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December 23, 2008

Franklin Graham: Obama/Warren Criticisms Ludicrous

Evangelist Franklin Graham knows a thing or two about getting flack for praying at an inauguration. He took heat after praying in Jesus's name at President Bush's inauguration in 2001. I just spoke with Franklin Graham, who gave his take on Obama's decision to ask megachurch pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. We have also compiled our coverage of Warren over the years in a special section.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

[Obama] is including evangelicals at his inauguration, but I don't know if he'll include them in his administration. Time will tell. But Rick Warren will have Obama's ear on important issues.

Does Warren's acceptance of the invitation give an implicit nod to Obama's administration?

For anybody to be upset at Rick Warren for offering a prayer to almighty God, asking God to give wisdom and guidance to the Obama administration, is ludicrous.

Should Rick Warren pray in the name of Jesus at the inaugural?

I would hope he does because he's a minister of the gospel. There's no other way to pray. A Muslim should not be offended. [Warren] has no other way to pray than in the name of Christ. No one should be offended, because Rick Warren should be who Rick Warren is, and that's a minister of Jesus Christ.

I know you said a month ago that your father would not be serving as a spiritual adviser to Barack Obama.

He's 90 years old. He's just happy to get up in the morning.

Do you have any advice for Rick Warren?

My advice to Rick is to stay true to your convictions, and don't back up one step. I don't think he will. When you have the far left and the gay advocates mad at you, you must be doing something right.


Considering that Warren's church apparently only recently took down a page that declared that "homosexuals" are unacceptable for membership, at it's Saddleback Family website...the controversy is quite deserved.

Warren grossly distorted scripture by using the word "homosexual" in his translation, for which there is very little to support. "Homosexuality" is an inadequate Victorian era sexology theory.

No serious person uses the "homosexual" word anymore in referring to a world wide group of people, who almost universally have self chosen "Gay" as the label for their identity and their communities. Scientists do use the word to describe the sexual behavior of animals, which don't seem to do identity. To compare humans to animals like Warren has in abusing the word "homosexual" to dismiss other people's identities and communities; a racist like, deliberate, calloused and bigoted insult. He should be quite ashamed of himself.

Does Warren use other obsolete science theory coinages in his Bible translations, or just the one that he uses to the justify the segregation of himself from his neighbors?

He also bizarrely claimed that "homosexuality" is like alcoholism, though sixty years of sociological and psychological research suggests there is little reason to think that being Gay is an addiction, an illness in need of treatment and a cure. Not to mention that people under the influence of Gay can operate heavy machinery safely.

Unless Warren humbly and publicly repents of his pseudo-science abuse for Gay segregation and anti-civil rights stances, basic morality demands that he should step down from his role in the Presidential inauguration.

As far as praying in Jesus' name, my church doesn't do that. We pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

The USA isn't a theocracy. To pray in the name of Jesus at a government event is to exclude all non-Christian Americans from their inaugural ceremony, not to mention the odd excessively thoughtful trinitarian.

If one can't be as inclusive of all Americans as possible in a presidential inauguration, which only happens every four years, a sense of personal integrity would seem to demand that one observe, and not actively participate.

To Gregory Peterson,

I strongly and respectfully disagree with your thoughts and views. This country was FOUNDED as a Theocracy, with a minor in Democracy. The Name of Jesus is the ONLY name by which we are saved. Not Father, Son, or Holy Ghost. When you received Salvation, the Ultimate GIFT of eternal life, did you confess your sins to SON, or ask JESUS into your heart. The reason that this country has a shadow of death over it is because we continue to CUT OUT the name above all names. You are stuck in being LEGALISTIC, just like a Pharisee. Wake up and smell the frankencense being burned at the feet of our savior...JESUS is LORD!!

I'm an artist. I'm usually not accused of legalism, but if the shoe fits?

Frankly, I'm not interested in eternal life. I certainly don't want to be in a heaven of James Kennedys and Jerry Falwells. They were tedious enough for mere decades of my life, but for all of eternity...?

