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January 23, 2009

Obama Overturns Mexico City Policy

President Obama signed an executive order called the "Mexico City policy," which reverses a ban on funding international groups that provide abortions.

Ronald Reagan first implemented the policy that prohibited the U.S. from funding programs that offer abortion overseas. Bill Clinton reversed the policy in 1993 while George W. Bush restored it in 2001.

The Associated Press writes, "Obama signed it quietly, without coverage by the media, late on Friday afternoon, a contrast to the midday signings with fanfare of executive orders on other subjects earlier in the week."

Abortion opponents are sending their outraged press releases while progressives are essentially saying "at least he didn't do it yesterday."

Charmaine Yoest, President & CEO of AUL Action: "What a terrible way to begin a new administration: with an abortion business bailout that will exploit women in developing countries for political ends. We should not export the tragedy of abortion to other nations, and we certainly shouldn't do so via the hard-earned dollars of American taxpayers."

Jim Wallis of Sojourners: "I am encouraged that President Obama’s first action on abortion was to release a statement supporting a common ground approach to reducing abortion, even as he also reiterated his policy of supporting legal choice. Even more significant was his decision not to issue an executive order rescinding the 'Mexico City policy' on the day of the anniversary of the Roe decision and the annual March for Life."

Obama has spoken several times on the desire to reduce unintended pregnancy, but he reiterated his support for Roe v. Wade yesterday on the Supreme Court decision's anniversary.


The new Presidents secret action is a disgrace to our nation and an insult to tax paying citizens. He promised change, but this kind of action is the forceful hijacking of our moral discipline and integrity. The President is against torture and I agree, but we are also against funding the murdering of unborn helpless babies. If someone deliberately vialated a pregnant dog and killed the unborn puppies, they would go to jail for animal creulty. Are humans lower than dogs?

President Bush's ban on funding for family planning groups who didn't tow his moral code was meant to punish to those who didn't subscribe to Bush's "Christian Talaban" ideology.
Seeing as how abortion is legal in the United States, the Presidents message was: If you want taxpayer money you have to subscribe to my moral code.
I'm sure Bush would have loved to deny federal education funds, medicare benefits,food stamps and tax deductions to people whose views on abortion differed from his.
Like most Americans we are not sad to see him go

I believe the overturn of this law is a step in the wrong direction. Seeing that I would like to see the Roe v Wade decision overturned, at the same time I believe we have been given by God the oppurtunity to make our own decisions whether right or wrong. Right moral decision will lead us down a path, and wrong immoroal decisions will lead us down a path. It is our choice which path we decide to take. At the same time I believe that it is inappropriate use of funds to take tax payers money and ivest in such a brutel act of inhumanity such as Abortion. Why not use the money we have worked so hard for in giving a way for women to help them in raising their children, or use that taxpayer money to help families that can't have children, adopt from women that are thinking about abortion. I just simply think that we can do more to preserve human life, oh and What if as Christians we stopped calling mothers that have aborted babies, "MURDERERS" and started trying to help bring them to Christ instead of driving them away by our actions. Just a thought

The headline is completely misleading: "Obama Overturns Policy that Provides Funding for Abortions." It should read "Obama Overturns Policy that Prohibited Funding for Abortions." Of course it got me to read the article and I probably would not have bothered to read one under the second headline.

Abortion concerns me as to how it affects all involved. I believe Obama is focusing on the right question, How do we reduce the the need for abortion? Healthy, spiritually and emotionally sound understanding of sex and procreation is key to protecting men and women for this this awful event/decision.

Let's remind ourselves what abortion is. Abortion is the killing of an innocent baby. One of Obama's first actions was to use our money to pay organizations that kill babies. Nice. Thank you Brian McLaren and Donald Miller. Evangelicals that voted for Obama saying that it "didn't make a difference" should be forced to repent in sackcloth and ashes.

This is not surprising considering Obama does not want to give the right to life to an infant already born. Every person has a moral code. Obama's moral code is about as low as one can go on this issue.

Shame on Obama. One of his first acts, promoting abortion globally with US taxpayer money whole Rome burns. He also is sending Gitmo terrorist all across the US in regional prisons. I hope he is voted out in four years for a much better candidate

His historical election of an African-American is tarnished with these actions.

It is nice to see Jim Wallis step right in there and confirm his position as the democrats #1 shill. What Obama says does not matter near as much as what he does. Everything he has done to date shows that he is has been and continues to be an ardent supporter of abortion on demand, anytime, anywhere, for any reason. His statement about "reducing the numbers of abortions" is so much window dressing designed to deflect criticism of his actions.

Jim Wallis's response is embarrassing. He has become what he detested, a politician masquerading as a Christian public figure. His response sounds nearly satirical (Maybe it is??)

"God Bless America." Something we humbly ask God to do for us and our country. In return for our request, We overwhelming elect a President that openly chooses to not save babies that are born alive from botched abortions and now, chooses to reinstate the killing of our unborn children, subsidized by our tax dollar.

