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January 9, 2009

Obama Asks Court to Include 'So help me God' at Inauguration

President-elect Barack Obama asked that the words "so help me God" be added to the end of the oath of office at the Inauguration, according to CNN.

CNN reports that the request was confirmed by an affidavit filed today by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts' court counselor. Roberts said he would abide by Obama's wishes.

The phrase has been a long-held tradition but is being challenged by an atheist who wants it removed.


I don't care if he says it - what's wrong is that he will be ASKED to swear to God by a representative of the US government, which is entirely un-Constitutional.

I am very happy to hear that Obama is requesting " In God We Trust ". To the Aethiest I pray that God would show His love to that person and soften his heart. It will be such a horror to die and stand before the God whom they denied existed. God wishes that none would perish but come to repentance. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son that all who believe will not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16

I feel sorry for anyone, like the atheist or Sarah, who can't find more humanitarian things to do than complain about what the President-elect would like to do at his inauguration.
This country has many people who have unmet needs that they could attempt to satisfy. Even a short visit might go a long way to make someone happy.
Life is too short to waste time that could benefit someone in need.

God doesn't believe in atheists. He does however believe in you.

Why so many arguments about taking the Word God out of Obama's speech and out of "everything else" tho? This will not change the fact that God exists and loves every one of these so called atheists with an undying, unfailing, uncompromising perfect love, a love like no other.

Who did all Americans cry to during and after the 9/11 attacks? In who's name do you trust on your money? Who did the founding fathers of America pray to to start this incredible country? Who created you in His (perfect) image and likeness?

If "atheists" are offended by the use and acknowledgement of God,then believers should be offended by its non use, no? If God is not real to you yet, why make a fuss of something "that doesn't exist"? Just ignore it and go one with your life, but please be reminded that "he who hates God, loves death (eternal) but he who love God, loves life (eternal). God says to you, choose life.

I love all you atheists and Jesus loves you too, and there's nothing you can do about that.

Regardless of where one stands on it's inclusion certainly the man taking the oath should be able to choose if that is want he wants to commit himself to. With such a huge responsibility one would hope that, if he beleived in God, he should be free to ask for His help.

Jason said that if PE Obama were ASKED to swear to God by a representative of the US Government, it would be unconstitional. Jason, please tell me what part of the Constitution dictates this? I hope that you are not referring to the tired old "Separation of Church and State" argument, which is not in the Constitution

What an appropriate request for the position and responsibilities President Obama will be faced with. If it is more than a simple tradition, and President Obama repeats that age-old phrase with sincerity and vulnerability, I believe God will indeed work through him, and strengthen this already strong nation. Let us be in prayer for our leadership!

I commend the President-Elect for this request. He will need the help of government AND God Almighty in the next term, and is facing certain threats of assasination. I know it may be asking a lot, but a little Grace by the Atheists is surely in order...especially if they don't feel it is efficacious, anyway...what would it hurt? For believers, it acknowledges the humility of the man in the sight of a Higher Being...namely, God.

So help me, God.

Tom Fowler

It is not unconstitutional for a government official to ask Obama or anyone else to swear to God. Before making these kinds of statements, it is important to verify their accuracy.

Does it REALLY make any difference either way? The main irony I see in it is that here is a man whose faith many Christians doubted who is supporting one of the things many such Christians see as symbolically significant. By the way, any chance this will help lay to rest the suspicions of many that Obama is really a Muslim? Probably not... I'd guess many will be clinging to that up until he LEAVES office, whenever that is.

Our Beloved formerly Wounded Warriors in their very special Mansion next to Jesus in Heaven - have not given their lives, as Christ did not give His Life, in vain. The War Widows, Veterans Faith-Based Village

I am very pleased to hear that President Elect Obama is bringing God back into the Oath of Office. As a retired military member, every time I re-enlisted I made sure that "so help me God" was in my oath, because God is my source of strength and my only help in time of need.

