt one more time in prayer asking for wisdom and discernment from the Lord (James 1:5). While the voice of the Lord may have called others to another agenda, the Spirit spoke to me personally to vote for Obama, saying that he is as peace for our world (in the context of Matthew 5:9). Perhaps a balancing wisdom came as I also felt led to vote for many traditional party candidates on the other side of the political landscape.

But here I highlight that Barak Obama might serve our nation well as both an African and Asian son (son of an Muslim African father, growing up in Indonesia and Hawaii), now professing Christ.

Then I reflect to myself upon these thoughts:

What greater Christian witness to the Middle East and Asia might there be than for one of their own sons (of a Muslim heritage growing up in Indonesia and Hawaii) to proclaim faith in the Lordship of Jesus and bow before the Cross of Christ?

What greater witness to a struggling Europe and Africa can there be about racial forgiveness and grace than for a nation of former slave owners elect as their leader a man of bi-racial, even African heritage?

What greater witness can there be against our own unfaithful nation of growing immoral and homosexual license, than for a loving and joyful, even youthful Christian family to now hold hands and take national center stage?

What greater witness to scientific minds and atheists of immoral license than for a Harvard graduate to finish speeches with oratorical resonance with much pastoral heart:
"God bless you! God bless America!"

While military might and trillions of dollars for national defense might make us intellectually "feel safer" at night, truly the safer world is one in which our nation is more humbly valued and loved on the global stage. Jesus reminds us that it is the meek that shall inherit the Earth" (Matthew 5:5) -- not the most powerful, wealthy, even demanding and argumentative.

While our politicians correctly need to debate legal proceedings as to the tough moral issues like abortion, truly a more "life giving" world against abortion is where healthy role models and families exist, where sons and daughters freely and faithfully come home at night.

Whatever misgivings some might still have with our new President Elect, God's agenda still might be toward a higher, larger frame of mind that of our own. Let us remind ourselves that God's ways are above our own national agendas (Isaiah 55:8), and that He is sovereign over nations (Romans 9-13).

May we be obedient to God in ongoing pray for our new government leadership (I Timothy 2:1-4). May Barak find support in our prayers to fulfill his Biblical name from the Arabic/Hebraic/Semitic roots (BRK), which means "blessing" (Gen. 1:22). May he even be spiritually blessed to strategically lead the USA, "walking with Jesus Christ daily" as he has nationally proclaimed as his own desire.

May we also pray for Barak's "best friend and wife of 16 years", future first lady, Michelle. May she be enabled Biblically to be a true help-mate to Barak, as faithful "one in flesh." May she be also enabled to fulfill her name, which means: "Who is like God".

May we walk humbly and unitedly together with one another to seek a truer national course, as well as our larger personal course of action for the global cause of Christ.

For Peace,

Joel Wright

Dear Sister in Christ; You are not alone, I proudly voted for Obama also and i come from a republican background. LOL! Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. May it truly be a blessing to others.

Pax in Christ:


George Bush a Christian? Maybe if getting a book published by a Christian publisher makes one a Christian. What about Sidney Blumenthals report that George W. told and Austin woman immediately after the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Bush v. Gore, "Can you believe I'm going to be the next f*cking president?" What a way to start a Christian Presidency!

The only thing worse than "guilty by association" is "innocence by association." I remember hearing some Focus on the Family broadcasts several years back in which Tipper Gore was a guest and she and James Dobson were chatting like old friends. Did that maker her a religious conservative? I used to think so but I was wrong. Do we think Bush was a Christian because he pandered to Evangelicals? I used to think so, but was soon proven very wrong. How? By his fruits.

Please, no more refs to Romans 13 as God putting political leaders in their positions. Nero, Musilini, Hitler, and Stalin were God's will? Pardon me while I vomit. Romans 13 is not referring to government authorities, but contextually can only refer to synagogue authorities where Jews and Christians worshipped together (see Nanos, "The Mystery of Romans"). Even if you don't accept this interpretation never read Romans 13 without the balance of Revelation 13.

I seriously doubt that God even wants Christians to vote. In 1 Samuel 12:19, "They said to Samuel, 'Pray to the LORD your God for us, your servants, that we may not die for having added to all our other sins the evil of asking for a king.'"

Paul wrote of "praying for kings and all who were in authority," but for what purpose? To have them Christianize society? No, rather "that we may lead peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and dignity," i.e. that believers can Christianize society unhindered.