As a Christian, I for one am ashamed that we would allow this sort of thing to happen in our country, let alone, overwhelmingly support the man responsible for this unfathomable act.

To be clear, the policy the president overturned is the Mexico City Policy, a policy that bars U.S. funding to international health groups that perform abortions, promote legalizing the procedure or provide counseling about terminating pregnancies—even though the funds would not be used to provide abortions. It is still illegal to use federal money to provide abortions. Those who favor Obama's decision point out that millions of dollars will be provide to programs offering medical services, birth control, HIV prevention and other care for safe and effective voluntary family programs in foreign nations. This will actually reduce the number of abortions and childhood deaths worldwide. Again, the funds cannot be used to provide abortions.

Very sad but not surprising. His stand on the issue of abortion was clear before the election. He will stand before the Lord and answer for that decision one day. We must pray for him. God makes it clear he detests the spilling of innocent blood and no one is more innocent the babe in the womb. It is God who is knitting the babe together and man who is attempting to thwart God for their own purposes. My daughter has lost a third of her generation to abortion. The world is entering a demographic winter where there will not be enough children to replace the adults who die and we continue to kill them. It is not choice but lunacy. God help us to turn away from it.

"Secret action?" Totally expected, with precedence, and predicted by absolutely everyone interested. That's hardly a characteristic of "secret."

"Murdering innocent and helpless children?" They aren't really children if they're not born. When I can pick it up and cuddle it, it's a child.

To be truly innocent, means you have the capability of being truly guilty. Of course, a cooing infant isn't capable of being guilty of anything at all, but there is the "helpless" part.

A helpless child means that even I can personally help it, if need be. I can pick it up. I can change diapers, bath it, sooth it. I can even make formula and feed it if the mother is unavailable or unable to breast feed it. An infant may be helpless, but I am not.

I may not be an ideal caregiver, I have health problems of my own, but I'd try to do my best if I had to, for as long as necessary, because I can. The child would become like my own child if I helped it long enough, whatever that might be. It would become a part of my heart for as long as I live, even if I'm not the father.

I can't help a fetus beyond prenatal care for the mother, which is helping the pregnant woman with diet, vitamins, environment and other external actions that probably could and should be improved all the time anyway. Beyond that it's dangerous to both the woman and the viability of the fetus if I should foolishly try to do more.

A child is larger than a thumbnail, it breathes air, doesn't exist in a sack of fluid and I can pick it up and care for it. A fetus is human, a wonderful human at that, and it should be respected as much as possible, but...it's not a child. It simply is not more important than a woman, whom I can help, whom I may well love more than I love my own life. If a choice is to be considered, it's a choice she should make. She's the woman who is pregnant. She knows herself. She can live with or without me. I'm not her.

I'm also old enough to remember the pre-"Roe v Wade" world. I don't remember it as being a better world, or a simpler, more moral time, even if I may have been a simpler, more moral person. I do remember the consequences of illegal abortions, the trend of statistics on infanticide during the Fifties, and the gossip about illegal abortions. I don't want that world to be repeated. I love my university students. They don't deserve that world. Neither did I, and especially so for young women.

The women I know who made a decision to have an abortion in the pre-Roe world, regretted making that dangerous decision, and yet, not regretting that decision. The point being that they felt with some certainty that making another decision would have been disastrous to their future selves and their future children. The regret was for needing to consider having an abortion, that the man who impregnated them was very likely not going to be THE FATHER that they had expected and would have wanted for their children. The regret was not for the abortion itself.

In a better world, no woman would feel a need to consider an abortion, but this isn't that world. It's a world of difficult situations and difficult decisions. We can't really know with certainty ahead of time, and afterward, for that matter, if we did the right thing in making that difficult decision, whatever we decided to do. We can't know what could have happened if we had made other decisions, as alternative universes are unavailable for inspection...that's why they're difficult decisions.

So, if you want to reduce the incidence of any health procedure, I applaud you and wish you success...if you do it properly. Making abortions illegal or unavailable is simply not the ethical and moral way to reduce the number of abortions, in much the same way that making open heart surgery illegal is not the ethical and moral way to reduce those procedures.

In the interest of being factual I must challenge a prior writer who stated that the taxpayer generated money will not go to pay for abortions. It most assuredly will. Saying it's OK because it may not go directly or exclusively for that purpose is disingenuous.

Another, perhaps more maddening question is why US taxpayer money is being allocated to these overseas NGO's in the first place.

I have to give Pastor Rick Warren the benefit of the doubt that he had asked God's permission to pray at the inaugural.

If that is so, then it is time he now 'educates' the youths at his congregation that Obama was at the opposite end of Christianity's belief, and so Christ's young disciples would not be as confused as they are already in right now.

Why shouldn't they be confused? the one considered the most 'hip' US president support Gay marriage and Abortion, and instead of abstinence, support condoms. Hopefully Pastor Warren is aware that the lives of 'would be confused' youths is a more important thing than praying at the inaugural.

