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January 19, 2009

61% in Poll Back Rick Warren

A new poll suggests that the majority of Americans support Barack Obama's selection of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration.

The invitation was heavily criticized by progressives because of Warren's views on same-sex marriage, but in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, 61 percent said they back Obama's invitation.

The Post reports that 23 percent oppose the choice, and 16 percent expressed no opinion. Party affiliation had little effect on the response; 66 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of both Republicans and independents said they support Obama's choice.


Good for pastor Rick Warren. The inauguration of the president is about the United States of America. It's time for the gay-rights movement to wake up & realize that main-stream America is not going to massage their ego. Gays are a minority in America. The gay-rights movement will have to get down from their high horses & see that America is much bigger than them & their agenda.

The last time I checked, more evangelicals voted for President Obama than there are gays in America. Rick Warren's summit giving Obama more exposure among evangelicals was probably one of the biggest reasons more evangelicals voted for him than any other Democratic candidate in recent history. The gay-rights community should be thanking Rick Warren instead of demonizing him.

Why does the media give attention to a few hate filled comments/opinions of extreme people using reasoning with no facts or logic? Then "we" give them credibility by discussing the non-logic of "progressives". I keep seeing this type of attack of Christians/Christ and then Christians talk like there is some legitimacy to "their" ranting by calming discussing the lies. It is a dynamic like the Warsaw Ghetto thing in WWII. The extreme keeps pressing their agenda with such strong lies and strong push against Christ's truth and pointed attack against individuals that it is not only being believed but there is a sense of fear rising in Christians. Is it a fear of being personally attacked? Thank you Rick Warren for not backing down....In the Name of the one who changed my life, Jesus. Now, where are the heroes who will address the lies, one by one?

Pastor Rick Warren was a great choice by President Obama for the opening prayer.This demonstrate's America is holding on to its values and morals and is truly a Christian nation professing Christ to others who live in this great Nation of America.The 44th President of America Mr Obama knows for sure deep in his heart that America has to rise up to the the expectations and challenges it faces today as never before,the world is watching .It is now that America must put its trust back in God as a Nation .For the God of Isreal has chosen Obama to be its leader in this hostile and broken world.