I'm living on borrowed time, kept alive by treatment for a once horrible genetic disease. Living this always interesting life is more than adequate reward for trying to live up to the Golden Rule, as I think was taught by Jesus, though I hardly would want to speak for Jesus.

Not to mention, as one scientist pointed out, that if there is no afterlife, one would never know that one had died. Freedom from illness would be, well, I wouldn't appreciate it, I guess, but eternal nothingness would be a fine by me after this uncomfortable life.

I don't deserve heaven, according to conservative Christians anyway, and I don't especially want to go to the one described on Christian television. I'm an artist. I have very good taste and an unquenchable interest in life, of living to the Golden Rule, of trying to be a good ancestor, however much I don't measure up. I wouldn't fit in. I wouldn't want to fit in.

The USA was founded in the heyday of Unitarianism and/or Deism, non-trinitarian religions, in the age of disestablishmentarianism. While the founders almost universally believed in God (though a youthful Ben Franklin had his atheist period), many of the most influential were simply not Christian. I define Christian as people who affirm the Apostles' Creed in good faith. Legalistic, maybe, but simple. Probably a good half of the first ten presidents were not Christian, though certainly Christian influenced.

Jefferson, for instance, fervently elevated Jesus as the greatest of moral philosophers, but not as a Person of the Triune God. Of course, as one historian pointed out, Jefferson was second rate character with a first rate mind. (A friend, however, says that all slaveholders were incapable of possessing first rate minds. He has a point.)

Washington (who did, at least, release his enslaved people upon his death) was nominally an Anglican, but apparently seemed much more devoted to the Masons; and seemed to have been more influenced by pre-Christian Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus than Jesus.

So...was the United States founded as a theocracy? Maybe so, but not as a Christian theocracy; hough the individual colonies were, except for Rhode Island.

At the founding of the United States, which was about freedom for some but not for others, conservative Christians were called Tories and enemies.

When non-trinitarianism had its largest influence, the lighter yoke of religion that Jesus promised was at its lightest in perhaps all of history. Even support for slavery was evaporating, by slaveholders like Washington.

Then, a great Protestant revival happened, support for slavery hardened and became like a religion, supported by very conservative Protestant apologists. This, to put it simplistically, led to denominational schisms over slavery and the Civil War. A war essentially between conservative Protestants and very conservative Protestants...who became blood drenched traitors to their country.

There's no other way to pray. A Muslim should not be offended.

Delving in into the minds of whacko fanatics. It's children of the corn every day.

I'm sure, each nigt Graham goes to sleep, there is this little voice in his head, telling him that the sky god has chosen, him, only him over the entire population of the earth to remind him, that jesus is the ONLY way. In fact, every living second of ones life should be filled with the though of Jesus, so that rational thought, critical thinking and humanity have to leave the body. Then, go out, Franklin, go out in the world in the crusade, to impose your calling about all the infidels burning in hell.

Especially the ones, who do believe in me, but not in Jesus, these traitors, like the Jews and Muslims. These whining crying little babies...can't they accept that they have to obey the whacko evangelicals? Is that really so hard? Meanwhile, we'll prepare the ritual stoning of the atheists after the prayer.

To Gregory Peterson:

So you are not interested in eternal life? If it is true I suppose you are not a Christian. You need Jesus urgently.

Obama fights against the legislation of SB 1661 in 2002(3 years as state senator) that gives babies that have SURVIVED abortions medical help. Those babies have survived their abortion... they are called American Citizens to my knowledge "not unwanted newborns". American citizens are guaranteed LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS! Obama fought to let them die. Look it up on YouTube - Infanticide/Jill Stanek. Perhaps Mr "Christian" Obama doesn't understand the Bible text that talks about "an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth,look it up Ex.21:22-24.

