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December 1, 2008

Bush: 'I am a lowly sinner seeking redemption'

As a promotion for StoryCorps' National Day of Listening, President Bush and his wife, Laura, talked about their time in the White House, Bush's parents, and (notably for CT readers), what role faith has played in the president's day-to-day life.

"I've been in the Bible every day since I've been the President, and I have been affected by people's prayers a lot," Bush said. He continued:

I have found that faith is comforting, faith is strengthening, faith has been important. ... I would advise politicians, however, to be careful about faith in the public arena. ...In other words, politicians should not be judgmental people based upon their faith. They should recognize -- as least I have recognized I am a lowly sinner seeking redemption, and therefore have been very careful about saying (accept) my faith or you're bad. In other words, if you don't accept what I believe, you're a bad person.

And the greatness of America -- it really is -- is that you can worship or not worship and be equally American. And it doesn't matter how you choose to worship; you're equally American. And it's very important for any President to jealously protect, guard, and strengthen that freedom.

The President's sister, Doro Bush Koch, also asked Bush how he would like to be remembered. "I would like to be a person remembered as a person who, first and foremost, did not sell his soul in order to accommodate the political process," his answer began.

Part of the interview aired on NPR on Thanksgiving. The White House website has excerpts.


Thanks, Bush is a President for remember.

WOW!! I am VERY PROUD OF PRESIDENT BUSH!! Yes, he made mistakes, we all do, but HE STANDS BY THEM AND HIS PRINCILPES!! Our Nation was safer with him as Commander in Chief!! He will be greatly missed!!

Wow! This is amazing. Its one thing to say "I am a lowly sinner" but another to confess one's sins. Does the performance as President matter? Or is being a "sinner" just a private affair that is compartmentalized from one's public and political responsibilitie? I would suspect the large range of social and moral issues that are effected by the office of President may require much more specific soul searching and self examination, and may also require years of repentance and the purification of one's vision. The President's words ring rather hollow at this point in our history. "By their fruit you shall know then."

Bush will be known to the future as a war criminal, who brought catastrophe not only to Iraq but also to the United States. His illegal war based on lies about 'weapons of mass destruction', has triggered the financial meltdown which will cost the ordinary citizens of a once-powerful, admired and respected country, their financial security and even survival in their own homes.
The US is no longer trusted. In many parts of the world it is hated more than before the attack on Iraq was launched. In Europe, the Republican Party in particular is viewed with revulsion, and deservedly so. Bush made the choice to go with the mendacious Israeli-Neocon, anti-Christian Iraq-war agenda even before 9/11.

Despite what others may say the world was a lot safer under President Bush and some day his legacy will be respected. We don't live in a perfect world with perfect presidents and although Bush has been maligned and denigrated by the liberal left he is a man of integrity and honor who didn't court the popularity of the wider world at the expense of his own country's interests.

As president, Bush has broken covenant with the American people time after time by promoting legislation such as the Patriot Act and Operation TIPS, which violate the U.S. Constitution by allowing the government to spy on and even incarcerate American citizens without due process. He has been using the War on Terror as a pretext to strip away our God-given liberties one by one. He went to war against Iraq without an official declaration of war by Congress, which violates Article 1, section 8, of the U.S. Constitution. He has sought to cover up prior knowledge his administration had about 9/11 and made misleading statements to justify going to war against Iraq. While Bush claimed that Iraq was behind the terrorist attacks, the federal government’s report on the tragedy implicated Saudi Arabia. On top of all this, Bush decided to grant Social Security benefits to illegal aliens who used counterfeit Social Security cards and stolen numbers to secure illegal jobs, thereby rewarding criminal behavior. As if this isn't enough, Bush betrayed a fellow believer (assuming Bush is a Christian) when he withdrew his nomination of Jerry Thacker to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. Thacker, a Christian, was infected with AIDS by his wife, who contracted it during a blood transfusion. Mr. Thacker has stated publicly that homosexuals need to repent and put their faith in Christ for salvation. In response to pressure from the gay lobby, Bush asked Thacker to remove his name from consideration. In light of these facts, Bush's numerous references to the role that faith has played in his policy decisions certainly do have a hollow ring to them. If we are to know followers of Jesus by their fruits, Bush's fruit has been rotten to the core. All this is just more proof that most of the Christian conservative sheeple pay no attention to what "their man" actually does while in public office but fall for whatever conservative rhetoric he spouts to appease them.

My sisters, and in-laws, and other relatives voted for Bush both times.
Under the belief that he held higher moral convictions than his opponent(s). After eight years of civil and human rights violations to the american people as well as others in this world, Bush has done nothing to prove that he has any morals at all.
Bested only by Dick Cheney for culpability in crimes against humanity, both Bush and Cheney deserve their day in court. The International Criminal Court.
I don't think my Christian relatives knew how bad it was going to be with Bush in office, but what a fiasco the world has become with his hand on the throttle!
How's YOUR 401K today, vs. 8 years ago? Feeling any safer?
Yeah, Bush will be missed! Ha!
Good riddance!

Amazingly, decades of change reveal the same "tit for tat" for and against comments about pretty much every President the nation has had. While presidents change; however, those they lead stay the same, which means the one common denominator in all this mess (which didn't just crop up in a decade)is the American people. As long as we are a "bi-polar" nation, in many ways divided against itself, we will continue our slide. We, as a nation, need to stop being the kind of people we accuse our leaders of being (after all, they're just one of us) and start finding common and solid ground on which to build a nation, and I suspect that since much of our slide (which has easily been unfolding for the past 30-40 years)we might be wise to consider the new trends of thought and economic endeavor that have changed a prosperous and productive people into the apparently fragile and frustrated folk of today.