Honestly, I am puzzled by the President Elect's request!

Have the words "In God we trust" been taken out of the oath of office? Now I know that someone is challenging, and not for the first time, the constitutionality of the oath, an action that will most certainly fail, again.

But if the oath has not been removed, and if it is legal, traditional, normal and widely accepted accept by persons on the fringe, why is an affidavit being filed before the courts?

I could also understand the oath being left out at the wishes of the President elect, but I cannot understand any court abiding by the President elect's wishes to leave it in when it is already in.

The only way that I can get this request to make sense is if I put it down to politics. Is this supposed to be another concession by a President someone referred to as the "soother in-chief"?

I have a word to those who believe ANY reference to God should be removed from ANY association to the United States Government. Our forefathers believed that God should be part of the fabric of this nation and as a result, this country has been blessed by God MORE than any country in the world. When you remove reference (and reverence) to God, He will turn His face from this country and WE will reap his wrath. Read the Bible and YOU would know this.

So the president-elect's use of the phrase 'so help me God' is unconstitutional? I don't see that restricted in the 1st amendment, do you?:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

What I DO see is a constitution that says if any minority group, atheists in this case, object, they are free to do so.

Hopefully they express in the same breath their gratitude for benefiting from living in what is historically and practically a 'Christian nation' that sees the damage that silencing such dissent can create. Like it or not, this country was founded on Christian principles and morals, tempered with sufficient controls so the government could not by law require or restrict other religious beliefs. That's what makes this country so unique and prevents us from becoming yet another abusive theocracy.

I believe Barack should be allowed to had anything he wants to the oath of office. "So help me God" is a prayer. Nobody will be forcing him to say it.

Why would an atheist's beliefs be more important than anyone else's? To tell any President-elect that he cannot say "so help ME God" is a direct infringement of the PEs constitutional rights. When the atheist becomes President Elect then he can decide who he will ask to help him according to what he believes or doesn't believe. My goodness, the government is not imposing their beliefs on anyone, feel free to believe what you want, but just because you don't beleive, don't try to force the rest of us not to believe either... Our constitutional right is Freedom of Religion, that means that we are free to believe what we feel is true, to talk about what we believe is true, to share what we believe is true, however, we are not free to force others to beleive what we do. Including the atheist who is trying to take away this right of Freedom of Religion that this great country has. If you believe in nothing, great, believe it, share it, talk about it, but don't try to stop others from doing the same. What a hypocrite!

The original oath of office for the presidency did not contain the words "so help me God." George Washington ad libbed them at the end of the oath. So, obviously he saw no problem with adding them.

Similarly, the words "under God" were not in the original pledge of allegiance. They were added during the "cold war" to contrast the U.S. from the atheistic U.S.S.R.

Both of these are expressions are what historians call examples of the United State's "civil religion." And have been accepted as part of American culture for decades if not centuries.

The validity of either simply rests on the belief system of the one repeating the words. If you don't believe, they do you no harm. If you do believe they provide you with a sense of comfort and security.

And the person who previously wrote is correct - there is a conflict between an atheists right not to be "forced" to listen to religious talk (telling them to simply turn off the TV is not helpful because they have the right to watch their president taking the oath of office) and Mr.Obama's right to practice not only his religion, but his right to free speech even as president of the United States.

I thank God for the courage Obama showed in the face of opposition. Secular State status of the United States of America by no means mean Godlessness. God cannot be pushed out of the affairs of men. Continue to trust in God as a nation and you will continue to lead the world.

So help me God. Yes to say this would be a good thing. Without God's help we are doomed. May be headed in that direction allready. God is patient and wants all to come to the knowledge of the truth (Jesus) but time will run out. Till the fullnes of the Gentiles is a specific time.

To the atheist God is not real or so he says. Why does God bother them so much. Things that do not exist do not bother me. I would say it is the fact that God is real is why he is so bothered. The truth of his eternal future can only be erased by convincing himself there is not God.