A 1000+ Christians were hacked to death in Kenya after Mr."Christian" Obama raised over $800K dollars and campaigned to help his cousin Raila Odinga run for office as Prime Minister. Odinga lost and had his hench men burn down 800 Christian Churches and hacked those Christians to death.That news report is on the BBC, it wasn't covered here in the US.

Bill SB 485 in 1999, our "Christian" senator in Chicago was the ONLY senator to vote YES on the bill that would give EARLY release to CONVICTED pedifiles. What a stroke of genius.

Bill HB 1812 in 1999 our "Christian" senator voted NO on the bill that would require schools to install software that would block sexually EXPLICIT material comming on line to their school computers. Christian?

An absentee vote allowing Porn Store locations by parks, schools, etc... SB 609 in 2001 WWJD?

Purchase of 10 hyperdimic needles "without ID" that got his big YES (SB 880) you can check.

This all makes sense to me where he learned about Christianity... Oh yes it was 20 years of teaching under Rev. Wright.

Tony Resko, Franklin Raines, William Ayers, Jim Johnson, ACORN, isn't this so enlightening.

Mr. Franklin Graham and Mr. Rick Warren.. If you want to ask for Gods blessing on Barrack Hussein Obama as our newly elected President.. you can ask...but do you remember what Barrack Obama said was the first thing that he would do once he was in office? I'll bet you can't.

I think it's a good thing that I still have my Bible because I get confused at what a Christian is when I see you three guys claiming to be Christians... especially with what you all seem to have in mind.

I agree with Franklin. Although Obama protects the right to kill babies and advocates coercive theft via wealth redistribution he his still our leader. What does the bible say about that?
1 Timothy 2 1-4
1 First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people,
2 for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.
3 This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior,
4 who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.
So we need to pray for our leaders. What for? To what end? Two things. That the leader would govern in such a way so that Christians can live a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. We are to pray without anger or quarreling (v. 8) The second thing is to pray for the salvation of our leaders. Why else would there be a verse 4? God desires that Barack Obama repent and put his trust in Jesus the only way to the Father.
Verse 8 also says men should pray in every place. This includes the public square yet without an intention to be admired by men.
Now do I think that Rick Warren will do all of this. Will Rick Warren pray for the salvation of Obama? Will Rick Warren actually define what salvation means? Will Rick Warren pray for the specific things that allow Christians to live a "peaceful and quiet life"? Like rights for the unborn, or even the rich. Or free speech rights. Or what about preemptive war, or securing our borders? Having seen Rick Warren hardly utter a controversial word to his own congregation I can hardly expect him to pray for anything except generic safety and unity to a generic Santa Clause deity. I will watch for anything distinctly Christian. I hope that I am wrong. I hope that Rick actually prays his confession and is honest and forthright about the Christian hope that the world sees the Glory of God through His Son Jesus Christ, ransomed for sinners.

I have prayed for Franklin Graham and his ministry at Samaritan's Purse for years. I understand and commend him for his unwavering stand for prayer to the true God and in His Son, Jesus' name. I would say though, in this case, there needs to be stands taken on issues where there are stark differences in ideology like, abortion and homosexuality, so I would pray that Rick Warren would speak to the Pres. elect about the biblical side of these issues and to end any invocation in Jesus' name. Here is a good analysis on this article. http://www.sliceoflaodicea.com/life-issues/franklin-graham-obamawarren-criticisms-ludicrous/

Greg Peterson: where did you get your theology from?
You are right some don't use the word "homosexual" any more, how about "faggot" "Sodomite" "queer". Which title would you prefer? They are all the same! It's obvious with your ridiculous and foolish sympathy toward "homosexuals" you are probably one or one that struggles with it. Face it, it's wrong, it's sin, it's no "alternative lifestyle". It's PEVERSION, got it? God did not and does not create "homosexuals". Why can't you accept the truth? That difficult to swallow. You might as well face it now and repent or face it at the judgement and be condemned, if you are living that lifestyle. It's an abomination to God. Don't call any organization you go to a church, if you don't pray in Jesus name. It's not a church and you are obviously not saved either. No wonder your theology is so screwed up. You need Christ and you need to come to His cross and get forgiveness for you sins and salvation. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, NO man can come to the Father, but through Me." (John 14:6) That means YOU ! The Bible says, "For by grace are you saved through faith, NOT of works, it's the gift of God, lest any man should boast." You are not going to heaven by trying to earn points going to your religious organization you falsely call a "church" If Jesus ain't in it or you, you are lost and are separated from God, got it? don't kid yourself any longer. Face the truth now while you can. One day you will greatly regret for eternity if you don't. Why don't you open your heart to Christ now. You will never know God until you do and will never go to heaven unless you do. Now is the time for you to turn to Him, while you can. In the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord, Amen !

