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January 18, 2009

Obama Surprises Church with a Visit

Barack Obama and his family surprised Nineteenth Street Baptist Church by attending its services this morning.

Director of religious affairs Joshua DuBois said in a statement that the Obama's "look forward to learning more about many churches in the District. They will choose a church home at a time that is best for their family."

Nikita Stewart and Hamil R. Harris give some background on the visit and the history of the church in the Washington Post.

As a midsize church, it's often a campaign stop, particularly for local politicians. Obama's visit there came after four weeks of secret planning, according to people involved in the discussions. Nineteenth Street has the kind of political and social mix that might have drawn the transition office to make it the place where the Obamas would worship two days before the inauguration.

Nineteenth Street Baptist originated at 19th and I streets NW, where slaves and whites worshiped together at Baptist Church of Christ. Later, white church members moved out, selling the property to a group of black Baptist ministers and others in 1839. They organized the "First Colored Church of Washington," later changing the name to Nineteenth Street Baptist Church in 1870.

Obama will also attend St. John's Episcopal Church on Tuesday, the morning of his inauguration.

Update: Joe Biden Vice worshiped and received communion today at the same Catholic church President John F. Kennedy attended they day of his inauguration, the Associated Press reports.



Pray for his kids that they will come to know the Lord.

Pray that our new president will actually read the Bible and follow Jesus leading all to do the same.

Pray that our nation will overcome materialism and self indulgence.

Pray that we will be ready when Jesus comes again.

One would hope our Vice President Elect is sincere, but might wonder how he is an adherent to Catholicism and is pro-choice.

Machiavelli, writing in the fifteenth century in his advice to a young ruler says in The Prince, Chapter XVIII that "Religion is the most important quality that a price should possess, not that the prince should personally be pious, but that he should have the appearance of religiosity and piety. Since personal piety and faith will stand in the way of effective rule, it is nonetheless necessary that the prince appears to be a man of faith for the stability of his regime."

President Bush was criticized mercilessly because he was an avowed Evangelical Christian. Americans in the 21st century still want their president to be a person of faith, but in an ill-defined and generic sort of way.

One would hope that our President and Vice President Elect continue in corporate worship and sincerely seek God's guidance in deciding our future.

To Barack Obama and family. All I wish for is that GOD ALMIGHTY protects you from all sources of evil. I sadly could not watch the events unfold on TV this morning.

Oh, Sarah, did I see the spelling OBAMA'S, a possessive, when it should have been a plural

How will the readers know the correct English if you, a writer allow the computer (?( to make the mistakes!

Isn't this the first church he's visited since being the presidential-elect? Raises some hope!

Bob Patterson...AMEN to your posted comment!

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