Come on now .. don't be so surprised .. you heard Obamma promise us a "change we could believe in!" Remember? Maybe you just didn't believe that it would happens so soon? Majority leader Polosi explained the need for abortion as decreasing, in the words of Scrooge, "the surface population" and thus reducing the number of people who will need welfare checks and our help for the dependance of national aid overseas. It's like believing in global warming when there is a cooling trend going on right now. People are sucked into the "change" theory and have no idea what else our new President has planned to change .. Hang on to your wallets and Bibles .. it's just going to get unbelievable.

I love how people attack Bush on the policy not understanding it was originally a Reagan policy. However, because Reagan was well-liked the policy was more well accepted and I have to say I understand where Reagan came from. Why should we as Americans take our hard-earned money and give it to other countries so they can kill unborn children or advertise such killing. This policy had nothing to do with funding or not funding abortions in the USA, it was about money that goes to international countries to help them. If they want to kill their babies let them pay for it themselves. I personal am a part of the group that thinks abortion should be illegal as all other murder is, but hey if you can't hear the victim scream its not a crime, right?

p.s. The reason people call those who have abortions murderers is because that is what they are, you can sugar coat it as much as you like it, however, in the end its just sugar coated murder.

In response to Norrish Hall's comments; It seems that many are so engulfed in their hatred of President Bush they are unable to think of anything else. Instead of commenting of the question at hand, US funding of abortion over seas, he went on a tirade about our former President. Is this the "change" we have to look forward to? The "hope"? Is it more important to him to ignore decisions like this by our new President and instead, spend the rest of his life hating Bush? Is this the Christian thing to do? As a Christian he must agree that abortion is the killing of an innocent. And anyone who supports that will answer to God. Including Presidents of the United States. Or does he?

Why the big surprise and debate. Obama was very clear in the Presidential debate regarding his stance on abortion. It should come as no suprise to those Christians who supported this man. This is but the tip of the iceberg. The virgins are sleeping and the bridegroom is coming. Jon

I read in several of the posts that you are concerned that some of your tax money is going to be used for people to get abortions. Well some of my tax money was used to start an unnecessary war in which many people have been killed both Americans and Iraqies as well as disrupting a nation and making a lot of people rich. And i don't like it.

I was reading the long disertation from the 26th, above, and could not help but go back to statistics. As I understand it (and please tell me if I am wrong and support it with evidence) there has never been a hospital statistic that has ever shown a .005% abortion rate for women who needed an abortion or the mother would die (or for women who were the product of a rape and were impregnated). As this is not truly the issue it is part of the unspoken problem. We are defending a womans choice to end a life that has not yet begun. I will get flack for that but it is the way society sees it.

Biblically speaking there is punishment for a person who harms a woman who is pregnant. There is even harsher punishment if he harms her and the child is born with deformity. Obviously there is to be greater punishment if the baby killed. This is from the old testament. Men did not value women as much and they, prompted by God, set down in writing that we were to respect them more. That is why we are not to hurt a prenant woman (or any one) nor are we to commit adultry. Anyone can commit adultry but it was mainly aperverse society taking many wives and men having sex with each other and boys.

Christianity is radical. God wants us to be healthy. I had a friend in high school who was prompted by her mother to get an abortion - she did it but wanted to back down while on the table. She did not back down and is more emotionally scarred from that episode in life than if she had brought the child into the world. That is what she said to me.

I recently attended a conference and the speaker wanted to adopt a child. They found a 17 yr old who had decided not to have an abotion and to give her child up for adoption (she previously was going to have an abortion). The young lady sought wise cousel and decided to allow life for her child. The adoptive parents had the child for just a cou[ple of days and got a call from the birth mother. She wanted the baby. They gave the baby back with tears in their eyes but realized that even though the baby had been targeted for abortion and then set up for adoption that God had a plan for the life of the mother and the newborn. They respected that and knew that the journey that this mother was on with her baby must be a very important one. The mother wanted the child even though she had previously been weak morally.

The couple adopted a newborn precisely one year after the other was taken away.

Point: God has biblical answers for us. Jesus died so that we can be forgiven of our sins and that means abortion (murder) too. No matter how well parents raise their children they will make mistakes. God gives us grace so lets pass the same love onto others. But we don't have to make laws that allow something that every human can acknowlege is wrong.

It is my choice to take my own life. I have free will. As does everyone on this planet. Just as it is our free will to accept Jesus Christ or deny Him.

For all of the people out there that are happy that we have a President that wants change, I did not vote for him but, I am praying for his decisions and his soul. I believe he can do a lot of good. I pray that he does so based on a strong moral and Christian foundation. But what if he had been the product of an abortion. Then we would not be celebtrating history in the making. God bless you all for reading this and please say a prayer where ever you are, right now, for our president, our country and anyone considereing an abortion at this moment.