Let's quit putting our hope and trust in elected officials which is idolatry, and start being the agents of change (salt and light) that Jesus died and rose again for us to be.

I am amazed as I read this the lack of love professed for for our fellow human beings by self-professed Christians.

In the name of Christianity, the majority of writers on this blog voice more concern for the unborn than for the millions who suffer because of our government's policies. I know of no one who favors abortion. I know of no one who knows for certain when an embryo becomes a persons.It is a matter of faith for many, but many faithful do not believe that personhood begins at conception.

The Republicans lied, cheated, slandered, attempted to disinfranchise voters and used every other unnamed, underhanded trick in the book during this election and it seemed not to bother the writers who claim to be good Christians who are mourning the loss of this election to a man whose Christianity is unquestionable.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people killed in a needless war based on lies and stubborn ignorance of George W. Bush's.

Innocent children suffer in this nation because of the cost of this godless war which has so handsomely paid off the profiteers like Blackwater which contributes hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions to conservative political causes -- not to mention the thousand of young people who are scarred for life by serving in the military..

In this nation we do less to insure the health and wellfare of our nations children than any other western nation and we have reduced the portion of our budget devoted to that cause under this administration and conservative congress devoted to the principles of greed and self-inteest.

I know of few leaders in Democratic nations who have behaved in a less Christ-like manner than George W. Bush.

You champion an ignorant, ethically challenged woman as a vice presidential candidate because she professes to be a Christian.

God bless us all that God has perhaps seen fit to allow us to escape the morass of the last eight years.

I have never been as proud of my country as I am now. And never more hopeful for the FULL pro-life agenda of our precious Lord.

The life of meaning to God isn't just that of the unborn (there are in fact very few passages in the Bible that allude to the lives of unborn children,
and at least one, Ex. 21: 22-25, seems to put a higher value on the life of the mother than on that of her unborn child). And homosexuality ranks
pretty low on the list of issues discussed in the Bible (and isn't even mentioned by Jesus). Poverty and war and injustice are mentioned much more often, as is personal righteousness, of which many of our leaders on both sides have been lacking for many years.

The only way we'll ever solve ALL life issues in this country (including reducing abortion; it's always existed and will always exist) is to work together, not look on one another with fear, hatred, and distrust. But the GOP has a good thing going for it as long as abortion is still legal. Don't
you find it odd that the Republicans have held the White House for 20 of the last 28 years and abortion is still almost as prevalent as it was when Reagan came into office? If they really cared about it (the party leaders I mean; I know many Christian Republicans care a lot about it), they would have
promoted policies that would have significantly reduced it en route to the hoped-for overturn of Roe. (One can blame Congress for that not happening,
what about the "bully pulpit" of the president? Any of our pro-life presidents could have done a lot simply by talk and example. But they haven't. Might that not be because if abortion goes away, the GOP's hold on evangelicals and many Catholics will evaporate (seeing as how many of their other policies, and certainly the morality of their campaigns and candidates, is far from rigtheous)?

Please give President Obama a chance. In his address Tuesday night, he promised to be the president of all of us and to listen to what we have to say. Please take him at his word, and see if he doesn't deliver--perhaps not to everyone's full satisfaction, but more fully than we've seen for years.

With prayers for the safety of our president-elect and his family, and for his wisdom.

For the sake of the kingdom, this blog post should have all its comments purged. It's a disgrace.

Each individual who claims to be a Christian has his/her own personal experience of God and knowledge of God from God's word. Some do not know God's word at all. Some are actually not taught in their church community to read or study. Much of the letters of Paul and other N.T. writings are being ignored. Instead the emphasis is on the teachings of Jesus. Then there is the matter of what teachings of Jesus are being emphasized in particular denominations. On the other hand, in the Bible teaching ministries, people (who are at all different levels of knowledge and have some or little experience of God in their lives) are getting so much information that the mind cannot process it all. There is way too much telling people WHAT instead of gentle guidance over time of growing and being taught by the Holy Spirit. There is overload! Just because one is brought out of the darkness and into the light, does not mean that they are ready for so much information. There are some who really can grow fast, but most others do not. Growing doesn't mean attaining knowledge alone. Let's just trust the Sovereignty of God after doing all we can do oourselves to BE in His Will. After all, even though we are one body, the Church Universal, Christ's bride individuals of that body and each has his/her work to do if we are walking in the Spirit and praying accordingly. I do sometimes wonder, since I am involved in the right to life, why God allows this and many other atrocities that go on, but I will stand before Him in the blood of Christ. I will pray for the President elect, as I have prayed for President Bush. I disagree with many of my Christian friends, but that is up to them and God as to the path each takes. I can only speak my truth, which I am allowed still to speak. I am not popular and it can be lonely but God knows my heart when I do speak the truth according to His word. I am comforted by the love of God and the honest and open relationship I am allowed to have with my Father in heaven as I come to Him. I do my best to speak when He wants me to speak. God knows the intentions so if someone is offended by the truth, so be it. It takes practice to learn to speak the truth in love, but results are up to God, not us. Pray for Mr. Obama, that he go into the word of God and learn what God has in store for one who listens and obeys His Word. Pray that he will understand more and more Who God Is as revealed in the Scriptures. May he look to God for answers and for guidance and grow and learn from the Holy Spirit. Peace and Grace to the president elect, to Senator John McCain, also.

