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November 4, 2008

The Golden State

CT Politics Blog reader Khari Johnson took this picture at a polling location at Cajon Valley Middle School in El Cajon, California.

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I find the US elections interesting to watch, but what still suprises me EVEN in the with those who claim to be Christians....not wanting to vote for the coloured man.....McCain is not bringing anything to the table for the US. He is old, his running mate doesn't have a leg to stand on. Do you really want her as your president if McCain passes on?
He has had MANY health issues. What's his platform? Tax breaks for his oil rich friends? Keep the US economy in limbo by endorsing a war?

Check out Obama's mandate of looking after everyone, especially those who are lower and middle class. Check out his "faith" page on his campaign website! Here is Canada, they really focused on Obama's personal relationship he states he has with Christ ande that McCain doesn't have a faith. Canada keeps church out of state, so this was a big deal to hear this.
Doesn't the Christian community of the US want a Christian leader?
Why does everything have to be about colour? "1/4 Christian voters are white". What difference does it make?
In God's eyes, we are of no colour....he loves us just the same....why can't we do the same?