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January 2, 2009

Bristol Palin Discourages Teenage Pregnancy

Sarah Palin and her daughter, Bristol Palin, discouraged teenage pregnancy in a statement posted on the Alaska governor's website today.

Bristol Palin gave birth to Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston on December 27. Her mother initially declined to comment, but the women issued the following statement.

Bristol Palin said she "obviously discourages" teen pregnancy and knows that plans she previously made for herself will now forever be changed. "Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with ? this isn't ideal. But I'm fortunate to have a supportive family which is dealing with this together. Tripp is so perfectly precious; we love him with all our hearts. I can't imagine life without him now."

Sarah Palin explained her reaction when she first heard the news about the pregnancy.

"When Bristol and Levi first told us the shocking news that she was pregnant, to be honest, we all at first looked at the situation with some fear and a bit of despair. Isn't it just like God to turn those circumstances into such an amazing, joyful blessing when you ask Him to help you through?"

Palin lauded her daughter and the baby's father, Levi Johnston, saying they will continue high school courses.

"We are over the moon with the arrival of this healthy, beautiful baby," Palin said. "The road ahead for this young couple will not be easy, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Bristol and Levi are committed to accomplish what millions of other young parents have accomplished, to provide a loving and secure environment for their child. They are both hard workers, they're very strong, and have faith they've made the right decision in setting aside their own interests to make this child their highest priority."


I'm so grateful for a family that exemplifies grace and peace throughout very trying circumstances. We applaud their stand on life and pray others will be challenged to dig deep into their own soul regarding purity and obedience... and grace.

I an so impressed with Sarah Palin and her daughter..They are all about the right stuff!!! To bad America has fallen so away from the wonderful values that started this great nation.

Who can be sad because of NEW LIFE? This IS life and this is how GOD shows his deep, deep, Love and Grace towards us. His Grace and Love provides all that we need to grow in the faith of Christ our Savior, and grow in his likeness in our earthy lives.
Christ came the same way as Tripp, so God certainly would want us to honor the amazing way He formed this new human life in the womb. He is the Master Designer of each of us and knew us before we were conceived. Praise God who blesses us continually.

Mary the mother of Jesus and Bristol Palin were both unmarried when they became pregnant, but Jesus did not come into the world "the same way as Tripp." Mary was a virgin when Jesus was born - remember?
This does not make Tripp of any less value than other babies, and I am thankful Bristol chose to love and provide for him, but he is not the Son of God.

Tripp? Where is Tripp? Has anyone seen Tripp?

Let me see, it's been 22 days since the announcement of Tripp Johnston's birth, but aside from some obscure relatives' statements and Sarah Palin being "over the moon" (ah, like the nursery rhyme, I suppose), there has been N.O.T.H.I.N.G. to show this infant even exists.

That's surprising, since Sarah Palin has an entire page devoted to Trig Palin on the state of Alaska official website. You'd think if she wanted her personal family album with her Dude and the kids there, she'd want pictures of her first GRANDCHILD there, too.

Where is Tripp? No proud photos of the baby that we're over the moon about? What kind of grandma doesn't show off a new grandson? No hospital photos on any website - no picture of Bristol and her beautiful new son. This is one more in a series of strange scenarios. Maybe Bristol is really a virgin and there's no baby at all.

I pray to the Lord each week that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston will have a wonderful life ahead of them as they raise Tripp Easton-Mitchell Johnston!!!Congratulations to you two in having a son and also your road to come to getting married...I think you all are wonderful family...

God Bless You All,