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November 17, 2008

What Church Should Obama Attend?

As Barack Obama scopes out his family's new home, most of the buzz seems to be focused on his daughters' education.

But Amy Sullivan at Time wants to know where Obama plans to go to church. Sullivan cleverly interviews a few who offer their advice.

On the short list? People's Congregational Church, Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church, Metropolitan A.M.E. Church, Church of the Epiphany, Washington Community Fellowship, and Memorial Chapel at Fort Myer.

Is there an obvious choice? What do you think?


In reality has there been a president in recent memory that regularly attended church? It is too difficult, security, fame, etc. mean that it really is virtually impossible to be a regular member of a congregation.

Our President-elect should not join any organized church group. He should go to the Scriptures with the prayer that God send the Spirit to enlighten his heart and mind in the Way of peace and righteousness.

Then he should share with Michelle and seek a meek, poor in spirit peacemaker to have fellowship in growth in the Lord.

My guess is that President-elect Obama will likely affiliate with a United Church of Christ congregation in the DC area, reflecting the liberal theological tradition, civil rights advocacy, and denominational identity of the Chicago church that he called home for so many years. The United Church in Foggy Bottom is a UCC/United Methodist Church federated congregation. First Congregation UCC has a long history, including promoting racial equality, so that's a possibility. Finally, Lincoln Congregational Temple UCC is also nearby and has a venerable history of serving African-American UCCs. Joining a church named for a Republican president reflects Obama's conscious boundary blurring political voice, so that's my best guess.

The only church that would fit the President elect is Real Life Church of Washington DC in Tenley Circle,NW Washington DC.

Capitol Hill Baptist. Solid expository preaching, no histrionics.

It's sad that even Barack Obama's choice of a church will have political implications and be overanalyzed by everyone. It's too bad he can't consider the quality of the youth program for his daughters, or small groups for himself and Michelle. It's sad that someone in so public a position is unable to have the balance of a private spiritual life.

Barrack Hussein Obama, to understand him, you must read from the Qu'ran, surrah 16:101.

This President will probably not attend any church too often. He has more Muslim leanings than Christian, as was his former church setting. This man is a chameleon and will change his spots to whatever is most advantageous to him in the office he will soon hold. He cannot be pinned down to any faith except what he chooses. He is a man who has no investment in any particular religion, even though he "claims" to be a Christian? This man cannot be trusted and will attend a church like the one he attended before which had Muslim leanings also.We shall see what we shall see! He wants to be sworn in on the Quran. What does that tell you?

Far be it from any of us to pass judgment on where the President-elect should attend church --as if there were only one that would pass ecclesiastical muster. No, this God loving believer--this uniquely global president - would be best advised to let the Lord lead him to a wide variety of Christian congregations --to share in worship with the many who represent a cross section of America's God centered family.
Although Mr. Obama is not our national shepherd of faith, his weekly visitations to worship with praise and prayer would not only help unite believers but help lead many to the need for bowing down before our One True God - and The Good Shepherd He gives to all. •••

God is no respecter of persons. As those who claim to trust Christ for their salvation, after his inauguration, President Obama and his wife have the same obligation as any of us to commit themselves to serving the Body of Christ through a local church congregation, and to be accountable to that congregation. While this is difficult for any President, it is not impossible. He and Mrs. Obama would set a wonderful example by joining a local, evangelical church and participating, to the extent they are able, in its life.

There are many churches in Washington that faithfully preach the gospel, administer the sacraments, and exercise church discipline. However, it is doubtful that any of them are affiliated with the UCC. Capitol Hill Baptist has already been mentioned, as has Washington Community Fellowship. Grace Presbyterian Church of Washington, D.C. (PCA) and the Church of the Resurrection (Anglican) would also be good alternatives.

Oh come! Let the man choose! Let him visit a short list of churches, just like any responsible believer, new in town, should! Let him choose based on the congregation's ability to incubate encouragement, community and fellowship; let him choose, based on his hungry intellect, a place where the pastor's expository preaching addresses both the mind and heart (the former of which too many Christians forget is included in the charge to love God with all your...); let him choose a place that provides his girls and his wife the spiritual stability of fellowship and community that they would need desperately during his tenure. No, Adam, the president SHOULD join a living, "peopled" fellowship - life is lonely enough and we are - president included - the body of Christ!

Read this article and then decide if this one is even relevant. http://blog.christianitytoday.com/ctpolitics/2008/11/can_obama_call.html

There must be a Mousue in DC where Muslims go to worship Allah