Whether you use sodomite or homosexual or gay it is sin plain and simple. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and there is scripture in the New Testament where Christ referenced Sodom giving validity to the Genesis narrative. A lot of Bible scholars interpret the LORD whom Abraham bargained with to be the pre-incarnate Christ. Homosexuals must be loved and encouraged to follow Christ and to go to Church but that love is deliverance not acceptance of their life style. I belive homsexuality is a spiritual affliction from which a person can be delivered. Our Lord came for the afflicted not the righteous. I count myself among the afflicted He is not only my Saviour but my Deliverer. Mighty Warrior King and Creator Sustainor of Life there is Power Power Wonder working Power in His Name. It is only by His shed Blood we can call God FATHER. It is only by His shed Blood we have the Holy Spirit. It is only by His shed Blood we have hope. Yes Praise Father Son and Holy Spirit but remember how we are connected. There is no other Name by which we can be saved. Love James Reid Ross

Question: If we are to be a country that is the land of the free with freedom of speech and religion then why should that not extend to ALL? If it is OK for various groups to express their beliefs in public and we are all supposed to listen and give them their chance to speak even if we do not like what they have to say, then why not Christians (of any denominaiton)? It seems to me there are a lot of groups out their that want their voice in politics, schools, etc. but they do not want the Chrsitians to have a voice, isn't there something wrong with this picture as well?

If Rick Warren is praying and he wants to pray in Jesus name it is his right (freedom of speech and religion). Others have the right to disagree or not like it; but they should not have the right to stop it.

We will never have an invocation that is non-offensive to everyone. Rick Warren is a christian minister and ends his prayers "in the name of Jesus Christ". If President-Elect Obama chose to have a Jewish Rabbi pray who prayed to God and did not pray in the name of Jesus Christ I as a christian would not be offended. Mr Obama is choosing whom he would like in his inaguation and we should be happy with that. We should be grateful that you and I can still make choices about such great things instead of sweating the small in the world. We in the Uniteed States would be a much better model for the rest of the world if we (christian and non-christian, Jewish and Muslem and Native American and gay and straight)could learn to live together and work together on such issues as would hunger, peace, health issues, child abuse, etc. We get to caught up in the little stuff that serves our own agenda. Shame on us!

The direction our society is headed is tragic. The Church has NOT done what it was called to do and that is to preach Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. As the Church goes, so goes society. Rick Warren preaches a seeker sensitive gospel, which is NO Gospel. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing and a deceiver. I can't imagine him offending anyone but those who know the true Gospel are saddened. The President serves ALL the people but can only represent who he is spiritually. The homosexuals will whine and so will the Muslims and the athiests because their ways are not "tolerant" (I almost hate that word!) of anyone not in agreement with them. The difference with Christianity is that we stand on Scripture period. We love all and desire all to come to the knowledge of Christ but we NEVER force anyone. It is whosoever will...our will is never violated by Christ and it shouldn't be by His People. Sin has been called a "disease" or some other dumb excuse a lot these days. Sin is sin. God is offended by ALL sin no matter who does it, believers or unbelievers. God sees ALL of humanity either Saved or Unsaved. It is still our choice to accept Salvation or not to accept it. That is the beautiful thing about Salvation and our Lord Jesus Christ. We all get to choose but once we die, NO more choices. It is Heaven or Hell, no other places, sorry. It should be a sobering thought for all of us. The ground is Level at the Cross. We all come the same way through repentance of sin and desiring the Lord to cleanse and save us. That is the Gospel and the ONLY Way to Christ. Jesus said Himself in John 14:1-6. Any other way is a fantasy. In due time He will return to make "All things right" and as the Word says EVERY knee will bow before Him. My Pastor said once or twice that the World in constantly looking for another Saviour (which there is none) and the Church is constantly looking for another Sacrifice. Sadly, its true. So let the unbelievers whine and complain, its what they do...we however, must get back to the Foundation of our Faith and that is Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and tell everybody that Jesus Christ is both Saviour and King for ALL people. Blessings in Christ.

