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January 21, 2009

Obama Attends Prayer Service

I just got to a computer long after the prayer service President Obama attended this morning at the National Cathedral.

I plan to update the blog more tonight with more details and interviews while I miss the premiere of LOST. Please note my devotion.

To hold you over until then, Time magazine has a transcript of Sharon Watkins' address. And Ted Olsen provides a roundup of inaugural reactions here.

Below are the tweets I texted from my phone to Twitter during the service:

waiting for President Obama at the National Cathedral.

President Obama has arrived and the mood is very sober at the National Cathedral.

President Obama and all just sang "he's got the whole world in his hands"

just sang great is thy faithfulness and listening to Sharon Watkins

Watkins tells Obama "tag. you're it."

Watkins preaches about loving your neighbor. wintley phipps is singing amazing grace.

Jim Wallis prays for congress...to care for our natural resources. other religious leaders pray as well.

praying the Lord's prayer

the congregation at the national cathedral is singing "For the healing of the nations." Obamas and Bidens just left the service.


I always thought the song, "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" was about the Lord having the Whole World In His Hands...
Seemed that Obama was 'Inserted' where God used to be.

The music was beautiful. The sermon was pathetic. She talked like a stylized robot, e-nun-see-a-ting every single syllable as if she were teaching toddlers English as a Second Language.

CT readers make too many unkind comments.

Have none of you "Christians" anything constructive or positive to say?? You certainly do not reflect Christlike demeanor to me. Always critising. No wonder people get a bad impression of Christians!!!!!!!!!!!