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January 22, 2009

Fired US Attorney Will be a Prosecutor in Guantanamo

Fired New Mexico U.S. Attorney David Iglesias will be a prosecutor with the Office of Military Commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba when terror trials resume there, Ben Smith at Politico reports.

The move has doubly powerful symbolism: Iglesias is recently famous for being fired for refusing to compromise his political independence, but he knows Guantanamo Bay well: He was the Navy defense lawyer played by Tom Cruise in the film, "A Few Good Men," one of three who defended marines at the naval base.

Iglesias, a Naval reservist, said he'd been activated as a Judge Advocate General "prosecuting terror cases out of Guantanamo."

Iglesias is an evangelical who believes he was caught in the middle of a politicization of the Justice department. I interviewed Iglesias last summer about his book, which tells his side of the story about why he was fired by the Bush administration.


Iglesias choses the wrong side again. First he trusts the criminal Bush adminstration, now he joins Bush's criminal "war crimes" tribunal. He'll soon realize he's been royally had -- again.

This is yet another change that I can believe in.
Litmus tests for the judiciary have no place in a democracy. I'm glad to see that a Carl Rove instigated firing has been set on its head.
In the benedictory words of Rev Lowery:
"Do you do justice and show mercy?"
Yes, we can.

I think John (see related comment) missed the inauguration. Bush is no longer in charge. Iglesias is now working for Obama. The convenient excuse of blaming Bush for every misfortune in the universe is now receding and others will have to step up to take responsibility for their own actions and problems. Perhaps John would like the inmates at GITMO to move into a YMCA in his neighborhood. Although everything hasn't been done properly in relation to GITMO, the gentlemen headquartered there aren't likely to take up shuffleboard at a community center once they are released. We must avoid utopian sentiment and take off the blinders.

They were discussing Gitmo on the radio today and the father of a soldier in Iraq gave him this advice,"Don't let them take you alive".We know the 'mercy' which the terrorists deal out to the soldiers...beheadings and the like. Would you worry as much for your family stationed in Iraq, if knowing should they be caught, they would be put in clean rooms, with 3 square meals a day, medical care and freedom to worship?

It never ceases to amaze me how people post without a basic understanding of the facts.

There is no such thing as a "war crimes" tribunal. The system created by the Bush administration is one of military tribunals or commissions and these have been utilized throughout American history.

I have worked extensively for and with US Attorneys throughout the United States, and I can tell you from experience that US Attorneys are not members of the judiciary! They are "now working for" the people of the United States (not Obama, Bush or any other President) in federal court in both criminal and civil cases. That said, the president has the authority to fire and hire US Attorneys and Bush has been more active than other presidents in ensuring individual US Attorneys reflect his political views.

There are no "gentlemen" "headquarted" at Gitmo. These are evil and violent men who are in prison there awaiting trials which have been awfully slow in coming.

Brouije, do I understand you mean that just because President Obama issued an executive order stating, essentially, that the US will not engage in the practice of torture, that those who vehemently hate us will now adhere to the relevant Geneva Conventions?

Do you really think families will worry less about their loved ones because terrorists will now be providing captured US military members with "clean rooms, 3 square meals a day, medical care and freedom to worship"?

This is absurd and dangerously naive. We are engaged in an epic struggle against a fanatical enemy fervently devoted to the destruction of our entire way of life. These people are enemy combatants not constrained by an affiliation with any recognized state. The rules of modern war (now almost a century old) do not apply - this is one of the main reasons for the creation of the military commision system.

kc you make me sic.

You do have some facts straight, but your ability to understand and interpret the situation is sad and pathetic, and is unfortunately rampant in our "Christian" community.

The people in GITMO don't deserve justice because they are somehow good or will treat our soldiers better or because it will make us "safe." They deserve justice BECAUSE GOD DEMANDS JUSTICE.

As believers in Christ, and people surrounded by a "great cloud of witnesses" are we going to sit idly by and let hundreds of human beings be imprisoned and then tortured so we can breath a little easier on our way to the latte stand?

Then there's the problem of knowing exactly what the hell is going on over there. All those nice sounding rules in the constitution are there so that the government has to show what it's doing in the light of day. Those rights protect ME from my government. By circumventing due process none of us can know with any real certanty what is going on over there, except that it's definately not above board.

For every story of violent terrorists at GITMO there's a matching story of innocent (often teenage) boys taken from homes and family and brought to a brutal and dangerous place and left there for years while our government fabricates enough evidence to hold a "trial."

Also, you should remember that Christians do not overcome in "epic struggles" through reciprocity. We do not fear death and we do not fear suffering, but we take up our cross and show love to our enemies. Why? Because while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

So don't tell me that these are dangerous people we have to be afraid of, and stop jutifying your complete disregard for Christ and his commands.

But do practice the following, it might be useful to you one day:

"but Lord, when did we lock you away in prison for six years without trial and celebrate how safe and prosperous we were"

kc said:Brouije, do I understand you mean that just because President Obama issued an executive order stating, essentially, that the US will not engage in the practice of torture, that those who vehemently hate us will now adhere to the relevant Geneva Conventions?

It's not about what they will do, but about what we do. I for one do not want to be like the people who want to kill us? It may not change their habits, but it will make us a more honorable people.