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December 2, 2008

Non-Evangelicals Didn't Move to Obama

About two months ago I sagely predicted that mainline Protestants would flood to Obama and white evangelicals (thanks to Obama's positions on abortion, Sarah Palin and other factors) wouldn't go anywhere near him.

It looks like I got it pretty much exactly backward. I've written elsewhere why I think evangelicals did move to Obama in meaningful numbers, but I'm absolutely stumped by this: according to an analysis by the Pew Religion Forum, non-evangelical Protestants didn't move to Obama at all. Kerry got 44%. So did Obama.

Given that just about every other religious group shifted to the Democrat, I'm scratching my head as to why these folks didn't.

(Originally posted at Steve Waldman's blog at Beliefnet.)


Perhaps, some rigidity in their belief system made Obama's CHANGE mantra less palatable. Obama defined his brand so well that he attracted voters he wasn't supposed to, but is it possible it pushed mainliners away as well? Mainliners might not be up in arms like evangelicals, but they have their own conservative tendencies.

Maybe it was prayer and God's Spirit moving His people?

I am not sure 5% is a flood. Looks like non-evangelical white protestants just vote like they always have. I would guess they are generally older and fairly set in their ways. Saw this when I moved to Texas - they always voted this party and always will. They didn't care who the candidate was or what the policy statements were.

Maybe it was the sudden realization that Obama was not and never has been anti-abortion and therefore is not a true Christian. I say this because in the last few days before the election, there was suddenly a burst of people on the internet bringing up this fact. I wonder why his minister??who was making inflammatory anti-white and anti-American statements for years not arrested for racism and put to death under the new anti-racist law. Whites who have just make one statement have been sent to jail. There were a couple instances where whites made remarks right before the election and the news and government officials made such a big deal of them and the arguements on the internet were heavy. How did Obama's minister get away for years being so violently racist not to mention anti-American. I thought our laws were supposed to be applied equally, or, maybe in the minister's case it was freedom of speech. These incidents was also all over the internet right before the election. And, on the other hand neither negatives might have had anything to do with the evangelical vote. Who really knows except them. Maybe some of them could tell us for sure.