Here's what gays, their friends, and their families learned about Obama when he selected Rick Warren for the invocation: Obama is an anti-gay bigot who was more than happy to take gay people's campaign donations and gay people's time as campaign volunteers, while claiming to be a "fierce advocate for gay rights." I searched the internet high and low and couldn't find one example of Obama's fierce advocacy for gays. Not one example. Obama obviously didn't think twice about throwing gays, their friends and their families under the bus in order to appease a faction of our society who want gays dealt with as Hitler dealt with gays. Rick Warren is an anti-gay bigot. If Warren had been anti any other minority in this country, he would not have been selected. Obama, the black bigot. Incredible. He has zero credibility. This is change we can believe in? Obama is a fake. Obama is a liar. Obama is a bigot. Real glad I voted for him. It won't happen again in 2012.

And we shall know the truth and the shall set as free,
John 4:24
Jesua said if you deny me i will also deny you to my
Father in heaven.
Jesus said i am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except thru me. John 14:&

Rick Warren is a minister of God he will not deny to pray in Jesus name, because at the name of Jesus every knee should bow in things in heaven, things in the earth
and things under the earth.

Life. prayer Offend?

My prayer is that I never offend.....Jesus, the Son...God, the Father....and the Holy spirit whom Jesus left for our comfort and guidance...and protection.

They are one.

For others....We pray. If our prayer or life offends them.....that should have no influence on what we do or what we pray. In the name of Jesus.

Our example....is Jesus Christ. What He taught was the truth. Truth never changes. There are many who would change the truth...to make what they do acceptable. We are not subject to them.
Society...life styles...
Those who are offended...are not the Judge for Christians. God does that.
While we should love all....we do not have to love what they do.
History is full of those who would destroy God.
They are dead. God is still alive.
We cannot expect others who differ not to continue to remove anything that might remind us of God.

Why not work to ....remove Satan...as he is seen in the lives of others..... That day is coming.

Thank God.

Romans 8:28 This does not mean all that happens is good...but...that we who believe must look for the good in everything. Something good is there.

Rick doesn't have an Elijah ministry..

Telling a born-again christian not to pray in the name of Jesus is the same as asking him to reject christianity;we are christians because of the biblical truths about Jesus.Who said Jesus was segregative,He embraced even the worst of sinners(John1:16)and ate with them despite of the criticism of the religious leaders then.Embracing a homosexual in love does not mean you condone the sin.I believe true christianity preaches life transforming love for EVERYONE through Jesus Christ and hatred for NO-ONE.Having read Rick Warren's book "The Purpose Driven Life" and experienced a great change in my life;I have no problem with Obama's choice.He surely needs men like Rick.W close to him.

I am appaled at Rev. Franklin Graham and his questioning President Obama's faith and standing with God. How dare he? Anyone who pretends to be all knowing about others is a fool. And to use God to play politics likehe and Mr. Santorum is also wrong. My fear is that both will turn people away from Christ not toward Him. Only Jesus knows Mr. Graham' and Mr. Santorums standing with Him....I have to take both at their words even though neither one is acting Christian right now.

The righteous sentements on this board are enough to turn anyone away from Christ. I thought real Christians were suppose to bring people to Him.