To White Evangelical Republicans:

On the question of abortion, What have your Pro-
life Presidents done to end abortion?

Did anyone of them make it a priority or passion? Did they continually keep the issue before the public? Did they make any kind of concerted effort to influence Congress to introduce legislation to repeal Roe vs. Wade?
Did they appoint a task force? A committee? A panel?
Form a Commission to develop a comprehensive plan for eliminating the need for abortion?

Was the ending of legal abortion in the U.S. brought appreciably closer by Reagan, Bush I or Bush II

Since the repeal of Roe vs. Wade must come from the
Legislative or Judicial Branch or as a State's Right's issue why is the election of a "pro-life"
president so important almost to the exclusion of all other issues?

What is your particular all-white Evangelical Church
doing to help end the necessity and/or the practice of abortion? Any specific programs? Any thing to offer other than spewing hate in the name of Jesus?

What has your White Evangelical Church done to bring
the races together? To promote healing and reconcilitation?

The election Of Barack Obama has now turned into a movement for diversity, change,and cooperation for the common good. He deserves the same chance as George Bush had.


Please, let's stop identifying Christians as pharisees. Christ gave us His HOLY Spirit, those who believe so that we may become, grow into Christlikeness and do the works He has given us. Please do not call people who have listened to the Holy Spirit within to guide them in the "new life", which includes the ability to not sin, to ask for help in this, as well as lovingly tend to the needs of the poor. Who knows better than a sinner who has been born again what it is to be a sinner! No, we are not pharisees, but new creations. We are loving, caring people who will sacrifice our lives for the cause of Christ and to help others, regardless of the mess they are in. Please realize that holiness and purity is also a product of being a Christ-one. Please stop all the nonsense and understand that Jesus addressed pharisees, and he will correct any of our sinful ways, also. There are always 3 fingers pointing back at those Christians who want to call other Christians pharisees. Look to yourself...yes even yourself and let Christ work in each believer as He does when we are open to HIS work within each. There is nothing wrong with being pure outwardly, as well as inwardly as long as we know who we are and that Christ is at work as we grow and obey Him. Worship God in Spirit and in TRUTH, amen

Obama is not the Anti-Christ fools we will not know the day or the hour...Remember? "Like a thief in the night" God does put rulers in place. That does not mean that Obama is a good ruler. God let the Israelites be conquered by the Babalonians, Not because the Babylonians were better than the Israelites but because God wanted to make them see that He is all powerful and to set their paths straight. God let Obama be elected because We Christians are not spreading His word. We sit and cower in our churches content to let Atheists take God out of everything. Schools,Court,The inaugural speech, etc. God has let Obama be elected because we were content to let God be taken out of everything most of the christians of today haven't read the bible and don't go to church. People today are more open to the lies of the world and Satan because WE christians don't do as Jesus commanded in Acts (1:6-9) To "be his witnesses both in Jerusalem,and in Judea,and Samaria,and even to the remotest part of the earth." Obama's election was brought about by god to open our eyes to the fact that we are straying from Him...NOT TO TELL US THAT THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING.
Rory Hileman.

In response to above abortion comments: I consider myself pro-life & find abortion to be morally questionable at best. But I can't support a ban; we tried that & the result was mothers dying in back alleys. There is a solution to the problem of abortion; we need to create a society where mothers, no matter what their income level, feel that they can feed their children, educate them, keep them healthy, and give them a real chance at a future. As long as our society turns a blind eye to the plight of impoverished mothers, abortions are going to happen. You can't really be pro-life without supporting social policies which sustain quality of life after birth.