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November 4, 2008

The Other O

"The most meaningful thing that has ever happened."

That's how Oprah just described tonight in a brief interview with CBN.

Yeah, it's a weird quote. Also a bit weird that she's on Pat Robertson's CBN. But hey, it's a historic night.


The most meaningful thing? Ever??

How about the Son of God becoming a human just so he could die for us?

Oh, I get it. Obama is the new messiah to a new legion of sycophants.

I'm going to need a four year supply of nausea medicine please.

The really scarey part is if anything happens to "O" we get the "Gaffe that keeps giving "as President.Either way pray for America.

You miss the point, completely. To be included, when you have been excluded is tremendous.

You sound like sour grapes.

"Your miss the point, completely. To be included, when you have been excluded is tremendous" Not a valid point because the Constitution guarenteed your rights all along. Carole

It is perhaps not surprising that the rest of the world sees the meaning of existence in events other than the life, death, and resurrection of Christ and in the life of his Church, since the church after Christ soon became more focused on the powers it received from the world than those of the Spirit received from Christ. This is true in regard to politics and in relation to racial conflict and competition and segregation as well because the church seems to not really know and embody its Lord and Savior as much as it does the ways of the world. The presidency of a Caucasian-African will no doubt impact our perceptions of race, but I pray that Christ will yet have a greater impact.

If one is confident and at peace with their relationship with God and all that was done through Jesus by giving his life it is not necessary to convince each person that they talk to that they are saved (who is it that needs the convincing???). It is ok and part of the "freedom" given through what Christ did for us to express our thoughts. Everybody breathe, the oxygen will certainly help calm you down and think more clearly. Embrace your relationship with God and be at peace with it and then go forward in your life showing the same grace and love he has shown to EACH of us.... God bless.

The other O is trouble. She made her fortune from middle and lower middle class women of all races, but ultimately she is a bigot and a liar. She never gave Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin 60 minutes of her time. Oprah claimed she didn't have Sarah Palin on because she chose not to be political - all the while she promoted Obama both financially and publically. The Oprah show schedule this week is 4 days dedicated to celebrating the election of a black president, and she had Tina Fey on the show to talk about playing Sarah Palin but never gave a voice to the real Sarah Palin. My choice - if Oprah likes it - I'll avoid it. If it is one of Oprah's "favorite things" whether it be a car, a book or a bar of soap - I will boycott it now and forever. 48% of the country does not agree with Oprah and I'd like to see her finances reflect that.

I just have a real problem why this woman is so important in the eyes of people. She is just another person. I refuse to spend any time watching this woman on TV and reading her book choices and listening to her opinions, than getting to know the Beauty of our God and Savior. When I think of the sacrifices of Christians all over the world, how can I justify spending more time with Ms.O Maybe she thinks she is doing the will of God, but what are the groupies who cannot let a day go by without her doing? I know many Christians who are in this group. Addiction is addiction only this kind is a choice. This is not to put down Oprah. I know how easy it is to make an idol out of something or someone or yourself. Let's just think before we forget who gives us each breath and who sacrificed for us to be able to actually have a relationship with the Father. Give praise, honor and glory to our Great God and Savior. Pray for the president-elect to grow into a greater understanding of salvation in Christ and seek God for the guidance he will need for the time he has in office. God is sovereign, and His ways are not ours...it is for us to pray and continue to trust Him and obey.

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